The Step Experience

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She never calls me Dad, so does that make it ok?


Milly was, and still is a beautiful, quircky, loving girl, who’d do anything for anyone if she could. She also has a beautiful daughter, who’s father isn’t around, so she’s everything to her, Mom and Dad to boot. We have the little darling sleep over from time to time, which is fun.

Anyhow, Myself and Milly were and still are quite close, even though she isn’t mine. We go for coffees together, shopping and lot of other things too. She even took my advice, well man’s view on how she looked when she dressed-up, even some comments could be quite suggestful at times, from both sides. I quite often expressed how good her ass looked in a dress, or trousers, with it being quite innocent or so I thought.

This one day, Milly was going out with some of her friends from work, it was a school night little Teghan needed to be at home, so I offered to babysit as the Wife was at work.

“I won’t be home late, and make sure she’s in bed by eight”. Were her words as she left, and.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be fine”. Was my reply.

So, me and Teghan played for a little while after her dinner, I read her a story then put her to bed. I retired to the lounge to watch a little tv. The usual rubbish was on, which I endeavoured to watch u for a while. Then, about ten o’clock I browsed through the channels again, and came across the porn channels and thought, well no-one’s around I’ll give a go.

It was quite enjoable watching, and found myself getting aroused, I didn’t full on masturbate, just had a bit of a play, and must’ve fell asleep with my cock in hand.

Milly came back just after eleven, and found on the sofa, cock in hand still. I must’ve been spark out, because I never heard her come in, even though she was tipsy. The porn channel still on, she gently shook myshoulder, I awoke with “Oh, shit”

“You like what’s on then”


And with that, she started dancing infront of me, like a stripper would. To say I was turned on would be an understatement.

“Milly, what are you doing?”

She turned to me, placed one finger on my lips and.


She sexily lowered her tight skirt, which revealed skimpy black laced thong, then her top came off, her skin glistened from the light of the tv. 

By now my hands were off my twitching penis, I wanted her to carry on. She never calls me Dad, so does that make it ok? I asked myself, either way I was certainly getting turned on as she twerked infront of me. Her legs straggled me, her sexy ass beckoning me to touch.

You may say I was week, or sick, but the temptation was too great. I placed my hands on her delectable butt……”So you want to play?” She cheekily asked. And with that, she lowered herself down on to my lap grinding my twitching penis……”Oh fuck!” My exclamation said it all.

“I won’t tell, if you won’t” Milly whispered…and proceeded to reach under her crotch to caress my balls, and once again “Oh fuck!” was the screech from me. She now turned herself to face me and dropped to ger knees infront of me. My twitching, aching cock was about to be engulfed by her beautiful pouting lips, made sexier with the glistening lip gloss. I even thought would she bite, and shout pervert, but no.

Her soft lips kissed my manhood, took the base in her hand, licked and caressed it. She wrapped her tongue part way around, warming it, then the moment came deep into her throat. I couldn’t, or didn’t want to believe how good it felt, as she slowly went down on it, then as I was raising it to full mast she quicked her stroke. The slurping sounded so loud, but boy what a feeling.

She drew off, and stood up…….

“Your turn now” she said, and sat on the arm of the sofa, I just had to oblige, and as my tongue came in to contact with her trimmed pussy, I could feel a moistness. She must’ve enjoyed sucking me. My tongue danced around her clit, I could hear her panting and wanting. It seemed like a beautiful age until she said ” Oh fucking god, I’m cumming” where upon I raised the tempo making sure she did. Then again, and again as my mouth was engulfed with her sexual juices..

Milly pushed me back with her foot, and oh boy she really needed a fuck, as she hadn’t had a boyfriend for some time. She virtually ripped my shorts off, I was still semi-hard, which was soon remedied by her mouth again. As I was now rock hard, she lowered herself down on me, her dripping wet pussy sliding down my shaft. She started pumping me, she certainly was a woman possessed, hot and horny what a combo.

Her panting grew louder, the more she fucked me……”Give it me…..give it me hard!” And so I pumped her from beneath, heavier and heavier it got. 

“Give it me, I want your cum!”

The pace quickened until, was ready to burst. She grabbed the back of my head pulling me to her chest.

Then, with an “Oh fuck” I cum  pumped until it was all in her. She gave me a beautiful smile and said 

“Our little secret, ssshhh”

We’ve never ever done anything like it since, and still get on like a house on fire. And like she said it was our little secret………?

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