Stockholm revisited

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Kay faced away from me and handed me the shower gel, placing a large amount of gel in my hands I started to soap Kay’s back working from the top downwards to her butt. Kay sighed slightly when she turned to face me and told me to soap her breasts, as I started to work on her breasts Kay’s left hand suddenly wrapped around my cock while her right hand was working her own pussy. Kay removed her hand from between her legs and started to rub the head of my cock up and down her soapy slit, come on Vernon Kay said push that hard cock in me now


A long work of both truth and fantasy for Kay

Having got the green light on a renewal of a new contract it was time to get it signed off, this time it was decided that Kay would come with me for the trip so we could spend the weekend just chilling out away from home.

Once in Stockholm we made our way to the hotel where I had used some of my rewards points to get a small suite, having been shown up to the suite I changed into my suit and told Kay I should only be about two or three hours . Kay said she would finish unpacking for us and have a look around the shops while I was out, I said I would keep in touch and we will meet back at the hotel.

Two hours Later and I had secured the signed contract from my client, the great part about was I ended up with a lot bigger deal than originally quoted for and as I left their offices I decided to call Kay with the great news. Kay took ages to answer her mobile and when she did she said it was difficult to talk and could I call her back in 10 minutes, 10 minutes later I called Kay back and she answered straight away. How come it was difficult to talk I asked? All Kay said was she buying a surprise for later and it was not the type of shop to have a conversation in.

Anyway, I told Kay the great news and that she should buy herself something nice and we would have an evening out to celebrate with dinner and drinks. Kay was over the moon with the news and said she had been in a store and had spotted a dress that would be perfect, ok I said and that I would meet her back at the hotel in about half an hour.

I got back to the suite first so poured myself a scotch from the bar area to celebrate, having only been in the suite a matter of minutes when we arrived I now had time to fully take in the layout and facilities. There was a big sofa beneath a large 50 inch plasma TV on the wall which faced the king size bed, a nice drinks bar that was well stocked, a good sized work area, a table with four chairs and large patio style doors to a small balcony. The bathroom was equally stylish with a large walk in shower that was big enough for four people and beautifully fitted.

As I started to get out of my suit the door opened and in came Kay, she had about four bags and had obviously made the most of her shopping trip. Can I help I asked? No I am fine Kay said but you could get me a drink. Kay placed the bags on the bed and I handed her a glass of wine, so what did you buy I ask? Well Kay said, I went and got this and opened the first large bag and pulled out a red lace finished dress. Kay held the dress in front of her and it had a rather deep cut area to the front that would definitely show off her 36c breasts and was mid-thigh in length; Kay then opened another bag and withdrew a tissue wrapped package which contained similar red lingerie set.

The bra was just pure lace and obviously see through which was complimented by equally see through panties and full suspender belt, also in the package were two pairs of 10 denier light tan sheer nylons. Wow I said, you are going to look awesome in those so why not try them on now for me?

Kay just laughed and told me I would just have to wait, topping up Kay’s glass I asked what else she had been spending our money on. Kay opened another bag and took out a three quarter length fuchsia pink night dress, again Kay held this up against her body and the top half was just transparent to the front that formed a V shape around the bust area and then looking down there was a split on both sides running from the bottom edge to the waist.

Pouring myself another scotch I asked Kay what was in the last bag? Ah she said that will have to wait till later as this is my surprise purchase, owe go on let me see what is in the bag I said. No said Kay, it will not be a surprise and we have to get ready for our dinner you promised me. Alright I said, the table is reserved for 20.30 so I suppose we should get showered but we still have a couple of hours.

Kay placed the dress on a hanger and left the lingerie on the bed, as Kay started to undress I laid back on the bed and put the TV on. Looking through the channels available I noticed we had 8 porn channels included free of charge, Kay turned round and was just standing to the side of the bed in just her bra and panties. Kay I said, look we have free porn included – should I put something on? Kay said that we did not have time to start messing about but let’s take a look later, Kay removed her bra and dropped her panties and walked into the bathroom.

