Many Firsts in One Night

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“I can’t believe I’m about to fuck another woman’s face,” I said in disbelief.


Tonight was the night. I was a 25 year old stud with the relationship of a 70 year old. 

My wife of 4 years never wanted to have sex with me. We got married at 18 and things went stale about 4 years later. My guess was she just masturbates at home while I work all day and doesn’t want me anymore. My balls were filled with cum as it hasn’t been released in over a week since the last time I jacked off in the shower before work. Tonight would be the night of my life however. I got permission to go out of state alone to visit my friend’s college graduation party.

It was 3 hours away and there was a very nice casino near him. A week ago, I made a profile on a dating site to look for women that lived around there. As luck would have it, I found a woman that was interested in my young cock. She was 38 years old. My wife was 23 and had an amazing body but I craved being with an older woman. I always fantasize about fucking an older stranger. I’ve only been with one girl my entire life. This cougar, Elise, agreed to meet me at the casino that night.

i left for my trip and called my friend. As luck would have it, he postponed his party until the next day. I figured I would just tell my wife I was too drunk that night and had to sleep at my friend’s house. As I pulled up to the casino, I started to get butterflies in my stomach. I have never done anything like this before and I was nervous.

I entered and made my way to the agreed upon meeting spot, the red pot-o-luck slots. There was Elise in her red heels and short black and red skirt. Her long black hair resting on her pale shoulders. She sure had a banging body for an older woman. I walked up and introduced myself. 

“Well Josh, how about a couple drinks to loosen up?” She asked me. I downed 4 drinks over the next 30 minutes of small talk and was feeling very horny and confident.

“let me get our room,” I said to her feeling ready to get it on.

Once inside the room, she dragged me by my pants to the bed. She threw herself on her back and spread her long legs open still fully clothed. My dick started to get hard as a rock and bulged through my jeans.

“Mmm Josh, take your clothes off and do the dirtiest things you want to me,” she said seductively. 

“Yes ma’am,” I replied, heart racing. I’ve never cheated but always dreamed about this.

I kicked off my shoes, yanked off my shirt, and slowly pulled off my jeans and boxers, exposing my long smooth thick cock and freshly trimmed juicy balls.

“Suck my cock like your life depends on it you slut,” I commanded Elise. She obliged. She came to the edge of the bed where I was standing naked and exposed. She engulfed the head of my blood-filled throbbing cock in her warm wet mouth. Heaven wasn’t enough to describe how it felt. My cock got so hard it began to pulse and hurt. A good kind of pain. She grabbed my firm ass cheeks and started going back and forth, deep throating my young cock.

“I can’t believe I’m about to fuck another woman’s face,” I said in disbelief.

“facefuck me Josh!” She screamed and latched back on. I started to thrust my hips, filling her sexy mouth with my 9 inch dick. Faster and faster. I could feel the head of my dick banging against her throat.

She pulled off and said, “That’s it baby, fuck mommy’s face,” while gasping for breath. I jam my dick back in and grab her hands to spread my ass cheeks. She slides her middle finger in my tight asshole as I’m about to cum in her hot throat.

“Wait baby, I’m not ready to cum!” I yell as I jerk my cock out of her throat. “Turn around and pull off that skirt,” I demand her to do. She does so like a good girl. On her knees looking backward at me, I slide off her red silk panties and look at that nice pale fat ass. Her pussy is shaved and looks delicious. 

“May I?” I say as I spread her ass cheeks and glare at her pink tight asshole. She nods in approval. I spread that ass even more and bury my tongue in her asshole. I’ve never done anything remotely close to this but the alcohol takes hold of me. It tastes so good and she moans Loud. She starts rubbing her clit furiously as I lick her ass and play with nipples. My dick leaks precum.

I slap her ass and lay down next to her with my cock straight up to the ceiling. 

“Sit on my cock you slut,” I tell her. 

“Yes daddy!” She says. 

She slowly slides that tight ass on my throbbing dick and I finger her pussy at the same time. We start fucking with incredible aggressivenes.

“Erghhhh that’s it Josh FUCK MY ASS! FUCK MEE!” She screams so loud I’m sure neighbours here. “I’m gonna fucking cummmmm” we both yell. She squirts all over the fucking bed and I’m sweating and shaking and push her off of me and tell her to open her mouth for my jizz. She hurrily does so and I cum all in her fucking mouth. My dick hurts and is a deep red from cumming so hard. I squirt loads of thick yellow cum all over her as she rubs her nipples.

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