He left me with Sharks

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A couple went to a nude beach in Mexico to move away from the hassle of life and reconnect. But is it really happening when the husband leaves a sexy nude wife alone with sharks…


It took Mark about 2 weeks to arrange for this holiday we were supposed to take half a year ago. Me and Mark have been married for about 2 years now. I am 28 and he is 32. Other than the honeymoon that we experienced 2 years ago in the Austrian Alps all our vacations and holidays have been spent on accommodating both sides of our family. This was our last chance to experience the sun, the beach, remove all the tan lines from my body before we plan to start a family together.

It was my suggestion to select the all-inclusive exclusive adults-only nudist resort in Mexico. Mark knows that I am quite an exhibitionist and flirt but that’s it. He even has a fantasy of letting other men fuck me nibbling and biting my small A cup tits and sucking my pierced nipples while they bounce making me scream at the throes of passion. According to him, he can’t enjoy watching my gorgeous body when he himself is in throes of pleasure. He didn’t know how much his wild talks affected me, but I kept it to myself.

Mark had an average-sized cock and he wasn’t shabby in bed either. Overall our sex life was neither horrible nor magnificent. It was average. Midlife crisis and pressure in jobs sometimes made sex the furthest thing in our minds. 

Two days later I stood in the balcony of our clothing optional resort letting the wind seep into my face, blowing my hair. “Jesus, what the hell”, I screeched as Mark hugged me from behind. “I thought you had to complete the formalities”.

“Oh that went faster than I expected”, replied Mark.

“Oh Thank God!! It’s six o’clock in the evening but I am too tired to go to one of the restaurants to grab dinner  “.

“Hmmm”, Mark continued “Why are you wearing your bikini, we are in a nudist resort”.

I heaved a sigh “I didn’t gather up the courage yet”.

Mark laughed and complimented that I was too beautiful for my own good. 

We changed into our birthday suits. I was self-conscious as I passed through the lobby. I was quite insecure being flat-chested in college and moaned about getting a bigger pair but slowly I realized my nubile form was quite attractive particularly to older guys. Mark was 4 years senior to me when we met during my internship in his company,  not old old but yet definitely older than me. Mark always reminded me that I was the definition of a flat-chested bombshell, with burgundy hair, 5’3 height, slim build, and sultry lips. But it took some time for my insecurities to leave. 

I had got one of my nipples pierced after one drunken bet with college friends to particularly remove my small boobed insecurities and increase my sex appeal, and I remember it did hurt like hell for the initial months. Most men seemed elated about my simple barbell-shaped single nipple jewelry and Mark was no exception and he paying more attention to my boobs after that instead of simply shoving his dick into me. I started skipping bra whenever I went out and loved all the attention my tiny boobs received from those public adventures. But all these ordeals didn’t make me completely comfortable showing off in my birthday suit with only a nipple jewel. The single nipple jewel increased my sex appeal much more than a pair. Still, I was more comfortable in my skin compared to Mark who was constantly fidgeting.

“Stop fidgeting, people are watching”, I whispered after the waiter took our orders. There were about 8-10 people in the poolside restaurant. One was a group of randy men of 6, another was a couple.

“They are watching you, not me fidgeting”. He was not altogether wrong, people were looking. Excitement flared in the pit of my belly. The exhibitionist in me traded places with the girl a few minutes ago who was afraid of shredding her bikini. I turned around a little and adjusted my position giving the voyeurs a glimpse better than the peek they were getting, jingling my perk boobs in the process. Some of the eyes from the neighboring tables went bigger as light reflected from the barbell.  I had shaved my pussy before the vacation started, but no way any voyeur can get any peek unless they prod under the dining table.

We completed a simple dinner of Lobster bisque. The wind was blowing and it had just started to get a little bit cold, I was shivering quite a bit. We wanted to check out the beach and the shoreline but first Mark suggested we return to our rooms and wear a cover-up. I didn’t want a cover-up hell after all I paid all those bucks so that I can flash my goodies to everyone. But it seems practical, so I compiled and Mark changed into swimming trunks

The crocheted cover-up gave a pick a boo glimpse of my nipples and shaved crotch.   

We walked down the hidden beach, the balmy and salty night air kissing our faces. There were few people in this area of the beach as most were out partying on the other side of the beach. 

It was then I glimpsed a golden-skinned Adonis came out of the ocean after a nightly swim. I was caught up in viewing his ripped muscles. He was lean yet ripped until I viewed his cock, I let out a soft moan. That was magnificent. Not an ultra gigantic bit still it has quite the girth that can deliciously fill any pussy.

