Angela’s business trip

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Life was good but had lost some excitement, Angela felt the urge to do something daring and exciting but didn’t want to upset the nice life her and Ben had made for themselves.


Angela was a successful administrative assistant for a large firm.  She had married Ben and had children who were now on their way to college.  She and Ben had done well for themselves they had a nice house in an upscale neighborhood.  Weekends in the summer were generally filled with BBQ, golf and relaxing in the hot tub at their house.  Ben and Angela still had an active sex life that had gotten more adventuresome since the kids had left home.  Life was good but had lost some excitement, Angela felt the urge to do something daring and exciting but didn’t want to upset the nice life her and Ben had made for themselves.

Angela was at work Monday morning everything was going the way a typical Monday morning goes until her boss Jack popped into her office.  Jack was a little older with just a touch of grey starting in his dark hair.  He was tall with broad shoulders and worked out at the office gym most nights before going home.  Angela found him attractive but intimidating so she never allowed her thoughts to be anything but professional with him.  Jack seemed even more intense this morning standing in her office.  Angela couldn’t help but notice Jack’s eyes fixed on her she immediately felt a little self conscious about the low cut top she had worn this morning.  She could almost feel the heat in her chest from his eyes fixed on her 36 CC breasts.   Jack’s eyes moved up to make eye contact with her.  He said that one of his clients had contacted him this weekend and needed his assistance right away in Florida.  Angela knew how demanding some clients could be so she was not all that shocked that he had to fly down to help the client.  What did shock her was Jack needed her to go with him to help with paperwork.  Jack told her he had already got tickets and the flight would leave at 1pm and that she needed to go home right away and pack for the trip and meet him back at the office at noon.  Angela asked how long she should pack for she was hoping just a quick overnight trip.  Jack said “I don’t know maybe a day or two maybe a week” and left her office.

Angela texted Ben about the trip, she rarely went away for work just maybe once or twice before in her 15 years with the company.  Ben was surprised and asked when she would be back.  She gave the same reply that Jack had given her.

Angela rushed home to pack some clothes she knew it would be hot in Florida and was not quite sure how professional or casual she should pack.  Also not knowing how many days to pack for made it more difficult.  She thought to herself – sure it would be easy if I was a man.  She felt herself get frustrated with Jack for dropping this on her on such short notice.  She grabbed mainly skirts and varying tops to go with them thinking they would be cooler than pant suits that she typically wore to work.  She gathered up her bras and panties most of which were somewhat sexy because that is what Ben liked to see her in.  She wore a thong most every day so those she could take plenty of with out taking up any space.  She rushed to her closet to grab a couple pairs of shoes, a pair of black high heels, a pair of comfortable flats, a pair of sneakers and a pair of sandals.   She grabbed a light sweater out of the closet just in case and when she did a bikini that she had never worn fell out on the closet floor.  She had bought it and then after getting home with it decided she was to old to wear something like that even though Ben told her how good she looked in it when she tried it on at home for him.  The thought of wearing it did get her excited she was craving some excitement lately so she stuffed it in to her suitcase.  Maybe she could wear it at the pool or beach since she wouldn’t know anyone in Florida anyways.  She closed up her luggage drug it downstairs to the garage and tossed it in the car and headed back to the office.

When she got back to the office Jack was waiting in the parking lot and told her to put her bags in his car and ride with him to the airport.  She put her bags in and sat down in the passenger seat of Jack’s car.  He looked over at her with a half smile as he put his car in drive.  With his dark sunglasses she could not tell but she was certain Jack was eyeing her cleavage again.  For some odd reason this time it did not make her feel self conscious maybe it was because she wasn’t in her work place.  She felt a little excitement and started looking forward to the trip.

