Juicys Wish

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My cock is hard again from watching him fuck her. I climb on her, she’s face up, I kiss her passionately


Her manhunt had eventually found a compatible guy for Juicy. Muscular, tall, nice smile thirty seven and a smooth body. They have been chatting on the text and he is polite, his grammar is good, she’s keen almost fallen for him and she looks forward to his daily contact. I’ve seen him and he looks good, after all I will be sharing my soulmate, the love of my life with him. I have to like him too.

We book two nights at a country club, the room is huge. As is the bed and bath, it will seat three people easily, perfect for Juicy. After meeting in the hotel bar we all sit around and chat, not much small talk, it’s already been said. Just her sitting between us and getting slightly loosened up on Rum and Coke.

She soon wants to touch him, feel the body she’s only seen in pictures. He’s not shy and unbuttons his tight white shirt for her to slip her hand inside, she feels his firm muscular chest and makes a whimper her sound of approval.

“Thank you.” She says.

“For what???” I reply.

“For being persistent !!” She replies all the time her hand is groping his body.

We are sitting facing away from people. A good idea as my hand is running up the inside of the short skirt I insisted she wore and stroking her inner thigh, up to her already juicy cunt lips. I nod my head to him inviting him to do the same and soon his hand joins mine in stroking her thigh. I move to one side to let him sample for the first time her juices.

I continue to stroke her thigh. Her head tilts back and she grips my hand, I can’t see but I know he’s found her clit and no doubt massaging it. She releases my hand and cups the back of my head pulling it to her face, kisses me devours my mouth. Our tongues collide repeatedly, she releases me enough to say

“I love you darling, more than life itself and always will.”

”I love you too honey.” I reply

“I want his naked body on mine now.” She says, she moves her hand from my head to his, pulls it too her and kisses him passionately “Do you want me???” She asks him.

“Juicy,” he replies “I didn’t come all this way to go home with a dry cock.”

She frowns momentarily then giggles. Anyone seeing the proceedings would be in no doubt of what was about to happen. This petite gorgeous woman was about to be pleasured then brutalised by these two burley men.

She makes a point of putting her arms around both of us as we walk down the long corridor to the room. Once in, she soon finds herself the centre of attention, we sandwich her between us. Me kissing her neck, shoulders and running my tongue down her spine. He’s kissing her, more passionately, she’s loving it. He has his hand up her dress no doubt rubbing her clit even fingering her cunt. I run my fingers up her inner thigh to her arse cheeks, parting them rubbing her arse hole, spreading her cheeks and stretching her holes.

We undress her, I go over and put the prepared porn on the TV. He’s already naked his cock hard and waiting, I soon follow suit. She climbs on the bed and lies face down waiting the adoration.

We rub her naked body with coconut oil, making it shine, all the time he’s complimenting her on having a fit body for her age. I gesture to rub between her thighs but he’s already there, feeling the slippery wet of what her pussy has made. The massage goes on for half an hour or more before the sight of her shiny nakedness is too much. After this much hands on attention Juicy is relaxed enough for anything. You could bring her ten guys let alone two!

She’s lying on her back now and he runs his tongue up her leg to her thigh, kisses then sucks her clit and licks her cunt lips. Drinking her juice, making her tremble, she grabs his head and pulls it in deeper while I’m kissing her lips.

“You Okay honey?” I ask.

“Thank you again, I should have done this sooner darling.” She replied, her voice trembling with pleasure. I sit on the bed while he enjoys her delights. He runs his tongue up her body kissing and sucking her as he goes, then to her mouth where she grabs him and kisses him more passionately this time.

“FUCK ME!!!” She orders him. He looks over to me for approval.

“You didn’t come here just to give her a back rub did you?” I asked.

“Fuck no mate.” with that he goes to his trousers and digs out a rubber.

“No need for that bro,” I say “Juicy wants you bareback.” His face changes to one of sheer excitement.

He quickly returns to juicy on the bed and climbs between her legs again. leans over her, rests his finger on her clit for a moment while he gets into position. She wraps her arms around him, pulling his face to his again, he reaches down and grabs his hard throbbing cock, slips the tip in slowly. She flinches, he pushes it all the way in forcefully and she yelps,

“Yes do it do it!” With that he starts to pound away frantically, out of control until she stops him slows him down to a gradual pace. He starts to enjoy it now then his body jolts, she just squeezed his cock.

