A hot bath on a cold night

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Your eyes are glittering as you move your cold drink to your lips to sip it.
Your head turns slightly back, exposing your neck, and you let out a low moan of pleasure as the cool mohito slips down your throat.
The condensation quickly collects on the glass and a small trickle of water makes it way to the foot of the glass, ready to fall as a light rain straight towards your left nipple and expose it…


The air is slightly chilly in the early autumn night. Darkness is all around us, only broken by the flicker of a dying bonfire a couple of meters away. We are sitting partially submerged in a large wooden tub, the wood stove fixed to its side is heating the water to a level where sweat is breaking out on my forehead.

I can see the shape of you through the dry white top of your swimming suit. The halterneck lays firmly over your sholders, the fabric is streched over the blunt but distinct shapes that push out from your chest. The dark water obscures my view of your body below your belly button, but I imagine that the wet bathing suit would reveal more if you stood up.

Your smile is mesmerizing and I can’t help but smile back at you as you keep on talking to me through the steam rising from the surface.

It takes all my willpower to keep looking at your face and not to let my gaze wander.

Every time you turn your head, my eyes quickly dart down in a vain hope to catch a glimpse of a wet patch above the water line.

It is obvious from your posture and confidence that you know exactly the impact your choice of clothing can have if you let it, the question is wether you know that it already has.


For the others at the party nothing can be seen.

Noone else seemed interested in a bath. On the other edge of the bonfires glow two people are locked in a conversation, but most of the partygoers have abandoned the fresh air for the heat inside the house.


I do my utmost to show you my interest in your life, plans and passions. I truly am, but focus is hard when my skin tight swimming trunks are close to bursting.

When you shift your legs a current of hot water smothly presses its way through the cloth, heating my already hot member. I move my legs a bit in reply. Did I see a reaction? Was that slight upturn of your lips a result of hot water? Did you just turn your head away to hide the fact that the blush on your cheeks is not entirely due to the steam?


The brief pause in your tale has me scrambling for what you said, my thoughts absorbed by the thoughts of your possible pleasure and my imminent explosion.

Your eyes are glittering as you move your cold drink to your lips to sip it.

Your head turns slightly back, exposing your neck, and you let out a low moan of pleasure as the cool mohito slips down your throat. The condensation quickly collects on the glass and a small trickle of water makes it way to the foot of the glass, ready to fall as a light rain straight towards your left nipple and expose it…

Just as the drop is about to loose its grip, you move the glass away to the edge of the pool and set it down. I quickly turn around, putting another log in the burner, to conceal the fact that I have been staring longingly at you for several seconds.


The light increases slightly as I stoke the fire, exposing my upper body.

As I turn back I can see how you unabashedly look at my half naked body.

I could swear that you just raised your gaze from the edge of my trunks and the large hard shape that just breached the surface. Without thinking I quickly sit down, causing a tidal wave to move towards you forcing you back and up with a laughter.

The water moves quickly up your swimming suit, licks the lowest millimeters of your breasts before it recedes again.

“You did that on purpose!” You say with a mischievous grin.

I can feel myself blushing and I reach for my glass.

You turn around to fill up your own.

As you reach outisde the tub for the pitcher, your body rises above the water exposing the entire one-piece. Your very well shaped butt is turned towards me, but as you lean further over the edge my eyes fall on the bulge that is pushed back between your thighs. Pink, clean shaven and swollen. Your pussy lips are pressed apart as your movement stretches the suit to its limit.

Is the swelling because of me? Is it the heat? Or perhaps it is the alcohol and sitting almost exposed with a stranger in a hot tub that is turning you on.

I want to glide up behind you. Feel your skin on my skin. Smell your neck. Let the tip of my tounge lick behind your ears. Feel the weight of you as you lean back towards me, down onto the hardest part of me.

But I don’t know you. What is this moment to you?

Is it a nice conversation, an innocent flirt, a game to see how far you can push me, or a deeply rooted desire for complete carnal satisfaction?


On impulse I move towards you, glass in hand, as you sink down again with you back against me.

My movement dampens the waves and you turn around.

I am close now, so when your glass moves towards me I let mine touch it in a toast.

We smile and our lips meet the cold glasses.


Your toes touch my foot. Tense as I am I flinch and the drink goes down the wrong way.

I start coughing.

“Are you OK?” Your searching eyes, the faint curve of a smile on your lips. It’s impossible to see if you are amused that your move panned out, or if you are as surprised as I am.


“No wories”

I choose to push on, a small step further.

You follow my lead and now our eyes are so close to each others that I am drowning in your gaze.

With two layers of fabric in between, my stone hard dick smoothly touches your belly, just slightly. No visible reaction from you.

We drink deeply. You tip your head too far and loose you balance slightly. Your free hand shoots out behind my back for support. Since you are shorter than me it lands on my hard, tense buttock and you grip firmly around it as gravity pulls you back away from me.

Instinctively I reach out and catch you with a hand between your sholder blades, my right leg moves in between yours for support and I can feel your pussy nudge my thigh.


You look a litle dizzy and I’m starting to suspect that if we don’t quit now you will wake up tomorrow with a head ache and a lot of angst.

