Schoolgirl and schoolboy

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This story is a two part. We did it my way, then her way. Enjoy


The first part is about how a schoolgirl fantasy,  that I wanted to do with my girlfriend.  The second part is how my girlfriend did the same kind of fantasy, but she had a twist of her own to do it. It all started, when we looking up costume on what to be for her Halloween company party.  She wanted to be something sexy because everyone in her office think it’s kind of boring, and she wants to change that.  We were looking online and seeing a lot of great ideas, but none of them caught our eyes. Then we saw some sexy schoolgirl and schoolboy costume. We thought they were nice. I didn’t think for her party, but I thought for a fantasy.  I told her about the fantasy.   She looked me and back at the screen. She said only for condition and you can’t say no. I said ok, what is it. I have it  as well, but my friends will be present, when we do it my turn. I  said ok , I am always down for some crazy fun.  The next few days , we went shopping, for our  schoolgirl and schoolboy fantasies.  My girlfriend found a short,  and I means short plaid skirt, a white button down shirt,  white stockings. I found a navy v neck sweater, white button and some red plaid slacks. The night when we did my fantasy  started with me pretending teaching a lesson to my girlfriend and her friend. She wanted her friend there for some reason. I didn’t mind.. My girlfriend and her friend was distracting by her phone. They were looking at some porn. I realize that she is paying attention,  and I take her phone. She acts all mad.  I continue to pretending to teach. Then I went to my desk and pretend to get a call from the principal and leave the room. My girlfriend and her friend started to look her phone,  and then they found my phone. Then they started to look through my phone, and they saw some pics of me naked, in thongs and very sexual pose. When I got back in the room, I see them laughing. They say they went my phone. They say two things has to happens if they don’t tell the principal and supertendit . They say give her phone back and you must have sex with me and my friend can watch.  I said done. . I started to strip her naked, then I lick every inch of her body, including her pussy. She started to scream. Then I  got up and took off my clothes.  Once I got naked, I heard her friend said oh my god. I smiled and put it in.i kept going into she came. I took my dick out and bust a huge but all over her tits.  

The second part.

The next night started off with me wearing a v neck sweater and some plaid slacks. This time it was me as the student with my girlfriend friends as my classmates.  She designed the whole living room as a classroom.  I was surprise.  When I there I sat in a deal in the back. My girlfriend told me to be on my phone and don’t pay attention to me. I said ok, but I can’t help it cuz she was looking so sexy in a tight yellow skirt with a blue blouse with a lot of cleavage showing. I kept looking at her, and I was getting turned on.. every once a while she will call on me, and I will not pay attention.  Then she call me to the board, and I was sporting a hard on, and I didn’t even notice either. All of her friends was just laughing. She notice it , then she order me to strip. I started to taking off my clothes,  and all of her friends didn’t notice I had a body like that. She stop me when I was in my underwear. She pointed at my bulge. Then she push me down on the desk and pull my i

Underwear down and started to spank me with a ruler. After that, she rip off my underwear.  And everyone saw my long hard DICK . All of them scream. Then she lie me on the desk and sat on my face.. She almost came,  but she got up and rode me front a d backward. She came , but I didn’t.  She wanted her friends to tease me and touch my dick. All of them, teased me so much,  that I was leaking cum..then she told me to Jack off and cum.  Within five minutes, I came.

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