Katie Does Everybody

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I once heard this joke and thought I would try making a story out of it. I hope
you find it sexy and it gives you a chuckle at the end.


Katie is not the sharpest tool in the shed but what she lacks in smarts she more than makes up for in the looks department. Pretty face, perfect breasts, slim waist and big eyes that scream fuck me and she loves sex, especially sucking cock.

Katie married a big lug by the name of Henry, not much more on the ball than Katie but he is closer than anyone at keeping Katie satisfied (not an easy chore, though quite enjoyable). Neither one of them had very good paying jobs so money was always an issue.

During a particularly rough time someone in town one day offered her money to have sex with him. Of course she turned him down but it did get her thinking, a rare thing indeed. She knew if Henry ever found out he would tear the guy limb from limb so she made it sound like her idea when she approached him about maybe giving blowjobs for money. Henry, of course, wouldn’t hear of it but Katie pointed out that a recent President of the US said oral sex wasn’t even real sex and they could really use the money.

Henry was surprised she even knew something about the news but he supposed the subject interested her. Eventually he reluctantly came around and the big night was upon them. Katie had put the word out where she would be and hoped a few guys would show up.

After she left that night poor Henry couldn’t sit still, constantly roaming around the house alternately turned on and depressed thinking what she might be doing at any particular moment.

Katie, for her part, was overwhelmed by how many guys were there willing to pay her for a blowjob. Not happy with just that, they stripped her naked and fondled and mauled that beautiful body as she sucked one cock after another. They were old guys and young guys and everthing in between. She sucked off so many guys that she soon had to take a break to rest her sore jaws.

There were still hard cocks around her and one guy offered to pay her double if he could fuck her. Having promised Henry that she would only give blowjobs, she didn’t think she should do it but he was offering double and Henry didn’t have to know and she was horny as hell from sucking all those cocks so she let him fuck her.

Then there were more who wanted to fuck her and it all felt so good she let them even after she started sucking cocks again. This all went on for hours, many if not all of the guys had her at least twice, until finally they all had had enough.

Poor Henry, meanwhile, couldn’t believe how long she had been gone as he paced around the house, at one point getting so horny that he actually masturbated to the image of his wife servicing all those cocks. When Katie finally got home she gave Henry the money she had made and went to clean up before he found out a lot of guys had fucked her.

When she came back she found Henry with a puzzled look on his face.

“Math was never my strong point but I’ve counted this three times and I keep coming up with $123.25”

“Wow, that’s pretty good isn’t it?’ she asked.

“Well, yeah, but I’m just wondering who gave you the quarter” he replied.

Now she had a puzzled look on her face, did he think she did all that for nothing, so she answered him by saying  “EVERYBODY!”

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