Rectal Rooster #3

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Pulling out of my cunt, he pushes me over onto my stomach, my finger still rubbing my clit. He puts his heads between my legs, his body over mine and starts eating my still wet arse. He’s much taller than me so I feel his cock touching my neck, still rock hard, it dribbles my cum onto me.


Curled up in my favourite place, the cavern created by the huge frame of my lover, my husband, my friend. As we lie spooning in bed, recovering from a violent bout of sex, he strokes my warm body. It is still cooling down from the stomach clenching orgasm I received, from a seriously deep arse fucking during reverse cowgirl.

“I love the feel of your hands on my skin.” I say quietly.

“Good.” He replies.

The porn film ‘Rectal Rooster #3’ is still playing on the big screen, silently, I hate the sound of manufactured porn. The sound the girls make is so fake, guess that’s why our home made porn movie’s are so popular. Just the sound of wet sex and my occasional moan.

He runs his fingers from my crotch to my shoulders and then neck, each movement slow, searching, feeling the perfect imperfections of my time served body. He traces the shape of my hips, his fingers fall and rise on the fleshy hills created by my muscular frame. His hands are as big as shovels with skin of leather, but his touch is so gentle it is like a silk scarf drifting across me. I shiver with delight as he passes over my nerve engorged zones, my waist, my tit’s, my neck.

His rock hard cock is resting between my legs, being kept wet by the cum dripping from my cunt. He is yet to cum, after my orgasm I couldn’t take any more punishment. He’s never been bothered if he cums, strange feature to find in any man, but I soon got used to it. My body is at his mercy, his trapped arm is under my neck holding me close. His free hand teases my body, delightfully, exquisite, enchanting, my post orgasmic state leaves me susceptible to his touch. His fingers dance on my skin, my pussy leaks yet more from the erotic feelings, keeping his cock moist. I gyrate my hips to wank him with my thick gap, I reach behind me and feel his firm arse as I do. He reciprocates by grinding into me.

We lie in silence as he nuzzles my neck, yet more cum dribbles, another sign of my pleasure.

“Mmmmmmm,” I moan, “that’s lovely, I do love you darling.”

“I love you too honey.” He replies. He continues to kiss my neck, his hand reaches my face and strokes my chin. I lift my head to let him run his fingers around my neck and back down to my crotch. He gently rubs my still tender clit.

“Mmmmmm,” I moan again, “Your fingers are so nice to me.”

His cock rubs against my lips and clit making a wet sound, much more realistic than any mainstream porno. I know this turns him on, so my cunt dribbles some more. His fingers send electrically charged tingles along my skin, my body arches with the pleasure he gives me unselfishly. His attention relaxes me, right now he could do anything, anyone could do anything to me and I would let them. I’m so relaxed yet turned on I’m soiling the twelve hundred Thread sheets with my juices, he feels them and inserts his cock in me. The ‘slurp’ as he does expels yet more fluid, he goes in deep and my wetness is felt on my bum cheeks and inner thighs.

“Mmmm yes,“ I comment, “that’s so nice, slowly, fuck me slowly.”

He does as I ask, sliding in and out of me slowly. As he goes in, I gush like a pump, my pussy is so excited It tells him over and over. Still stroking me with his fingers and fucking me with his cock, I could feel the love in him. Right now the world was as perfect as it could be, wrapped up in my husbands body, being touched, teased, fucked gently. I never want this to stop.

Taking his fingers from attending to my body, he runs them down my back, the crack of my arse then into my pussy joining his cock.

“Oh yes!” I moan. This pushes his cock further into the front of my opening, making me tighter. My cunt is still engorged with blood from my earlier orgasm, making it extremely sensitive. He carries on fucking me like this, tight, deep and wet. My body is recovering, my pussy is aching from the attention it is getting. I am really enjoying this loving he is giving me, my body is at his mercy.

Pulling out of my cunt, he pushes me over onto my stomach, my finger still rubbing my clit. He puts his heads between my legs, his body over mine and starts eating my still wet arse. He’s much taller than me so I feel his cock touching my neck, still rock hard, it dribbles my cum onto me.

“Ohhh yes,” I murmur, “I like that, I like it a lot.”

He pulls my bum cheeks apart and digs deep inside me, darting between my cunt and arse. My finger continues to frig my clit and I feel myself dribble on my palm. he’s devouring me like a starving man, making my arse and pussy wet. My moans express my pleasure and he carries on with his task at hand. My excitement grows and my pussy soon wants to be entered by him, rubbing my clit I feel myself nearing a small orgasm. My thighs quiver.

