Fulfilling my wifes fantasy of having sex with a stranger.

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We arranged with a young man to come home with us and fuck my wife in her PVC skating skirt, but things went wrong when she pulled off the condom in the middle of the fuck as she wanted to feel the sperm spurting inside her.


I have been married to Julie for 20 years now, and suppose the marriage has become boring. But one fantasy she had became a reality when I bought her a PVC black skating skirt, and she said she would like to have sex with a stranger.

Not sure if I was comfortable with this, we finally agreed that I would watch her and video her doing it.

We got a taxi into Newcastle, and went into a pub frequented by students.

After half an hour, Julie nudged me and said ‘that man keeps staring at me.’ ‘Do you fancy him?’ I asked, now not sure if I wanted to go through with this, but she was positive.

I went over to him and told him of the plan, and unbelievably, he agreed.

We got a taxi back to our house, then had several more drinks.

Julie disappeared, then after ten minutes came back in, wearing the PVC skirt, no knickers-she never ever wears them- black hold up stockings, high heels and a zip up basque with her tits hanging out.

Then, in a shrill shakey voice, and even shakier legs she took his hand and said “come on then, lets do it.”

She led him off into the bedroom, Iwent to get the cam corder.

I stripped off, but by the time I got into the bedroom, they were already at it.

She had put the black PVC sex sheet on the bed, so the sperm would show up bright white against the black. She had already put a black durex on him.

His face was buried in her pussy, her legs were wrapped around his head, her hips were rocking rhymically up and down.


His erection was massive, and so was mine.

After a time, he moved up on her and sucked her erect nipples, but then she grasped his erect cock

and guided it into her glistening pussy.

He began to pump away at her frantically.but after a few minutes, Julie pulled him out of her and tore off the Durex.

She put his cock back inside her and began to moan, something she never did with me.

After about ten minutes, it was obvious he was going to cum inside her.She begged,  “Are you going to get sticky inside?”

She wrapped her legs around him as she felt the spurts, and I got in close with the cam corder to catch the precious moments when he pulled out and the sperm dribbled out onto the shiney black pvc bedsheet.

As soon as he was off her, I put down the cam corder and got stuck into her dripping pussy.

Something I never dreampt I would do,putting my cock in after another mans spunk, but it was good, oh so good. Julie and I fucked away, and for the first time, we both climaxed together. It willl never happen again, but I am pleased we did it that one time.

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