A Happy End to High School; Part 1

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This work is purely fiction and has no links to any real life characters or events. All characters in this story are 18 and over.

The new sex adventures of teenager Josh Adams


“So Heartbreak Jo it comes to this!” Bulletproof Billy said to me narrowing his eye as he flexed his hand next to his holstered colt. “You’re reign of terror over this town is done! You’re gang is done and I give you this chance to leave!” I claimed as I too kept my hand close to my holstered gun. “Ha ha ha” Billy gave out a loud laugh “I’m only just getting started with this place, I own this town!” He glared at me “I commend you for trying to stand up to me, but now you must die” at that he reached for his gun drawing it. Time seemed to slow right down, Billy lifted his gun from his holster. I immediately drew mine and there was three loud gun shots then silence. The town looked on in stunned silence, slowly Bulletproof Billy fell to the ground, three bullet holes in his chest. The townsfolks ascended into the street cheering and rushing around me! Thanking me and showering me with hugs, smiles and happiness all around. I was suddenly yanked to the side and down an alley. The crowd still cheering in the street. “What the…” I tried to speak as the mystery girl held her finger to my mouth. “I just wanted to thank you for saving the town” she purred as she slowly got to her knees. “And I know the perfect way.” She said as she pulled my jeans apart and reached in and grabbing my cock. Pulling it out she started at it and aww, licking her lips. As she leaned in she looked up to me, “Josh!” But not in her voice. With a confused look on my face she said it again louder “Josh!!” I sprung awake, “whhaatttt??!!” I shouted back without thinking, in annoyance that I was awoken at the best part. “Joshua William Adams!! You will watch your tone and get that butt up and in the shower!” My step mom Michelle shouted from down stairs. I looked at my clock and it was already past 8 “fuck” I exclaimed, I had to leave by half past so darted up and jumped into the bathroom. Luckily my step sis, Hailey had already been in and out of the bathroom. We lived in a four bed house, the master had its own bathroom so the rest of us shared the main bathroom. Luckily it was only me and Hailey that used it. There was only the three of us in the house. My real mom couldn’t handle having a child so she abandoned my dad when I was only a few months old, just left a note. My dad, William Adams, Will for short, meet Michelle when I was around 2. She had already had Hailey who was 2 as well. Her man had left her before Hailey was even born. My dad and step mom got on amazing fell in love and got married when I was about 8. We moved into this house on the edge of a small town and I believe they planned to have a child of their own. Everything was going so well, Michelle was like a real mom to me, she treated me like her own. I actually got on with my step sister Hailey but then one day, that happiness took a hit. It just seemed like a normal day, I was 12 and at school, a teacher came into class and I was summed to the principals office, Hailey was already in the office. The principal explained to us that my dad had been in a bad car accident and that our mom was coming to get us. I won’t describe the sight I saw but no son should see their parent in the state I saw him. Wires and machinery everywhere, he was in an enduced coma. The doctors explained to us that his body was failing and calmly suggested we maybe say our goodbyes. That was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life and later that night we were informed that my dad had passed. Loosing my dad was rough but somehow we managed to get through it. The years went by and I was now 18, I had done well during puberty. I was measuring 6ft2 now, I was average build with a bit of muscle about me. I kept my dark dirty blond hair short so it never really needed much work. As I finished getting ready for school, I shot downstairs and was greeted by Hailey sitting at the kitchen table, eating her breakfast. Hailey had not long turned 18 as well and was one beautiful girl, I know I shouldn’t look at her sexually but I can’t help myself. Her long blonde hair was pleated into a pony tail behind her, her crystal clear blue eyes were focused on some magazine. She wore skinny jeans with a white tank top, which showed off her athletic petite body. Her chest wasn’t the biggest and was on the small side and her ass just about had a handful but she had a natural beauty about her. “Hey Hailey, mom away already?” I asked as I grabbed some fruit for breakfast. “Yeah she left about 5 mins ago.” Hailey said without looking up from her magazine. My step mom was always around in the morning but was always late home, with my dad gone she had to work longer hours to make the extra money to support the family. As soon as I turned 16 I got a job at the local store to help get extra money. “Remember I won’t be home till later tonight Hailey, I have work after school so you’ll have to sort yourself out.” I explained to her as I grabbed my