wedding evening

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A wedding evening that we didn’t want to go to until we met a couple who didn’t want to be there either so we went some where else


So the wedding evening was finally here and after this evening the last thing in my mind was to sit in an area of people we don’t know and small talk.. After having Steve throbbing cock forced into my mouth earlier and watching myself in the mirror being finger fucked and for the first time watching what Steve sees when he cums , No wonder that turns him omg , All I could still taste is hic cock growing in my mouth. But back to tonight for a while well so we can say hello and Steve and I can finish off later what we started.

We were sat on a large round table with very similar table decs to our wedding so I wasn’t sure if a complement or a copy but let it slip through my mind. Steve went to the bar for us I thought a couple of drinks to relax and be even naughtier later but not to drunk to fall asleep, So I made a mental note not to let Steve get into rounds so he was only semi drunk. I smrucked semi ha ha like in my mouth ( my tongue ran around my mouth tasting what was there earlier) I looked around the table oh great no one we knew this could be a long night. I glanced over to a table on the other side and waved politely to some people from work, thinking to myself what the hell is Vicky wearing ( oh you bitch I thought) I slightly lifted my bum up to move down my little black number down and felt the trace of my suspenders and stocking which I know would send him over the edge later.

As Steve returned with the drinks a couple joined the table, Steve was still stood up and said hello im Steve and this is my wife Sue, He stood up ( mmm a well built slim man around 35 chiselled jaw and well groomed with tight trousers on and lovely Brown Shoes which you could tell he only just bought.) Hi im Dave and this is Carol. I smiled nicely to him and in a pretend small talk mouthed with out a noise hello to Carol, Who made her self comfortable and sat down, ( I must admit I did glance her up and down ) with her flowing blonde locks with a curl ( thought mm steve wont like her ) with a red hug fitting dress low cut and even I have to say a great set of boobs and a sexy small figure.

So the evening begin as we all four chatted away small talking about weddings as you do at these events. Own weddings kids families etc. I couldn’t stop myself from looking at Dave and his crotch it was tight and well packed. I could feel his eyes burning through my dress as we chatted. So I thought Steve will laugh at this so I gave Dave a little more to view slightly sliding down the chair so my dress rose slightly and then readjusted my boobs. Lets see how he reacts to that one. Steve noticed and stroked my thigh and helping my dress rise to show the top of my stockings .. Has steve spotted me watching his man hood.

As the evening went on Steve and Dave slipped in to rounds but at a slow pace so that was ok, The lights dimmed the music was cranked up and the first dance began, holly looked beautiful although I did think a bit of a blanmonche .. So the Story began Steve lent over to Carol and put his arm on her shoulder and moved over almost in a cheeky was getting a better look at her boobs 9 should I be jealous here !!!! for some reason my belly flipped and I felt my freshly cummed pussy come back to life watching him perv) After all he was only telling her my party piece of singing these boots. Still sat there staring at Steve flirting I got a stroke on my leg which bought me back into the room. It was Dave would you like to dance to this .. I thought well Steve I do .. I looked at Dave smiled and Said yes not after taking one last look between his legs either he had a semi or was very well hung and no pants. As we danced to an upbeat song we shared a few words and as I danced Steve seemed quite happy watching and getting his own person eye full of great boobs. Before I could go back for a drink a slow song came on and Dave put his arm around me and Said may I have this dance. He pulled up close to me and I could feel his cock pressed against me ( I tingled inside and bit my lip don’t say anything I thought) As we danced I felt his hand rub my back as Steve does, Then felt his hand Slip down and rub my bum knicker line and the suspenders, I blushed and felt a little un easy but looked for help off Steve he smiled was far to busy as he now had his hand on her leg too. I couldn’t help being who I am as he rubbed my bum I lent over to whisper in his ear”I see you both like me” feeling his now full erection rubbing against me, he smiled and with out saying agreed. He then said Steve is a very lucky man indeed as you are very beautiful. I thanked him and grinded against his hard cock to tease him. The music then pumped up a little and we vacated the dance floor to Join Steve and Carol at the table, They like us broke their sex trance and asked if we enjoyed the dance I smiled and felt Dave pat my bum in secret. I could feel my knickers were wet where I got turned on by feeling his cock against me.

Carol Stood up adjusted her dress and said im just going to the loo , I had to get air and back to normal so I said that’s a good idea I will join you so off we went and let the boys get the drinks. The toilets were large open spaced ones with lots of mirrors and plenty of places to check out your make up. We both went straight for the make up replenish to easy the sexual tension that im sure we both had been through. Without looking at me Carol just looked into the mirror and said you’re a very beautiful woman Sue , Steve is a lucky man . I smiled and returned the compliment about how beautiful Carol was. Niceties passed we carried on , I see Dave liked you too !! I gulped fuck shit here we go I said nothing, She then followed up with its ok I quite like it made me tingle . I laughed nervously (what the hell do I say now !!!) the silence was broken as two other guests walk in very drunk and swaying. We finished off our make up and left as I held the door open Carol looked at me and said you have an amazing figure wish I had it. I looked at her in a soft way looked her up knowing she also had an amazing figure curving in the correct ways. I replied you too and great boobs.