As Kay walked off I have to admit I was left with a semi hard on when Kay called me, walking into the bathroom Kay was in the shower and stood facing me behind the glass screen with soapy breasts and her right hand rubbing shower gel around her pussy. What are you waiting for Vernon Kay said, get in here and help do my back. I did not need to be asked twice and joined Kay in the shower with a raging hard on.

Kay faced away from me and handed me the shower gel, placing a large amount of gel in my hands I started to soap Kay’s back working from the top downwards to her butt. Kay sighed slightly when she turned to face me and told me to soap her breasts, as I started to work on her breasts Kay’s left hand suddenly wrapped around my cock while her right hand was working her own pussy. Kay removed her hand from between her legs and started to rub the head of my cock up and down her soapy slit, come on Vernon Kay said push that hard cock in me now.

Kay turned and placed her hands on the shower wall and spread her legs wide, rubbing the head of my cock up and down her pussy opening Kay started to talk dirty. Vernon she said, I know you have a fantasy of seeing me with a huge cock guy but that is not going to happen but just think it could be anyone behind me now. Kay then said “come on stranger” put that huge cock in me and make me come, that was all the encouragement I needed and rammed my cock in her soapy pussy.

Working her pussy hard Kay kept up the pretence, oh my god you are huge and a lot thicker than my husband – just fuck me big boy and make me squirt with that huge cock. Kay started to push back and meet every stroke of my cock when she said she was close to having an orgasm , I started to really fuck her hard and held her hips for extra deep penetration when Kay said she was coming and need to feel her new huge cock stranger fill her womb with hot spunk. I could take no more and just let rip and pumped Kay’s pussy full of my hot seed when she tightened her pussy around my cock and came harder than I had ever known.

Kay turned round with my spunk dripping for her pussy when she said I hope that was fun and gave me a lingering kiss, wow I said that was amazing and you really got into it with your strange new friend. Yes it was Vernon but we must get ready, Kay cleaned her pussy and left me in the bathroom to shave.

Having shaved I walked back to bedroom to see Kay adorning her new lingerie and nylons, wow Kay you look fucking amazing and do we really need to go out? Vernon Kay said, just get ready and you can look as much as you like later and I will let you see the surprise I bought. Kay slipped her new dress on and asked me to zip her up, as she turned all I could focus on was the amount of cleavage on show and how the dress pushed her breasts up.

Setting out from the suite we got in the lift and pressed the button for the ground floor, we stopped at several floors when a tall good looking guy got in and it was obvious where he was looking – Kay’s breasts. As we left the lift the guy looked back for one more look when I said to Kay did you see the way he was looking at you? Yes Vernon he was not vey discrete and I could feel his eyes undressing me, it was sort of hot but it is only you that will see them fully exposed.

Dinner was superb and again Kay attracted a lot of attention especially from our waiter, he was very attentive and could do no more for us (well Kay) and took every opportunity to admire Kay’s breasts. Dinner over we went on to a bar I knew well, it is high class and a great place to just sit and have a quiet relaxed drink. As we went in it was busier than normal but we found a nice little booth that looked out over the bar and great for people watching, I asked Kay what she wanted to drink and she settled on Prosecco and I went to the bar to order as the table service staff were all busy.

While waiting I noticed a guy leaning on the booth talking to Kay, he looked familiar but I could not understand why. Drinks in hand I went over to our booth when Kay introduced me to Damien, then the penny dropped and he was the guy in the lift at our hotel who had been taking a lot of interest in Kay’s breasts. Hi I said, I understand you are out here on business said Damien like me. Yes I said, what sort of business are you in I asked? Damien said he was into adult magazines and DVD productions and worked mainly in the USA market. Kay said he could sit down and join us if he wanted rather than standing and he could tell us more about his business, Damien scooted in next to Kay and I sat the other side of her.

Damien started to explain to us that he arranged auditions for those wanting to get in the adult business and would organise these four times a year in Sweden, Kay then asked when you say auditions you mean they have to perform sex for you? Damien said yes that is generally the idea but it sometimes just doesn’t work for them, they can either not get it up or finish too quick if you know what I mean.