Fortunately, Mark was viewing the gorgeous ocean ahead while I was left in my own musing and ogling. The man stopped as he realized the weight of my stare on him. He gave me a slow head to toe appraisal. I understood that he liked what he saw. It was then Mark tugged my hands, breaking the thick tension suggesting we take a nightly swim. The man realized that I was with someone, smirked at himself, and headed towards the resort.

That night I tossed and turned in my bed, unable to get the image out of my head, unable to believe it was fantasy or reality. 

The next day I took a long morning shower trying to wash away the jet lag and sexual frustration from last night. Mark woke up when I was toweling myself dry as I came out of the shower. He grabbed me from the dressing stand and tried to poke his dick into me without much foreplay.

“Mark, stop it”. I said with frustration gathering in my tone from all the pent-up sexual frustrations of previous night.

“Oh baby, but you look quite frisky this morning. Let me do the honors.”

“We have a long day ahead, lets go to the beach”

Though he was not much enthusiastic about the idea he pulled his ass off the sleep ramped bed and headed for the morning shower. After a few minutes, I smiled at myself listening to his moans as he jerked himself off.  

I donned menial makeup for the beach day and chose a light black sundress with a halter top and matching black pants. I packed the day bag for us tossing in a couple of speedos for Mark, also some towels, and a paperback. I didn’t pack any bikini as I didn’t want to chicken out at the last minute and wear the alternative. 

“Take some of the energy bars that we bought in the supermarket”, Mark recalled as he came out in his speedos. I gathered them with significant others.

After completing the breakfast of avocado toast in the breakfast bar we left for a wonderful beach day.



The beach was starting to get flocked when we arrived. The cabanas were almost filled with nude glistening bodies. We wanted a cabana near the waterline but moving up and down the beach didn’t help us in the mid-morning sun.

“Let’s search for places a little bit further on the beach”, I suggested. Mark had to consent as there were not many alternatives left. 

As we started moving further from the shoreline, I caught a familiar sight. The man from yesterday was not after all a dream then. He was older than me in his 40s. His well-toned oily hard body was glistening in the morning sun. His not so morning wood was also glistening but laid flaccid and tucked gently between his legs. I caught myself from swooning any longer, as Mark was standing just beside me searching for places to sit and relax.

“Let’s keep our stuff over there”, I suggested bravely. It was almost 10 feet from the man’s towel. Mark compiled as he did not have a better alternative.

By this time I have caught the man’s attention again. I realized that he recognized me from last night but his poker face and sunshades didn’t give away much of his expression. I only understood that he was curious enough to check out every step of our proceedings. 

I sensed his attentiveness and was determined to give him a show. I turned myself facing him and asked Mark to loosen the halter of my sundress. The dress pooled in my feet in the rough sand and soon after that, I dropped my panties. Here I was in all my naked glory, and I returned him a quick smirk as he saw he had difficulty in moving his eyes elsewhere. Mark also dropped his swimming trunks and donned his birthday suit along with me.

“ Honey, let me put some sunscreen on you”, Mark pushed me out of my daydream.

I flipped on my back giving Mark good access to my nubile form and realized that as much as his attentiveness was concealed under the shades mine was open for anyone to realize my intentions. I quickly searched the day bag and put my goggles on more to retain a shred of anonymity than actual sun protection.

I was enjoying myself quite a bit as Mark ran his hands up and down my body glistening it with the oily sunscreen. 

“Scoot over”, Mark mused, and I understood this exhibitionism, weather, and nudity has also turned him on. I realized that I have barely paid any attention to my man as I was busy ogling a stranger on the beach.

“Let’s give you some fun first”, I grabbed his cock determined to give him a handjob, or blow his brains out.

“Sssshhhhh, let me complete first. Come on scoot over.”

I obliged him and positioned myself in such a way that Mark will have generous access to my titti bitties while the stranger will have a perfect view of my parted pussy lips. I moaned as Mark started massaging my boobs and paying attention to my nips. Mark continued reading my body and massaging it, as I slowly slumped into a delicious place somewhere I will call my personal ecstasy heaven. 

All of a sudden Mark stopped and I was teleported back to earth from heaven. 

“ What’s wrong? Why did you stop?” I asked.

“Look around you”, Mark whispered and hissed.

I came to my senses and gave myself a 360-degree introspection and was shocked. I was not just parading myself in front of a man, but several others. 2 men had put a towel in a diagonal position about 6 feet from us and were busy ogling me. Several other men were also checking us out from a distance. My heart started beating really fast. I gathered enough courage and whispered to Mark,

“Let’s go to the water, and have a swim. By the time we will return people will find something of better interest.”

Mark also thought it was the better idea of the two and we headed to cool the steam off in the water.

