My secret sex story after Jane

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Her orgasm was now just one rolling wave totally owned by the motion of my body on her. Her cunt gripped my cock as I tried to pull it out sucking me as I was fucking her. Her body shook and her words were not clear – just moans of pleasure. I picked up her small, light sexy teenage body and threw her to the end of the bed. Sliding down I commanded ‘Suck my cock clean.’


Morning came way too fast and I barley even mumbled goodbye as Jane kissed me told me she will be home late as she has a mountain of work to do.

‘I’d much rather be home sucking your cock back to life and getting ploughed for the rest of the day.’ She added smiling as the walked out of the door. Alone, or so I thought, I grabbed the blankets and drifted back off to a sound sleep.

I didn’t hear the door open but I did feel someone get into bed. Trying hard to wake I smiled as I saw just a glimpse of flesh disappear under the sheets making her way to my now hardening cock.

All I could think of was Jane couldn’t wait and come home to get some meat inside her. I felt her lips kiss the head of my cock and her tongue lick the whole rim of my head. She was savoring it treating it like it was her first time even thought it was in her hours earlier. She licked the shaft from head to base the whole length and width of it teasing in a way I had never felt before. My cock was now hard as can be and yearned to be sucked.

I opened my eyes trying to over ride the pleasure and adjust to the sunlight now filtering into the room. I now felt the softest of bites along the shaft and my ache now became more of a desire

‘Suck it baby get it in your mouth.’ there was no reply but still she persisted in now licking and sucking my balls.

‘Come on you got it hard you know you like it and want it suck it.’

I hear a muffled giggle under the blankets then feel her mouth totally surround the head of my cock and start to suck.

‘Ah that’s it baby you know what I like.’ Now totally aroused and awake all my senses started to kick in. It was strange to have my cock sucked this way. Jane always leaned on my body but today she was between my legs as if crawling up to me. But she was in fine form in fact she had never sucked my cock so good in her life – her enthusiasm was amazing. I just had to watch her and find out why she had come back.

In one go I tossed all the covers off the bed and to my total disbelief it was Lisa Jane’s daughter sucking on the end of my cock she paused, smiled at me and went straight back to it.

My head now spinning I jumped up.

‘Hey shit this isn’t right what are you doing? I thought you were staying at a friends!’ I said.

‘I’m sucking you fucking amazing cock’ she said with a smile.

‘OK I know that but you can’t. You just can’t’ I said.

Lisa smiled and reached out for my cock as her beautiful 19 year old body sprawled out on the bed. She rolled onto her back opening her legs wide and said

‘Come now don’t tell me you wouldn’t like to fuck me? Your cock wants me’ Lisa purrs.

‘Of course it does you’re fucking beautiful. But no we can’t.’

My mind raced at a million miles an hour and she was right my cock throbbed to fuck her. I now so wanted to taste that sweet little pussy, shove my self inside and rip her open. But Jane.

‘Well Steve I have seen you naked and had your cock in my mouth already so if you don’t fuck me I will tell mum you did anyway. I know what you like I often masturbate and listen to you fuck the daylight out of mum wishing it was me, so now its my turn.’

I couldn’t believe this dirty little snake was holding me to ransom. I knew then and there what I had to do. I needed to take the control back or this little minx would hold it over me forever. She needed to be fucked and fucked good and taught a lesson or too on life.

‘I want your big fat cock to fuck me, not like what Jason does. He gets me going and it’s over. I want you to fuck me over and over like you do Mum.’

I took hold of my cock in my hand. Truth is now I wanted to fuck this little bitch. As she was about to start talking again I grabbed her hair.

‘Shut up you little bitch and open your mouth wide’ I shouted as I pulled her head up to my cock. I moved my cock in and out of her mouth dragging it back and forth across her face, each time putting it deeper into her mouth as I went.

She was right I did want her and she was going to know how the big girls play. Her pussy was tight but drenched as I slid one then another finger into her, smartening her act up with sucking my cock as I went.

I took my time in her, feeling the inner walls front to back side to side, exploring her finding her weak spots and then exploring them more. She came hard and bit my cock hard enough to leave teeth marks in my shaft but I wasn’t stopping ,

‘Stop, stop it’s to much!’ She yelled.

‘Too much?’ I laughed ‘I threw her head back on the bed making her cum again. Her pussy was juicing all over me just like her mother does when I finger fuck her. I looked into her eyes.’

‘Stop? No! We are not stopping you little cock teaser. We have only just started.’

I saw the look of shock excitement and scared realization cross her face. But there was no stopping. This was my game now and she was going to get it. Her pussy churning on the bed I slid another finger into her well-explored hole, rubbing her clit with my other hand. She screamed so loud,

‘FUUUUUCK KKKKKK! Oh fuck. Yes finger me. Shove your hand in spread my little pussy wide!’

I pulled my fingers out and move my hands to the side of her hips. Laying between her legs my mouth now found her sweet lips.  She smelled and tasted amazing. Sweet young, fresh pussy, there is nothing like it.

The moment my tongue touched her pleasure bud she thrust her hips forward. I grabbed her. Controlling her movements a lot better she opened legs open wider, as now I could see the folds of her pussy fully open to reveal a beautiful pink vagina. I wanted to taste it, so again I let my tongue work its way from her bud down her labia into her hole where my more then adequate tongue licked her inner walls and tongue fucked her until she started to moisten up once more.