school bag. “Yeah that’s cool, I’m going to Heather’s house after school for diner and to study.” She replied, Heather being one of her best friends. “You ready to go?” She asked closing her magazine. We normally walked to school together till about half way when she would run off and walk the rest with Heather, I continued on alone until meeting my best mate, Marc outside of the school. Marc was sitting on top of a picnic table, he had his usual sports jacket on with his dark jeans. He had one head phone in that was lost amongst brown wavy hair. You couldn’t miss him, he was quite the size. He wasn’t fat or anything, had quite a bit of muscle about him and he was just a mass bulk. Nicest guy I’ve ever met tho, “Hey mate” I said as I got over to him. “What’s up Josh?” He asked as he jumped off the picnic table and tucked away his headphone. “Ah you know, same old same old, another ruined dream” I said. Haha Marc gave out a chuckle, “what where you doing this time?” He asked still chuckling. “I was heartbreak Jo the hero cowboy, you know killed the bad guy, just about to get my reward from a pair of luscious red lips, when j was awoken!” I said, a little frustrated. “Oh man, you really need to get some action don’t you?” He said giving me a friendly pat on the shoulder. “I really do man!” I replied as we walked into school. The first half of the school day went by fairly quickly and in no time is was lunch. Marc and I normally bring our lunches with us and usually sit on the school benches outside. Too many gangs and groups going on inside. We didn’t belong to any specific group but we did get along with everyone in our year. One group that is normally outside too is a trio of beautiful girls. Lily, Traci and Zoe. The three of them were drop dead gorgeous in there own way. Lily, Lily Richardson seemed the more quiet reserved one but definitely the hottest of the three. She had these big gemstone green eyes with long wavy brown hair that rest across her ample chest, nice busty C cups. She was average height for a girl about 5ft7″ and boy did she have a cracking body, curvy and in all the right places. Then there was Traci Wu, she was of Asian decent, mother I think. She was tallest of the three at about 5ft10″. Her slender long body still has its mouth watering features. She had a very nice round ass and lovely round b cup breast. Her hair was short and natural black with a strand of purple through it. Those grey eyes tho, just staring at them give me shivers down below and a feeling there was more than meets the eye. Last there was Zoe Ellis, she was the ‘largest’ of the three. She wasn’t fat by any means, maybe just a little extra cushion for the pushing. Also being the smallest of the three she was about 5ft6″, with shoulder length auburn hair and these gorgeous hazel eyes. Her best feature was defo that huge chest, they had to be at least a d cup and a big handful, her ass was a nice large handful as well. “I love Zoe man” Marc whispered as we tried to keep our perving secret. “Why don’t you ask her out then?” I replied “No way man, she’s way out of my league!!” Marc said defeated. “whaaa??” I asked turning to face him with a confused look on my face, “are you serious?” “Yeah man, I mean look at her!” He said staring at her. “Yeah but look at you, you’re a decent guy, not bad looking and your face ain’t have bad either” I said jokingly to him. “haha ok ok, I’ll work up the courage” he said turning back to face me “some day…” The rest of the school day fortunately went like the first and before I know it, school was over and I headed to the local store to start my shift. It wasn’t a massive store but had all the necessary day to day items every family would need. It was owned by Kathy Peters and boy you should see her. I honestly think she could have done porn when she was younger, she was in her early 40s but that body. She had long black hair that was always tied up. Her tits were honestly the biggest I’ve ever seen, huge busty DD’s that always looked like they wanted to burst out of her blouse. Her peachy ass was a marvel to watch as it swayed from side to side as she walked. Alas Kathy wasn’t working today, she never works Mondays. Don’t blame her either. There was only going to be three of us working tonight. Wes, who was a retired elder man, he must have been close to his 71st birthday. He was a short stocky man but still managed to keep a full head of hair all be it grey. Even tho I couldn’t stare at Kathy’s beautiful breasts or peachy ass, there was Becki working. She was a 19 year old beauty, all be it she did dress kind of slutty, always had those long slender legs on show. Her large c cup breasts were always showing as much cleavage as she could. She had this incredible hourglass figure and even tho her ass wasn’t as big as Kathy’s, it was still round and a nice handful. She often changed her hair colour and this week it was a deep purple colour and tied down to one side of her face. “Hi Josh” she purred from behind the counter as I walked to the back room chucking my school bag in. “Hey Becki” I replied as I came back out to the front of the shop “how are things?” “Oh you know, nothing big