“Oh yes, Oh yes!” I whimper in excitement “I’m cumming!”

He speeds up his actions, I feel my cunt spasm and immediately and I gush over my hand and onto the sheets. I shudder slightly and he feels me cum.

“Mmm that’s a good girl.” He compliments me.

He climbs off me, I feel him turn round. He takes my hands, pulling the one from beneath me. He puts my wrists into already placed velvet cuffs, that are attached to the bead head. Then he takes my ankles and does the same to cuffs attached to the bottom of the bed. I’m spread eagle, face down on the bed. I’m at his mercy. He straddles me, I feel his body on my legs. His cock is pushing into me, my holes are aching and willing. He slides in easily and his body moves up to rest on my bum, lying down on me, I feel his entire mass pressing me into the bed.

“Your mine now, your my fuck toy.” He whispers in my ear.

“Yes boss.” I reply.

Slowly he grinds his hips into me, I lift my bum slightly to allow him better access. He takes note, stops, climbs off and puts two pillows under my hips. My arse is now skyward, my holes exposed and he returns to them. He resumes his grinding, my cunt is very pleased and the sounds my juices make, tell him so. He puts his hand round my throat and uses it as purchase do drive in deep. His body pushes me up but the ankle cuffs keep me in place, thus allowing him to hit home with each stroke. Continuing to grind deep and slow, although tied down I feel the love and passion in him. I moan with pleasure in time with his body making love to me.

I feel him reach under the bed, pausing for a second as he does. His hand pushes under my stomach to my pussy. Pulling out his cock, he inserts into me my Uvibe, A small double ended vibrator shaped as a ‘U’. One end, the business end, in my cunt the other in my arse.

“Oh no, no!” I complain. My arse still hasn’t recovered from it’s earlier pounding from his cock. He re-enters my now drenched pussy and we share the vibrations. The toy pushes him forward again, but this time my clit is being rubbed by the wet sheets.

“Oh fuck yes.” I exclaim, as he hits home with the vibrations running through my holes. Once again he grinds into me, but this time my body is tensing from the extreme pleasure the toy brings.

“Oh fuck, Oh fuck yes, yes please fuck me slow!” I ask him.

“Your my fuck toy, I’ll fuck you as I wish.” He replies.

Regardless of his answer, he is caring and carries on grinding deep and slow with perfect rhythm. I push my arse up into him to get the maximum benefit from his cock. It feels so good inside my aching cunt, I feel every millimetre as he slides in and out. My blood filled hole makes it extremely sensitive and much more enjoyable. He pauses again, reaching for yet another toy, a dildo, rubbery and flexible, not too big. My mind quizzes, but I won’t ask. I feel him under me again pulls out his cock and easily pushes the dildo into my dripping pussy. My holes are full, busy, vibrating, leaking.

I now feel his cock against my arse hole, pressing against the Uvibe already in there. His cock is drenched from my excitement and he enters it, easily. I feel amazingly stretched, my cunt, my arse are at almost maximum capacity. My thighs shudder again and I cum, biting the sheets with a moan.

“Oh no, no, no!” I complain again. But he ignores me, after all I’m his fuck toy. He pushes in me, deep, balls deep, I feel his body pushing against my arse cheeks as he reaches maximum penetration. He’s slow, deliberate strokes, returning to the rhythm, his body hitting me with each movement, pushing into me, the cuffs straining at my ankles.

He speeds up, his motion more forceful, I feel him harden, he’s ready to cum. Lifting himself up, he rests his hands on my rear delts, pushing my upper body deep into the bed.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” I let out synchronized grunts with each hammering of his cock into my arse. His weight and force makes the ankle cuffs strain and pull my legs wide open. As he quickens I feel his sweat drip onto my back.

“Your arse is always so tight and so willing,” he tells me, through his heavy breathing. “I’m about to pump you full of cum.” He continues.

His body hits me yet I’m restrained, this allows him to enter me hard every time. I feel my arse getting abused, used, violated.

“Fuck me, Fuck me now!” I shout, I know this will be his queue to blow, thus saving me from any more punishment. He finally goes in deep and I feel him erupt inside me, my arse squelches as he does, my cunt pushes out the dildo and immediately the bed is flooded with my cum. He stays in me to make sure of a total delivery. My body aches from the pounding he has given me over and over.

“That was great honey!” He thanks me.

“Yes it was, but I did say no.” I mumble through the saliva soaked sheets.

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