Wendys Delivery

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Wendy reflected, her tanned body and legs from the long hot summer and toned from swimming everyday was always horny. Her absent husbands cock was on occasions replaced by local college freshmen’s


Wendys Delivery

Wendy was angry with herself for not dealing with the issue faster. The washing machine had broken down a week ago, the repairman a short balding smelly piece of useless manhood, was big on promises but delivered nothing apart from frustration and a broken washing machine. She now sat at the kitchen table with a glass of Chardonnay in a loose top and “daisy duke” type jean material shorts and little else as her underwear and a substantial part of her casual ware was waiting for the delivery of a new washing machine today.

Her husband away on business meant Wendy had needed to deal with this herself, although entirely capable to handle the situation she could have done with some TLC to offset the frustrating dealing with the useless repairman. Her frustration was not helped by the rough jean material tight in her crotch, the seam splitting her pussy exposing her clit to the rough material and the constant pressure and rubbing whenever she moved.

Wendy reflected, her tanned body and legs from the long hot summer and toned from swimming everyday was always horny. Her absent husbands cock was on occasions replaced by local college freshmen’s cock who knew she was available and enjoyed her experience to bring them to climax over her body.

The wine, the absent husbands cock and the increasing bl**d flow to her clit meant Wendy was beginning to feel the need to relieve herself. The doorbell broke the moment, Wendy got up and realised a small damp patch had appeared between her legs. Opening the door stood a vision, a tall young athletic black man with a clip board asking a pleasantly surprised Wendy if she was expecting a delivery. Wendy’s response was flustered but she gathered herself enough to say yes and invited the man into her home. Before he stepped into the house he turned and gave a thumbs up a colleague in the delivery van cab. The cab opened and a second young athletic black man jumped down. Both had a front zipped overalls on. The taller of the men had unzipped his to the waist revealing a toned torso, we was sweating slightly and the overall was stuck to his back. The 2nd was shorter but thicker set, his overall was also open to the waist.

The one with the clip board asked to see the location of the new appliance, while his mate started the process of unloading the machine. Leading the young man through the house Wendy could smell the sweet sweat coming from his body, the close proximity of a young stud and the motion of walking make the jean material rub hard on her gash making her damp patch bigger. Pointing to the existing machine Wendy confirmed this was an extract and install. The young man put the clipboard down on the counter top and got down and looked behind the cupboards to confirm the plumbing. This gave Wendy the opportunity to see the outline of his arse in the tight material of his overalls. Turning to Wendy the young man smiled as he caught Wendy starring at his arse and he noticed the damp patch between her legs. Getting up he accidentally brushed against Wendy’s top feeling her tits move slightly as she no bra on. Being a lot closer than necessary the young worker pointed out a couple of places for her to sign, giving her the clip board allowed Wendy a glance down the front of the overalls and the outline of an impressive cock. Wendy leaned over the counter to read some of the small print, the young man leaned back and looking at Wendy’s arse asked were the man of the house was, to which she replied “not at home”.

From the doorway a shout broke the moment and the 2nd young man came into the kitchen room, no less impressive a shorter stocker version of the first. His overalls tighter on a more muscular frame, the crotch was tight and allowed the outline a bulge of above average proportions to be seen. Both men started to pull at the old washer and release the pipes and cables holding it in place. Picking up the washer between them Wendy saw the guys flex muscles through their overalls as they disappeared through the house to the van

Wendy’s clit was on fire and her damp patch now was clearly visible. She turned round and picked up her glass of wine, the other hand started to move the material away from her pussy and she wiggled her arse to try and release some pressure from her clit. Turning round, she dropped her glass, the taller of the delivery guys had come back in and was standing watching her. He had removed his overall top and tied its arms around his waist exposing a muscular torso and narrow waist, apologising for startlingly her he walked over and bent down to pick up the bigger pieces of glass. Telling him to stop he insisted as he told her he liked the view from down here, reaching over to get the glass from his hand Wendy moved closer, the guy reached up and Wendy picked the glass from his hand, as she removed the glass he lost balance and his hand brushed against Wendy’s crotch sending a shock through her already engorged clit. Letting out a slight moan encouraged the guy to explore more, his hand rubbed along Wendy’s crotch pushing apart further her cunt lips and now large damp patch. His other hand reached up under her top and found a firm tit and nipple to squeeze under the loose top.

Finding compliance in Wendy’s non-resistance he undid the waist button of her shorts and tugged the skin tight material down her legs to her ankles. Feeling helpless, one hand full of glass she held on to his shoulder with the other. Looking down she saw him push his face into her crotch, his tongue flicking her clit, she relaxed her stance and pushed her cunt out into his face. Wendy closed her eyes to enjoy the moment, after a short while she felt a hand lift the pieces of glass from her hand and on opening her eyes saw the second delivery guy standing next to her also naked from the waist up. Reaching over with her now free hands she undid the arms of the overall allowing the overall to fall to the floor. What Wendy saw brought a gasp of expectation; the semi hard cock was cut and had a polished ebony look to it, the bell end was the same size as her fist. Reaching over the guy stepped out of his overalls and lifted her top to squeeze her tits and her nipples, cupping a tit he bent down to suck on her stiff nipples. A warn sensation started to come over her, her clit was being licked expertly and her cunt was relaxed and leaking juice down her thighs she climaxed. Standing up from her cunt the first guy removed his overalls revealing a thick veiny cock of equally impressive proportions.

