MFM – Our First Time

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We had joked for some time about having a threeway… being maybe a bit different than most men I thought a threeway with another man would really bring out my wife┬┤s sexual animal. Finally one evening when visiting an old friend it happened.


We have been friends for nearly 30 years, all of us fit and active. The wine began to flow and we eventually after our second bottle drifted into a conversation about sex. None of us are too comfortable talking about but the drift was a nice change.

Our friend had been divorced for some time, was dating some 30 somethings and he was very focused on the sexual connection between him and them.

My wife was complaining a bit about stiff shoulders when he offered to give her his patented by rub. He started as she held her glass of wine that I refilled often. Music was in the background and we were just enjoying each other´s company. The conversation continued and he explained he had never had a threeway but dreamed of two women and I told him I had dreamed of two men pleasing my wife. We then both asked my wife “what would you like”… she refrained from answering until we really egged her on. She finally gave in…”of course with two men…” our friend smiled and said to her “we are here..” she smiled and told him that would be odd. Well we both pushed the envelope getting her to at least consider it.

I said…”well what is stopping us..” she responded..”could be fun”… I moved toward her as he rubbed her back, I kissed her on the lips then the neck and began working my way down her neck to her chest. She at first pushed back until I re-assured her it was ok. She nodded and I began kissing her neck and I nodded for our friend to take down her straps of her top and bra. He slowly removed them and I could feel the butterflies. He continued massaging her while I kissed her breasts, she leaned back and he kissed her neck and his hands moved to her breasts glancing her chest. I slowly removed her top exposing her breasts and he kissed her shoulders and grabbed her breasts.

I moved further down her chest to her stomach and then her pants. I began removing the her jeans and moved to her panties. I began kissing her thighs. We ended up switching positions as I moved to push he back on the oversized sofa kissing her breasts, rubbing her thighs and pussy through her panties. She began grabbing my cock through my pants, I removed them and she took my cock in her mouth. I signaled for my friend to kiss her pussy, he slowly removed her panties and he began licking and sucking on her clit. She spread her legs wide open. She sucked my cock harder and harder. He now removed his pants exposing his cock and he moved between her legs. She looked up in an almost scared look as he moved to enter her. She grabbed for his cock as he pressed into her. So erotic!

As he pushed into her she sucked my cock more and more… her nipples now hard…

I stopped it and had he roll over. She continued sucking my cock as he entered her again.. thrusting harder and harder. She turned back grabbing for his hips as he thrusted pulling him in. I fell to the sofa and saw his cock pounding away at her pussy. Her moans of enjoyment and finally I could see him seize up, cumming in her. She pulls me up and sucks harder and harder as I explode in her mouth. What an experience…

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