The Midnight Train

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A couple separated in a night train by circumstances…what next?


We were returning to India after our weeklong gateway to paradise Island in Thailand. We went on this special trip to reconnect with each other, though we hardly had any special connection previously and I doubt we are going to have one now.

Me and Prashant, both of us were brought up in traditional Indian families and we hardly had any sexual experience prior to our marriage except for porn. It was a typical Indian arranged marriage and we went along with the wishes of our families.

My life long foolish dream of our wedding night was a nightmare I don’t want to ever experience again. There were sweat, blood, and semen everywhere but no pleasure. Prashant has certainly improved himself after his hideous performance, but there was nothing much his 4inch erect penis could do. I bought a vibrator at the suggestion of one of my friends and thank God, I can finally understand bliss. Prashant got to know about the vibrator but didn’t make a fuss about it as it kept my mood swings at bay.

After 6 months of our marriage, our families started pestering us about having babies. How can I tell them it is not possible for us to have babies if your son is unable to fuck me. So, this vacation was basically planned by them as our 2nd wedding anniversary gift. But things didn’t change dramatically when we went to a magical place, they stayed almost the same.

We returned via a flight to Kolkata airport, and we had a day’s journey to visit Prashant’s parents before we set off to Delhi, our professional home. Due to the last moment change of our travel plans, there were only 2 seats left on the entire train. One of them was in the first class and the other one was in 2 tiers. Prashant persuaded me to take the first-class seat as he insisted that it will be a safer choice.

We boarded the train and decided to put both of our language below our respective seats. Other than me there were 2 distinguished-looking gentlemen, one in his 60s, Mr. Das, and the other in his 70s, Mr.Bhargav. The man in his 70s also had a wife who was in her 60s and traveled in the same cabin. Mr. Das was a fit gentleman of 6 ft. with a slight beer belly, peeper colored hair while Mr. Bhargav was about 5’6 has a larger beer belly and with a slight balding and white hair and Mrs. Bhargav was outright obese.

Prashant tried to sit with me in the cabin but the other co-passengers didn’t approve of the situation, so I tried to sit with him in the 2tier but the Ticket collector removed me twice.

I returned back to the 1st class cabin at 9 pm after having dinner with Prashant and found that my elderly cabin mate, Mr.Bhargav has occupied my lower berth in a semi-seated position, leaving the little seat for me. Mrs. Bhargav was already packing her belongings and I thought, “Thank God I will get rid of these two then certainly I can sneak Prashant in the cabin”. Mr. Das and Mrs. Bhargav were sitting in the opposite berth. I managed to squeeze multiple in between Mr. Bhargav and the window as he showed no sign of giving me extra space, his elbow touching my thigh.

Coldwater spoiled all my perfect musings as at 9.30 Mrs. Bhargav was the only one who packed her bags and climbed down the train leaving her big-bellied husband with us. I didn’t want to make a fuss, so I didn’t inform Prashant about being alone in the cabin.

I was wearing a flowy skirt and spaghetti top, kudos to my tropical vacation. Having a 36C bra size made it quite risque but then again I was returning from a tropical vacation.

I went to the washroom and removed my bra, as I can never sleep with my bra on. My big boobs and nipples became visible through my semi-sheer top. On returning back to the cabin the eyes of my cabin mates bulged on seeing me.

I sat back in my previous position, but contrary to last time Mr. Bhargav faced and eyed my tits openly. I ignored both of them and made my nightly call to Prashant.

After the call, Mr. Bhargav suddenly suggested, ” Would you like to watch a movie…I am not sleepy yet”. I checked my watch and I don’t generally sleep before 12, so I nodded.

He did put the latest Bollywood masala flick in his MacBook and placed it in his lap, plastering his entire left side on my right. I could feel his elbow brushing my boobs and he was paying serious attention to his left instead of the movie.

After 30 mins of all that action and drama, Mr. Das requested Mr. Bhargav if he could join all the fun. We consented and I was squished in between two old gropers. Mr.Das started elbowing my tities in the same way as his counterpart.

As the movie went on my partner started getting bolder and bolder and started squeezing my boobs, nipples and trying to get his hands under my skirt and top higher and higher. After twice removing both hands I relented and let them do as they wish.

