Cuckold / MFM Gone Bad

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We had been talking about having a MFM experience for quite some time in some away from home city, perhaps abroad. Our goal is for my wife to have her ultimate sexual experience as you know things “dry up” after more than a decade of same person sex (routine).

We actually came upon an old friend recently divorced and someone we were both very comfortable with.


Our staged MFM actually started over several glasses of merlot and a good meal followed by a visit to a handful of local pubs. We headed back to his place joking the entire way about all things sex. Our guards were all down and I asked my wife if she would consider a MFM with our friend. At first she nodded no… but as the conversation grew warmer she did not say no but “yeah that could be fun”… 

Fast forward as we were massaging her and slowly taking off her skirt to give her a massage our hands began cover her body. We stopped up and asked is this ok for each of us and we all smiled. I wanted to see where things went without me so I stepped out to get some water. As I returned he was kissing her thighs as he massaged her. I sat and watched until she asked me to join in again. I did and finally I started pushing the effort by removing her bra and pulling down on her panties while slowly glancing her pussy. She moaned as we took turns touch her pussy, rubbing and feeling the juices build up. 

I started kissing her breasts and our friend began licking her pussy finding her clitoris immediately sending her into ecstacy. She kissed me hard, almost as it was me giving her the experience myself. Her legs spread apart and I told her I wanted our friend to start and if that was ok. She said.. “Yes”… he positioned himself between her legs pulled down his pants, she leaned up and pulled down his underpants exposing his cock. He gently rubbed her pussy with his cock teasing her all the way. 

I slowly backed off sitting on her side… I joked about him taking the “bull” role. He smiled as he is smaller than me. I noticed immediately he took his role seriously, he was in heat as he probably had not had another woman since his break up. She looked to me and I smiled and watched, blew her a kiss and I told him to give her a great experience… he slowly began inserting his cock into her and she rolled her eyes and moaned. We never discussed protection as we knew each other so well. 

He began grabbing her ass and hips, squeezing and then grabbing her breasts super hard. I told him and her to speak dirty and loudly. Express themselves… both uncomfortable with the request it took a second then he started asking her how she liked it… he then started asking me if I liked seeing this… He asked her all were in agreement. 

He asked her “do you like my cock..?” “do you like it better than his” he asked? Tell me… he demanded an answer. She said…”yes I like cock”… “no do you like mine better than his?” as he pumped slowly but deeply. She “responded… yes… yes… I like the feel…”. “what do you want…?” he asked her, she responded “to fuck me, fuck me, a fuck a baby in me…” My heart dropped as he pushed harder and harder. They then stopped as she clawed at the bed. I started to join back in and she pushed me away…saying her nipples were sore… he turned her over and rammed his cock into her again driving deeper and deeper.. he looks to me..”how do you like seeing me fuck her, I want to cum inside her” as he slapped her ass, She groaned… “more more..” as he fucked away. I stood like a zombie at their side. He summoned me over to look at his cock going into her back and forth… It was very erotic. 

She could not even see me anymore as he fucked her. He then slowed down and told me…”i am going to fuck in her in the ass…” something she would not agree to with me. I said..”is it ok”… he told me to shut up and he was in control… she looked at him and said.. “put it in…” and he started pushing into her ass. He pumped a few times going deeper each time, slapping her ass.

OMG she said… and fell to her stomach where he prounced on her back his cock now in her pussy again. Fucking her like an animal in heat. She pushed me away as he grabbed her arms driving his cock into her. “you like this…” “yes”… she responded… breathing heavily… He asked her again…” is my cock great… what do you want from my cock that he cannot ..” she moaned. “I will fuck you like a slut , a professional prostitute… I have never done that but can imagine how hard I would fuck them..” “yes” she said..”fuck me, fuck me harder, I would love to have your sperm in me, your seed…” Yeah you want a little “name withheld” to grow in you..” “yeah”.. as he fucked her. 

She rolled over again and he took her legs and put them over his shoulders driving deeply again… he looks at me…”I am good at this… she really wants my cock..” do you want his? he asked her… She said no…”I only want yours please fill me with your seed, I love the feeling of cum in me…” He slaps her hips and then slows down… unleashing his cock in her. He slowly comes out, his cum pouring out of her, he then tells her..”aw come up here and suck my cock”… she does and licks as she cannot get enough of him in her. 

I sit there … he heads to the bathroom, she covers up… keeping me a safe distance. He returns, and says “wow”… 

She smiles, heads to the bathroom looking a bit ill and worse for the wear. I wanted to talk about it but they were too exhausted. 

As we slept I was awaken by their conversation… she said..”I have never been treated like that before…” he said he had never done that before… and she said…he was like an animal in heat… his cock was so hard and felt so great and she has never ever felt so much cum in her before…I pretended to sleep when I felt the blanket move. He was moaning as she sucked on his cock again under the sheets. She hates blowjobs normally… as she jerked on his cock he pulls her up along side of him and slowly inserted his cock in her probably cumming again. 

Needless to say… the next morning was very very odd. We all kept a distance from each other.

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