Losing my virginity (Mod.)

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It is a real life story of losing my virginity and having first time sex with an older man of mid-forties with some alterations for writing purposes to protect personalities and identities of characters involved.


By: Dina Petro

On my 18th birthday, I had a boyfriend, he was a year older than me, we used to go to college together, go out and so on, but all what we had of sex was, holding hands, hugging, and kissing, and may be a little flirting or touching here and there.

Up to that point I had never had any actual sexual experiences, except what I have mentioned above, that is, if they count as sexual experiences, but what made me so angry is that my boyfriend had sexual experiences, he even slept with other girls at college.

But I would say I was totally oriented, sexually, I had all what I needed to know, and that was through open discussions with my friends, I also have watched lots of porn movies, full porn of hard sex and other types of sex too.

I was not pissed of him cheating on me or so, as I grew up with a very open minded family, I was not jealous at all, but I wanted to have sex with him, I asked him to help me lose my virginity many times, but he refused for some reason, he did not want to tell me about it, the only thing he would say is that “When the right time comes”

I knew we were both college students and not ready to plan marriage or lifetime relationship, but it looked to me like he was taking me for the good times of his own; using others for his sexual pleasure till one day I made him feel so bad about it.

We went further than what we usually do; he took his cock out, which was very hard, it looked nice to me, I held it, rubbed it and started massaging it, jacking it off, he asked me to put it in my mouth, I did exactly what I was told, it did not feel as much fun for the first time, but I wanted to do it, as I was always begging for it, my friends told me, it feels strange the first time, but a girl would get used to it and start liking it, and of course now I say they were absolutely right. After all this cock sucking, I have experienced (I mean now at my present age).

He got me naked, played with my body rubbing it, especially my tits, then my ass, he made me lay on my back and started licking my pussy, it kind of felt ok then, not as much as it does now of course, may be because it was the first time someone licks my pussy, but I sure did like it then.

He made me suck his cock again till he came in my mouth and all over my body, I cannot deny feeling gross with all that sticky white cream all over my body, I tried tasting it as I used to see in porn movies, but it did not taste good to me (I was so naïve), but as soon as he had his orgasm, he stopped all the actions, got dressed and said let us go, I was so mad then, I wanted to go further, but he would not do it for me.

After that incident, I started thinking to have my own sexual relations, forgetting about my boyfriend, I knew he fucked other girls, so why should I be loyal to him, I even started building a distance between us, and he did not seem to care much for it then.

As I used to live with my parents, my father had a business where he used to travel all over the world and be away from home for long periods of time, mom had relations with a man who was a very close friend of dad’s, but he was like a boyfriend to mom, I knew they had sex together, she thinks I did not know that, but I did, I sneaked on them a couple of times and saw them fucking together.

I am sure my dad knew about it too, but my parents did have an open sexual marriage relation all their life, they tried to keep it as a secret from us when we were young, but things got clear so soon, which lead to the whole family having open sexual relations as all my readers know from my stories about myself and my family.

That night I was feeling somehow very horny, and it is obvious why, as my boyfriend finished himself without paying attention to my needs, I wanted to enjoy sex too, as my mind was so set on having sex, I went to my room, put some porn movies on and started playing with myself, rubbing my tits, and pussy while watching the show.

I could not sleep that night, but late at night I heard some noises outside, I turned my room lights off, sneaked on the tip of my toes to see what is going on, and there was my mom’s boyfriend, she let him in, thinking I was asleep as I am sure my brother and sister were in deep sleep too, so mom and her boyfriend hugged and kissed at the door right after closing it.

I was hiding behind my door while it was partially open, just cracked enough for me to see, but I could not be seen as it was very dark in my room, he was touching my mom’s ass and rubbing it, as she was in a very short and light lingerie, it did look sexy on her, I have to admit mom has always looked sexy and she was and still is very beautiful with a very attractive body and nice sexy assets as well, true I had nothing sexually to do with women by then, but porn movies left nothing for anybody’s imagination, I was turned on and started playing with myself, rubbing my tits with one hand and my wet pussy with the other hand.

