Tamed by a Cougar

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The urges of a virgin boy was explored by a wealthy lady who employed him as a gardener. There is a catch before their desires are met


 This is an erotic story, based on the chain of events between a wealthy independent woman and a young ‘virgin’ boy. We were born into this world, looking innocent and open our arms and embrace what we see, without giving it much thoughts. As we grow up, we experience life changing situations which make us wise especially, at a ripe age.

One of such events, happened to a young boy named Brad and a mature woman called Mrs. Lily of 21yrs and 40 yrs respectively. When Brad was born, he didn’t have a motherly love because at a very young age, just a year and seven months, his parents had a divorced. The caring of Brad rest in the hands of his father. Is father is an hardworking farmer, who transports his farm products to the town to earn profits.

Brad’s father did is best to be both a motherly figure and fatherly figure to Brad. Brad receives all the love he could get from his father. While Brad was growing up, he knew something was missing in his life, a mothers touch. “Brad grew to become a strong muscular man due to farm activities and lifting heavy loads” Brad decides that he wants a life apart from farm work. He told his dad, he wants to go to the city to explore, broaden his scope and seek a job with higher pay than selling farm produce.

After two days, he arrived at the city to live with his uncle. Brad arrives at his uncles’s home and received a big hug from his uncle and wife. Brad will be staying here till he gets a job. The next morning, Brad woke up with smiles as he sets out to embrace a new life.He went out looking for job but, the job search was unproductive.

At night, he went to a restaurant. While he was eating, he saw a cute mature damsel wearing a black gown with high heels. He entered a trance state as she walked majestically like a goddess coming out of an ocean, to his table. As she sat opposite Brad, she asked him if he’s okay as he hasn’t come back to reality. Her slender hands touches brad’s and he jolted to reality and asked her what she just said. She asked with concern if brad was okay and he said Ye…Ye..Yes, I am okay . She ordered her food and drink.

Brad wants to start a conversation but, he doesn’t know how to approach a girl lest a wealthy mature busty woman. The woman broke the silence by starting the conversation by knowing their names. The woman’s name is Mrs. Lily.

She owns a real estate company. During the discussion, she said she divorced her husband recently and has been lonely as she stays alone in the compound and Brad said he is looking for a job and he is good with physical jobs. Brad displayed his hand muscles to her and she was aroused as she has a thing for muscular which led to her divorce as her husband is old with diminished stamina under the sheets. She told him she could employ him as a gardener with a good pay. Brad was surprised and he couldn’t believe , he will have a job.

She gave him her business card and said, he should come tom her house tomorrow morning. “She got up as she wants to go home and as she was walking towards the door, she looked back at Brad with a seductive smile as both eyes met and she left the restaurant.” Brad went home and was having thought on this fascinating evening as he went to sleep.

“Morning is here” said Brad as he woke up from a sound sleep. He did his routine body exercise, brush his teeth, took his bath and off to work with an innocent smile. He got there very early in the morning . Lily came to open the door and was not expecting anybody this early.

As She opened the door, Brad was taken over by testosterones as his cock became hard and begging to be relieved, at the site of Mrs. Lily wearing a loose night gown which shapely displayed her toned features. As the gown revealed a torpedo size breast, with a waist which shows she is a woman of fertility.

Mrs Lily noticed the shock in Brad’s eyes. She asked him what he saw. Brad couldn’t tell, but his urged is about o betray him. She welcomed him as she turned over to give him a drink. Then he saw the inevitable- the basketball size ass. Even with the loose gown, her assets were calling him without Lily’s knowledge.

“ She heard a sound like the ‘pulling of a zipper’ but it was only Brad’s erection stretching his tight jeans.” She went to freshen up as she haven’t took her bath that morning. Brad was in thought as he heard the sound of water falling off Mrs. Lily’s body as she was taking her bath. Brad’s ‘virgin’ cock couldn’t hold it any longer as he tried to rub it off by masturbating.