Jack made some small talk on the way to the airport but mainly just filled her in on the client’s troubles.  They arrived at the airport parked the car and jumped on a shuttle bus to the terminal.  Jack was very nice and carried her suitcase for her while she carried the smaller carry on bag and her purse.  They didn’t have to wait long before boarding the plane.  Angela took the window seat and Jack the middle seat on the plane.  The plane took off Jack took out his laptop and began working on some documents.  Angela felt like she should be working since this was a work trip, she asked if Jack needed her help with anything, he said No just relax I am just taking another look at these so the are fresh in my mind.  Angela laid the seat back and relaxed and before she knew it the plane was getting ready to land.  She must of dozed off to sleep the fight went way to fast.  She looked over at Jack who was still working on his laptop she looked down and noticed that her lace bra was showing in the low cut shirt she had on she must have moved around enough during her sleep to pull her shirt down and open more.  There was no way Jack didn’t notice if he looked her way at all in the last couple hours.  She straightened her top and put her seat back up.  Jack asked her “how your nap”  with a smirk on his face, Angela knew he had noticed her lacy bra.  She replied “it was a good nap I didn’t know I was that tired”.  The chatted briefly about the client then Jack closed his laptop they buckled their seat belts and the plane touched down in Florida.

Jack and Angela grabbed their bags and walked to the exit of the airport to a car their client had sent to pick them up.  The air was hot and humid Angela was glad she had packed cooler clothes for the trip.  The car took them to the client’s office which was a large building with large glass windows floor to ceiling.  The driver told them to leave their bags in the car and he would take them to the hotel.

John the client of Jack’s met them at the entry shaking Angela’s hand then shaking Jack’s as they moved to the elevators.  A quick ride to the 10th floor in the elevator they walked into a large conference room with 8 people already sitting at the table with file boxes and laptops working away.  Angela stopped near the door and John and Jack continued through the room to an office in the back of the conference room.  Angela felt a little uncomfortable not knowing really what to do since Jack had not given her any instructions yet.  She found a chair near where she was standing and sat down waiting for Jack to come out of the office and give her some instructions.  She pulled out her phone and text Ben to let him know that they had made it to Florida and the client’s office.  Ben told her he missed her already and was horny at the thought of her traveling with her boss.  Angela dismissed him as being a pervert she told him she would text him later when she got settled in to her hotel room.  Ben suggested she send him pictures of the room and some of her self since she left him home all alone with a sad face emoji. 

Jack came out of the small office he was in with John and walked up to where Angela was sitting and told her that he would be staying late to work with John but she should go back to the hotel since John had put together this group of people to handle the paper work part of the project he would call her later tonight or in the morning to let her know what the plan for the following day would be.  He gave her a pat on the shoulder and said there would be a car down stairs waiting for her to take her to the hotel.

Angela went down to the car and asked the driver to take her to the hotel.  She sat in the back seat of the car wondering why Jack had asked her to come along if John already had plenty of people to work on this project.  The ride to the hotel was only a couple blocks the driver pulled up and opened the door for her.  He handed her a room key and said room 410 it has a great view of the beach and overlooks the hotel pool.  Angela took the key and headed up to her room.  When she got there she opened the door to a large room with a couch, chair and huge TV on the wall marble looking flooring with large windows.  The driver was right she had a great view of the beach and ocean.  To the left was door leading to the bedroom it also had a large widow overlooking the pool and a king sized bed with a large TV on the wall.  He bags were sitting on the bed.  It wasn’t to late yet and she was hungry in the rush to leave she didn’t get a chance to eat lunch.  She decided to order room service and change into something comfy for the evening and just relax.  She looked at the menu and picked up the phone to order some food. 

While waiting for food she changed in to some running shorts and a t shirt she brought for sleeping in.  She decided to ditch the bra for the day and maybe give the room service waiter a little peak at her hard nipples poking out of the thing T-shirt.  Young waiter brought her food on a cart and she instructed him to just place it on the coffee table in the living room area.  He sat the dishes on the table and turned to face Angela he struggled to look her in the eye with most of his attention on her chest.  Angela smiled and knew he noticed what she had hoped he would.  After a moment of silence he finally stuttered out “Is there anything else I can get for you”  Angela said “no and thank you” and gave the young man a smile and a tip.

After her meal Angela decided she should shower and turn for the night thinking tomorrow would be a long day of paperwork trapped in an office.  She took a quick shower and put on just her T-shirt and climbed into bed.

Angela was awaken by the sound of her phone it was early just a little after six.  On her phone was a text from Jack saying he was headed to John’s office to work on the project and he didn’t need her come in this morning but may need her to work on a few documents for him this afternoon.  Angela was happy about not having to rush around to get ready for work but questioned again why Jack brought her on the trip.  She tried to go back to sleep but that was not going to work since she went to be early last night.  She decided to throw on her sweats and a sweatshirt and go down to find something for breakfast.  She went down to the lobby and found some food to eat and some coffee and returned to her room to eat and relax watching some morning news.