My fingers now held her pussy as wide open as it couldgo and I started to lick her from inside her hole to her clit and back again.

She loved it. Moaning she feebly grabbed my head trying to take some form of control. But she didn’t have any. The control was mine, she was mine, for now anyway.

As my tongue made small circle motions around her bud, two of my fingers entered the opening of her pussy and I played just with her opening as my tongue licked away.

‘Do it! Do it! Lick me.’ she cried.

Her pussy juice just dripped and I lapped each and every bit up like a thirsty dog back from a big walk. She came again, her arms sprawling everywhere her hips bucking like a wild horse being mounted by a rider for the first time.

‘Fuck me. Fuck me please! I want you cock inside me.’

I crawled up her body kissing and biting her young soft flesh as I went. My mouth found her breasts and her nipples standing waiting for my touch. I sucked on one then the other, her body rose and her pussy pushed on my belly as she dry fucked me. She needed cock so bad, wanted it.

I sucked on one nipple as I pinched and twisted the other. Her hips bucked faster the harder I pressed.

‘Please fuck me she begged. Please, please I need your cock.’

My cock was hard and throbbing. I continued up her body and kissed her. Her tounge danced with mine. Her breathing was so heavy.

‘Take me now. Fuck me.’ I grabbed my rod and rubbed the head on the out side of her sweet little hole.

‘Now! Do it! Do it!’

With her pleads I slid inside her. Fuck she was tight. There was no sliding into the hilt, I needed to fuck her open. Bit by bit inch by inch she opened screaming as she went

‘Fuck you’re so big! Such a big cock, you’re ripping me open. Slow please, slow. I am so full’ she moaned.

Once I was all the way in I started to quicken the pace she bucked back with enthusiasm.

‘Fuck you are so tight! So good!’ I said into her ear.

I changed gears once more and grabbed her legs and put them on my shoulders then used my weight to pin her to the bed. She was now getting pumped good and hard.

‘Aaaaagggggrrrrrrr’ she screamed ‘Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck my hole, use it use it, fuck me! Aaaarrrrrggggghh, more! More!  Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee!’

Her orgasm was now just one rolling wave totally owned by the motion of my body on her. Her cunt gripped my cock as I tried to pull it out sucking me as I was fucking her. Her body shook and her words were not clear – just moans of pleasure.

In one swoop I picked up her small, light sexy teenage body and threw her to the end of the bed. Sliding down I commanded

‘Suck my cock clean.’

She did. She sucked it all then licked my balls of allher cum juice. It was serious fucking time now.

I moved my way behind her and grabbed her hips holding my rock hard shaft in my other hand. Now she was loosened up my cock slid right in to the base. I held her hips as I thrust inside her. She came screaming so loud that I am sure the people in the next block heard.

Stopping for a moment I reached and grabbed a pillow and told her to scream into it. Looking at me one more time seeing the sweat dripping off my firm body she turned and buried her face in the pillow. I grabbed her hips again and thrust in again and again and again.

She rode waves and waves of emotion from uncontrolled screaming to deep grunting through to soft pleading. Still in doggie I demand her to open her legs wide. She did and I continued fucking her.

‘Now play with you clit.’ I commanded.

She did. The second she touched her bed she came. I grabbed her hips tighter and pulled her onto my cock using her body to fuck me. She screamed louder and longer. Her cunt was now on overload and it was hard to fuck it too much.

I spaked her arse cheek and she screamed


I spanked again and again and she came and came her cunt trying with all its might to push this massive invading rod out of her but to no avail.

I grabbed her long flowing hair and scooped it up in one hand holding her firm with the other.

‘I can’t take it any more. Please cum I need you to cum. Please! she pleaded.

‘You wanted a fucking now you’re getting one.’

‘Please cum in me. Please, please cum!’ she pleaded again.

I fucked her with all my might pulling her hair to keep her head up proudly looking into the world. I thrust harder and harder and she screamed and came again juice spurting out all over the bed.

My body started to shake and I felt my orgasm start in my toes and at the top of my head running through my body until they met at my cock and I felt ready to blow.

I pulled out and threw Lisa over on her back.

‘Open your mouth!’ I commanded

She did and the first shot of my cum exploded out of the head of my cock, hitting her in the face. The second load shot with on to her tits. And my third well directed shot hit her in the mouth, her tounge licking the remains.

I grabbed her head and her mouth wrapped around my cock sucking the last bits of cum out of my emptying balls. She got every drop out then licked me clean. I smiled and headed to the shower leaving her laying a cum soaked mess on her Mum’s bed.

After we both cleaned up we met in the kitchen. She smiled and said

‘Fuck that was great! Never, ever have I been fucked like that before!’

I smiled as I drank my tea.

‘You know you are a really naughty girl don’t you?’ I said as I put my tea down.

‘Fuck yes I am’ she replied with a smug look on her face.

‘Well you know what happens to naughty girls don’t you?’

Looking puzzeled she says ‘No’

‘Well I think naughty girls deserve a spanking!’

‘SPANKING?’ she yelled.

‘Yep a spanking. And if you ever want my cock inside you again you will take what’s good for you.’

She lowered her head and said

‘Yes steve I do want more. And I will do what you want.’

I motioned for her to come over and lay lie over my lap. She did.

I lifted her skirt and pull down her silk panties.

Smack! Smack! Smack.

As her arse cheeks started to glow red I heard a muffled

‘Thank you Steve!’

I smiled. She was heading towards being a big girl now.

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