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I have enjoyed lot of sex with my elder sister NANCY.she is willing for more in the weekend.


 HELLO  !                                                                                                                                                      Nancy is my elder sister & an airhostess .she is a young gal , who is beautiful , hot , sexy & wild.our love for sex have changed our blood relation.we both reached to BUDDHA PARK hiring an auto rickshaw.she is wearing a long skirt…..tight shirt……high heel sandle on legs.                                                                                                                                                                                             she took me away from gathering inside the dense greenery.we have some foods , water bottle , beer & towel inside a small bag.now we both are hiding behind a large tree with bushes surrounding it.we are on grass & she took out a bottle of water.I opened a cane beer to drink.she smiled……….” you are drinking beer        (Garry) yah it keep me away from dehydration                                                  (Nancy)oh i see .”    & she came closer to me and kissed my lips.I have put my hand on her breast & started pressing it.our lips are locked and she is sucking it while unzipping my pant.slowely she rolled her tongue in my mouth & while sucking it i can feel her palms on my penis.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  my hand is inside her long skirt and soft touch of her thighs are making me wild.i have pushed my hand on her G string panty & i am rubbing the flesh of labia holding in my fingers on panty , her eyes are closed and she is masturbating my dick fast.lastly i got her panty’s strings and i opened it.she took her tongue from my mouth.now i pushed my finger inside her hot hole…..she is unbuttoning her shirt.she is a bold gal , her job have made him more hot & attractive.now she stands in front of me and pushed her skirt to waist.                                                                                                                                                               she have kept her thighs wide open giving me full visibility of her sexual organ.i kissed her vagina & opened her vagina hole with fingers…….now my tongue is moving inside her cunt & she is screaming in joy with her legs shivering.while fucking my sister’s vagina with tongue my penis have erected .i can smell her organs putting my nose on her vagina hole.after 5-7 minutes of love i took it in my mouth to suck & sucked it for 5 more minutes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I am standing with my lower parts nude.she is on her knees to suck my cock & i hold her hairs tightly.she loves to suck my cock…..moving her mouth fast , she is sucking it but after 5-7 mnutes my penis have ejaculated pre cum & she is licking my penis.now she took my penis again in her mouth & while pulling her hairs i am fucking her mouth.she is red faced with eyes closed & my penis is going to her throat and lastly she rolled her tongue on my dick.we are sitting on grass & she smiled……………..” this dress is comfortable for sex                                                                                                     (Garry) sure nancy you can enjoy fuck also while wearing it  .”                        now we are on grass….i covered my penis with a towel.we are bit exhausted and while drinking beer i asked her……….” Nancy i want to know your opinion                                                                                                      (Nancy)sure garry                                                                                                      (Garry) if you are intrested in group sex                                                             (Nancy)t depends upon gals & guys ,who are they                                       (Garry) we three & my friend John                                                                        (Nancy) i have no problem but ask nina first                                                    (Garry) she have been with us twice      .”                                                                                              we are now going to make love.Nancy put her skirt up to waist and she is sitting on my penis……now i hold her waist….she put my penis in her vagina and while keeping her legs wide and hands on my shoulder , she is pushing her heavy bum down….2/3 rd of my penis is inside……now i pushed my penis hard from below & she screamed……….” oh garry its hurting , your prick is like a iron rod………” & i am fucking her from below…..her vaginal path is smooth & now i am fucking her with speed as well as power.She is now moving her ass up & down….her wet cunt is getting the pleasure.she is like a whore on my penis…..but she have put her skirts down to cover our sexual organs and sexual act is going on inside.                                    she have hold me tightly…..now we are kissing each other….her boobs are pressing on my chest.now she left my dick…..i put my erected penis in cover……she moved away to pee & came back to wash her vagina with mineral water.now she have bend herself….she is sucking my penis & my hands are on her boobs and on bum……i have made her bum nude……now she is sucking my penis like a pro…..and i put my finger in her glory hole……i am screaming in joy…………” oh no nancy suck it hard….i will cum soon……..” but she is sucking it hard and my sperms are in her mouth……she tasted it & we are sitting there…..she drink lot of water to change her taste of mouth…..we enjoyed a lot in  park and back home in the evening.

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