“Fuck juicy that’s awesome.” Yes she had done just that. I return to the scene and tell him.

“Off!! It’s my turn”

He pulls out his soaking cock and lets me in. She lifts her knees up and I go in, It’s already well lubricated her lips are looking used, she wraps her legs round my hips and pulls me in deep. Kisses me violently, deeply and says.

“He’s good, you just need to slow him down.”

“I’ll show him.” I reply.

A long slow fuck follows pushing my hard cock deep inside her raised pussy till I hit her Cervix. Then pull out till the tip slips out then push back in deep. Her cunt feels used, fucked, pounded, awesome. I want it used some more. I look over to him and say.

“fuck her like this yea? That’s what she likes.”

I pull out of her, the milky cum juice is running down to her arse hole. He climbs back in, his cock so full and hard she winces, his slow rhythmical movement is perfect. That combined with the knowledge of being fucked by a stranger is getting juicy turned on and she starts to rub her clit. Slowly at first then faster. She snogs him, bites him, eats him not letting up on her passionate embrace, while still rubbing her clit.

He speeds up again uncontrollably, she wants him too though. She wants this big man to make her cum, his body smashes against hers the slapping sound is painful but it’s what she wants. Her body lifts as if possessed, her fingers rubbing faster.

“Fuck me, fuck me.” She screams at him.

At this I know shes ready to cum. She shouts.

“No No!!” She cums.

Her legs and arse cheeks tighten almost unmounting him. I see he’s ready too but He’s not to spoil the honey pot so I order him out and he shoots his cum on her stomach, she rubs it in with her pussy juice covered fingers. She lies back massaging the spunk into her skin while he stands over her dribbling, rubbing his cock.

I roll her over onto her stomach. Bring my legs between hers, parting them wide and push my cock into her very well used cunt, it’s slippery and running with cum. It’s still warm from his cock fucking it hard. I wanted this I wanted her cunt to be fucked hard by another, I wanted her to cheat on me and it felt great. Leaning on her back I lift her arse up high and slam fuck her pussy. She’s not recovered from her earlier orgasm.

“No, No I don’t want it.” She protests.

But it’s my dirty cheating cunt and I will pound it. She soon gets into the motion again and rubs her firm little arse against me pushing me In deeper. He’s rubbing his cock and getting hard again. It’s time to make use of Juicys talents.

There’s a long stool at the end of the bed, I pull out of her red swollen pussy and carry her over to it. Lie her down on her belly just the right height to be double fucked now. I order him into her mouth, he eagerly does so. I slip into her pussy again. I tell her to deep throat him, she hesitates until I spank her ass, as she takes his cock down her throat until she gags.

“Ugh!” She lets out a grunt.

The involuntary action makes her cunt muscles spasm on my cock nearly cutting it off. Again I order her to take him in deep and again it spasms. The feeling is nothing short of ecstatic. I swap with him and he get the same treatment, I force my cock into her face making her eyes water and spit dribble down her chin and my cock. I repeat it over and over making her retch. We change again, she’s taking some punishment but enjoying the attention. Her pussy feels very swollen and tight now, she’ll be too sore to go all night. I pull-out and go turn the bath on for a cooling soak.

I return to the bedroom to find her sitting astride him. She’s on her haunches sliding up and down the length of his cock, groping his firm sweat covered chest. He’s rubbing her clit and fingering her cunt. He pulls out his fingers and puts them in her mouth, she enjoys the taste then leans down and kisses him, licking him, wanting him more.

I tell them the warm bath is ready. She climbs off his pulsating cum soaked cock, rubs her fingers along her pussy and drags them over his lips,

“That’s what you’ll be eating later young man.” She tells him.

“Can’t wait.” He replies with a smirk.

We all lie in the warm water, juicy between us. Her pussy is recovering from the earlier abuse.

“Are you enjoying this juicy?” He asks.

“Very,” she replies, “but I want my pussy and arse eating by both of you before we go any further.” She adds.

“But of course.” We both reply.

