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My elder sister NANCY is admitted in a nursing home.she have malaria fever symptoms.Puma,a nurse come inside her room to check her temperature.my eyes are on her seminude hot body.we have physical love for hours.


 NANCY IS SHIVERING IN FEVER.I TOOK HER TO A PRIVATE NURSING HOME.DOCTOR CHECKED HIM & FOR OBSERVATION HAVE ADMITTED FOR 24 HOURS.WE BOTH MOVED TO A ROOM.NANCY IS SLEEPING ON BED.WHILE SITTING ON A CHAIR , WE BOTH ARE WAITING FOR NURSE TO COME.AFTER SOME TIME A NURSE ENTERED INSIDE….WEARING A ULTRA MINI SKIRT WITH A SHIRT & LEGGINGS COVERING HER LEGS & KNEES.SHE BEND DOWN TO CHECK HER TEMPERATURE & I GOT LOOK OF HER INNER PARTS……A WHITE PANTY COVERING HER ASS…SHE CHECK MY SISTER PRESSURE AS WELL AS TEMPERATURE.NOW LOOKING AT ME……….” I WILL INJECT HIM A INJECTION , SO GO OUT                                                          (GARRY) NO NEED TO SHY INJECT HER , I WILL SEE HIM        (NURSE) BUT I WILL INJECT IT IN HER ASS & YOU WILL LOOK IT                                                                                                      (GARRY) SHE IS A PATIENT NEED ONE ATTENDENT ALWAYS  .”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Nurse put my elder sister’s long skirt upto waist & i can see her nude lovely ass , she is wearing a G string panty.she injected an injection on her ass & covered her ass.Its 05:45 pm & my mom came there with my younger sister.after an hour , doctor came there with sexy & hot nurse.He checked her pressure & pulse.we got the intimation to leave the patients room but a single male is allowed.so i get the chance to seduce the nurse.now my mom & sister left the room giving us assurance of dinner & my bermuda.Room have two parts…..curtain is making the parts…..for attendant.nurse came again to check her pressure and this time , when she bends herself in front of me , her back portion is visible….she is now wearing a G string panty,looked her nice ass.she is in her mid twenties.                                                                                                                                                                     Its 10:30 p.m & we both brother and sister have taken meals.wearing a bermuda i am sleeping on a single bed & i got the soft touch of a hand on my penis bulge…..i hold her wrists and looking at him , she is NURSE PUMA.now i wake up on bed & she smiled……” I am nurse PUMA on night duty for patient and for you also , if you desire so than                                                                 ( GARRY ) i have desire for a hot night with you                     (Puma) o.k 2000 rs.for it , are you ready to pay ?                   (Garry) if i pay only 1000 rs.than                                                   (Puma) than no anal sex o.k ”  Puma is now on bed and i leaned on her face…..a hot baby of 24-25 yrs.is kissing my face and lastly our lips are locked.she is rubbing my back and i took her tongue in my mouth to suck…..my hands are pressing her breasts.after a long french kiss session , i started removing her shirt.she is in her undergarments only.now i put my lips on her hot body…slowely i moved downwards to kiss her tummy.                                                                                                                                                                      Puma is wearing a G string panty….my lips are on her thighs…..she is now screaming in joy and my tongue started rolling on her soft thighs……I kissed her legs and she walked away from bed.looking at her i can see lovely ass moving and she went to close the main door.came back and stands in front of me with her legs wide stretched.I am on bed corner……now i removed her panty and lips are making love to her glory hole…..she removed her brassier and put her hand on breast to massage……now my tongue is going inside her vagina…..while licking it i can feel her soft ass with hand moving on it…..she have kept one leg on bed and my 1/2 of tongue is moving inside……her hands are on my hairs…..while fucking her vagina with my tongue……my penis is in full erection & i sucked her vagina for some time.now nude Puma make me sleep on bed…. she removed my bermuda…..now she is on my top….in opposite direction…….in a 69 position we both are enjoying oral sex……she is sucking my penis and i have put my tongue inside her vagina……..Puma sucked it & now she is licking my penis…..we are making love to eachother sexual organs.after some time she moved from my body.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             we both are nude.now she took a condom from her purse & put it on my penis.Puma is standing with her legs wide apart…..she bends herself like a four legged animal……now standing near her bum…i pushed my penis inside her vagina…..holding her waist….i started fucking her…..she is moving her ass fastly….now i put my hand on her breast and while pressing it my penis is roaring inside her cunt.after 5-7 minutes of hard fuck, i felt my penis pre cum and took it out of her vagina.I pushed her on bed…..in a missionary style i am fucking her leaning on her hot body.she is moving her bum up & down.lastly my penis ejaculated inside condom and she removed condom to suck my penis…..tasted cum…..our sex ends .

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