They got bolder and bolder and quite frankly I was enjoying the attention of two older experienced men that I was receiving. Finally, they removed all pretense, and put aside the laptop, and placed me on the berth. My clothes were removed by two impatient horny sex deprived old men while continuing to grab my genitals and tits. Mr. Bhargav started licking my clit as soon as I was nude while Mr. Das started twisting and grabbing my boobies. ” Oh, please please”, I tried to suppress my moans of building pleasure as these men’s dedicated efforts. Prashant never goes down to lick my clit so I didn’t have an experience that clitoral stimulation by any human can be so otherworldly intense.

” Ohhhhh Gooooood”, I moaned and had one the best orgasms of my life. Mr. Bhargav put his face out of my pussy, my love juices filling his mouth as he gave me a crooked toothed extremely satisfied smile. He didn’t know how satisfied and happy he made me feel.

The men interchanged positions and I was in heaven again. It seemed Mr. Das was as skilled in the tongue as Mr. Bhargav if not better. After recovering myself in post-orgasmic bliss I found something touching my pussy, it was Mr. Das’s over angry uncut 6inch erect cock. I tried to relax not being accustomed to the size as he pushed his penis inside my love tunnel. Mr. Bhargav placed his 5-inch cock near my face, and I took the cue and started with my first ever blowjob. Mr. Bhargav guided me, after understanding I was a rookie while Mr. Das continued to fuck me with vigor. It seems that these two men have decided to give me more orgasms in a day that I didn’t have in a year of my marriage.Mr. Bhargav’s penis slipped out of my mouth as I moaned in pleasure” Yes, yes…Oh yes”, but he didn’t seem to mind and this process continued.

After my 3rd orgasm, I caught the two men smiling at each other and realized that the train had come to a halt.

They immediately switched positions and Mr. Bhargav asked, ” Darling, will you place yourself in all fours”, I nodded as I complied. And as I positioned myself I saw 2 other passengers and a hawker was gawking at me through the glass window in the station and were enjoying the show. Two of them were even wanking off. I was stunned but in a good way.I have never been an exhibitionist but I have never got a better chance than this today.

I didn’t know much about where things were going as Mr. Bhargav was licking my asshole while Mr. Das was stimulating my clit. Then suddenly Mr. Bhargav prodded his penis in my asshole. He prodded his penis in and out, in and out quite a few times in my asshole. Not all the way in but enough to practice as I was shrieking in between pain and pleasure, as I shouted back to them that I was an anal virgin. Mr. Bhargav put his penis in a final time and started fucking me. I was pasted on the window, my boobs squished on them as the men outside went mad and started spilling cum all over the window.

” Ohhhhhh, fuck me fuck me fuck me, that feels soooooo good”, I screamed, the erotic scene before me as well as inside me made me crazy in both pain and pleasure. Mr. Bhargav asked me to lean on him in the back and Mr. Das came up into my front and entered my vagina. I was on cloud 9 when I realized that the train had started to move. The double penetration was the single most erotic experience of my life I understood that the other passengers can hear my screams over the sounds of the train. Both Mr. Das and Mr. Bhargav came in my ass and pussy overflowing them with an overload of cum. The fucking continued till some time and then I slumped back in the berth over Mr.Das.

Mr. Bhargav and Mr. Das continued my assault till dawn interchanging positions several times. Owing to their age they took more time in pleasuring me than fucking. At dawn, me and Mr. Bhargav slumped together in the same berth nude while Mr.Das occupied the other lower berth.

I fell asleep extremely sated and drained over all the mattress exercise that we did.

At 7 am the door knocked and I slipped my clothes as fast as I could and covered my sleeping cabin mates as quickly as I could and opened the door to Prashant. “Hurry up, pack your bags we are getting off at the next stoppage”. I quickly packed my bags and we got off the train.

On our way to our parents, Prashant asked me why were the gentlemen sleeping on your berth and I innocently told me we had exchanged our berths since he had gout. Prashant seemed satisfied with my answer and didn’t question me further on my wild night.

9 months later I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy, thanks to my cabin mates on my night train. He bore my coloring and I didn’t know how my cabin mates looked in youth to predict which of them contributed the sperm. Prashant and all other family members were extremely happy though all of them thought it was the magical Thailand vacation that did all the work. Certainly, a little vacation here and there does help a lot.


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