She sits massaging our cocks, and we play with her recovering clit in turn. We chat about scenarios she has in her head that she wants fulfilling before we brutalise her, but we have till tomorrow to do that so all in good time. I occasionally top up the warm water while she takes it turn snogging us and eventually she’s ready.

She climbs onto her knees over the edge of the bath leaning on the rim, pulls open her arse cheeks with both hands saying,

“Who’s going to eat me first!” He didn’t need asking twice. Within seconds he’s on his knees, face buried in her butt, slurping and licking like a starving man. She’s moans and winces as he sucks her clit, thumbs her pussy, bites her lips. The scene is so horny, real life porn. I’m watching my woman being eaten by someone we didn’t know till today, now how sexy is that. After 10 mins or so I tap him off and go in for my turn. I slide 2 fingers from each hand into her cunt, pulling it open then go in with my tongue, eating her clit and tongue fucking her arse. I’m struggling to breath, I go in so deep she is pushed into the bath edge.

The taste it nothing short of terrific, what man could not want to live on Juicy’s cum. Her pussy is so delicious I want to devour it forever. I hear her moans, she reaches between her legs and rubs her clit again as I tongue fuck her cunt relentlessly. Her legs stiffen arse cheeks twitch as she’s ready to cum again. It must be being watched that turns her on or maybe the fact that this guy is going to bury his cock inside her soon and fill her with his strangers cum.

I let him have his turn, knowing she’s ready and only needs a little more encouragement to make her cum. I go off to get some drinks for us all, Rum and coke all round. I return to the bathroom to find him with his cock inside her, fucking her. The water gushes over her back and hair with every deep stroke he makes into her, she squeals with pleasure as the water fills her and his cock slams into her cunt. The scene is too much for me and I pull him off, It’s my turn to cum. I look at her partially submerged pussy. It’s open, wide open, red and swollen it’s obvious it’s been well and truly fucked, but not by me. That is what gets me worked up, my woman is enjoying a younger man’s cock over mine.

I ram myself in hard, almost pushing her over, lift myself up over her arse and go down into her, pushing my cock onto her Gspot. She quivers with the ecstasy, rubbing her clit more violently now I feel her pussy squeeze me not purposefully but random now. I feel her cumming, she lifts herself out of the water to let me in deeper, I’m more frantic now, fast and powerful. The knowledge we are being watched, she’s been fucked by a stranger and she’s enjoying every minute, is enough to get me there.

She shudders and her cunt spasms as she cums, my muscles pulse violently as I ram it in deep, we cum simultaneously. The water is a mess of her cum and mine as we slow our rhythm down to a standstill. He’s watching with a drink in hand, Claps out of appreciation.

“You guys are the best, hope you let me stay the night. Would really like to fuck you some more Juicy.” He asks.

“Sure,” she replies, “You can stay, I want more of your cock young man.”

We wash and dry then retire to the bed, all three of us. Juicy lays between us, slightly tired but not yet ready to sleep. She’s had her wish now its our turn, we want a piece of Juicy’s ass. The porn is still playing on the TV, she watches as a woman is gangbanged by 5 guys and gets cream pied and her interest is clear to see. I attack her lips first, snogging her then I pass her over to him to have some. We pass her too and fro, all the time I’m rubbing her clit and he’s fingering her. Her hands are on our cocks again.

Eventually I get up and pull her too her knees then stuff my hard cock into her mouth. Holding on to her hair I force it in deep, making her gag, she pushes against my hips with her hands but I pull her head onto me. Her mouth feels exciting, her tongue rubbing along my hard vein, running it around it’s tip before I pull her into it again. I release her enough to run her tongue around my shaven balls and gooch, she licks and sucks them intensely. Her spit is dribbling out of her mouth and onto the bed. she pays a lot of attention to sucking me, her tongue and lips feel fantastic, this woman has some serious talents. Behind her he is finger fucking her, almost fisting. Her back arches with every stroke he makes with his hand, he must feel her cunt tighten as I ram my cock deep in her face. She pulls back.

“Fuck me with your fist boy.” She demands.

He obliges and slides 4 fingers into her, her mouth is very busy on my cock, consuming it like a last meal. Slobbering and gagging.