Kay blushed slightly and her chest went a little red and she said she got the general idea, Kay shuffled a little and her dress rode up a bit to expose a flash of her stocking tops. Kay then asked Damien how he got into the business and how on earth do you start in the adult business, Damien looked Kay straight in the eye and said that he started out as a performer- performer Kay said. Yes Said Damien I was auditioned about 15 years ago and it all started from there; oh you mean you were/are a porn star?

Damien said well yes I suppose I was, Kay shuffled again and her dress raised a little more giving Damien a good view of her exposed stocking tops. Kay spotted him looking and just came out with “do like what you see?” Damien was obviously a little shocked and taken aback as was I when he asked Kay if she had ever done any modelling and turned to me and asked had the two of us ever made a home movie.

You mean a home movie of the two of us having sex Kay asked, yes Said Damien and I am sure you two would look so hot fucking and real rather than the stuff I do. I jumped in at this point and said no it is not something we have done but we have discussed it but we have never had the courage to actually do it, Damien said he thought we would be as hot as hell and that with Kay’s body she could even do porn professionally. I said yeah I agree Kay is hot but I bet you use that line a lot, no I mean it said Damien I think you two would be naturals and it would be real sex rather than the stuff we do.

I said to Damien that I agree about Kay when she suddenly squeezed my thigh and looked at me with a strange expression, I said that I was not what would you class as a natural for the camera as I thought most performers had to have really big dicks. Damien just grinned and said that while the commercial films relied on guys with big dicks it is the act of having real sex between real couples that is the biggest turn on for him and an area he is exploring. Kay said she needed ladies room and she would like another drink as she was a little warm, as she left Damien asked if we were honest about making our own movie and that he had all the kit needed in his room if we wanted to use it?

Damien spotted one of the staff and asked for two large scotch whiskeys and a bottle of Prosecco, he then asked me again about us making a movie and did I want to take him up on the offer? Before I could answer Kay slid back in the booth between us and asked what we had been talking about, Damien jumped straight in and explained the offer he made me. Kay looked at me and said if I was up for it then so was she as it was just the two of and no harm could come of filming what we’re going to do later anyway.

I think shock must have been the expression on my face when Kay asked Damien how technical his camera equipment was and was it easy to set up and work? Damien said that if we wanted he would even come and set it all up in our suite for us given he was only a few floors away and show us how to operate it. As Kay looked at me the next round of drinks arrived and she saw a full bottle of Prosecco placed on the table in an ice bucket, are you trying to get me tipsy Damien? No he replied but if you are going to make your own film you will need to be free of any inhibitions of performing and fucking in front of the camera and the Prosecco will help.

After more chit chat about his lifestyle and Kay had finished the entire bottle of Prosecco she said to Damien that we would like to take him up on the offer and while she is feeling happy we should head back to the hotel, getting back to the hotel we gave Damien our suite number and he said he will see us there in about 15 minutes once he had selected the best equipment for us to use.

As we entered our suite Kay through her arms round my neck and gave me a longing kiss and asked if I was sure I was happy with her decision, I said we had talked about it several times so what not take the opportunity to make it really happen. Kay sat on the edge of the bed showing me a full expanse of stocking tops and a glimpse of her panties as if to tease me and kept asking if I was sure.

Then there was a gently knock at the door and there stood Damien, he had lost his jacket and tie and had a small bag in his hand and it was obvious he worked out from the way his shirt hugged his chest. As he walked in he was faced with Kay still sitting on the edge of bed and still showing a lot of stocking top and that all tempting glimpse of panties, hi Kay he said are you two still up for this? Kay said that she was more than ready and could not wait to get started as she was so fucking ready for me to fuck her it was all she had been thinking about since leaving the bar,

Damien started to set things up but he asked Kay to lay in various positions and angles on the bed so he could work out where had the best lighting and where would give us the best chance of getting as much action included as possible, Kay flicked the TV on and went straight to a porn channel while she moved and positioned herself all over the bed, laying sideways, kneeling, her ass facing the TV and then without warning with her stocking clad legs wide open laying flat on her back.

