Tara Can’t Say No

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My wife Tara is very petite at just over 5′ tall with small, pert breasts which I just love. She,
on the other hand, is rather sensitive about her small boobs and has a certain amount of insecurity
about it. I think that’s why she seems to be flattered when anyone pays attention to her, which always
happens when we go out. She just doesn’t realize, no matter how much I tell her, that every guy who
lays eyes on her wants to fuck her.


hat do you do with a wife who just can’t seem to say no? My wife Tara is very petite at just over 5′ tall with small, pert breasts which I just love. She, on the other hand, is rather sensitive about her small boobs and has a certain amount of insecurity about it. I think that’s why she seems to be flattered when anyone pays attention to her, which always happens when we go out. She just doesn’t realize, no matter how much I tell her, that every guy who lays eyes on her wants to fuck her. Guys are always hitting on her, even when I’m with her and she loves to go along with it which makes her seem to be a bit of a flirt. I’ve seen guys who, when they think I’m not looking, put their hands on her leg and try to cop a feel and she doesn’t even notice or doesn’t care. I’ve often wondered what she does when I’m not with her to bail her out. Recently I had to go to the city on business and planned to stay overnight. Tara decided to come with me to do some shopping which she loves to do. I told her to buy something sexy and I would meet her in the hotel bar at 5:00 o’clock. When I got there a bit before 5 she was already at the bar and, surprise, surprise, some guy was chatting her up and she looked as though she was enjoying herself. I slipped into the bar area and found a table where I could watch and not be seen. I know what you’re thinking, another asshole testing his wife. Well, you’re probably right, this could only bring trouble but I needed to know what she does without me around. Too further show my stupidity, I pulled out my phone and texted her saying I was running late and probably would not get there for another hour. She appeared to be showing her friend my message and he smiled ear to ear. Uh oh! As I watched he seemed to get more and more intimate. For the first time I noticed what she had apparently bought earlier that day and did she ever look hot. She was wearing a blouse with several buttons undone and when she turned just right I could see some of her semi exposed, braless titties. So much for being self conscious about her small tits. She must have had a good headstart with the drinking as, with most of us, as her blood alcohol level goes up her inhibitons go down and she really loosens up. She also had on a short skirt which was showing a lot of leg which her friend now had his hand on. It was very dark in the bar so no one who wasn’t looking right at them would ever notice what was going on. I, on the other hand, was looking right at them and was rather surprised that he was stroking her leg and moving farther up with each stroke and she was just ignoring him. As his hand dissapeared under her short skirt I knew he was close to the prize and my pretty wife not only was not ignoring him now, she appeared to be enjoying it. Then he took her hand and, while apparently stroking her pussy, placed it on his cock and whispered in her ear. I expected her to take her hand away immediately but again she dissappointed me by actually stroking what must have been his hard cock for a bit. She then got up and headed out to the ladies room which I had a view of down a short hallway. I had to be careful when she came back lest she see me. Her friend then got up and headed down the same hallway and now I was getting nervous. When she came out she went right to him and they embraced. He was trying to kiss her but she seemed to be trying to avoid him, even pointing out her wedding rings. Good girl! There was another hallway right angle to the one with the restrooms and he appeared to be trying to coax her down it and eventually was successful. Not knowing what I planned to do, I got up and walked into the hallway as though on my way to the restroom. I heard murmering from the other hall which was lined with stacked chairs and such but still allowed passage to an exit door. I looked around the corner and saw them near the door but mostly hidden by the furniture and he was still trying to make out with her. He then took her hand and moved it down out of my sightline, obviously putting it on his hard cock. I knew it was time to put a stop to this but instead I watched as Tara slid down to her knees in front of him and I knew he was going to get the best blowjob of his life. If there is anything my little wife likes more than fucking it’s sucking a hard cock and swallowing cum. Bad girl! I looked around to see if anyone could see me and then bent over and noticed that the chairs were stacked precise enough to create a tunnel just about waist high and I had a perfect view of Tara taking his hard cock into her mouth. I don’t know why I did nothing, maybe it had something to do with my own rock hard cock, but I did have the presence of mind to begin video taping her with my phone. I had to stand once in awhile to make sure no one was watching but I mostly was able to watch as my pretty young wife sucked this stranger’s cock. He wasn’t real big so she easily took him balls deep into her hot mouth. I could hear him moaning in pleasure as she continued sucking his cock until he grabbed her head in both hands and began fucking her mouth until, with one last thrust, he dumped his hot cum deep into her mouth