I pull her mouth off my cock.

“lie down on the bed” I order him. He does so without asking, “you want his cock???” I ask Juicy.

“Yes.” She replies.

“Get on it and fuck it then you dirty cheating slut.” I slap her face gently.

In a second she’s on it, ramming it into herself violently. The slapping noise is almost ear splitting and must be painful. She fucks him for some time, easily 15 mins.

”Fuck me Fuck me!!” She order him occasionally.

No mortal man can take that from her pussy for long without cumming. I get behind her, watch her cunt drip with a milky juice as his cock slides in and out of her slowly. She’s rubbing her clit, I watch his hands on her tight little ass, holding her, pulling her apart. The vision is intoxicating I’m engrossed in the sight I see. Another man’s cock is in my beloved, She’s fucking him and loving it.

I manoeuvre myself into position, grab her hips and start to slide my cock in beside his. She jolts at the initial feeling, her hand reach behind her and try to push me away.

“No No!” She exclaims.

Her arse cheeks clench trying to stop me but I push my cock in harder, she’s so wet it’s easy and soon we are both in her tight pussy. She lies down on him, holding him now, kissing him passionately and deeply. Her cunt feels hot and very tight. Her cum juice smells divine, her pussy lips are stretched around our cocks pulling them together, my cock is pushing against her arse wall as we fuck her slowly. The feeling of another man’s cock rubbing against mine isn’t strange, the reason for it removes that from your thoughts. We are both inside a very hot woman who wants this to happen, that’s all that you think about.

Soon juicy is well into it and starts to fuck us. We hold our cocks still inside her and she rides us both, sliding up and down both cocks simultaneously, still kissing him and rubbing her clit. His hands are pulling her cunt apart, mine are on her waist sliding her up and down both or cocks. Soon it’s too much for us all, she is frantic now rubbing her clit. She is fucking us both much faster until we can feel her pussy pulsate then dribble with fluid. My cock gets very hard and full, she feels us both grow inside her.

“Fucking hell Fucking hell, I’m cumming now, fuck me hard!” She screams.

We both feel the urgency and pound her, out of time. But it doesn’t matter she needs to feel us cum. My groin boils, then explodes, the hot seamen rushed through my cock and erupts inside her as she cums. He is seconds behind I feel his cock pulse through the tightness caused by her orgasm, and he also erupts deep inside her. Her cunt overflows and the spunk squirts out the gap between our cocks. “Don’t stop Don’t Stop!” She insists.

We continue to fuck her cum filled gash until we soften. She then pushes me away climbs off his cock, wipes the spunk off her cunt and licks her hand clean.

“MMmm Nice.” She says.

Then sets about sucking my cock clean of spunk, followed by his. My cock is hard in seconds seeing this and I climb back inside her from behind. The squelching sound of all that cum makes me fuck her hard. The feeling of another man’s cum makes me wild with lust and all I want to do is tear her open with my hard cock. She looses grip of his cock and her face is being pushed into the bed by my anger and violent movements. He’s watching and holding her hand not sure what to do.

I lie down on her body, she’s unable to escape. I push my body up, forcing her legs wide open. The feel of all that hot cum in my girl and the sound of her spunk filled cunt slurping as I pound it is driving me insane. My woman has just fucked and taken the cum of another guy, I Hold her hands above her head so she’s now helpless. he moves back and watches, I see him rubbing his cock as it hardens, we seem to have similar tastes. I push myself in so deep Her back lifts my torso arches to get my cock in as deep as possible.

I wrap my arm round her neck now, the crease of the elbow is used to choke her, cut her air flow. It pulls her head back beside mine, she gurgles trying to breath.

“Your my dirty bitch, understand?” I whispered. She tries to nod her head but I know anyway.

She screams with pain not pleasure but she’s stifled by my arm. No one can hear her only me and him. My cock is in the most fantastic place ever, her cunt, her wet spunk filled cunt and it’s mine all mine. I glance over to him, he’s rock hard now wanking manically. The anger increases in me, He Just Fucked My Woman! and I want to rip her apart as I fuck her. Then I blow my load, ramming her hard as I do.

“Stop Stop please” she begs for mercy.