Mom’s boyfriend, who is dad’s friend same time, Looked different to me that time, may be it was due to the way I looked at him, for the first time I looked at him as a man from a girl prospective point of view, I even started thinking how mature he was, good looking as well, true he was too old for me, but he looked very attractive, thinking of him made me feel even more turned on and hornier than I was, for the first time.

I guess that was the starting point of me liking older people, men first, then went on to women, and I still do till now, what happened with him afterwards made me like older people more and adore them as well.

They took their time at the entrance, kissing and hugging, mom was seminude as his hands were browsing all over her body, her lingerie was barely hanging to her body, her ass, tits and pussy were all showing to where I could clearly see them, they seem to get carried away as mom went on her knees, unzipped his pants, got his cock out and started sucking on it.

I was all eyes on his dick by then, it looked totally different than my boyfriend’s cock, longer and thicker, although it was not of an abnormal size or so, just average size, but it was only then when I realized my boyfriend had a very small, thin cock.

I was unintentionally rubbing my pussy, feeling my tits, having a hard nipples and very hard clit, even feeling dampness in my pussy, by the way, until then I had never cum yet, and never knew the feeling, but I knew women cum as well as men do, and that was from sex clips and videos too, my boyfriend had never continued playing till I could cum, he was a stupid selfish asshole, I knew he could have made me cum if he had tried hard enough, but I guess he did not care much for me.

Back to the lovely scene between mom and her boyfriend where by now his cock was sinking so deep into her mouth till her lips were touching his balls, she was taking it so deep into her throat, her looks showed how much she was enjoying it, which assured me it would feel good to do it myself in the future, sucking a cock I meant.

Finally, he came into her mouth, she was swallowing it to the best she could, but some of the cream was leaking through the corners of her mouth, she was using her fingers to wipe it and take it back into her mouth, she was milking his dick to the last drop.

I was wondering why would they do it right there by the door in the living room, is it because they could not wait to go to mom’s own spacy bedroom? Or else they are enjoying it as they think no body is a wake? But I sure was happy for them doing it right there, I did not want it to end, they were giving me the show of my life, as it was about the first time I have witnessed such thing in real life, right in front of me, not pictures or movie clips, and what was making it more enjoyable to my own surprise, was watching my own mother sucking that cock and milking it to the last drop, I was even hoping they would not stop after that.

They did not stop, he held mom’s hand helped her up, walked her to the couch, laid her on her back and got on his knees right between her legs, that gave me a clear look at mom’s pussy for the first time, somehow it looked so pretty and attractive to me, she had it waxed, silky soft, so shiny whitish with pinkish pussy lips and clit.

His tongue and lips were going into that lovely pussy, up and down and in circles like a pussy hungry tongue, he was licking her in a way I had never noticed or seen before this time, even professionals in movies and porn stars did not do it that way.

Simply because movie stars would be acting while doing it, but these people were doing it for the love making and fun of it, knowing they had no audiences at all, so they were doing it for the pleasure not the show off of it, which made a difference, I really was boiling watching them, my pussy was steamy hot, I felt my pussy lips getting swelled engorged, much bigger than I have ever seen or felt them, my nipples were so hard like bullets.

Mom was screaming and shaking, she was having an orgasm while he did not stop, he went faster to help her cum, watching her face, her eyes, then her trembling lips, at the same time her widespread pussy lips soaking with cum, made me make sure 100% she was enjoying every second and every move of it, making me want it to happen to me soon enough.

He got up, got on top of her kissed her on the lips, sucked her nipples, then held his cock in his hand guiding it to her pussy; she was asking him to fuck her, literally and openly forgetting of having others sleeping in the house while having special great sex with this stranger during the absence of her husband.

His cock was having no problem at all sliding into her hot and wet cunt, he was pushing it deep inside of her without stopping till his balls rested on her body, he kissed her on the lips a couple of times, then pulled out of her pussy slowly, then back in.

That was when he started fucking her, the actual in and out fuck action started, building up speed every time faster and deeper, till I was almost hearing his body pumping into here body, although she was loud and very verbal with him, I guess that is what I took after her and where my bad words during sex came to me, she seemed to be enjoying asking to be fucked or being called all kind of names in the book while she was fucked.

To be frank and honest, I started to like him calling mom a bitch, a whore, a slut while fucking her, I closed my eyes and imagined myself being the one and was boiling up while rubbing my pussy and titties, I was about to cum with them when they both came the same time.