Brad took out is 7 inches cock and stroke it without minding if he is caught as his primitive desires took over. Mrs. Lily came to him as he was stroking his dick but she didn’t notice because brad quickly adjust and plac a pillow over his cock. Mrs. Lily was unaware that the cock she long desired by her was below that pillow. She brought some paper containing his account details for brad to sign as her gardener. Brad received the paper with one hand as he doesn’t want his innocence taken away. After signing it she said he can start anytime. Mrs. Lily got up from the couch, heading towards the door to start jogging.

Brad saw her wobbling ass as she wore yoga pants wanting to break from the stretching caused by her big butt. Brad stood up and sroke his cock now in the open as she saw her jogging away. He came within minutes and that he was relieved. But he knows the relief, is temporary.

Mrs Lily came back only to see brad working on her garden. She saw him with lustful eyes as his torso was bare showing his ‘six packs’, round ass, blonde hair. Brad didn’t know that she was looking at him. She sets off to take her bath and wild thoughts ran through her mind. She bite her nipples erct nipples and rub her clitoris. Soon she realize she was late for a meeting so, she couldn’t bring herself to cum. Mrs Lily drove in with her expensive car. She rushed in as she couldn’t wait to touch her pussy.

Brad noticed she is around and went in to welcome her. Brad went into the house shirtless. He called her Mrs lily, Mrs lily… how was work. She went out of her room and saw brad waiting patiently her at the bottom of the stairs. Mrs Lily walked down gracefully and seductively towards him – Brad attention was caught as she came down, holding two cups of wine wearing a black fitted robe and a transparent high heels. She passed a cup to him when the space between them was closed.

She ordered him to sit beside her. She was teasing him.As they sat, brad said he has done his job and adviced her to get new sets of plants. Mrs lily said “shhh…. Don’t worry, I know how to take care of my bushes”. Brad cock became hard as he sensed sex innuendo and the exchange of body heat due to their closeness as the room was cosy. Mrs lily told brad to remove her robe gently as she placed her hands on his lap.

Brad couldn’t control his urges as she wore a black bra that denied him full visual contact with her breast and a black pant with stockings. Brad scanned her from head to toe and, he decided to allow his primitive desires free. He couldn’t do it because he doesn’t want to interprete her body language.

Mrs lily brought his head on top of her cleavage and tell him that since he didn’t have a mother figure, she is going to b e his mother. Immediately brad reached for her bra so as to breastfeed him as a mother. He felt her bra, her erect nipple as he was fondling her boobs with passion. He kissed her neck to let out a moan long desired. With the sound of the moan, his heart beats fast as well as his throbbing cock. He couldn’t wait to plow her with his dick but he was patient.

Meanwhile lily’s pussy is oozing her juice which he perceived. Brad knelt on the couch in front of her, kissed her fore head solemly and gave her a passionate kiss on her succulent lips with a juicy taste, she moaned softly. He wrapped is strong hands around her. He kissed her, unhook her bra and throw it on the marble floor. She didn’t noticed her bra was unhooked as she was lost in ecstasy.

Brad knelt down on the floor with hand at her waist, and unleashed his wet tongue on her vulnerable left nipple. She raised her chest upwards in excitement and rub his full blonde hair when he sucked her nipple passionately then he moved to the right nipple which he licked with love. He flicks her nipple, doing circles in his very wet tongue. The lubrication of her nipple by mouth gave lily a loud moan as she grabbed with tightly. Brad withdrew his warm mouth from her breast.

“Mrs lily came out of her excitement and saw the lust in his eyes”. As an experienced woman, she knew what to do – Brad stood up and she knelt down. “Mrs lily felt his budge with her face and the heat of his crotch hmmm… she exclaimed softly.” She unzipped his trousers and pulled his pants off, leaving him naked displaying is divinely sculptured body. She put her eyeglasses on to see his amazing erect penis. Before brad could notice, lily took the whole of his cock with a swoop into her mouth. Brad enjoyed the smooth entering of his cock on her tongue.

