The Photoshoot

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Paul’s cum was trapped inside my asshole and both left me to savour the pleasure they gave me while the Camera was still taking shots at me getting pounded with 2 Old Guys…. 😉


I was in tremendous boredom that I remembered Courtney had invited me to be their guest until the holidays are over.  I thought about it and was in so much loneliness that I didnt gave a second thought and went straight to the airport and booked a flight to be with Courtney.  I wanted to give a surprise to Courtney and went to her house and to my Surprise it was LOCKED.  I was devastated that I traveled so long only to find it locked and I heard a voice on the background “HI they are on the vacation!!” which was of Johan, Courtney’s neighbour.  I greeted him HI, I am Jennifer, courtney’s friend.  Courtney had invited me to stay with her until our holidays are over.  So came here to meet her.  Johan said Oh but there was a business trip and as Courtney’s family had not took any vacation trip so all four went for vacation so that the business trip also fulfills their family needs.

Hearing this I was so sad that I had traveled so long only to board back to my loneliness again.  Dont know how Johan found about my situation and offered me to stay with him as he lives alone here.  I thought he is a stranger how can i stay with him until courtney comes back from the trip.  Then thought with the approach he had no body can reject the offer.  So I agreed and said okay Mr J, I ll stay If you dont mind.  for which he said Oh Not at all Pleasure is mine.

This is how the story started.  Johan let me inside his house and was really making me feel like home.  He gave me a room to stay and get fresh so that he will be ready with some Coffee and Breakfast.  I took off my clothes once Johan left me in the room and put on my T and Pajama and went to the bathroom to get fresh.  I came downstairs and Johan was preparing sandwich in the kitchen and Coffee was already in the Kettle.  We settled down on the table and started chatting about each other.  I introduced myself to him and in between our chat I came to know that Johan is Photographer by hobby.  I was really surprised that at such a old age of 64 he still has the charm and enthusiasm to be the photographer.  We finished our Coffee and done the dishes and Johan told me that I am very beautiful and he will be glad if I modeled for him.  I just avoided the thought and smiled and went to my room.

In the evening I heard a knock on the door, and Johan was standing near the door and was asking me to get ready as we are leaving for shopping.  I said what?? for whom?? he said you just come with me I ll show you everything and left.  I put on my Jeans and T shirt and left to accompany johan who was waiting for me in his car.  We went for shopping clothes and Johan selected a few dresses for me to try on even though I said No but he insisted me to try on.  I went and put on those dresses and show it to Johan for approval in those few were selected and johan rejected around 3 dresses out of 12.  Then we went to the Swimwear section and Johan told me to try few skimpy bikinis and all, I objected but Johan had a knack of making everything agreeable.  I went on tried the first one which was a navy blue Bikini and a G String which almost made my nipple poking through the soft fabric.  Johan might has sensed it and made me wear more skimpy swimwears to try on and bought a few.  Johan paid the bill of all the clothes purchased. We returned home and all the way back I could sense the dent in Johan Trousers which was no where getting low all the way from shopping mall to his home.  I thought its all because of the revealing clothes I was wearing a few minutes back and was showcasing to him.

We reached his home and he said he will prepare the dinner for both of us, I can help him prepare the dinner or take rest in the room.  I opted to help him prepare dinner and we settle on the table and again started talking about the shopping.  He said he had a plan of taking me to his friends Farm house and have the photoshoot there and also he will prepare a album of me.  I was shocked to hear but didnt show it on my face but rather I denied accompanying him.  He suddenly put his hand on mine and started massaging and it made a jolt of current pass through my body by the sudden touch of him.  I dont know why I was kind of turning on by his touch and he made me agree to do the photoshoot tomorrow at his friend’s farmhouse.

I finished my dinner and went back to my room and all the way I was thinking What I am Doing?? How did I agreed to do the photoshoot?? Why did I promise to do it?? All questions where going through my mind but all now I can do is waiting for tomorrow to come…

The next day the morning I woke up early only to find Johan already brought me Coffee and breakfast and waiting for me to freshen up so that we can leave for his friends farm house for the photoshoot.  I greeted him good mornind and took the coffee and finished it and said give me 20 minutes I ll take the bath and will be ready.  I took the bath quickly and was ready and went downstairs to hear the horn of the Car where Johan was waiting for me.  I locked the door and went on and got inside the car.  We drove around 2 hours and found a beautiful farm house.  We went inside and there was a huge beautiful villa inside.  It was really really huge.  We went inside and I asked johan is there anyone inside.  He said No.  Its only YOU and ME.  I dont know I didnt get scared but got a hint of that something is going to happen.  We went inside and there were so many rooms and one room was specifically for the photoshoot.  Johan had brought all the dresses he bought for me yesterday even the bikinis and told me to get dressed and meet him in the room where the photoshoot gonna happen. 