The voyeurs continued staring at me as we frolicked in the water. The water felt amazingly cool, liberating, and invigorating against our naked skin. This is the best part of getting nude, the feeling of nature all around yourself. We flipped, laughed, and kissed in the water like a pair of randy teenagers.

Mark started fingering me in the water. It was quite unexpected but I was delighted at the prospect. I started stroking him in the cool water. We kissed and kissed and he gave me one of the most satisfying finger fucks of my life as I came with a loud moan. I was determined to finish Mark off one of the pleasures from my own orgasm abated.

“Selena, stop it. I am on the edge”, Mark hissed.

“Let it go”, I said as I increased the motion of my hands.

“No, I don’t want people swimming in the pool of my cum in water”, reluctantly I had to give in.

“I will blow the top of your head out once we reach our room”, Mark laughed huskily on hearing my naughty thoughts.

The voyeurs were nowhere in sight when we reached our towel. But the stranger was staring at our theatrics as Mark toweled me off. Also, the two other men who had put their towels quite close to us had not left yet, they also seemed to quite enjoy the show.

Hell yeah! If the people are determined to enjoy the show I am willing to provide them with one. Mark took out the energy bars from our day bag and we hungrily feasted on them. We laughed and talked a little bit longer, occasionally sparing the strangers glances from my gladiator, and then Mark wanted us to return to the hotel.

“What’s the use of a beach holiday if we can’t be out on the beach the whole day”.

“Geez, have you looked at yourself you look like a roasted turkey”, Mark laughed.

“No, I am not. I have got a nice and even tan that people in our country die to have.”

But Mark was ready to go stating the fact that he has a nasty headache owing to the jet lag and the tropical sun, he packed all his stuff and asked me if I will be alright on my own. 

“Don’t worry, this is a hotel’s beach and it is secured. My cell is completely charged, I can call you if there is any problem. I will be back in an hour or 2”

Mark gave me a peck on my lips and headed towards the hotel. I can’t believe my husband of 2 years left me on my own device on a nudist beach with 3 sharks almost surrounding me. I tried not to resent him, and part of me was excited knowing how far my husband thinks I am willing to go to a public place full of strangers.

I pushed these stray thoughts out of my mind and relaxed myself to enjoy the moment of my life. I took out the paperback that I had packed this morning and I laid down to enjoy the afternoon sun. After a few moments, I found out that I was unable to concentrate to read a single page. My eyes were constantly moving from the pages of the book to the stranger. He was sitting facing the beach but his face was angled in the direction of my pussy. My pussy grew quite excited at the attention it was receiving and now I was alone without getting distracted by my husband, my pussy started dripping with moisture.

“What the hell”, I said to myself. Maybe all this will go away once I go and have a chat with the man. I moved towards him in a confident, purposeful stride. Internally I wasn’t feeling anything as such. The man who was cocky moments ago did seem quite unsure of seeing me physically approaching him.

“Hii, I am Selena. A beautiful day isn’t it.”

“Hii, Aiden over here. Every day is a gorgeous day when you are in heaven”, he smiled.

I moved confidently and without invitation laid myself in his small towel, our hips now touching each other. The electricity which we sensed feet away was now a constant force palpitating between us. The other 2 voyeurs gave us all their attention, curious about how their day is going to turn out. I tried to slow down my heart as I checked out Aiden’s cock. It wasn’t a long one though it has quite a girth. He saw me checking him out and got the permission to unabashedly check out my tits and piercings up close.

“Where are you from?”, Aiden asked after a pause.

“London. You?”

“San Diego”

“Used to the brutal Sun.. aren’t you?”, I laughed. He joined me and said,” Used to those rainy days of London.”

We were obviously very uncomfortable and the conversation seemed to go nowhere, the sexual tension laid thick between us “I should probably go back”, I gave him a weak smile.” My husband will be back any time soon”.

Aiden nodded, but before I got up he moved his head and kissed me fully on my lips. It was a sensual kiss, a goodbye rather than a message to get started. I sighed to myself as I went back to my towel.

I started reading the paperback without moving further away from the single page that I was on facing the towel wide-spreading my legs. I was fidgeting, but I didn’t dare glance outside the perimeter of the book afraid to get caught gawking. 

After a few minutes I heard a low voice which was not my conscience, “May I sit over here”. Peeling my eyes from the paperback I gave a nod. Aedion repositioned my small towel and sat comfortably beside it. I hid back a smirk. My well-laid plan is finally working. 