A little before noon Jack texted her to let her know he was having some documents dropped off to her room by a carrier and she could just work on them in the comfort of her hotel room and when she was finished to just call the carrier service to pick them up and return them to John’s office.  Angela got her laptop and things out to be ready to work on the documents.  10 minutes later the carrier was at the door with a brief case, she took if from him along with his card.  She opened the brief case to see how much work she had in front of her, there were only a few documents and it would only take her maybe an hour to complete them.  Angela finished all the documents and called the carrier service to have them picked up.  It wasn’t long before the carrier was there and gone and it was only 2pm.  She sent Jack a text letting him know the documents were on their way back and asked if there was anything else he needed her to do.  Jack replied nothing further today, enjoy the afternoon and I will touch base with you in the morning.  Angela thought what am I going to do with the rest of the day.  Looking out the window she could see that there were not many people on the beach or at the hotel pool.  She decided this was her chance to wear that bikini she was afraid to wear at home and Jack would be working all afternoon and no one else at the hotel knew her.

Angela dug the bikini out of her luggage, put it on and stared at herself in the mirror with more confidence than before when she tried it on at home.  Her breast did look good in it and the high cut bottoms did make her legs appear longer and slimmer.  She put on a shirt and shorts over the bikini grabbed her sunglasses, phone and key card and headed down to the pool.

There were only a few people at the pool and one family with little kids playing in the shallow end.  Angela chose a lounge chair on the far end away from the rest of the people.  She took off her shirt and shorts and grabbed a towel from the cart and laid down and started scrolling through her phone.  She got a text from Ben asking how the trip was going, she told him that she had not been doing much work and was not sure why she was on this trip but right now she was lying by the pool getting some sun.  Ben replied and told her to send him a picture of her lying by the pool.  Angela took a selfie and sent it to Ben.  He was surprised to see her wearing that bikini, Ben gave her a hard time about never wearing that for him but was only teasing her and told her how hot she looked in it.  Ben said he needed to get back to work but it would be hard to focus on work now.  His final text was “behave yourself but if you don’t make sure you send me pics”.  Angela was flattered by Ben getting so excited but also thought he is my husband he’s suppose to get excited by me.  It did help her self confidence and she decided to leave the towel and stroll across to the bar on the other side of the pool.  The bartender was flirty with her and didn’t try to cover up the fact that he was checking her out.  He handed her the drink and told her if she wanted another one to wave and he would just bring it over to her.

Angela sat in the lounge chair and sipped her drink and before she knew it the bartender had already brought her another one.  She finished the first one quickly so he could take the empty glass back with him.  All the while he stood next to her eyeing her up and down, she was enjoying the attention.  He took the empty glass and return to the bar.  Angela lay back in the chair and closed her eyes she could feel the effects of the drink relaxing and lowering her inhibitions. 

Angela laid there with the warm sun on her skin letting her thoughts wonder and enjoying some free time to herself when she heard a man say her name.  She immediately thought “crap its Jack and I’m half naked”.  She opened her eyes to see a man walking her direction with a smile on his face but it wasn’t Jack.  As he got closer he said her name again and that’s when Angela recognized him, it was Nate Angela’s old boyfriend from at college she had not seen him in probably 25 years but it was him still looking the same just looked older now.  She was excited to see him but embarrassed he had seen her lying there in a revealing bikini.  Angela sat up and grabbed the towel to try and cover her self.

Nate stopped at the side of her chair and said,“ wow it really is you, you look great”.  Angela smiled and stood up and said “Nate its good to see you too” she stepped forward still holding the towel in front of her and gave him a hug.  The two sat back down with Nate sitting on the chair next to Angela.  Nate asked “what are you doing in Florida”?  Angela explained her business trip that wasn’t requiring much work and asked what he was doing here.  Nate explained he was helping with drawings and design of a historical building down the street and had been there for about a week so far.  They caught up on each others lives Angela told him about Ben and their kids and her job.  Nate told her about his wife and their two small kids and about how his job keeps him on the road living in and out of hotels a lot but he really enjoyed what he was doing.  They were able to talk easily after all these years and still flirted back in forth like they did years ago.  After about an hour of chatting Nate said he needed to go finish a few things up this afternoon but would love to catch up some more over dinner if Angela was willing to allow him to buy her dinner.  Angela agreed and felt excited almost like a young college woman being asked on a date.  Nate told her to meet him in the lobby at 7pm he knew the perfect place to eat.  They gave each other a brief hug before Nate walked away.  Angela sat back down thinking about dinner with Nate and blushed wondering if she should text or call Ben and let him know who she ran into.  She decided it was not a big deal it was just dinner with an old friend and she shouldn’t feel guilty and was certain Ben wouldn’t mind.