“But he’s not had his turn yet” I reply, “Come hold her hands.” I tell him, as I pull out of her and my cum dribbles on the sheets.

“Now get in there and fuck her as hard as you ever have any woman” I order him.

He gets down between her legs and his cock is in her in seconds.

“No no!” she begs again. But he’s relentless with his movements.

The spunk in her is almost splashing as his hips rapidly ram her again and again, he is soon pseudo raping her and in no time he blows his load too. She whimpers again as she feels his cock pulsate with his orgasm. I order him off her, roll her over, her eyes are wet with tears of fear and ecstasy. I lean down and kiss her deeply. Her mouth is wet with saliva her cheeks damp with tears.

“like that Honey?” I ask.

“Yes very much so.” She replies.

I kiss her again tell him to kiss her and she wraps her arms round him as she does.

“I want you again my boy, don’t go anywhere yet.” She tells him face to face.

“Ok I Won’t,” he replies, “ I want your pussy again.”

“Go run a warm bath” I order him.

My cock is hard again from watching him fuck her. I climb on her, she’s face up, I kiss her passionately. I slip my hard cock in her swollen soaking pussy. I feel every part of her canal rubbing against it’s head. Her cunt is full now, overflowing with our joint cum. The feeling is so good, it runs down my balls soaking the sheets, this is what she’s meant to do. We kiss long and hard as lovers.

“Thank you darling that was the best fuck ever.” She whispers.

“Your welcome honey, you deserve it.”. We fuck long and slow until he tells us the bath is ready.

We climb in it all together again, juicy soaks her well fucked pussy. She has a very good recovery so he needs to watch out.

We soon end up in bed, Juicy lies between us, cuddling up to me as we spoon. She’s facing him resting her hand on his chest. We chat briefly but she is soon asleep, between her two lovers, masters, fuck gods.

I wake a few hours later to the bed moving. She’s woken up and is sitting astride him, riding him. He has his hands on her small perfect tits, her eye’s closed enjoying the ride. The sound of her still wet cunt getting fucked yet again by this young stud gets me up immediately. I pull her face down to my now hard cock. She grabs it with her hand and sucks it fast and deep. Her throat feels so good against my tip. She must have gone asleep so horny and not be able to resist him, but that’s normal for juicy. My cock feels so good getting sucked as she gets fucked.

“This is porn film material.” I say.

“Pity you don’t have a camera.” He says. Juicy and I giggle.

“Forgot to pack it,” I reply, “sorry.”

I get up and make a brew. She carries on fucking him, she’s more oral now than she has been all night. Her moans and whimpers increase with every thrust she’s riding him with long and slow strokes on his hard cock, like a woman who’s been without a man for years and can’t get enough. I turn on the kettle, her moans stop. I turn round to see her on her back, legs up high, bent double almost up to her neck. Her pussy is wide open looking up at him. He get between them and slides his bursting cock into her gaping hole. I know this move, she loves it in deep and this position does just that.

He gets it in all the way up to her Cervix, she holds him in with her arms so he cant thrust and she rubs her hips up to his, getting maximum depth. He must be feeling that, it’s a familiar one to me, my cock tip rubs so hard onto her it can be painful. She moans loudly, it’s uncomfortable for her but it one her favourite positions, deep and hard. She kisses him almost smudging his lips with the force. He returns the passion. Soon he blows again and she feels it deep inside her.

“Yes Yes do it do it again.” She yelps.

I pull him off and delve my cock into her slippery dripping cunt again, it’s warm with his cum still. She grabs my arse and pulls me in deep with her feet. The sloppy feeling of hot spunk in her is awesome, she can feel it too, her face tells me all.

“Is this what you wanted? My pussy filled with cum so you can fuck it???” She asks.

“Yea oh yea.” I reply.

“Fuck it then fuck it, fill me up.” She orders me.

I lift myself high over her hold her legs up high with my arms, her pussy is gaping wide open waiting for me I then slap myself into her with my smooth body. Over and over I drive myself into her, the stinging feeling is off putting but painfully nice. The cum that she has inside her erupts in small fountains as I repeatedly go in deep, hitting her Cervix every time. She yelps with discomfort and pleasure with every impact. Her cunt is very swollen and red now, my cock is squeezed by her agile pussy muscles. It feels like home, warm wet and full of cum. I enjoy the ride, it’s tiring but phenomenal. I know he’s waiting to take my place again when she wants, but I’m fucking my woman now so he’ll have to watch and wank.