Damien said I was such a lucky guy and it looked like I was in for an awesome time with Kay, I agreed and said it was about time this happened when Kay suddenly asked Damien if it was him in the porn film playing on the TV. Damien looked over my shoulder and said on my god it is, this has to be at least 12 years old and one was of my early films. Kay’s eyes were transfixed on the huge TV screen when the action on screen moved to Damien starting to strip to his boxers and a stunning blond knelt before him, within seconds the blond had dropped his boxers to reveal an envious sized cock that just hung there.

Kay gasped as she watched the TV and glanced at me before asking Damien if the camera was all set to use to which he replied yes and he started to show me the simple remote control buttons for record, pause and image sharpening, Kay was obviously getting very aroused by the scene in front her when she just stood up and dropped her dress to her ankles saying to Damien that she was sure he had obviously seen it all before and that she needed me to make love to her.

Kay to my utter shock dropped her panties leaving her with her pussy fully open to view and it was clearly very wet from the watching the action on the TV, she then did no more than remove her bra letting her 36c breasts just drop and in plain view for Damien enjoy. My wife was now standing in front of Damien ( this real and very new stranger) in just her nylons and garter belt while still looking at him on the TV edging what looked like a 10 inch solid thick cock into the blond he was pleasing.

Damien said it was probably time he left us to it so we could enjoy the rest of movie and make our own one in private, Kay looked at me with pure lust in her eyes then looked to Damien when she asked if he would film us so we got all the action when I fucked her. Damien looked to me for guidance and I said that Kay was obviously cool with him being there and he had already seen her stunning body so why not.

As I disrobed and revealed my own average 7inch raging hard on, Kay lay flat on her back on the bed and told me to join her while watching Damien on screen pounding the blond for all he was worth. As I lay down beside Kay Damien had already taken the camera of the tripod and was at the edge of the bed next to Kay and clearly filming her breasts until he then moved downwards and told Kay to spread her nylon clad legs. Kay willingly did this while gently stroking my cock but still watching the action on the TV, Damien then told Kay to take my cock in her mouth but only the head and lick it gently so he could get a close-up for us. Kay followed Damien’s advice and wow did this feel good, while Kay was working on me Damien said Kay should start getting her pussy ready for my cock and dip a few fingers in and around her hot opening.

As Kay started working on her pussy I could hear the slurp of her pussy juice on her fingers as she withdrew and re-inserted them and little sighs of pleasure escaping her lips, Damien said it was so hot seeing a real couple having sex and it was a huge turn on for him. He then said Kay should lay on top of me and continue teasing my cock with her tongue while I gave her pussy a tongue lashing, Kay moved over me so her wet pussy was in striking distance when I saw the camera lens appear between her pussy and my tongue – ok Vernon give Kay some tongue and lick her pussy lips for me. I did not need asking and being able to feel her nylon clad legs round me was such a turn on, Kay continued teasing the head of my cock and I started to dart my tongue in and out of her dripping pussy when she lowered herself even more so my tongue could invade her open slit.

This continued for several minutes with continued encouragement from Damien when he proposed Kay get on all fours so I could finally put my throbbing cock in her, Kay was facing the TV when I slid into her and she let out a gasp and oh god I needed to feel cock in me. The scene on the TV was again featuring Damien but this time with a busty brunette who in a way resembled Kay, Damien suddenly appeared with the camera beneath my cock and he was filming me slowly slide in and out Kay when he told Kay he could smell her hot sex as I worked on her and could see droplets of pussy juice coating my cock. Kay told him that it was so hot being filmed and that watching him in action on the TV was such a massive turn on knowing he was just inches away.

Damien then suggested that Kay again move position and lay flat back on the bed but raise her legs wide so her knees were in the air and I lay next her, as we changed position TV Damien was now going balls deep in the brunette and withdrawing slowly and the sliding his entire length back in. Kay looked at the scene as if we were not in the room when Damien asked if she liked watching and being watched, Kay said it was so hot when he then told her to start pussy fucking herself with her fingers but gradually increase the number of fingers and speed to keep pace with the movie.

Kay moved her legs even wider as she watched the brunette take Damien’s cock in ever increasing speed and she started to match his strokes with her own fingers, Kay now had four fingers buried in her sopping pussy and started to meet her own strokes with raised hips. It was so hot watching Kay work her pussy so hard and her wetness was just oozing from her pussy when Damien moved within inches of her pussy with the camera and said I should let her take my cock in her mouth again, Damien was kneeling at the end of the bed with the camera when I popped my cock in Kay’s mouth and she just sucked me in like a vacuum cleaner.