I quickly got dressed one was a long gown with high slit which can easily make way to show my pussy on display.  I wore it and was stepping towards the room that I heard Johan exclaiming Oh my Goodness You look amazing lady… I said thanks and asked him what should I do now.  He said pose for me and he guided me how to make poses.  The shoot went on good. I tried all dresses and then came the bikinis!! He took me outside and made me pose outside with various poses and he was clicking photographs when We heard a hummer coming inside the farm house.  It was his friend Paul.  It was his Farm House.  Johan greeted him with a hug and paul saw me and said Hi while I was still in my bikini which barely covered my asset.  He joined us for the photoshoot.  He was just wearing a 3/4th short and a T.  He was behaving like a 20 year old even though he actually looked around 55 plus.  After the photoshoot outside in bikini, paul told how it will be to have some bed photoshoot.  Johan readily agreed and I was shocked to hear that.  Johan somehow convinced me to go ahead with it but still I was really scared hearing that.

Johan somehow convinced that in the Master bedroom we will shoot, and dont worry they will wait outside until I get comfortable to undress and get ready.  I went inside the bedroom and it was like the lights and all were already arranged.  It was a huge setup and the bed was also king size.  I went inside and untied my bikini top and bottom and made sure that Johan and paul are not watching me.  I kept the bikinis on the table and went inside the bedsheet and called for Johan. 

Johan entered the room and said wow your look like a fairy here.  I was very scared but somehow gathered courage to utter THANKS in reply.  Then Paul entered the room and saw me covering my boobs with the bedsheet.  He somehow took my Bikinis outside dont know when but when I saw it was not there on the table.  I panicked but continued to pose in for the photoshoot.

Then Johan told me to leave the bedsheet down and show him some more poses while covering my boobs with my hands.  I had never done anything like this but dont know what has happened to me I was in some kind of trance that I did just as Johan said and was posing very provocatively to him.  I sensed something getting erected inside both Johan and Paul pants and I giggled right there which Johan exclaimed WOW BEAUTIFUL!! and I suddenly let my hands down to show them my BOOBS and I heard a CLICK which captured me topless in Johan CAM!!! I thought he has alrealdy seen it what harm does it make and kept continuing giving poses with my face buried in bed and my BUTT in air and Johan was clicking and clicking.  I came out of bedsheet and was lying naked infront of these old strangers when I suddenly felt hot breath on my ASS CHEEKS.. It was PAUL!!! He some how snickered behind me and was feeling my ASS.  I even though panicked didnt mind him feeling me up a bit that I started moaning.  He started kissing my back with lust that I actually reached sexual ecstacy and only to find Johan kissing me on my lips.  I was getting turned on by 2 senior’s whom I just met 2 days back.  Johan started kissing me hard that I was also getting turned on and I started kissing him back.  Both got my signal and started to make love to me.

I took off johan trousers and freed his cock which was not big but yet very good.  I started giving him a blow job to get his monster into action.  I started to lick his cock from base to tip and licking the tip to excite him.  On the othe hand Paul was licking my Ass hole like he has a thing for my ass hole.  He was tickling me and I took the job of taking off both their clothes and made them join me on the bed.  Johan was the first to make a move and started kissing me on my lips and Paul was caressing my body like he was thinking from where to start with.  He found my Navel Studs very appealing as he was playing with it and I felt Paul coming behind me like I am getting sandwich between Johan and Paul.  I felt Paul’s Dick poking at my rear entrance and he was kissing my neck while I was busy sucking lips and battling with his tongue.  Then the moment came when Paul told me to get on top of him and I found his DICK enter my Ass HOle  and Johan came and entered my pussy.  I got double penetrated for the first time that too with so much experienced COCKS…  I was in sexual heaven.  Even though they were not that bit but they were so satisfying.  Both started pounding inside me.  Dont know why I had a thing for Old Cocks.  I completely surrendered myself to let them fuck me in any position they started fucking me only to realise that I was getting pounded without any protection with 2 mature well experienced GUYS.. I heard Paul grunt and felt is cum fill my ASS and then Johan panting Oh Baby Oh baby and unloaded his seeds in my pussy.  Paul’s cum was trapped inside my asshole and both left me to savour the pleasure they gave me while the Camera was still taking shots at me getting pounded with 2 Old Guys…. 😉

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