“I want DP.” She tells me mid fuck.

“OK, who is to go where.” I ask.

”You choose.” She replies.

Her arse is pointing up alongside her cunt, I pull out and slip it in her ass. We hold eye contact as I do, she moans and I feel her arse hole grip me, it’s tight and slightly drier than her pussy but enjoyable feeling just the same. She feels the same, her whimpers and moans tell me so. I deep fuck her ass, balls deep, enough to open her up for a double entry. I pull out her ass and back in her pussy, as she frantically rubs her clit.

“You dirty fuck.” She tells me. A gentle slap to her face.

“Yep.” I reply.

I order him on his back and she climbs astride him and immediately starts ramming herself with his cock. He lifts his pelvis to meet hers as they collide the spunk and cum juice splash everywhere. I climb on the bed behind them on my knees, I lift her arse up to meet my cock. I spread her arse cheeks open to show me her already wet and gaping hole. I slip my dripping cock tip into her arse, she arches her back with the pain, his cock slows down to allow me to enter her fully. He pulls out and I go all the way in. It’s tight and squeezing me.

“Relax.” I whisper in her ear.

“I can’t there’s too much going on.” She replies.

I reach round and rub her clit slowly.

“Fuck her!” I tell him.

He slides his cock into her deep, I feel every inch of it rub past me through her cunt wall. It’s rough and hard, She screams.

“Yes Yes that’s it, now fuck me!” She orders us. We do just that.

I go high and deep into her arse, he lifts his pelvis pushing deep into her.

“Oh yes, Oh Yes!” she screams, “more, more, I want more cocks in me!” She’ll have to do with two for now.

Her tight arse holds onto me, I feel every thrust of his cock in her cunt. He must feel me too, it’s wildly exciting. She’s rubbing her clit rapidly now.

“I’m cumin now, I want your cum on me both of you!” She shouts.

We fuck her insanely, madly. She rides us with all her effort, then, she screams and her cunt and arse tighten around our cocks and she cums. Gushing like a tap. She pushes us away. It’s too much for her, she can’t take both and cum all at once.

We are ready and kneel beside her. She’s dazed but wants our cum. We wank frantically, she cups our ball’s with her hands, fingering my gooch. I squirt, what’s left in me splashes on her body, she turns too him, sucks him for a moment, then he blows emptying on her belly. She rubs it in and lies back watching us.

“My men,” she says, “my lovely fuckable, Hunky Men.”

We lie back down in bed either side if her, she spoons him this time holding him and kissing me. I feel her hips wriggle, she has his cock in her again. I don’t mind, she’s horny and I’m tired. He’ll fuck her to sleep.

The sun breaks through the curtains sending a narrow beam across the room and striking Juicy as she lies face down between us, the light show off her delicious curvy ass cheeks, still glistening from the nights sweaty activity. Between her cheeks I notice a dried puddle of spunk almost sticking them together, looks like he got another on off in her last night, but which hole, no doubt she will tease me with the story another time. I go warm the kettle and jump in the shower, return to find them still asleep, her lying on his chest now one arm around him. I wake her with a kiss and a cuppa.

“Thanks darling I really need a drink,” she says, “he fucked me for ages after you fell asleep, I’ve not had much sleep.” She says tiredly.

“That’s ok honey,” I say, “we have no plans you can sleep it off later.” She smiles. Plans haha, think she has one more plan in her mind .

“You’re a bit sticky down there.” I point at her cheeks.

“Yes he tried to get it in my ass but I kept him out and he spilled it over my bum.” She continues

“You rotten sod,” I said.

“We agreed my ass is yours and yours alone dear, no one is fucking that but you.” She replied.

“Ok Honey.” I smiled.

She showers, think she had some work to do cleaning out the deposits from our evenings entertainment. He’s awake and drinking coffee.