I don’t want to be the cause of that so I put my drink aside and take yours as well.

“We’ve probably had a bit too much for tonight.”

“But it’s so good, taste it!” you plead.

You pull your glass out of my hand and press it to my lips. I can taste an intense sweetness with clear tones of strawberry. My buzzy brain takes a few turns.

Strawberry soda?

Non alcohollic!


Your hand glides around my trunks and takes a firm grip of my cock! You stare me straight into my eyes. “But now I crave something meatier! I am hungry, and so are you!”

The glass flies out of your hand, down onto the grass below. My hands and arms are behind your neck pressing you towards me. My tounge is wrestling with yours.

You sink slowly into the water and I follow, matching your speed exactly.

I can feel the water rise to my neck and I know what that means!

My lips want to stay, but I push away slightly to gaze down.

Our dance has turned us around and the glow from the burner is now behind me, illuminating your perfect breasts as they press up against the bathing suite that is now completely see through!

In that moment realisation strikes, the horniness that I thought was hidden from you in the dark beneath the water has been oh so visible to you for the last thirty minutes.

Your slightly down turned eyes has had nothing to do with shyness or thoughtfulness and everything to do with lust!


You press your hands down hard, in under the tight spandex that hide the only parts of me that are’nt exposed. Your left hand grabs firmly around my well formed ass and your right starts sliding, pressing, grabbing down my 6 inches of hardness. We kiss intently.

I take your right thigh in my hand, lifting you up while my righ hand slides around your butt, in under your clothes and press them in between your steaming hot lips. My fingers move into your pussy as if by own accord. You press yourself down towards them forcing my dick out and down in painful pleasure.


We move as one.

You force my trunks down.

I pull your suit away.

You guide my head towards you.

I press it in!

We moan as one.

I want to stay like this forever, I want to fuck you like a wild animal, I want to grunt my pleasure lowdly, I want to keep it all hidden from the rest of the party.

Your eyes look deep into mine and you let yourself rise up while taking a firm grip of my body.

I can feel you tense as you prepare to ride me hard.

I slam you down to the root of my cock and hold you there firmly as I turn, dizzyingly fast, and we fall through the water locked in heat, me deeply in you, struggling to fuck and be still at the same time.

You force your tounge deep into my throat. I catch the edge of the tub before your head hits it. your legs loose their grip on me, pulling you down, sliding me out.

Your feet are pressed down fast for support and I thrust forward before you unvolentarily push me out entirely.

I can feel, more than hear, the deep moan from your throat as I push into you again, and again, and again. Your tounge thrusts into me in time with our fucking further down.


I can feel myself coming, so I pull out and glide away slightly pulling of my trunks entirely as an excuse for resting a bit. I can feel a bit of precum escape the tip of my glans as I regain control.

You lick and bite your lips as you examine my body. I reach behind you and untie the halterneck, take a firm grip of the straps and tug hard.

Your firm nipples plop out but the suit gets stuck on your beautifully rounded hips. I turn you around real quick and you laughingly grab hold of the edge in order to stay above water with your face. Your legs float up as I pull hard and quick, loosing my grip on the freed clothing that sails through the air down into the grass.


Naked I move as quick as I can in between your wide spread legs.

You expect more of what made you horny, but I’m not ready to come just yet, I want you to come first.


My hand shoots out, slides along your inner thighs and enters your wide open vagina.

Two fingers search an press down towards the inner front, what some would call the G-spot and others the main part of the clitoris. Surprise and pleasure paints your face. I can feel your body tense, see your toes curl and your fingers grip hard on the wood.

I massage and push, letting my free hand grab your belly and clitoris button, holding you up.

The whining sound that escapes you lies somewhere between panic and pleasure, but the I ease off you stare intently at me and wheeze “Don’t stop! Don’t You Stop!”

I increase the preasure, you moan harder, I start moving fingers and my whole arm in a fucking motion, you scream wordlessly, I grope and massage intensly within you and your eyes start rolling, your back turns. The lactic acid burns in my arm, but I push on as you start thrashing violently, moaning “More! More! More! MOOOOOOORE!”. The muscles in your pussy starts convulsing and crushing my fingers. You are far tighter than before and I can feel a spray of something hot from within you on my hand.

Tears of joy streak your cheeks. You turn and reach towards me with your left hand, the right one still holding on to the edge. I let you stroke my cheek, but I am not done yet. I move in between you relaxed legs and let my penis find the now tight opening that my fingers just left.


Your eyes widen. I push! You gasp as I glide in fully. You crush my cock, both by instinct and then by intent! Your legs, quick as lightning, reach behind by back forcing me as close to you as I can possibly be. Both your hands are now grabbing the edge, almost breaking it, and you stare groling at me.

My hands grip your hips firmly and I fuck you hard, you fuck Me Hard, we Fuck eachother HARD!

I shoot everything I’ve got straight into you and you keep milking me until there is nothing left to come. My legs loose all their strength and I slide down over you. You turn around and press your naked body to mine. Your lips and tounge covering every exposed piece of skin on my body.


As we come to rest, our hands exploring each other’s bodies, you lean in close to my ear and whisper “You’re coming home with me tonight, because I’ll need a repeat performance in the morning…”

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