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We finished that machine and she said “Follow me” and I assumed we were heading to another machine but she was walking away from the workout area and into the back.

“Are there other machines back here,” I asked as we walked.

“Nope, just a private workout area with no machines. I told you, you owed me some extra sessions” she said as we came to an office door. She opened the door and told me to come in and after we got inside she closed and locked the door. I was standing there and wasn’t sure what to do as she walked towards me pulling her top over her head and tossing it to the floor.


Like a lot of other people, I started to go to the gym on a regular basis this year. Started out 2 times a week and worked my way up to 3 times a week. The first couple weeks I was just getting the feel of the gym and what the other members were like and what they did. I noticed they had some trainers but never thought much of using one before I saw this new trainer that started a few weeks ago. The first time I saw her, she was wearing these tight black workout pants that really showed off her firm toned ass and legs.

I so wanted to approach her and talk to her about her showing me some things and maybe being my trainer but she was way too hot for me. She had sexy blonde highlights and long legs that were very sexy and firm which showed off her nice ass. Her breasts were so firm and perky, guessing around a 32B with nipples that could poke out your eyes. For the next two weeks, I watched her each day I was at the gym trying to get the nerve up to talk to her about her training me. A lot of guys kept hanging around her, guys that were way more muscular than me, even a number of women hung around her.

Finally, one day as she was walking near me when I was on the treadmill, I got the nerve to say something to her, and with true klutzy fashion, I almost fell off the treadmill when I went to speak to her. Unfortunately, she saw me almost fall and she stopped to see if I was alright and she was trying very hard not to laugh.

“Are you alright,” she asked as she held back her laughter.

“Yes, I slipped. I will be fine and thank you for checking on me” I replied.

“Looks like you were going pretty hard on the treadmill today, keep it up,” she told me.

“Thank you, I try very hard and also do the 30-minute workout as well. Could use some advice or training on some of the machines in the workout. You know a good trainer” I ask.

“Of course, I do, and I could even give you their names but you might not like them,” she said.

“Okay, who would you recommend,” I ask her with a puzzled look on my face.

“I will be your trainer. You are not like the others who want to impress me with their muscles, you want to actually workout to get fit”.

I was smiling so big inside but I didn’t want to let it show too much how happy I was to hear her say that.

“When are you going to be here next?” she asked me.

“Wednesday night is my next scheduled night to work out here” I replied.

“When you get here come look me up and we will get started on your workout plan and what best will fit you,” she said.

“It is a date, well not really a date but you know what I mean,” I said as my face got beet red.

“I know what you mean, see you then,” she said as she walked off giggling. I couldn’t help watching her walk away, seeing her gorgeous ass shake.

It seemed like Tuesday lasted a week, finally, it was Wednesday and my first night to have my personal trainer. I get to the gym and like she said I went and looked her up. When I spotted her, she again was wearing her tight workout pants but this time, they were multi-colored and they looked good on her. I walked up to her to let her know I was there and she said she would be right with me. I headed over to the 30 minutes circuit area to get ready.

I got some stretching in before she got over to me and said: “Well let’s see how you do the workouts”.

I started out with the steps before moving to the first machine and she watched as I used the leg press.

“No you are not doing it quite right,” she said as she leaned in and placed her hand on my leg. “You need to straighten your legs all the way when you reach this point,” as she pointed to the diagram on the machine. “One more rep,” she said as I started to lift the weight. “That’s it, just like that,” she said as she ran her hand along my leg when I reached the correct point.

“You have some very nice legs,” she said as we finished with that machine. “Let’s move to the next machine,” she said as I followed her lead.

We did each machine and at each one, she would run her hand along a different part of my body to show me how it should be when I did it right.

“We finished these now are you heading to the treadmill?” she asked.

“Yes, I usually do 30 minutes, part walking and part running,” I said.

“Let’s go and get moving,” she said as we walked to the first open treadmills.

I was kind of surprised when she got on the one next to me and started walking right along with me. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her body as she was working out right beside me, her blonde highlighted hair moving side to side with each step. After a few minutes, she began running so I had to try and keep up even though she was in much better shape than I was. It wasn’t long before I had to slow back down to catch my breath, sweat was running down my forehead.

“Come on you can go longer,” she said with a smile as she kept running.