Kay started to become more vocal and as the scene on TV got hotter Kay now moved her other hand to her clit and started rubbing it in circles, Damien was still at the end of the bed with the camera and it was clear from what was happening on the TV that Damien was about to blow his load. Kay had also picked up on this and was now fingering and rubbing her clit with greater lust, it was then that TV Damien withdrew that huge cock and sprayed the brunette’s stomach and tits with volumes of cum. As if it was Kay being serviced by his huge cock she suddenly went into an unbelievable shaking orgasm and squirted all over the camera and Damien’s face.

Kay withdrew her fingers from her pussy and just looked at both of us and said she did not know what came over but glad it will have been caught on film, Damien said he thought she was perfect and she knew her body very well to be able to let go so easily. Kay looked to me and said she wanted my come in her now and that it was again time I filled her pussy with some hard cock and hot spunk, Damien said that to get the best shot for us why does Kay not sit on my cock from above and he can then film me penetrating her, Kay sliding up and down on my cock to me spraying the inside of her pussy and letting it ooze from her pussy lips.

Kay thought this would be perfect and slowly positioned herself above my cock while looking at Damien with his camera staring at her parted wet lips; Damien was again to the bottom of the bed when Kay eased herself down a little on my cock and wow was she hot inside. My cock slid in easily when Damien told Kay to raise herself up so just the head of my cock was barely inside her, Kay did this when he asked her if she thought she could come again as it would be awesome to film both of coming when Kay looked at him and said she wanted to desperately have more orgasms and did not want the fun to end.

Kay slowly started to ride me, down a little then back up and down again taking more of me each time. Damien said her pussy looked so dam hot as she slid up and down and the way her pussy lips clung to my cock on each stroke, Kay was enjoying his attention as he guided her like a porn star-telling her to stop so her lips were shown clinging to my cock and then telling her to start taking my full length in slow and easy movements. For me, it felt as if I would just explode when he said she should just take my entire length in her and not move. Kay did just as he said and just wiggled her hips a little and then rocked back and forth on my cock.

Damien now gave Kay another instruction and that she should lean back towards my chest and support her body by her arms either side of me and spread her Legs wide either side of my legs so her pussy and nylon clad legs were fully in shot, wow this felt great and this position put a huge amount of pressure on both my cock and her pussy head. Damien told Kay that it was about time to go for the money shots and she should just work me hard, Kay started to work me hard when I felt movement on the mattress and as I looked down the bed past Kay Damien was again within inches of the action with his camera urging Kay to really go for it – come on Kay do you want to feel Vernon shoot his cum in you, do you want to squirt with orgasm again?

Kay pumped away on me but she said her arms were starting to ache but was desperate for yet another mind blowing orgasm; Damien gave kay more and more encouragement saying he could sense she was close and that he was amazed I had not already blown my load in her hot dripping pussy. Kay continued to slide up and down my cock when Damien asked Kay if she need a little help. Oh fuck Damien I do not care I just need cum and feel Vernon erupt in me, what the hell had he in mind? Then and without notice I felt Kay’s legs being spread even wider and then Kay sigh hard and as I looked down the bed again and Damien was clearly playing with Kay’s clit with his finger and holding the camera in his other hand.

That’s it kay, push hard against my finger, ride Vernon as hard as you can and let me see you squirt. Go on Kay do it, do it for me kay Damien urged, Kay’s breathing suddenly changed and she was panting hard when she said she was coming and cum she did with floods of pussy juice streaming over my cock and balls. This was all I needed and held her hips hard down on my cock while I pumped her full of my hot spunk till every drop filled her, Damien said this was one of the hottest natural acts of hot sex he had seen in ages and said Kay should now ease herself of my cock so he could see my spunk ooze of her pussy and film the aftermath.