Angela went back to her room and started looking through the clothes she had brought she didn’t pack anything for a dinner on the town.  She decided on a skirt that was business but dressy as well it came down to just above her knees but she could roll the waistband to make it a little shorter and more formal looking.  She chose a button up blue V neck blouse to go with the skirt and her black high heels.  She could not believe how excited she was picking out clothes for a dinner date with her ex boyfriend.   She told herself if was just dinner with an old friend and nothing is going to happen to try and calm herself down.  Angela put the clothes on the bed and jumped in the shower to get ready for her date.  She took her time washing her hair and body, her nipples where hard and sensitive as she ran her hands over her breast.  She could feel herself getting excited and her pussy was wet.  She let her hands roam for a while making herself even more horny and excited before she tried to snap herself out of it.  She thought I need to get a hold of myself before I go out to dinner.  She tried to focus on shaving her legs and touching up the shave job on her bald pussy.  She finished shaving and rubbed her smooth pussy with her hand grazing her clit that was hard and throbbing this sent a surge through her body her nipples still rock hard and aching she reached up with her other hand to squeeze her breast and pinch her nipple.  She rubbed harder on her clit and faster she could feel herself on the verge of orgasm she pinched down on her nipple and her orgasm hit her, her legs went stiff and a moan escaped her mouth.  She stood there for a few minutes regaining her composure then rinsed one final time and turned off the water.  She got out of the shower scolding herself saying “Angela you better get a grip or you are going to get yourself into trouble”.

Angela stood naked in the bathroom fixing her hair and make up thinking about the evening plans and wonder if Nate was going to make a move on her or was he just being a gentleman and just planned on a nice dinner and catching up.  Maybe it was her over thinking and trying to read too much in to this whole thing.  She finished hair and make up and put on her clothes she looked in the mirror and was happy with the way the outfit came together.  She did feel sexy the skirt showed enough leg and the blouse showed more than enough cleavage.

Angela left the room and went to the lobby to meet up with Nate.  When she got out of the elevator she saw him standing by the bar in grey slacks, white button up shirt and sport coat.  She walked up to the bar beside him.  Nate’s eyes looked her up and down in a cocky college boy way half as a joke but as an easy way to get a good look at Angela.  He told her how sexy she looked and said she was the hottest women in the hotel.  Angela smiled and blushed.  Nate ordered her a drink and they chatted some more about life and work.  When the finish their drinks Nate took her by the hand and led her out the doors of the hotel telling her he had the perfect spot for dinner and it was only a few blocks away.  Walking down the street holding Nate’s hand Angela felt a little guilty about all of this but the excitement was overwhelming and she decided to just enjoy the attention and was confident she could behave herself.  She thought about Ben’s text saying “behave yourself but if you don’t make sure you send me pics” surely he didn’t really mean that.  Angela was lost in her thoughts as they walked and didn’t really hear everything Nate had said while they walked.  Nate finally asked if she was OK and Angela replied “yes, just got distracted by my thoughts”.

They got to the small café and were seated in a small corner booth it was dimly lit and had a casual feel to the place.  They sat and talked both of them were getting flirty during and after the meal.  Angela had several drinks during the conversation and meal and could now feel the effects of the drinks.  Nate slid closer in the booth and placed his hand on Angela’s bare leg just below her skirt.  She could feel her nipples getting hard and the heat between her legs.  The continued to talk and Nate slid his hand up her leg and closer to her pussy she could feel how wet she was getting and his hand was going inches away from her pussy with only the thin material of her thong between him and her wet hot pussy.  Nate slid his hand the final inch touching her thong and slowly rubbing her pussy through the thin fabric.  Angela gasped and tried to keep her excitement under control to not draw attention to them.  Nate was casually talking telling her about his recent fishing trip she could barely keep focused on what he was saying.  Her nipples were hard, her clit throbbing and her pussy soaked.  Nate moved in closer, Angela could feel his breath on her neck making her even more horny and flustered.  Nate kissed her neck nibbling up to her ear and down to her collar bone.  Angela moaned softly and knew in her mind she was in trouble and should make him stop but she was also enjoying it so what would be the harm.  Nate’s hand slipped Angela’s thong to the side and slid two fingers into her soaked pussy he was gently rubbing her clit with his thumb.  Angela was breathing hard and trying to get her mind in control of the situation.  Finally she pushed Nate away from her neck and said I need to use the restroom and slid out the other side of the booth.