happening” she replied, leaning forward on the counter, a clear site right down her top. “Another boyfriend dumped?” I joked as I joined her behind the counter, trying to avert my gaze. “Oh you know I don’t get boyfriends Joshy Boy. I’m too free of girl to be tied down like that. I like to get my hands on anything I please.” She said giving me a wink. “Now run along and help Wes stack the shelves. “Hey Wes” I said to him giving him a friendly pat on the back. “Oh hi josh, how was school?” He asked, always friendly Wes was. “Was alright today actually, went by quickly which is always good!” I said, picking up some boxes and placing them on the top shelf. Although Wes was a great guy, his body movements weren’t the best anymore, his back limited his movement. I always offered to stack the higher up shelves as he couldn’t reach them. For the rest of the shift I helped Wes stock all the shelves and make sure the stock room was in decent shape. Before I knew it, it was half 8 and time to shut up shop. “Wes darling, you get yourself home. Josh and I will lock up ok?” Becki spoke softly to him. “Are you sure?” Wes asked. “Yes you’re fine sweetie, go on, on your way!” Beckie said waving him kindly out the door. As Becki cashed up the till, I closed the shutters on the shop window making sure they were secure and tight. I went through the back to grab my school bag but as I turned back around, Becki was blocking the door way, leaning against it. “You know Josh, you aren’t half bad looking!” She stated, eyeing me up and down. “Eh thanks Becki, you’re um, .” I said trying to move past her. “Hey now what’s the hurry?” She said placing her hand on my chest and easing me back. I kept quiet and kept edging back until I hit the desk. “I have needs Josh.” I gulped as she narrowed her gaze. “My last ‘man’ wasn’t good enough, he lacked in the size department” as she said this her eye fell on my crotch. I tried to speak but she held her fingers to my mouth “ssshhh don’t speak just yet, I know you are 18 now and you’ve been watching me!” As she said this she took a slight step back and seductively looked over herself. “Now, this could either go very well for you or not. Basically I need cock!” I almost gasped at this, her fingers still on my mouth. “I’m going to check your hardware! If you match up then we are going to have some fun, ok?” She asked closing into me. I just nodded and with that her fingers were removed and replaced by a very tender kiss. I became instantly hard. “Ah good boy” she said as she felt my crotch. Her eyes widened “mmmm this feels promising!” Becki feel to her knees, and traced her hand across my bulge. “Mmmm very promising.” I dropped my bag to the floor as the nerves shot up through my body. Becki slowly undid my jeans pulling them down and reaching into my boxers to grab my throbbing member. As she pulled it out, I closed my eyes. I was no virgin, that was lost last year at school camp but I’ve had no sex since and certainly never imagined someone as hot as this. All I prayed was I didn’t blow my load too soon. “My my my Joshy Boy! You certainly passed the test, this is one amazing cock!” She stared in awe and she moved it around with her hand, “this has to be close to 9inches surely!” I could feel the pre cum oozing out of the tip as I tried to stay in control. “Let me get that” she purred as she used her tongue to expertly lick up the precum. My cock twitched at her touch and I couldn’t help but open my eyes. “Don’t worry” she said “this is just the beginning!” And with that she took the head of my cock into her mouth. Her luscious lips sucked on me expertly and my fear was true I wasn’t going to last long. Her head bobed up and down and my cock and I began to tense up. I couldn’t hold it, I gave out a loud groan and exploded in Becki’s mouth. With three huge spurts I was drained. She kept her mouth around my shaft the whole time and just looked up to me with those wicked hot hazel eyes. As my cock became limp it fell from her mouth and some cum dribbled out. “Mmmm” she moaned, standing up. “Don’t worry hunni, I didn’t expect you to last long but you’ve passed the test and this won’t be the last time we have some fun!” She said as she swiped the dribble of cum of her chin and licked it up. “Now put that away and get yourself home!” With that she kissed me on the check and sent me on my way. I got home that night, Hailey was already in her room and mum wasn’t home yet. I threw my bag on the floor of my room and fell onto my bed, “holy shit” I thought to myself in amazement but which was quickly replaced with slight anger, “Dammit!!” I was annoyed with myself. “I blew it… literally!” My annoyance was disturbed by phone going off with a message. It was from Becki, I opened it, it was a picture message, “fuck!” I said. It was her biting her lip and only in this sexy pink bra, using her arms to squeeze those delicious tits together. A message came soon after, “next time you can cum on these” was all it said with a winky face. I stared at it in amazement, oh wow I thought to myself as lay my head on the pillow. Things were about to get a whole lot better!

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