We went back to the boys who had bought yet another round, they didn’t even notice us arrive as they deep in conversation about mens fav topic football. The night moved on with a few more drinks and dancing with Steve and chatting. The music started to die down so now was our time to make our exit and go fuck Steve. I pondered weather to tell him of Dave hard cock rubbing me would he be jealous,, But hold on he was stroking Carols legs .. We made our excuses closely followed by Carol and Dave who also said time to go to and leave to the youngsters. We were all staying in the hotel so on the floor we bid our fair wells to Carol and Dave although I did look and still see Dave had a hard cock . He reached out to kiss me goodnight on the cheek and whispered we still both like you and smiled. OMG did steve hear that. A deep breath and looked around to see if Steve heard it ? Don’t be silly he was busy chatting to Donna with his hand on her waist. So we walked back to our room now time for us and im sure I can let my mind wander and wonder!!!! We went back into the room which still smelt of se from earlier in the day and the champagne was still there, Steve slipped his shoes off and walked over and gave me a glass of champagne. We sat on the sofa and started to discus the evening with Steve saying I see Dave really fancied you even I could see he had a hard on when he was stroking you . Hey I couldn’t deny could I really as me belly flipped with excitement. But I love you and I know you love me babe and we kissed with passion.

There was a knock on the door with a voice I knew it was Carol and her little voice saying hey guys you got any spare milk we can nick. Steve broke the kiss and shouted over yeah two seconds. He stood up and walked over to the door and opened it. Yes I was correct it was Carol she was there in a fluffy dressing gown ready to go to sleep all warm and snugged up. She walked in and said hi , OMG you two still on the booze I raised my glass and indicated Cheers!!! She looked and said can I have one ? Yeah sure why not steve poured one for her. Would Dave like a glass too steve offered . Hey good idea I will go and get him . So carol walked out and was soon back having collected Dave as they both stood there in two matching dressing gowns . I stood p and poured Dave a drink handed it to him and Steve and Dave settled onto the sofa !! how rude I thought. But I went and sat on the bed with head on the head board and legs stretched. Carol soon followed me on to the bed resting in the same position. All casually sipping our drinks, Carol then placed her hand on my arm and stroked saying Sue you are so good looking and a great figure. Her hands slid gently against my arm and across my tummy ( I breathed in to make sure not showing to big) it was quite nice and felt my tummy flip. She then moved her hand up and said god I would love boobs just like yours as she stroked them through my dress but I knew my nipples had been come erect at that. Shut up I reply look at yours they are amazing she smiled and said do you think so?? With that she un hooked on of her boobs to the room from under her dressing gown (omg she is naked underneath fuck I thought naughty cow) She then grabbed my spare hand and pulled it towards her exposed breath for me to rub. As I ran my finger towards her nipple I could feel her boob was already hard n horny and I watched her nipple grow in excitement. Omg what was I doing where was Steve I looked around they both sat watching us and Steve had that smile to say I trust you.

The silence was broken again by Carol little voice breaking through the room “ Dave what is that…. do you have an erection watching ?” Wholy fuck I thought what the hell do I do now I have my hand on her boob and teasing her nipple and she is stroking my whole body . My heart beat was going like the clappers. I looked again at steve he was fine and enjoying. Carol then spoke again in an almost teacher like to a naughty school boy .. “dave you have an erection lets have a look NOW!!!”

I watched this muscular figure stand up in his dressing gown and stand at the other end of the bed and undo his knot holding his dressing gown together and it dropped to the floor with ease.. there was Dave a great figure of a man with a huge errection right in front of the three of us. I caught Steve eye and his eyes light up and a knowing smile and nod confirmed I was safe. I felt my lips swell and my panties almost get sticky.. Shit what a cock .. then as they say out of the mouth of babes came the words from me “wow what a hell of cock may I ?” As I heard Carol voice I have no idea what she said and I was sitting up and turning onto my hands and knees heading to the end of the bed. What have I become but jesus I want that as I get nearer he cups it in his hand slowly pulling back the forskin and showing the shine of his pre cum on the tip. I reached out my hand and he placed it in my hand. Wow it was so hot wet and heavy. I looked around again saw Carol smile and nodded and Steve smiling like a Cheshire cat. I pulled his skin back and stroked his throbbing cock my eyes glazed my lips swallon and pussy about to explode. I leant forward my mouth dry my heart beating like mad. I opened my lips as I once again pulled back his for skin his hips moved forward omg he was massive and rock hard. The taste was different but still sexy I pulled my lips back ran my tongue over my lips the taste is wow, So went back for a second good lick of his throbbing cock. I was lost on another planet . In this moment I felt my legs just open a little and felt Carols hand on my curves then she moves up my dress exposing my knickers and stockings omg I was on all fours sucking a massive cock with a woman caressing my arse. Each time I sent my lips down his swallow manhood her hands rolled over my bum . She then traced the line of my knickers down my bum slightly pulling them to the side. Her hand clasped my tight bum to ease it open which I obliged by spreading my legs with my bum in the air. Then I felt her finger trace the crack of my bum omg im so wet I must be dribbling I thought as Dave thrust his manhood deep into my throat so wet and hard. The next thing I felt was Carols wet finger teasing my bum hole omg im going to cum I thought with out even being fingered . Her finger was so wet it slipped into my bum .. Omg im going to cum I had to stop this it was so intense and satisfying, The heat was broken by the voice of who was fast becoming my new friend carol as she said “well steve do you have an erection to lets all have a look “ fuck I thought how sexy but took my mind off cuming ,