In the bathroom Angela stood at the mirror trying to collect herself, he face and neck were flushed her nipples were hard enough to be visible through her bra and shirt.  She tried to get control of her mind telling herself to calm down, you are a good woman you are strong enough to resist these urges.   None of this was really working she was still hot and excited and now she was certain she had let it go far enough that Nate was excited and how was she going to get herself out of this now.  She decided she was going to enjoy the evening and be a lady and not let that type of thing happen again.  At this point she could still be guilt free about what happened when she got back home to Ben.

Angela returned to the table and sat back down.  While she was in the restroom the waiter had brought the check and Nate had paid for dinner.  He asked if she was alright and she said she was.  He asked if she was ready to go, Angela said she was and they got up to leave the café.  Once outside Nate grabbed her hand again while walking down the street Angela felt she could let this go as it was not to intimate.  The walked and talked on the way back to the hotel.   Nate was still flirty on the walk back and suggested they get a drink at the hotel bar when they got there.  Angela knew she had already had too much to drink during dinner and another one would probably get her into trouble it was hard enough to say no now.  By the time the walked in the doors at the hotel Nate had convinced her to have one quick drink before bed.  Angela sat at the bar sipping her drink listening to Nate and the bartender talk about the game.  She finished her drink and told Nate she was going to up to her room for bed.  He thanked her for the lovely company tonight and she thanked him for dinner.  As she turned to leave Nate caught her arm and said that being a gentleman he should walk her back to her room since she had a few drinks.  Angela insisted she would be fine getting to her room but Nate would not have it.  He grabbed her arm and started walking her to the elevators.  Once in the elevator Nate playfully squeezed Angela’s ass.  She turned to him and they locked in a passionate kiss.  The ding of the elevator door broke the kiss, Angela could feel the lust and desire making her flush and excitement rush through her body.  She walked out of the elevator to her room with Nate following right behind.  At this point Angela knew what was about to happen and felt powerless to make it stop now.  She opened the door to her room with Nate following her in and they immediately reengaged in their kiss with hands roaming over each others bodies.