He pulled out of her pussy so quick, bringing his cock to her mouth where she milked it and swallowed every drop of his cum, she seemed to be enjoying it to the utmost pleasure, as it was so clear from the looks on her face and in her sexually satisfied eyes by that moment.

They got cleaned, hugged and kissed and he left right away, although he had spent some full nights with mom in her bedroom at other times, but he used to sneak in, that night they seemed to have gotten enough and he went to his house and she went to her bedroom.

A few days later, I was scheduled to go to New York to meet my father for one night as he had a stop there, I flew there and spent the night with dad, the next morning he left town so early and I was alone in my hotel room when I received a phone call from mom’s boyfriend saying he was in New York too and will come to see me, I gave him the hotel name and room number, but I was so happy to know that deep inside as I had some plans as soon as I found out.

I was in my Jeans and T-shirt, but decided to look sexy, so I wore a sexy nightie, it was making me semi naked, but it looked so sexy on me, enough to shock him when he came in, he said he never thought I would look that beautiful, of course he was just teasing without knowing I would take it as serious as possible.

I was flirting with him, turning around holding my nightie’s bottom rim pulling it up saying “Really uncle, do I look sexy?”

He said, “Yes you sure do babe, sexier than a model”, I loved it and was flattered, but it did not hit him till I was flirting so deep, trying to flash more and more of my semi-nude body to his eyesight.

Suddenly I felt some rejection and refusal on his part of what I had on mind, he said he was old enough to be my father when I told him I had a crush on him all my life, but I told him may be his age was the reason for it, I asked him if I could have some alcohol with him and he did not mind at all, especially that I was at legal age to drink by then.

He was totally shocked when I told him I knew the sexual relations between him and mom, he did not seem to care much, but he said even though, that sexual relation should be a rigid wall between me and him, but I refused his philosophy.

Finally, I told him “Listen uncle, I am a virgin, but I want you to take my virginity at least, that is if you do not want it a serious relation between us”.

He was shocked first, refused the whole idea, we had more sessions and discussions about it, till I finally convinced him, especially when alcohol had its effects on both of us.

I noticed his looks to my body had changed to admiration instead of normal dad-daughter looks, I was brave enough to show him much more than he had expected of my body till finally we both engaged in a long hot emotional kiss on the lips. It did not take him long to start feeling my body all over, moving his hands from one part to another till finally, his hand was under my nightie searching for my pussy, which was pantie less anyway, for the first time I felt his palm cubing my pussy, rubbing it and shaking it with admiring words and sounds, which made me so happy and horny.

In a short time, we were both naked between each other arms, hugging and kissing, I was holding his cock in my hand and massaging it, it became rock hard, which was an indication of licking and enjoying my teenage, fresh body as he had explained to me at a later stage, finally, I got on my knees and started sucking his cock, of course it was nowhere near the terrific blow jobs my mother had given him, but as a beginner, each time I tried deeper than the previous one.

He was guiding me and teaching me the right way to do it, till he was so deep in my mouth, I was almost chocking on it, but I felt my lips touching his balls, and started getting used to the feeling of his cock head invading my throat and going further and deeper, I felt I was suffocating first, but it was not long before I started learning and getting used to it, even enjoying it, I guess it was due to my strong cravings for it.

I kept sucking on his cock till he was so close to cum as he announced, he asked, “do you want me to cum in your mouth babe?”

My answer came “Yes please uncle, I want to taste it and learn how to do it”?

I wanted to try it for the first time, as of a sudden, he rewarded me with a huge load of thick, creamy mature man’s cum load stuffing my mouth over my ability to swallow, I tried my best to swallow as much as I could, it still did not taste as sweet as I expected it to be, but it wasn’t bad at all, I liked it and was trying to collect all the escaping droplets from the side corners of my mouth, pushing them back into my mouth.  It sure had tasted much better than the last time I did it with my boyfriend, but again, I had that feeling simply because I so anxious to do it.

He lay down on bed, took me between his arms, hugging me so close and so intimate, shocked me by kissing me on the lips, taking some of his own cum and sharing it with me, which really made me feel so special by then. We relaxed for a while between each other arms just like lovers with the big age difference between us, we had a nice chat with more drinks.