Picking her up the guys placed her on the table, and removing completely her shorts, stood either side with an ankle held by each they fingered her cunt, working their thick fingers into her red and wet pussy. Reaching out Wendy took a cock in each hand and groaned as she could not close her fingers around each thick and hard as wood shaft. Wanking each cock both almost vertical both started to leak precum covering her hands in the thick clear liquid. The first guy, her cunt sucker moved between her legs put her ankles on his shoulders and positioned his cock at the pussy entrance. Needing to push his cock down so it was horizontal she could see it being f***ed into position. As she rested on her elbows she looked down her toned body at the cock bell end being pushed against her cunt lips. Looking at the owner of the cock at her cunt entrance Wendy in a low earthly voice encouraged the guy to push his big black rock hard cock into her willing and wet cunt. Leaning forward the first inch of cock pushed open her cunt lips, Wendy looked up to the ceiling and let out a low guttural moan.

Stepping forward the cock pushed apart the cunt walls, beads of sweat started to run from her forehead and from her belly. He leaned in and her cunt was full of cock, the bell end reached the top of her cunt, filling it completely the walls of her cunt feeling the cock all the way to the top. As the guy started to remove his cock, Wendy started to feel empty and implored him to push it back in as far as it would go. She could feel the balls hitting her arse as he picking up the pace to plough his black cock into her pick gash. She reached over to hold the other cock, pulling it to her face she licked the very large bell end tasting the precum, holding the shaft she opened her mouth and sucked the bell end clean of precum and flicked her tongue into the slit.

Holding the cock she licked the shaft and leaned over to suck on the ball sack, the plums in the sack hung heavy and tasted sweaty. Her cunt let go more juice as she climaxed again. Wendy looked down to her crotch and saw her cunt greedily swallow the cock to the hilt, her cunt was wet, very wet, and her cunt juice was greasing the black rod. The young guy pumping his cock in her cunt was sweating, starting to plough her cunt faster; Wendy wrapped her legs around the narrow waist and told the guy to pump her cunt full of his spunk. Grunting the guy pushed his cock in as far as he could and Wendy reached up to the guys shoulders leaving her other cock for a moment, pulling him to her, she kissed his lips as she felt his cock twitch and convulse its hot sticky liquid into her cunt, 5 times she felt the cock deposit a load of spunk.

Leaning back Wendy see let her legs go and felt the cock leave her cunt, feeling empty needing to be filled again she directed the 2nd guy to between her legs. His hard fist sized bell end very quickly positioned at her cunt entrance, pressing it against her cunt, it found some resistance as it entered her, leaning back looking up at the ceiling Wendy cried out “FUCKING HELL” and emitted a loud low growl as the bell end disappeared. The bell end opened and stretched her already well fucked hole, pushing his cock in slowly the cunt walls opened to accommodate the cock. Wendy looked at her fucker and as he hit the top of her cunt she could still see inches of cock still outside her hole. The cock owner slide out halfway and pushed it back in, sweat was now covering her body and her legs were holding on to the guy. Laying back she reached over for the first cock and pulled it into her mouth, opening it as wide as she could she pulled the cock down her throat wanking the shaft, tasting a mixture of her juice and his cum. The cock in her cunt increased speed and Wendy climaxed again, choking on the cock deep in her mouth. Both guys were squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples. The guy speeded up his ploughing of her cunt, sensing he was about to come Wendy told him to come over her belly, removing his cock it started to spew its hot sticky liquid over her body, spunk covered her tits and belly as 6 or 7 heavy gobs of spunk shot from the slit in the bell end. She saw more spunk from that cock in one organism than from her husbands in a month. The sight of his mates cock shooting its load drove the first guy to come again and he added a further 3 ropes to the load on Wendy’s tits.

Laying back Wendy was sweaty and cum covered, she felt satisfied as her cunt started to feel raw and the spunk dried cold on her hot skin. The lips and entrance were open from their acceptance of large hard black cocks. The guys helped Wendy off the table and she kissed each guy and squeezed their cocks. Dripping cum from her hole and torso Wendy wiped the worst off using her top, the guys had started to dress and made their way over to finish the job they had come to do. Wendy went upstairs to get a robe and looked at herself in the bathroom mirror, her tits were sore from the rough handing but she could see no marks, she noticed spunk in her hair and pulled it back into a pony. Closing the robe she walked back downstairs as the taller guy was switching on the new machine.

She walked up to the guy and kissed him hard on the lips, wanting to feel his cock one more time she rubbed his crotch through the material. His companion shouted through the door that the next appoint was in 10 and 5 miles away. They had to move, a quick squeeze of her tits he left and shut the front door. Wendy got another glass from the cabinet and poured another drink, the fucking washing could wait another day.



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