Kay then just rolled off me to my side and said it had been so bloody hot and she never knew she could come that hard, Damien said that Kay just looked the part and that it was such a turn on for him and judging by the bulge in his trousers he was not kidding. Kay asked Damien if he got all the filming he needed as she was still feeling hot and what could we both do that would complete the session we had just had. Damien said it was so erotic watching us both fuck and that her pussy just kept accommodating each of the positions and also being close enough to smell her sex was so different to the staged action.

Damien put the camera down and said he had to use the bathroom (maybe he had to release the tension in his pants), as he left Kay took my hand and placed over her pussy and quietly asked if I still wanted to see her taken by a huge cock as she was desperate for more sex and felt now was the only time it could happen. I looked at Kay and said I think his film has got you so hot and your pussy is so bloody wet if you want to then do it, Kay kissed me hard and as Damien walked back in Kay took a long look at his crutch and no he was still hard.

Kay then explained to Damien about my fantasy of seeing her with a huge cock guy and that she was still hot for more sex, Kay also explained that she found it a real turn on being watched having sex and as he had been in on all the action so far it was only fair that he also got to sample her pussy and that I could do the filming this time. Damien looked at me and asked if I was sure I was cool with this and I said if Kay needs your huge cock and needs more satisfaction then let her have it, Kay stood still in her nylons and suspender belt and started to take Damien’s shirt and trousers off leaving him just in his boxers. There was my wife just inches away from a porn stars huge cock, when Damien passed the camera to me and proceeded to lay Kay on the bed and kneeled beside her. Kay needed no invitation and just slipped her small hand in his boxers, oh god Vernon it feels so hot I just have to have Damien fuck me and pulled his boxers straight down.

Damien proceeded to place one hand on Kay’s pussy and the with the other he grasped his cock at the base, leaning slightly forwards he placed the head of his engorged cock head on Kay’s wet lips while starting to finger her wet pussy. Kay let out a sigh as soon as his fingers touched her and she opened her lips and started to lick the head of his cock with long slow moves. Damien said I should come round beside him so I could get a better shot of Kay licking his cock which would be a great memory for her, as I zoomed in I could not believe just how hot Kay looked slurping on that huge meat stick.

As Damien continued the magic with his fingers on Kay’s pussy she continued to spread her legs further and further apart letting him dip all four fingers in and out her already juiced pussy, Kay was really enjoying his attention when she took a hold of his cock and started to try and take him in her mouth. This was so hot as she worked hard to get the head of his cock in her mouth without gagging I just had to move position so I could film the action side on and depict his real size, just as Kay finally engulfed the head of his cock and started to suck him he released his hand from between her legs and moved down so his tongue could take over while Kay continued sucking him deeper.

Kay raised her legs and put her hand on the back of his head pushing him deeper onto her pussy; Kay then started to tense and moan when she again burst into orgasm and at the same time squeezed his cock hard in her lips. Damien did not however stop his assault and as I moved position again I could see he had now parted her pussy lips with his hands and was sucking hard on her clit while now also finger fucking her, Kay was again shaking with pleasure and was forced to let Damien’s cock fall from her mouth so she could breath and enjoy all the feelings she was being subjected to.

Damien again changed position leaving Kay begging for him not to stop but he just slid beside her letting his manhood rest on her upper leg, Kay immediately took hold of his cock and said she thought he should now put it where he has been waiting to put it all night long and told me to make sure I got every moment of what was just about to happen on film. While Kay was obviously very wet I still passed her our tube of lube which she smeared on the entire length of Damien’s cock from top to bottom plus a huge blob round her pussy opening, as Damien moved over Kay I could see right between his legs all the way up to Kay’s waiting wet pussy when he asked Kay was she still sure she wanted this to happen?

Kay did no more than put her hand round his cock head and start guiding him to her waiting and wanting pussy, I could see every movement at this time as he nudged the huge head of his cock to Kay’s opening. With a little further pressure the head of his cock was suddenly in and Kay gasped and said he was even bigger than she thought and that he should just stay where he was for a while so her pussy could get use to his huge girth, while in this position I moved up the bed so I was level with Kay’s waist and had a birds eye view of the monster waiting to fully invade my wife’s love tunnel.