Grabbing a quick drink of water, I picked up the pace and start running again. All I know is, I am glad those 30 minutes went quick, not sure if I could have lasted much longer.

“You did pretty well for our first day together, see you the next day you are here,” she said.

I changed and headed home and ended up sleeping really well that night didn’t hurt that I had images of her running thru my head all night.

I went back Friday night after work to get my next workout in and I looked her up again. We went back thru the 30-minute workout again and she showed me a few things to help get more out of each machine. Like she did the first night, she would place her hands on me to show what areas were benefiting from each machine. I swear each time she would move her hand closer to my ass or my cock but then it could have been wishful thinking on my part.

I normally don’t go on the weekends to the gym but this weekend I decided to go just to see if she was there and get an extra look at her. Walking around the gym and she was nowhere in sight so I just went for a normal workout and went home. Monday night came around and I went for my usual workout and sure enough, she was there. I looked her up and we began our routine, 30-minute circuit and then the treadmill. Again she used the hands-on approach when we were on the machines and again I could swear she was trying to get a quick feel.

We finished up on the treadmill as usual and as she was walking away she said: “Next time we are skipping the treadmill and doing some other machines”.

“Sure that was fine with me” I replied as I headed for the locker room.

When Wednesday came around, I made sure was ready, an extra water and a little cologne just to be safe. We started out on the 30-minute workout as usual before we headed to the other machines.The first machine was for the lower back and abs and as I started to do my first rep, she placed her hand on my lower back and when I leaned forward she let her hand slide down to the top of my butt.

“That’s good, just like that,” she said as I finished the first rep.

She placed her and then on my stomach and moved it up and down and she got real close to my crotch. “We want to work on this area over the next few days,” she said as I did the next 9 reps before we moved to another machine. “This machine is going to build muscle in your thighs,” she said as she placed her hand on my inner thigh and ran it up and down my leg. She kept getting close but stayed just far enough away but close enough to get me going.

I could feel my cock getting a little excited and I really hoped she didn’t notice it either. She watched as I did the 10 reps on the machine, then stopped me.

“Let me on the machine so I can show you how to get more out of it”.

I got up and she climbed on and started showing me how she does it. She did one rep and stopped midway thru and reaches for my hand,

“Feel these muscles,” she remarked and placed my hand on her inner thigh. Her leg felt so good as she moved my hand up her leg and then back down it. I really hoped she didn’t notice my growing erection in my shorts. She did a few more reps before we moved to another machine.

We finished the workout and as we got ready to part ways, she looked at me and said “At least I got one muscle enlarged today” as she winked and walked away.

I was so embarrassed since she must have noticed my erection, I tried to hide it but not well enough I guess. Friday came around and it was gym time again. I looked for her when I got there but didn’t see her at first so I proceeded to go about my normal 30-minute workout.

I was part way thru when I heard her voice from behind me, “You started without me” she said. When I turned around, she was standing there in some very tight short shorts. Avery low cut tank top which showed off her breasts quite well and she was wearing red lipstick that looked great on her. The first thing that ran thru my mind was the boy would that lipstick would look good on my cock.

I tried to answer but could only mumble out “I didn’t see you anywhere so I started” as my eyes kept looking up and down her body.

“You are going to owe me some extra session then,” she said as she walked closer. “Let’s start over here,” she said as we moved over to the one machine. “Let’s see your form on this one again,” she said as I got on it and began. As I got halfway thru the first rep she said”Stop there and hold it” and she leaned over and reached for my leg.

As she leaned over I could see inside her top and see her breasts, so firm and inviting. She placed her hand on my leg and said: “See this is the muscle we want to work on with this machine” as she rubbed my leg. Moving her hand up my thigh until she glanced against my testicles.

“We want to get these muscles nice and firm,” she said as she looked right at me before glancing towards my crotch. “Continue with the rest of your reps,” she said as she stood back up and watched as I finished on the machine.

I followed her to the next machine, her shorts barely covered her ass cheeks as she walked. She stood in front of the next machine and turned around and bent over

“Let me adjust the seat,” she said. Her shorts pulled back as she bent over and her ass cheeks were partly exposed. She shifted her legs apart a little as she was still bent over and her tight shorts showed the outline of her pussy with great detail. The lines and folds of her vaginal lips were tempting me.