It was too late now Angela gave into her body and lust.  Nate broke the kiss and began kissing her neck and collar bone down to her cleavage kissing each breast.  His hand working at the buttons of her blouse undoing them and pulling it off of her shoulders Angela slid her arms out letting it fall to the floor as Nate unclipped her bra freeing her large round breasts with rock hard nipples he took into his mouth gently sucking and nibbling on each of them.   Angela’s eyes were closed and her head tilted back feeling the little shocks through her nipples as he sucked on them.  Nate’s hands moved to under her skirt finding her soaked thong and hot pussy.  Moving the thong to the side as he had done in the café began to rub her clit and fuck her pussy with his fingers.  Angela grabbed Nate’s head holding it as he sucked on her nipples.  She could feel the excitement and wetness growing as he played with her clit.  She shuddered as orgasm gripped her body and let out a loud squeal Nate slowed his movement and kissed back up to her neck.  Angela was catching her breath and started to unbutton his shirt running her hands over his chest as she moved into a passionate kiss.  She moved her hands to his belt and slacks undoing the belt and button pulling down his zipper.  She kissed down Nate’s chest and stomach pulling down his slacks leaving him standing in his boxers.  She could see the large bulge in the boxers and the outline of his cock.  She was eager to see and feel his cock again.  She pulled down his boxers and his semi erect cock bounced out.  His cock was already thick with a large head and big heavy balls.  She cupped his balls in her hand then moved close and kissed the big head of his cock licking and sucking it gently.  She could feel it start to grow even larger in her mouth.  The head alone was filling her mouth as she stroked his shaft and played with his heavy balls.   She worked her head up and down taking as much of his cock as she could, squeezing and massaging his large balls.  Nate was moaning and this just encouraged Angela more.  Nate pulled away pulling Angela to her feet and stepping out of his shoes and pants that were around his ankles.  Angela left only in her heels and skirt pulled him close and guided him back to the bed room.  Once in the room Nate pushed her down on the bed and flipped her skirt up on her stomach kneeling beside the bed he buried his face between her legs licking and teasing her pussy and clit.  With his hand he reached up and teased her nipples.  Angela bucking her hips and moaning as Nate sucked on her clit.  It was driving Angela wild and she begged for him to just fuck her.  Nate stood up beside the bed lining the huge head of his cock up with her pussy.  He teased and rubbing it up and down her slit covering his head in her wetness.  Angela reached down to stop the teasing and line his big cock with her pussy wrapping her legs around his waist pulling him into her.  She could feel his big head stretching her pussy wider and wider but she kept pulling him with her legs.  Finally his head popped into her pussy causing her to scream, Nate froze and asked if she was ok, she said yes keep going I want that big cock inside me.  Nate slowly started to push further in Angela could feel the large head fill her tight pussy and he slowly pushed in, once he was buried to his full length he slowly pulled out until just his head was left in her pussy.  Angela was already on the verge of another orgasm and as Nate pushed his cock into her she orgasmed, her pussy clamped down squeezing his cock, her cum surrounding his cock and running down his shaft, her legs locked around him and she tossed her head back and forth moaning loudly.   Nate gave her a minute to enjoy and then began to slide his cock in and out slowly increasing his speed he pulled her legs up to his shoulders and quickened his pace more and more until he was slamming his cock in and out of her pussy his large balls swinging and slapping her ass.  He was going hard now and not stopping, orgasm after orgasm rippled through Angela’s body finally Nate buried his cock as deep as he could and shot rope of rope of hot cum deep in Angela’s pussy.  He collapsed on top of her exhausted and laid there for a few minutes as his cock went limp and slipped out of her pussy.  

Nate rolled over and sat up on the bed next to Angela she looked up and smiled at him.  She sat up and gave him a peck on the cheek and said it is getting late you had better get going so we can both get some rest if you stay here neither of us will be worth anything tomorrow.  Nate got up and went to the other room to collect his clothes; Angela wrapped herself in a bath towel and followed him out into the living room.  As she watched him get dress she began to feel guilty about what had just happened but she did not want him to know that and feel bad about it.  Nate walked over and gave her a kiss and handed her is card with his cell phone number on it and said “I will be here for another couple days if you end up being here longer we should do dinner again” and then left her room.  She knew exactly what he meant by dinner.

Angela went to the bathroom and started the shower.  She thought well that was exciting for sure but what do I do now.  She did feel guilty for cheating on Ben but she also felt like she needed some excitement in her life.  She thought maybe it was the drinks and excitement she was not thinking clearly and should get some sleep and see how she felt in the morning.

The next morning she was awaken by her phone and a text from Jack telling her to meet him in the lobby a few minutes before 8 and they would head to John’s office.  Angela got up and got ready for her day all the while thinking of the night before with Nate.  She grabbed her things and started for the door when she remembered Nate’s business card he had left her.  She grabbed if off the coffee table and stuck it in her bag and headed down to the Lobby to meet Jack.

The ride to John’s office went quick with Jack filling her in on all the things he needed her to take care of during the day.  Once at the office Jack went into John’s large office and Angela took a seat at the conference room table and began working on the documents Jack needed.  Time went fast that morning but Angela didn’t get much done her mind kept going back to the night before.  She still felt the excitement and thinking about it made her nipples hard and her pussy wet and throbbing.  She decided to send Nate a text saying “thank for dinner last night”.  She set her phone down and tried to focus on her work.  A few minutes later her phone buzzed with Nate’s reply “ anytime I would love to do it again, what is your plans for dinner tonight”  Angela was excited about the possibility of another night but still felt some guilt about not behaving herself she was not completely certain how Ben would react if she told him or he ever found out.  She replied “I am not sure will have to wait and see what happens this afternoon at work”.

