Pub Landlord

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We’d been visiting a pub in the country side about 10 minutes from were we lived, Sarah often liked going further a field for a drink especially when she’d finished a late shift and…


We’d been visiting a pub in the country side about 10 minutes from were we lived, Sarah often liked going further a field for a drink especially when she’d finished a late shift and no one knew her.

After numerous visits to this pub the landlord would always make an effort to come and talk to us, especially when Sarah took her coat off to reveal her nurse’s uniform. After a while we used to stay behind and stay for a lock in which was me, Sarah, the landlord Ken and two other regulars Barry and Ted, all three were in there 60-65 year age bracket just how Sarah liked them, this particular lock in Sarah had finished a late shift and so was wearing her uniform complete with black suspenders, stockings and matching black cupped bra, I’d popped to the gents while I left Sarah chatting with the three men at the bar she was sitting on a high stool, legs crossed pulling her uniform tight enough to see her suspender strap.

I came back to the door but didn’t enter instead I stood listening, I could hear the men winding Sarah up saying I bet all the patients like it when you are on and she replied that if I had a pound for every time someone said that, is it because nurses are always protrade as sexy.  

Ken suggested moving over to a table in the corner of the room and playing a game of cards to which I entered the room to hear Sarah say, shall we make it interesting and play strip poker, all three men instantly agreed and so we all made our way over to the table, after about half an house me and Ken were down to our boxes while Barry and Ted still had their trousers on, Sarah hadn’t lost and somehow remained fully clothed until that point and then she started to loose, first her green cardigan came off and then her elasticated belt, until finally it was the big reveal her actual uniform had to come off, so slowly she un-buttoned the prestoods to then reveal her sexy underwear all three men were now drooling and then she slipped it to the floor, wow said all of the men, but she turned and bent over to pick her uniform from off the floor, giving all of us a good glimpse of her sexy black knickers.

She turned around and said shall we carry on or is that it, Ken replied I don’t think I can carry on any more, and I can’t get up at the moment to which Sarah replied, why are you nice and hard, he went red, so did Barry and Ted, shall we have a game of pool instead, and she slowly walked over to pick up a cue, she bent over the table to which I then got up and stood behind her, my cock was rock hard and within a minute I was pushing against her, until finally she felt me cock with here hand and pulled my penis out and duly placed it near her wet cunt, the other three men all came and stood and watched while I fucked her good and hard bent over the pool table, I pulled away and shot my load over Sarah’s arse cheeks, she then partially turned around and said whoose next, Ken immediatley pulled up behind her he was groping her tits squeezing and ramming her arse as if there was no tomorrow, the other two soon followed and by now Sarah was in full flow, she said let me clean all your cocks to which she dropped to her knees and continued to suck and yank, before again we all came in her mouth, she stood up and walked over to the bar to get her drink, Ken went with her and he put his hand between her legs, let me finger you to which she leant forward and stuck out her bottom, he was really going for it before I noticed he’d all but is thumb inside her cunt she was groaning and screaming fast, harder shove it all in to which then his hand hand gone inside he was yanking at his cock until he tried to come for a third time but this time it was just the motions had he’d probably run dry for a while, Sarah came and he removed his hand licking all the juices he walked around the bar and drank nearly a full glass of beer, wow what a night, Sarah was at her upmost best, something we’d both remember for a long time.

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