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A true story of a night that had “get in, get out” written all over it


It was a Friday night and I was dragged out to the club with my slutty friend who just wanted to use me to grind and dance on to make the men stare and get hard in their 3/4 shorts and want to sleep with her. That night the joke was on her because when we put a bit of distance between us on the dance floor 2 chunky, muscly men happened to be close by. The tallest one was blonde with a pair of seductive blue eyes. He put his arm around her and danced against her blocking her away from me so I let the sexy, solid Aussie bloke take her. I continued to dance and swing my hips, I dropped to the floor and arched my back to pop my large, round juicy bum into the air. I felt a tight pair of pants press against me while I danced, instead of turning to see his face, I decided to dance dirtier! I pressed back against him and moved my body to the pumping music. His pants grew tighter in the crotch and his myscly arms wrapped around me, in fact two sleeves of tattoos wrapped around me and warm kisses landed on the back of my neck as I flipped my hair and popped my fat butt into his zipper. I broke free and bent forward to shake it for him when a large warm hand slid between my legs from behind and gave my warm wet bean a sneaky rub. I straightened up quickly and turned on my heel to see if those tattoos had a face but I turned around mostly to see who was dampening my panties. He was delicious! A jaw chiseled by Greek gods, hazel large eyes and a sexy smooth hair cut, a nice even tan, clean pressed white shirt and black jeans and the tattoos on his arms were definitely doing it for me. He was just taller than I am and the way he bit his lip goggling at me made me squirm and giggle a naughty sound. He leaned into me and held ne while I danced on him. I looked over at my friend who was nowhere to be seen so I let my chunk of hunk lead me down the clubs stairs and out into the street. His kisses were so warm on this cold night and the way he sucked my jaw leaving no hickies I knew he had a “get in, get out” vibe I was chasing too. Oddly we only had to go as far as across the road to the hotel on the corner.

So, we found oyrselves in the elevator in next to no time, I was extremely horny to see what kind of ammo this “army boy” was packing with tatted guns as big as they were. I wasn’t drunk at all so I guess he liked that or something. I must have asked him his name at least 4 times and from memory it was Lachlan or James maybe.

“How many floors up?” I asked when he smack the buttons.

“Just 3” he’d breathed heavily into my cleavage, rubbing my breast and already peeling my straps of my dress down. 

Room 301 was the next stop, Lachlan threw me on the bed, stared down at me hungry for me, his warm hard hand ran softly down my thigh, gently spreading my legs, he pulled my knickers to the side and pushed his face into my snatch, I was expecting the opportunity to rub his cock until it grew bigger than ever but this dick was already long and thick and…

“Lachy what is that?” I gasped as his pants dropped to the floor while he pulled his face away from my wet map of Tasmania. A big smile grew on his face, cheek to cheek and he forced the 10 inch monster toward my smudge proof red lipstick covered lips. He’d somehow convinced someone to tattoo a detailed dragon with amazing shading on his Wang. I traced his knob with my tongue, licking and kissing his piss hole, pulling back the dragons foreskin while I wanked Lachlan, I sucked on his balls and took the cock to the back of the throat continuously. Lachlan moaned and huffed so much I was expecting him to blow! He flipped me on my knees on the bed, ripped off my black dress and slipped off my panties, rubbing his knob up and down my wet bean, sliding the throbbing cock only a tip in while i quivered. Soon his hand was on the back of my head and he slammed my face into the pillows as I began to put on my show, were i pretend I cannot handle the teasing, Lachlan mustn’t have been able to handle my gasps and whimpers because a shot of hot juice dripped down my pussy. 

“You’re too fucking sexy, Ray-ray, wait for me on the balcony, babe” he said like velvet in my ear, rubbing my aching pussy, taunting her before he ducked into the bathroom while I waited butt naked on the balcony, positioning myself so thay the wind blew my hair and my nipples hardened. The breeze in my snatch made all the wetness cool like ice but i didn’t care, in fact, i smeared cum up my body and tasted some on my fingers as he emerged through the flapping curtains and embrased me kissing down my body, sucking my nipples while he pulled me into an outside chair. His face made it to my snatch again and Lachlan flipped his tongue into my wetness for a bit before he sat me down on his shaft and bounced my hips for me, spreading my butt cheeks and grinding deep inside me causing shockwaves through my body. He pulled my hair with one hand and squeezed my ass with the other for a bit while I squirted and splattered on his crotch. He rubbed and squeezed my perky breasts and spun me around still attached to him and took me from behind being rough and hardcore banging me while we looked over the club and street. His room mate had come back into the room, a different guy from the blonde who took my friend away which I later found out she was next door, he gawked at my butt and laid next to me on the bed. Lachlan was in the shower so, Gavin got under the sheets. I was honestly so horny that I wanted to keep going non stop all night. Gavin’s fingers wandered to my pussy straight away and then to squeeze my ass. “Your ass is phenomenal, you’ve got to let me pound it” Gavin whispered to me as he climbed on top of me and pressed his growing cock against my leg. I pushed him off playfully but he climbed back on and whipped his tanned dick out and forced my legs up like scissors, to make room for his dick. He pumped me a couple times and the flipped me to lay flat on my stomach while he rammed me from behind, he held my arms above my head as I squirmed from his deep thrusts. I loved it and took it like a champ because it was the 7th time I’d cummed since I stepped foot in this room. Gavin blew on himself, zipped up his pants and fell asleep on the bed beside us but Lachlan and I still went at it another 5 times yet, each time my legs faced a different direction. Lachlan and I did chat for a while and he was sweet to cuddle after sex but in the morning after and 3 more times. We fist bumped and I tell you what… My coffee has never tasted as good as the morning after that night.

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