Kay looked over to me and then back to Damien who was poised to further invade that pussy wrapped around the head of his cock, Kay put out her left hand and took hold of my right hand and said no more. With that she looked up at Damien and said she was ready and wanted more but to be gentle as he still felt huge even though she was well lubed, Damien put a little more pressure downwards and Kay had now taken at least four inches in her when he slowly pulled back just leaving the head of his cock still inside Kay. As he withdrew I could see through the camera lens Kay’s pussy lips were still clinging firm to the side of his cock, Kay let go of my hand and asked for the tube of lube which I passed to her, Kay again put a large amount of lube round the lips to her pussy that was still clinging onto the side of Damien’s cock and then a huge blob of gel right on her clit area.

Kay again looked at me and said “ I must have him Vernon “ and I know you have wanted this to happen for years so please enjoy this as much as I now want to. With that Kay spread her legs as wide as she could and put both her hands on Damien’s ass and started to pull him into her slowly, Kay would also move her own ass so she could get a better angle on Damien’s cock assault. He now had to have a good 8inches of his 10inch length in Kay’s pussy when she had him again pause, after a couple of minutes in the same position Kay told me to just put the camera on the table at the bottom of the bed and come up and join them leaving the camera just recording.

As I moved on the bed next to Kay she took my right hand and placed it on her breast, as she did this she told Damien to continue easing more of his cock in her pussy again and from where I was laying I could not only see his gentle thrusts as he went deeper and ever deeper in Kay’s pussy but I could also feel the rhythm building between them both through the mattress beneath us all. Kay was really getting into things when Damien had obviously hit a sweet spot and Kay just shouted out “ oh my fuck, oh my fuck keep going” looking down between my wife’s spread legs as Damien withdrew and plunged back in he had managed to get all of his thick 10inches into Kay balls deep and she was loving it.

Kay was now meeting every thrust of his cock with equal pressure when she told me to kneel next to her and let her suck me while Damien continued to pound her good and hard, Kay began to buck hard and I could see she had just orgasmed but she continued even harder and pulled Damien as deep as he could go in her pussy when she said she was near to yet another gushing orgasm which spurred Damion on even more. Kay grabbed my cock and told Damien to shoot his spunk deep into her while she sucked me off for him to see, Damion started to withdraw his huge cock from Kay’s soft wet pussy but would leave the head of his cock still in her pussy and then just go balls deep which was driving Kay wild.

Kay’s mouth tightened around my cock and she was clearly near the point of another earth shattering orgasm when she let my cock fall from her mouth and told Damien she was really close and that she was going to make me come all over her breasts for him to see and it was now his turn to fill her pussy with his own hot sperm, this made my cock twitch and Kay started to pump me hard till I shot my load all over her chin and breasts – this is what Damien wanted to see and all of a sudden he grasped both of Kay’s ass cheeks and pulled her tight onto his huge cock.

Kay could do nothing but accept his huge throbbing cock buried deep in her womb and this just forced her to immediately orgasm and release pussy juice all over his cock while he pumped her with stream after stream of his own womb penetrating hot cum, as Kay still lay recovering on her back legs splayed wide and still holding my cum covered cock Damien slowly withdrew his cock and asked kay if she would suck him clean which she did with joy. Damien got up and went and withdrew the disc from the camera and handed it straight to Kay, Kay do you now understand Vernon’s fantasy Damien asked. Kay still in her post orgasmic state just looked up at Damien and said she never ever thought she would go along with my fantasy but she is so glad things happened as they did, it was natural and not staged or set up. He leaned over Kay and kissed her and gave her pussy one last rub with his hand and with a large blob of sticky cum on his finger put to Kay’s lips and just said “remember me and how I taste when you both watch the film”

With that Damien thanked us both for an amazing time, collected the camera gear and left. Kay was still lying besides me with her nylon clad legs splayed wide and cum still dribbling down her pussy lips when she looked at me and said I am so glad we did this Vernon and thank you for letting him take me hard while you watched. I told Kay that I had never felt so close to her and the way she took his huge cock was just such a turn on to watch and that I am glad my fantasy worked out so well for her. By the way Kay what was in the other shopping bag I asked? Kay just grinned and said now she has the real thing the surprise will have to wait for morning but this is another story.

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