Angela tried to focus on her work and get the list of things Jack had given her done.  Jack stopped by and told Angela he had ordered lunch in and she could take a break to eat when the food got there.  He also said he hoped to have things wrapped up this afternoon and maybe they could catch a late flight home.  Angela felt a little disappointment when he said that thinking she would miss the chance to see Nate again before leaving.  Jack asked if she thought she would be finished with the documents by early afternoon, Angela knew she could finish them if she stayed focused but told Jack she thought it would be late afternoon before she would have them finished.  Jack just smiled and said “get as much done as you can and let me know as soon as you are finished if we have to we can catch a flight in the morning”.  Angela was excited by the possibility of getting to stay another night.

Lunch came and went, Angela got back to work and finished what she needed to do about 3pm and contemplated stalling awhile longer before letting Jack know she was finished in hopes of not flying out tonight.  She decided she had better just let him know and hope for the best.  She took the documents to Jack and let him know she was finished.  He began looking through them and casually asked “what do you think should we try to catch a flight tonight or in the morning”.  Angela replied “which ever you would like to do is fine with me” even though she was hoping to fly out the next morning.  Jack said “why don’t you call and see what options we have and we will decide from there”  Angela went back to the conference room and called the airline.  They had a flight at 11pm tonight or 11am the next day.  Angela reserved two tickets on the 11am flight the following day.  She returned to John’s office to speak with Jack and told him “ the only flight I could book is 11am tomorrow”.  Jack replied “I guess that will have to work maybe John and I can finally relax and get a drink after work, would you like to join us”?  Angela said “ thanks for the invite but if its ok with you I will just go back to the hotel and relax before heading home”.  With the flight settled Jack told Angela she could go for the day and he would see her in the morning for the trip home.

Angela almost skipped out of the office down to the sidewalk, she took out her phone and sent a text to Nate “looks like I will be free for dinner tonight”.  She strolled down the sidewalk towards her hotel waiting for his reply.  Just before she got to the hotel Nate replied “that is great meet me in the lobby at 7”.  Angela smiled and flushed with excitement as she rode the elevator up to her room.  She could not believe horny and excited she was.  She sat on the couch and felt her hard nipples pushing through her bra and shirt she gave both of them a playful squeeze which sent a jolt to her pussy.  She reached under her skirt and felt her soaked thong and rubbed her aching pussy, her clit was hard and each stroke grew her excitement.  She quickened her pace stroking faster over her clit and squeezed and pinched her nipples with her other hand until she was on the verge of orgasm.  It didn’t take long and her body stiffened and she felt her orgasm begin, her pussy pulsing she let out a soft deep moan.  She finally relaxed into the couch with her mind wondering what the night had in store for her and wrestled with what to tell Ben or if to tell Ben.

Angela started getting ready to meet Nate in her mind she decided it best to not to say anything to Ben now and she would feel him out when she got home as to how he would react to the story.  She spoke with Ben on the phone and told him the flight plans, Ben said he would take the afternoon off and pick her up when they landed.  She hung up with Ben and headed down to the lobby to have a drink at the bar and wait for Nate.

Angela ordered a drink at the bar and watched for Nate to arrive.  She was dressed causally in her skirt and low cut blouse, Nate approached her from behind and slid he hand across the back of her neck on to her shoulder.  Angela was surprised but immediately turned on.  She turned her head and Nate kissed her passionately.  She caught her breath after the kiss and managed to ask Nate what he had planned for the evening.  He told her he thought they should just rent a movie and cuddle on the couch in her room like they did back in college.  Angela blushed and said she would like that too. 