which Tara swallowed like a pro without losing a drop. Afraid of what could happen next, I texted her again saying I got out early after all and was almost there. She replied for me to meet her in our room since she already had a few drinks and was horny. A few drinks plus a cum cocktail I thought and no wonder she’s horny. So was I! When I got to our room she was on the bed bare ass naked and I wasted no time getting undressed and joining her for one of the hottest bouts of fucking we had ever had, although I could recall several other ultr hot fuck sessions with her. Hmmmm, maybe this isn’t her first strange cock. Later, after going out for a nice dinner and returning to the room for another round of fucking I decided to confront her. “Sucking a stranger’s cock really makes you horny doesn’t it?” I asked. She looked at me kind of funny and said “What do you mean?” I then admitted that I wasn’t really late before and I had seen everything. I even showed her the video I took with my phone. She watched the video intently and I think she was actually getting turned on by it. I know I was. “Are you mad at me?” she asked. “Well, I guess I’m kinda dissappointed” I said, “but damn, watching that turns me on too!” And that led to another session of hot fucking. Later, after we had cooled down some, I asked her how many times she had done this. After a bit of cajoling her she said four other times but she would not let anyone fuck her, like giving blowjobs was within the wedding vows but fucking wasn’t. She said she just couldn’t help herself because that was what she had always done on dates to stop guys from fucking her but still keeping them happy. No shit they were happy! After the first time she discovered she really enjoyed sucking cock and that also factored in. I asked her to tell me about the four blowjobs she had given. She said the first one was when she went to lunch with a girlfriend from work and this guy started talking to them. Of course he was sitting next to Tara and so she got most of his attention including whatever touching he could get away with. When it was time to leave they said goodbye and left. Her friend was parked near the door so she got in her car and left while my wife had to walk around back to her car. Before she got there the guy caught up to her and asked if he could talk to her in his car. She explained to him that she was married but he said all he wanted to do was talk so, trusting person that she is, she got in his car. His “talk” turned out to be, another big surprise, trying to make out with her. She said he even had her boobs out and was caressing them before she was able to push him away at which point she noticed that he had somehow managed to get his cock out and it was rock hard. This is where her instinct to save herself from getting fucked kicked in and she bent down and sucked his cock into her hot mouth. He said he really wanted to fuck her but once she got going with her mouth he just settled down and enjoyed the blowjob finally blowing his load of hot cum in her mouth which, of course, she swallowed. She said the other three were pretty much variations of the same theme. Guys get horny, Tara takes care of them. One of them was at a company picnic when, after a few drinks, some guy she didn’t know coaxed her down a path in the woods and, after the usual trying to make out with her, she dropped to her knees and sucked him off. At one point we even tried therapy so she could at least learn to say no even if she wanted it anyway. We both met with the therapist first and explained how we felt and I told him that I loved her no matter what but would like her to exercise more self control. After that he met with just her and his method was apparently to try to come on to her while encouraging her to stop him. She said after the first session that he wasn’t as aggressive as guys out drinking and also she wasn’t drinking so it was pretty easy but he said he would increase the pressure as time went on. She came home from the second session in tears. When I asked her what was wrong she said the therapist tried giving her some drinks this time and came onto her harder. He tried to kiss her and he was fondling her small breasts, even taking her top off and she wasn’t wearing a bra so she was totally exposed to him. He put her hand on his hard cock, all the while trying to get her to stop him (not sure I believe that one). He also had his hand up her dress and managed to get his hard cock out. Oh no! I thought. Then she looked at me and said “What could I do? I took his cock in my mouth and he then stopped trying to make me stop him so I sucked his cock until he came in my mouth. Now he says he can no longer ethically be my therapist but…” “But what?” I asked. “Well he can’t be my therapist anymore but I can still visit whenever I want.” I just looked at her stunned for a moment and then, I just couldn’t help myself, I burst out laughing! I’ve always been a bit of the jealous type so I found all of this rather disturbing but, inexplicably, an incredible turn-on. As time went on I actually began thinking of ways to be able to watch her suck some stranger’s cock or maybe even let some guy actually fuck her. I wasn’t sure if I could go through with this but we have had some incredible love-making sessions talking and thinking about it. She even suggested that I try sucking a cock so I would know why she likes it so much. That got a laugh out of me thinking I would not only suck some guy’s dick but actually enjoy it. No way! But still, she is not the only one who has a hard time saying no….. To be continued? jd prague

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