I slowly peeled myself from the towel giving my audience a view by wiggling my ass on the way. Taking a notch further I gave myself permission to sit on his lap. By this time I was so horny, all the good people of Mexico could glimpse the flood in my glory hole. Aiden was surprised as my clit was pressed almost over his penis, I gave it a good rub by moving my moisture glistened pussy all over it. His semi-erect cock tried to sneak in between the destination. I gave a look at the surrounding, the other two strangers were looking at us with much interest at what was actually going on.  

Abruptly, Aiden took my pierced nipple between his fingers and squeezed it slightly sending shock waves throughout my body. He continued the assault by pinching and rubbing one of my nipples and using his skilled tongue over another. Over and over this continued his mouth and fingers juggling between my boobs trying to give them equal attention. My nipples stood proudly erect obvious to the attention they were receiving. My sex life with Mark has never been about foreplay and I was enjoying all the attention while I can. By this time I was moaning in ecstasy and hardly paid attention to the cell phone ringing beside me. Groaning  I saw the call was from my husband.

“Hey, roast turkey”, Mark cooed.

“Hello”, I said breathlessly. Aiden stopped the assault and now he was looking at me curiously. The other two audience members have repositioned themselves now opposing the ocean in a typical voyeuristic move, to get a better view of my moisturized pussy, and my saliva soaked boobs and jerking off discreetly.

“You seem a little out of breath.”

“I just came out of the ocean, jumping and frolicking”.

“I bet you gave the good people of Mexico a show.”

I laughed and said, “You know me so well. “ I tried to ignore the pit of guilt in my stomach, but it did build up and I came down from Aiden’s lap and sat on the towel beside him.

“ Are you coming back for lunch? I am quite hungry.”

“No, you go ahead and enjoy your lunch. I will have pre-packed sandwiches for lunch.”

“Enjoy!!! Byeee. See you soon.”

“Bye”. I ended the call.

I noticed my boobs and belly were full of micro sand particles all in courtesy of Aiden. “Will you join me for a swim?” Aiden was happy at the prospect and I sat up and dusted my boobs and ass trying and failing to remove the sand. On the way to the water I gave Aiden’s needy semi-erect cock a squeeze, it became proudly erect after a few more squeezes.

 “I know a deserted spot on the beach, will you join?” his cock was now fully erect as we were more than handsy on the ocean. This was the point of no turning back. Either I can go back to my husband or join this dashing stranger for a once in a lifetime event. Ignoring the butterflies in my stomach I said,” My husband doesn’t expect me any time soon.”

“Pity for him”, Aiden smirked.

“Let’s get our things first.”

I started swiftly packing my day bag and towels and gave the other two strangers a final view of my ass and pussy hole.

But instead of packing Aiden swiftly went to the 2 strangers and proposed to them, “ We are thinking of going to a secluded side of the beach. Would you care to join?” My heartbeat started thumping in nervous dread and excitement too. This was not going as I had initially expected. I have never been with more than one man at a time, though it has always been a fantasy of mine. 

The strangers introduced themselves as Joe and Al, they gave us a wide-toothed smile and started packing. Joe was a wide bellied man in his  50s of average height and a medium-sized cock while Al is reed-thin about 30 with a thin long cock. The thought of banging all of them together made me combust in the hot sun. 

 We went to a secluded sandy and bushy side of the beach, following Aiden like a pied piper. There was no one over here. Taking a cue, the guys put their towels all together trying to make it as comfortable as feasible.  Aiden started stroking his rigid cock and all the other guys were following the same suit to their semi-erect ones. I caught Aiden’s and Joe’s cock in one hand and other and started alternating between stroking and liking. Al stood next in line waiting for his turn

I started gagging as Aiden’s cock is bigger compared to Mark’s and Aiden thoroughly fucked my mouth.

“Take it, you filthy cheating slut…take all of it.” I increased my pace turned on beyond belief by the dirty talk.

“Yes, Yes don’t stop you cum slut get on with it”, Joe piped in. 

The guys started stroking my boobs and tugging my nipples and piercings and occasionally my clit.The scene seemed quite comical with a few dogs surrounding a bitch in heat waiting for their turns. 

Aiden had now pre-cum oozing at his tips removed my grip from his manhood and positioned himself behind to fuck me doggy style. Al took his place and eagerly placed my hands on his low angry-looking blob. 

I was dripping wet by the time Aiden’s tongue flicked through my clit, and continued the pleasurable assault again and again until I was moaning in delight, “Make me cummmmm, yesssssss, put that big cock on meeeee”. My first orgasm tore through me like a powerful wave.

I didn’t remember how I serviced the other two guys as soon as Aiden’s 8-inch penis entered me from behind using the juices from my own orgasm as lube and started pumping very slowly through my tight body making me moan and grunt and picking up the pace until my coherent moans transformed into incoherent ones. 