They went up to her room and sat on the couch as Nate was thumbing through channels to find something to watch even though they both knew they wouldn’t watch much.  They settled on a movie and snuggled into each other on the couch.  Nate’s hand moved to Angela’s breast and began teasing her hard nipple, she moved her hand to his crouch and rubbed his semi hard cock over his slacks.  Angela could feel herself getting wetter and he clit hard again through the thin fabric of her thong, she turned and straddled Nate while kissing him.  She could feel his hardening cock against her hot soaked pussy as she slid up and down on his lap.  Nate broke the kiss and tore open her shirt and unhooked her bra leaving himself eye level with Angela’s gorgeous large breasts, he sucked each hard nipple into his mouth sucking and pulling on them.  Angela unbuttoned Nate’s shirt as he played with her breasts, she slid back so she could unbutton his pants.  She hopped up long enough for Nate to remove his pants and boxers and straddled him again.  This time his large hard cock was rubbing right on her thong making her even wetter.  She reached down pulling her thong to the side and rubbed his large head on her pussy coating it with her wetness before sliding all the way down on his hard cock.  She rocked her hips back and forth as Nate kissed and played with her breasts.  She could feel his large cock stretching her pussy and his large head hitting the right spots deep in her pussy.  She came hard, her pussy clamping down on Nate’s cock; she let out a squeal of pleasure.  Nate held her tight as she recovered from her orgasm.  He then flipped her over on the couch his her head down, Angela pushed her ass into the air waiting for Nate to get behind her, he rubbed his big cock up and down her wet slit teasing both her pussy and her clit.  He then lined his big head up and drove it into her pussy with one quick motion.  This took Angela’s breath away, he held fully in her for a moment and then started long slow strokes all the way out and back in again.  He held Angela’s hips firmly and quickened his pace until he was slamming his big cock in and out moaning and talking dirty to Angela telling her how tight and wet she was and how much he loved fucking her pussy.  This only turned her on more hearing him talk to her like that and she began having orgasm after orgasm as he pounded her from behind.  She was moaning loudly and he continued his dirty talk to her.  She finally screamed out for him to fill her pussy and that was all Nate needed to hear as he slammed fully into her and let go his cum filling her pussy.  He withdrew his large cock and his cum oozed out of Angela’s pussy she collapsed onto her side on the couch and Nate sat down at her feet gently rubbing her leg.  Angela slid forward on the couch and Nate slid behind her with his arm over her holding her breast.  The both relaxed and watched the movie for a while when Angela noticed Nate’s cock getting hard again, she wiggled her hips teasing him and then reached down to stroke his cock between her legs and lined his cock up with her dripping pussy.  Nate moved his hips forward and his large head popped into Angela’s pussy.  She put her legs together on her side making his cock feel even larger inside of her.  She rocked her hips slightly massaging the head of his cock with her pussy.  She did this for quite awhile before Nate could not take anymore teasing and began to thrust his hips driving his cock deeper in Angela’s pussy.  His cock was rubbing her G-spot making her pussy swell making it tighter and tighter around his large cock.  Nate reached down and started rubbing Angela’s clit while thrusting slowly in and out, he kissed her neck.  Angela felt an orgasm building except this one was more intense she moaned tried to hold back but her orgasm hit her hard, her pussy clamped down on his cock and she squirted all over his cock.  She felt dizzy but so satisfied her body went limp.  Nate stopped thrusting and rubbing her clit and let her enjoy the afterglow.  Angela was done she didn’t think her body could take anymore she felt totally spent, but she didn’t not want to leave Nate without another orgasm so she slid forward off the couch on to the floor and turned to take Nate’s large cock in her mouth.  She could taste the mixture of the two of them as she sucked his large head into her mouth.  Nate’s moans let her know he liked what she was doing.  She worked to get as much as she could into her mouth alternating between that and licking and stroking his cock.  She sucked the head of his cock while stroking his shaft she could feel him getting close and taste his pre cum.  She pulled off of his cock and quickly stroked Nate moaned and shot a large load on to Angela’s breasts, she stroked him until his cock began to go soft.

Angela got up and went to the bathroom to clean up, as she walked through the room she noticed the clock said 2am.  It was already early morning they had been lost in each other for hours.  She cleaned up and put on a robe and went back to living room part of her hotel room.  Nate was still on the couch naked but clearly asleep.  She took a small blanket and covered him and decided to go to bed.

The next morning Angela woke up the memories of the last to nights fresh in her mind.  She grabbed her robe and went to see if Nate was still on the couch.  He was gone but left a note on the table.  She sat down to read it – “ Angela thanks for the great time. Now that you have my number maybe we can do this again – Nate –“  Angela smiled and thought “maybe” 

She went about getting ready and packing up her room to meet Jack and take the flight back home to Ben.  She felt guilty but also excited that maybe Ben would be OK with this and maybe she would get to do it again.  But she would just have to feel Ben out when she got home, she knew he would be horny and frisky when she got there and looked forward to sex with her husband and finding away to tell him about her time in Florida hoping he would be turned on by the idea of having a Hotwife.

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