Our first swing club experience

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Mia and I met on an adult site. We shared for a couple of months our deepest sexual thoughts. Neither of us was experienced but our discussions became very erotic.


Mia is a 54 year old sexy Puerto Rican.  Her 40d naturals  attract alot of attention no matter where we are.  Long black hair and standing at 5 foot 6 she loves the attention.   We had never had anything other than one on one sex although we talked about it alot.  She loved the idea of a threesome with another man but said she could never go through with it. 

 We decided to go to a swing club for the first time.   We agreed that we wouldn’t fuck anyone tonight.  We would check it out have whatever fun we agree on but no penetration.  So basically just looking to check it out 

It was crowded and people in various stages of dress. Mia had a crop top on and half her tits were exposed.  We sat and had a drink.  She was getting checked out right and left.  After a couple of drinks we got on the dance floor. she loves to dance.  Bruno Mars was on and the floor was full.  We danced I kissed her 

My hand groped her tit.  She was good with it. 

A couple was dancing next to us and the man got closer to Mia.  I pulled her tits out and she left them out as we danced.  The guy kept bumping into her tits and I kept pushing her into him.  She had no problem with it.  It made me hard as a rock. 

The song ended and we went back to the table.  We sat and I leaned in and kissed her pulling her top down at the table.  We kissed deep as I felt her up.  Her hand found my hard cock.  We looked up and the table was surrounded by guys stroking their cocks.  Although shocked Mia loved it. I sucked on a nipple. One man reached over to touch her nipple she stopped him and said. No touch.  I was disappointed but it was still hot. 

She pulled her top up and we went to check the rest of the place out 

We both enjoyed it so far and were curious to check out the couples only area upstairs.  A big open room at the top of the stairs  with tables chairs love seats couches.  Mia sat on an empty couch in the corner and I  sat next to her. We watched as different sexual acts were carried out around us.  I pulled her itits out again and started kissng. 

I hadn’t notice that someone was on the adjacent couch watching within reaching distance.   We continued playing and she knelt between my legs and unzipped revealing my rock hard cock.  She was sucking vigorously.  Groaning.  Moaning.  She had that little top on which I had pulled down and a short little skirt.  She was on her knees with her ass sticking out while she sucked me.    

The person on the adjacent couch said something.   Then again then again.  This time I heard it.  Mia asked what did he say.  I told her he asked if he could touch you.  She kept sucking my cock harder and moaned and  said.  OK!!!   I was shocked she hadn’t even looked at who it was.  I whispered in her ear did you check him out?   She wiggled her head no.  I told her it was a black man. (She was married for years to a black man and said she’d never wanted another one.  But tonight she was so into sucking my cock in this atmosphere she didn’t care. When she said ok the stranger heard her and he was immediately kneeling behind her.  He was dressed but his hands went right to work on her tits from underneath this made her so fucking horny.  She sucked me to my balls.    Then I saw her skirt flip up over her ass and I knew he now had access to her pussy.   We had said no fucking is she lost in this?   Is she going to Let him fuck her?   Omg 

Her ass was wiggling and her moaning on my cock. I was about to explode his fingers were definetly inside of Mia.  She looked at me and all of a sudden said lets go   She realized she was not ready.  The man had his cock out now and it was quite impressive.  I thought once she saw that she would want it.  But she said thank you to the stranger and got up to leave.  I was still in shock she went that far and wasnt sure how I felt about it.   We got home and had wild sex.  This had turned us on immensely and I knew we’d be having more trips to the club soon.   

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