 He laid me on bed over my back, he was touching and feeling almost every inch of my body, I was feeling great and relaxed, then he started passing his tongue all over my body, before he started licking my tits and sucking on my nipples, which made my nipples so hard, somehow, I felt there is a connection between my nipples and my pussy, it was swelling up, getting wet and tickling me in a way.

Finally, he was on his knees between my legs, placed a few short quick kisses over my pussylips, upper triangle then spread my legs wide and started passing his tongue over my pussy lips, spreading them apart with his tongue, allowing it to go in between my pussy lips and as deep as possible into my steamy hot slit.

my pussy lips were engorged and swelled, my whole body was electrified, a feeling I had never ever felt before, finally, he used his fingers to part my pussy lips allowing his tongue to sink deeper sometimes replacing his tongue with his finger.

As of a sudden I felt something I have never ever felt before this time, I was breathing harder, my pussy was moisturized, but my whole body was shaking and trembling without me knowing what was going on, he was licking my pussy harder and deeper when that happened to me, he was rubbing my tits with his other hand at the same time. I was looking him straight in the eyes, kind of inquiring of what was happening; he smiled pulled his tongue out of my pussy, assuring me everything is ok as I came and had my first orgasm ever.

Right after that I felt a cold breeze all over my body with my nerves all relaxed and cooled down, but he had never stopped licking my pussy and rubbing my tits, pinching my nipples, until I felt the whole storm was coming back to me, but I was more relaxed this time.

That is exactly when he got up held his dick in hand, guiding it to my pussy, asking me to be as relaxed as I could ever be, he asked me again “are you sure you want to lose your cherry baby? Do you want me to fuck you and turn you into a complete grownup woman?” Using that clear direct language.

I nodded many times on a raw, smiling and grinning same time, then said “Yes uncle, please do it, please fuck me, I want to feel your cock inside me, please make me a woman like mom.”

He said, “it might hurt a bit, are you ready for it?”

I answered, “Yes uncle, I do not care, please do it now, push it in my pussy” he did not even wait for my answer, I felt him splitting my pussy into two halves, stretching its inner walls so wide to the utmost they could stretch, I felt his cock head popping into my sweet, young, tight and willing cunt, I would say at least an inch or two of his cock where inside of me along with his cock head.

He froze for a few seconds before he pushed again, but he was using the in and out process, it felt something like fire was building inside my pussy, it felt like a wound for a minute, but as he stopped moving, it all was fading out so quick, he kept his cock in me, he smiled at me saying, “it is all the way in you baby, you are a full woman now”.

I lifted my head up, looked between my legs and saw my pussy lips making a ring around his thick cock fully buried in me all the way, the scene I saw, and his words relaxed me, making me feel better, I smiled saying, “that is it?”

With a wide smile, he answered “yes, it is sweetie, it may hurt a little more as I pull it out, but I will not stop now or else you would not like it.

He leaned over me, locked his lips with mine in a long passionate kiss while he started pumping his cock in my pussy, in and out fast and deep, it did hurt a little, he did not give me a chance to scream or reject, but it was easing up and all the pain was fading out, simultaneously replaced by pleasurable feelings. He kept pumping his cock into me faster as I started liking it, even enjoying it, I could not believe it myself, I was told it would hurt so much, and might be sore for a few days later, but I guess that has something to do with (who does it).

He was ready to cum when he pulled out of me and pumped his cock cream all over my tits and belly, I was rubbing it on my body with a huge smile, he was smiling too, when he hugged and kissed me for a long time, feeling my body all over again.

I cleaned up, we both took showers before he took me out for dinner at a fancy restaurant, treating me as a lady all that night till we got back to my room, as soon as we walked into the room, he fucked me again and made me cum three times during that long fuck, we spent the whole night between each other arms all naked.

Our next day was spent all in bed, except for food times, he fucked me many times in a raw, I was liking it, loving it each time more than the previous one, till he made a real whore out of me, the one I am now, he continued his sexual relations with mom as if nothing happened, but he fucked me at least once a week in what we both agreed to call it casual sexual relationship, but I have never enjoyed sex with anybody more than I did with that man ever.

Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro

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