She grabbed his ass while worshipping his cock making a …. sloppy sound. She used her hands to fondle his huge balls as she is very skilled in using her soft tongue. Brad was about to ejaculate and she denied his cock further pleasure. “She sat on the couch and ordered brad to take care of her ‘bushes’ which he obeyed”. Innocent brad didn’t understand what his queen said and she knew as he didn’t respond as she wanted. She started rubbing her clitoris, and with an imaginative mind, brad now understands her ‘discomfort’.

He knelt down, pulled her stockings, then ne placed her legs on his muscular shoulders. Immediately, she had a rush of her juice flowing and brad noticed her moist pant. He licked her left leg down to her thigh close to the vagina. She couldn’t resist and started making ‘sounds of pleasure’ in reply. Brad kissed, licked and played with her right thigh for 5 minutes.

Brad was enjoying this because she releases her pussy juices like a fountain of water. He pulled her pants, throwing them to the floor quickly. He saw her slightly hairy pussy pumping out her juice. “She told him to get down there, which he denied as she denied his cock further pleasure before. She beg him to use his warm soft tongue, he refused again and was about to walk away. Then she extended her contract with brad and promised him good things.

He planted his tongue on her clitoris and she vibrated and …..moooaned instantly with relief. He didn’t relent on circling, flicking, ferousously penetrating her vulva, and finding her ‘G-spot ‘with his tongue. He uses his hands on her G-spot rapidly with excitement and moaning helplessly – Ah..Ah..please….Ahhhh..ohhh…Yeah.

The moanind found solace in his ear. He pleasure her the more using both hands and tongue after about 15 minutes, he massage her soft(motherly) breast, stiff red nipples while licking her pussy. The he placed his wet creamy hands full of vagina juice into her mouth which she licked uncontrollably with joy.

“Without notice and her eyes closed with heightened pleasure, he plunged his ‘penis’ deep into her vagina”. Her pussy accepted wholely his cock. Due to pleasure, she raised her waist and brad couldn’t help but enjoy that moment as she was very tight due to years of ‘neglect’.

“He thrust slowly with timely rhythm”. With sweetness, he grabbed her ‘arched’ back and reached for her torpedo looking breast, feeling the nipples. He switched to the cowgirl position where he brought both nipples together and sucked them violently simultaneously thrusting his ‘weapon of massive pleasure’ (cock). Brad pulled out of her pleasure hole, and lifted her up placing her legs on his shoulders for easy access to her pussy. The young man licked every ounce of juice from her pussy.

The feeling of a muscular man lifting her and giving her pleasure makes her moan the more. He brought her down with loving care and placed her on all fours on the floor. He slide his dick slowly inside her ‘cunt’ (pussy). She gave a soft moan of relief as her pussy walls have adjusted to his cock size. Brad was in seventh heaven and thrust her rapdly – Oh..Oh…..Brrraaaaddd, You..fucking man whore.

With that brad smack her bubble ass, and held her vulnerable soft hanging breast and fucked her faster. Mrs lily was ecstacy and was about to cum as brad hit her G-spot with the head of his super dick. Sooner, brad is about to cum, she withdrew her vagina ‘slloooowly’ while giving a satisfying laugh and smile. She said he should release his semen in her mouth. Brad speedily put his cock in her mouth and ejaculate.

Mrs lily could feel his pulsating cock pumped thick ‘virgin’ semen into her mouth. She swallowed all licke an experience slut. She removed her eyeglasses and said I am your ‘billion dollar slut’.

Bradstood erect, proud with his manly figure especially his cock. She cleaned his cock completely and walked out naked as they were alone in that compound. He got an erection while Mrs lily was recovering from her greatest sexual experience, brad ran inside like a predator and then place her on his shoulders and took her to her bedroom and fucked her all night and they lived happily with good fucking.

Written by Billy Hearts

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