“FUCK FUCK FUCK MEEEEEE”. Al started massaging my clit doubling my pleasure.

“YES YES YES YES YES!!!, give it to me harder. YES YES…”, Aiden continued pumping spurted his hot sticky semen on me. 

“Ohhhhh Gawwwwwd, fuck me fuck me. I am cummingggggg”, I came soon after that the powerful orgasm tore through me. As I tried to recover from my much-sated orgasm, I found out the other two guys had already come, and now my boobs and face were covered with sticky cum.    I was in Cloud nine, not only one of my best fantasies are coming to life but also in such a spectacular way.

Joe positioned himself behind me, his belly touching my bum waiting for his turn, but Aiden didn’t move. After some initial discussion, I was told to climb over Joe’s ugly belly and Aiden positioned himself behind me. Joe started kneading my already sensitized nipples and tugging my barbell. It was at this point I understood that Oh God these guys are going to Dp me.

I had tried Anal before with Mark but didn’t like it so we stopped after the initial few attempts. Joe pushed his wobbly cock inside me and I started my 2 nd suck off with Al. Joe was fucking me with quite a vigor from below but Aiden’s tip was touching my unused asshole trying to pry in. After a few tries, he went down and started licking my ass as to lube me while Joe continued to pump my now wide lubricated pussy while mauling and flicking my over-sensitized breasts and nipples with his mouth. After sometimes Aiden judges that my ass was enough lubed up and pushed himself inside me.

I screamed”NOOOOOOOOOO”. Everyone paused in their positions. Aiden whispered hoarsely at my ear,”Should we stop?”. After some deep breath the panic fled and I said, “Move Gently please.” Aiden shook his head and continued pushing in and out gently through my tight posterior hole. 

At first, it felt like someone cutting me in half as Al continued rubbing my clit.The feeling was so intense, but gradually I started to enjoy the sensation as it intensified. By far this was the most intense experience I ever had in my life. Here I was on a beach in Mexico and these strangers completely owned me.

“ Please please please”, I pleaded in a fog of intense pleasure surrounding me. I came as I have never come before. The intensity of my climax shattered my mind. Joe came with me, Aiden a few minutes after, as I slumped all over Joe. A few other voyeurs were looking at all the actions from a distance and pleasured themselves all the same. Hopefully, I won’t end up in Porn Hub tomorrow. 

Two daring voyeurs came forward to join the fun and I blew them and they played with my tits and clit, while the others continued enjoying my holes all at the same time. After some time they realized that they will not get a turn and continued to stroke their manhoods, and touching me while enjoying the erotic show.

The guys exchanged positions and each of them gave quite a performance. Time passed. I didn’t know what time it was when all the rendezvous completed, it seemed I fell into a timeless bliss using Joe as my personal bed. 

“Oh shit!! It’s almost 5, I have to leave.” I checked my cell and found a couple of missed calls from Mark. By this time I was completely over the guilt. I packed my stuff and gave the guys a peck and exchanged numbers with them. My pussy was leaking with all the cum and dry cum was all over me. 

I decided to shower in one of the stalls on the beach to avoid getting caught red-handed by Mark. The beach was getting quite isolated, the sunbath crowd getting replaced by night party ones. Joe followed me and washed me tenderly and thoroughly, his hands lingering over my pussy and boobs longer than intended. 

I gave him a final GoodBye kiss and headed for my room. I donned my sundress over me and headed for my room. Mark was tense and was walking up and down by the side of the pool.

“Heyyyyyy”, I wished.

“Where the fuck have you been? Why were you not answering your cell ??”

“Calm your horses I fell asleep on the beach”

“Ohhhhh” Mark exclaimed in obvious relief. Then continued, “there has been this video circulating some voyeur shot in the resort from the last 30 mins.”

He took out his phone and it held the screen for me to see, it was a distant voyeuristic shot in which a woman was getting fucked, though her face and body was largely covered by her multiple lovers and voyeurs. It was clearly me. Though Mark could not understand it due to the large distance. I kept a straight poker face and exclaimed” Ohhhh!! that’s so hot”.

Mark smirked,” Yes it sure is. I have already watched it twice.”

I grimaced, “U filthy man!!”, and started laughing.

“I can’t help myself surely, some part of me was hoping it was you.”My heart stopped as Mark continued to smile. I felt my face go red and said, “Let’s go back to the room”.

Mark caught my hand and we went back to our room as I ignored the sight of a widely grinning Joe from the poolside.

Did he know what I was going to do? Was it deliberate or was he as gullible as he seemed….We will never know for sure…..

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