As she stood back up she said: “Give this machine a try” as I sat down and began.

It was an arm press machine, and I had to lift the weight straight up When I got it up she said stop and hold it. She ran her hand on my arm and down to my chest.

“We are working on these muscles and want to tone them up,” she said as she leaned close, brushing her breasts against my arm. “There is nothing like a toned strong arm wrapped around a lady,” she said as she stepped back and motioned for me to continue.

I finished that machine and she led me to another machine, this one was a leg lift one. As I sat down to start, she moved my legs just a little farther apart and motioned me to start. As I got my legs out with the weight on them she said to stop and hold it. I did as she said and again she placed her hand on my inner thigh and started moving it up my leg.

“We want these muscles toned and firm, nothing like some strong legs for a girl to sit on,” she said as she ran her hand even closer to my crotch. My erection had to be noticeable to her, just glad my boxer briefs were holding it somewhat close to my body, if not it would be standing straight out.

We finished that machine and she said “Follow me” and I assumed we were heading to another machine but she was walking away from the workout area and into the back.

“Are there other machines back here,” I asked as we walked.

“Nope, just a private workout area with no machines. I told you, you owed me some extra sessions” she said as we came to an office door. She opened the door and told me to come in and after we got inside she closed and locked the door. I was standing there and wasn’t sure what to do as she walked towards me pulling her top over her head and tossing it to the floor.

“Get out of those shorts,” she said as she got down on her knees in front of me. I quickly slipped out of my shorts and briefs; my erection sprang out and was looking right at her. Her right-hand grasped the base of my cock and held it as she placed her warm wet mouth over the end of my cock.

Slowly she started lowering her mouth over the length of my member, taking more and more of it inside her mouth until she couldn’t take any more. Up and down my cock she bobbed her head, sucking me and teasing me with her tongue. She worked me over for a few minutes until she quickly pulled off of me and stood up. She pulled her tight shorts off and then her thong underwear, exposing her smooth bald pussy. She moved towards the desk and with one arm shoved everything off she could and bent over the desk.

“Stick that cock inside me” she ordered, her pussy looked so inviting, the lips of her pussy were glistening with moisture. Stepping in behind her, the tip of my cock touched her pussy and I slowly push it into her. Grasping her hips, I move in and out, one moment filling her and the next almost completely out.

“Yes yes fuck my pussy ” she moans as I continue to give her the extra workout she wanted. Her pussy was nice and wet and it felt so good around my cock. After about five or so minutes, she reached behind her and pushed me back, I stepped back and she turned around and crawled up on the desk and got on her back with her legs spread wide.

“Finish me off, make me cum baby,” she told me as I moved closer to my own ending.

I continued to pound her tunnel of love, slapping it against her stiff clit. Her moans were getting louder and her body was shaking with each thrust. My orgasm was building and I wanted to hold on and not cum to early. I could feel her pussy getting wetter as her orgasm was about to hit. I held her tighter and gave her a couple more hard thrusts, my balls slapping against her ass until I was about to shoot my load. Pushing as far inside her as I could and holding tightly against her, my orgasm hit and my sperm started flowing deep inside her. I could feel her orgasm starting, her juices rushing over my cock and down onto my balls.

Exhausted from the workout and the extra workout, I let her legs go and they fell beside mine and I leaned down onto her chest. My face lying against her breasts, feeling her nipples against my cheek, I turn enough to suck on her nipple, tasting the sweat from our sex on her tit. Tasting her left breast and then her right breast, she tasted so good and I wanted more. I kiss my way down her stomach as much semi erect cock comes out of her pussy.

Sticking my tongue inside her belly button, teasing her before moving towards her cum filled pussy. I get on my knees between her legs, kissing her clit as I start to lick the folds of her pussy. Her lips still swollen from the sex, cum slowly dripping out of her, my tongue starting to slide inside her and tasting our cum together. Her pussy tasted so good, her juices mixed with mine, kissing and licking her wetness until I cleaned her up.

Slowly I stand up and reach out to help her to her feet, as she stands up, I wrap my arms around her and pull her in tight against me, her nipples pressing against me, we stand there for a minute before we separate and start getting dressed. As we were about to leave the office she said.

“See you when you come in for your next session,” winking as she unlocks the door and heads out.

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