I heard Steve trousers drop and with just his shirt on there he was with his cock throbbing in his hand wanking it , I saw him shuffle over toward us I stopped sucking Dave cock and just simply started wanking him as I watched where steve moved ,,No need to wait to long as he slapped his thick manhood onto my bum so close to where Carol was fingering my bum . and her words uttered I hope you don’t mind Sue if I ..I knew what she ment and followed with ohh please do . There I was on all fours wanking a huge cock off next to my face while another woman fingering my bum is sucking my lover off.. omg now I am going to gush !!!!!!!!!!!!1

I had to stop other wise I would come I pulled back and sat up staring at Dave cock as he wanks it and feel Carols finger slip out of my bum . I lean back on the pillow to collect my thoughts and looked round there are two men two throbbing cocks and a woman with a great figure and amazing boobs. I reached to touch them they were so firm. I felt my legs being pulled apart and a pair of hands running up my legs. Next to face was Steve cock wanking himself, He slipped his throbbing cock into my already pre cum soaked mouth with Dave pre cum .. oh the taste of two men in my mouth oh please. I felt my knickers being dragged down my legs by dave so a helped by moving my legs with ease. I then felt Carols breast brush against me as she reached over to grab Steve cock out of my mouth , I let it go out of the suction as she started wanking his cock into to my mouth “ omg she is wanking my lovers cock into my mouth “ Then my mind blew as I felt this wet feeling lick my sweet shaven pussy it was so wet and felt different to steve but nice as his mouth sucked and nibbled at my pussy.

Me and my big gob again “Steve please cum with me now” I felt my body burst as Dave slid a finger into me so tight and his mouth and everything came gushing out as I came and squirted all over dave face fuck how horny I was spinning and only to see Carol wanking Steve over my mouth I opened my mouth to catch the hot cum dribbling over my mouth and cumming over my cheeks and so much even splashing onto carol thighs. Steve had just come over me. Carol then kissed my cheek where steve had cum and licked my lips to taste his cum . She then stopped looked over and opened her mouth to suck steve hard cock and lick all the cum left on his hard cock. I was lay there while she was sucking Steve cock and all the cum off it and Dave was full of my cum all over him and licking me . My mind and body had just exploded. I lay back head spinning and my pussy swallon with a woman rubbing in all steve cum into me.

As I caught my breath I felt Dave stand up I didn’t want to look down as I know his face would have been soaking where I squirted all over him. Dave rustic voice filled the room “carol now its your turn “ oh my belly tingled omg if she had what I just had. Dave shuffled round to the side of the bed where Carol was naked lay next to me, She leaned over and like a pro started licking and sucking Dave cock wow she really was good at taking such a cock so deep , my body was flipping and thinking omg I could cum again just watching this. Then like a flash light it came to me only right to return the favour so I knelt up feeing my juices still running down my legs and looking down seeing steve cum over my breast and dress. I leaned across Carol harden boob and erect nipple and placed my hand on Dave hard and now very wet cock as it slid out of her mouth. Pulling his forskin back deep and slow while slapping it against her mouth and chin.

I saw in the corner of my eye I saw steve wander to the bottom of the bed and hold on to carols legs and ease them apart. Wholly fuck he is going to lick her id better watch this I thought forgetting im wanking another mans cock onto another woman’s face. I saw steve mouth open and lick her tight pussy as she moaned in such a horny way, Faster I wanked Dave feeling the cock getting even larger he was so close to cumming and Carol wanted to taste it. I placed my hand on Steves head to push his mouth onto Carol sweet pussy, It was like a button as her whole body arched and screamed as she came into steve mouth almost crying with excitement. Steve carried on licking knowing his mouth full of her cum. My mind drew back to Dave I lent over and licked the end of Dave cock then ran my pre cum soaked mouth over Carols nipple, looked up at Dave and said Dave please cum for us both ..OMG I must have the sex power as I pulled back his forskin I felt his cum shoot up his hardness through my fingers and over carols face, So much hot cum all over and her finger scooping it up into her mouth.

What a sensation that was and still is Carol leaned over to reach for Dave cock and started to lick the cum off it.. Hold on my mad side decided I wanted some of his cum too, leaned over and started licking his shaft and the taste of his salty cum with Carol . Not to be out done Steve quickly moved in and placed his hard cum soaked manhood into the mix so both Carol and I could share and swap both cocks till they both became limp. We both lay back and allowed are own partners to cuddle us. Steve kissed my with his tongue and we exchanged the taste of every ones cum. I closed my eyes and felt in heaven

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