“You’re the luckiest guy in the world mate, she is fucking amazing,” he stars, “never had a woman fuck like her and want more regardless.”

“Thanks,” I reply, “shes very special but doesn’t really know it, but I think this may get the message through.”

She reappears a vision of delicious loveliness and in seconds my cock is hard.

“How’s your pussy this morning.” I ask.

“Recovered,” she answers, “ready to be eaten for breakfast.” She walks over. climbs on the bed and sits on my face, rubbing her lips against mine. He watches and wants.

“Go shower,” She says, “there’s plenty left for you young man.”

Grinding her hips on my face, I can taste her juice, still sweet even after the abuse it’s had. I bite and suck her clit, she leans down and takes my cock in her mouth. Sucks with anger and lust, twisting her hips to get more friction on her cunt. Her mouth is fantastic, her tongue licks my ball’s her lips run up and down my shaft slowly and lingering on it’s tip before sliding back down. I bury my tongue in her pussy, the pussy that hours ago was getting fucked by a stranger, that got filled with his spunk time and time again, it’s such a turn on.

He appears fresh from the shower, she pulls him close and snogs him with passion.

“lie down it’s your turn now.” I hear her say to him.

He does so, she lifts off me and sits astride his face.

“Breakfast is served, now eat it all up young man.” She orders him. He devours her pussy, slurping licking biting her clit. Her eyes close and she moans loudly. I lie down beside her, I know what she wants. She climbs off his face after he’s eaten her for 10 mins or more and climbs astride my cock. Sliding it in her drenched pussy, I moan with delight. Her wet cunt feels so good in the morning, she get on her haunches rests her forearms on her knees and begins to ride me. lifting herself up with her quads and back down slowly, then quicker.

Her cunt makes that sucking sound again, it’s very wet now, she slides it all the way up till the tip is about to come out then slams back down on it. The sight I see as she get’s right up is nothing short of breath taking. My cock is glistening with a mixture of her juice and our spit and every stroke she makes brings me nearer my first explosion of the day. She feels this, she looks at him.

“lie down beside us.” She tells him. He wastes no time and is there.

She then climbs off me and onto his waiting cock. She takes the same stance over him and begins ramming him deep inside her over and over, he supports her arse cheeks with both hands helping her rise up and down on him, she grinds her hips into his groin at the bottom of the stroke making him moan.

She quickens her pace slapping her gorgeous smooth pussy against his equally smooth body, the dampness makes it louder and more painful but she’s relentless in her action and soon he erupts inside her. They moan simultaneously, she must have felt his cum squirt deep inside her cunt. She doesn’t give up and rides him till he softens, then she climbs off him and straight onto my bulging cock. What I had seen had kept me very hard and near the edge.

“Do you like the feel of his cum inside me?” She asks.

“It’s brilliant.” I reply. The feel of her dripping wet cum filled pussy on my cock was enthralling. The tip of my cock rubbed against her cum filled Cervix the edge slid along her slippery canal, she quickened her pace on me.

“Cum in me, I want your cum in me too, I want my pussy filled up now!” She orders me.

Her words and her pace brings me to the boil, I feel the heat in my groin, the burn in my cock. My muscles start to spasm uncontrollably and I explode inside her pushing myself deeper, emptying my load as far inside as I can manage. She doesn’t stop and rides me dry. Once I’m soft she rolls off between us both and starts to rub her clit, fingering herself, scooping the mixed cum from her swollen cunt and rubbing into her clit. Within minutes she shudders.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she shouts, “I’m cumin, I’m cumin.” She squirms for what seems a lifetime then relaxes.

“Thank you darling I love you so much, Thank you.” She says staring into my eyes, still rubbing her clit.

“Thank you too.“ She says to her new found lover.

“No thank you.” He replies.

“Don’t disappear will you,” she says too him, “I’m going to want your cock again at some point.” “Don’t worry I won’t.” He answers.

We all lie back on the bed, she cuddles us both, kissing us in turn. I order breakfast by room service and make another tea. I look over to them and they are chatting.

“I’ll run you a nice bath honey.” I say climbing off the bed.

“Thanks darling, I’ll just enjoy him till it’s time for him too leave.” She replies.

“Ok honey.” I reply with a smile.

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