Photographing Jenny

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The effect was magical everyone just stood looking at her, nipples standing proud, suddenly George started to take pictures again and the others all joined in.


Allow me to introduce myself – My name is Danny and the story below is true.


Back in the early 70’s I had recently married an exceptionally pretty girl called Jenny, money being tight we brought a static caravan to live in, on the outskirts of town. The neighbours on either side were two old guys both widowers, (Joe and George) and best friends spending most of their time together.

When we first moved in they made us feel real welcome and soon became regular visitors, Jenny flirted with them outrageously, both loving it. They were into photography and took some brilliant pictures of the local area. At the time Jenny and I were planning a camping holiday in Wales, Joe said that years ago he had been there and had some pictures which he got out, and was amazed when I started to name some of the places that were in them, I said that we were going there this time as we liked the area so much, Jenny asked if Joe and George would like to come with us to see how little it had changed, they were unsure until I explained that the tent we used was a huge old Lichfield family tent with separate rooms and we had a couple of spare camp-beds they could use.

The first week went well, weather was fantastic and usually Jenny and I went either to the beach or walking the hills while Joe and George went picture taking. On the Monday of the second week the weather turned really wet and we were confined to the tent, the loos were about 1500 yards from where we were and during a break in the rain Jenny decided to nip across, on her way back the heavens opened and she got absolutely drenched, as she walked through the door way, to her look of total disgust, Joe took several quick shots of her, her annoyed pout was quite sexy really.

She went into our compartment to change and as she did the sun broke through and highlighted her against the canvass, so I nudge Joe to take a photo of her silhouette, which he did, several in fact, the rest of the week went well and all too soon we had to come home.

The following day Joe and George came round quite excited and asked if they could speak to me in private in Joe’s van — so we went round, on one end he had a small studio come darkroom and had processed the picture they had taken during the holiday. Several were the ones of Jenny soaking wet and the silhouettes Joe produced one which was stunning and he wanted to ask me how I would feel if they put it into a competition, more importantly how would Jenny feel. I said they would have to ask her but I would have no objections — the picture while not showing anything, you sensed that the model was naked, it was, even to my untrained eye, a really good picture with the suggested sexuality and the effect of the sun light stunning — the type of picture you just could not ‘set-up’ 

Jenny was very unsure about it being entered into the competition but agreed it was a fantastic shot, but she promised to think about it. Joe came round the next day with the ‘finished article’ if she allowed him to show it — it was a half full size and he had feathered the edges which heightened the effect even more. Jenny asked how I felt about it, and like I said it was a fantastic picture and nobody would be able to identify her from it, so she eventually agreed.

The day of the competition arrived and on the evening they lads came back looking like the cats that got the cream — the picture had been overall winner with a distinguished award. That night Joe and George treated us to a ‘night on the town’ during the evening Joe mentioned that his camera club friends had tried to prise the name of his ‘model’ but he wouldn’t tell them.

About 3 weeks later Joe mentioned that the club was still talking about the picture and asked if he could take the rest that he took of her in to show the club, including those of her as walked into the tent soaking wet.

Reluctantly she agreed. Joe came back full of himself the pictures had been a huge success and he had been formally asked to see if Jenny would do some modelling for the club. Jenny instantly said no way, and no more questions were asked. That night when we went to bed Jenny asked me why Joe had asked her, I tried to explain that she was young, beautiful, vibrant and that people genuinely thought she was photogenic, she then ask what I thought and I said the choice was hers and that it was not like Joe had asked to pose naked just to model and that she did not have to do anything that she did not want to do, with that we went to sleep. 

The next day I mentioned to Joe and George that they might like to gently pursue the idea of Jenny modelling but not to say that I had told them. The next night I did a curry meal that all of us sat down to, George to my surprise said to Jenny that the club had said they would be willing to pay for her to sit for them and that she could say no to anything she was not happy with, but that all the club wanted was a person to be prepared to wear different types of clothing and to willing to do adapt to different background situations, such as home, beach types of situations, nothing ‘untoward’, with a little persuading she finally agreed, providing I was there at all times, to give it a try.

The first night I suggested she wear the sexist things she could as I knew she always felt good when she looked good, Joe said that they tried to have ‘theme nights’ and that night was an office night where they would like her to dress as an office secretary, manager, worker — smart casual wear. So I suggested a smart blouse, with a really neat looking jacket and skirt — what I did not realise she actually wore stockings and suspenders with a very low cut bra underneath. We arrived and the group greeted us warmly, giving us a glass of wine, while explaining what they would like Jenny to do, and running through the situation that they required, they stated that if Jenny felt uncomfortable with what was asked she only had to say no and they would not use the request. After the first 10 to 15 minutes Jenny started to relax and by the end of the night she was posing like a professional. This went on for 3 to 4 weeks Jenny getting more and more comfortable all the time. As we finished for the night one of the group asked if Jenny would be prepared to pose in a beach situation and wear a swimming costume, although she was hesitant I could see that it appealed to her and she agreed. The next week the background was set for a ‘Hawaiian evening’ Jenny removed her blouse and skirt to reveal that she was wearing a bikini.

Before I continue I should explain that the ‘club’ had four members Joe, George, Phil and John and they took turns in hosting the night at each house, tonight was George’s turn, so we only had to go next door, he had set up his studio area as a beach setting with all the lighting and everything. By now Jenny was comfortable with the lads so she was responding well to the turn this way that way commands, occasionally one would ask for a specific way of posing, which Jenny tried to do. Joe asked me if we had some sun tan lotion or baby oil, as this would give a better shot with Jenny ‘shining’ in the ‘sun light’, so I nipped home to get some. Each of the lads, when it was their turn, provided drinks for the group and I started to pour them, while doing this Jenny applied the baby lotion but could not do her back so asked for some help Phil being nearest picked up the bottle and as Jenny lay on the towel started to rub some on her back, almost massaging her shoulders working his way down her back and legs, I knew Jenny loved having a massage so I was not surprised that she was being turned on, her legs opening slightly as he neared her bum, Phil looked at me with almost a begging look to say can I. Jenny had her eyes closed so with a smile I nodded a yes. 

Gently Phil moved his hands up between her legs but not actually touching her, and she gave a low moan, Phil moved back up and started again on her shoulders asking Jenny if it was alright to move the straps out of the way, she agreed so Phil slid the bikini straps down off her shoulders and continued to rub then without a word he undid the back strap gently kneading down her spine to the top of her bikini bottoms, All of us watching in anticipation. Jenny seemed by great strength of will to rouse herself and said the she needed to loo before they continued taking pictures, we all silently gave a groan of despair (me particularly as this was one of my dreams). Jenny stood up fastening the bikini top and went off, when she came back they finished the photo session and we went home. That night she asked why I had let it go that far. I explained that I was so turned on by the whole thing I did not know how to stop it but thought that she would only let it go as far as she wanted, which she had.

At the next session at Johns they wanted just a casual setting with Jenny wearing anything she wanted, so she had a skirt and blouse and took a couple of things to change into if needed. George asked her to sit on the floor with her knees and hands under her chin as if she was on a river bank looking down into the water, this proved quite difficult as she has long legs and it did not give the effect Georges was after, so Phil suggested that Jenny moved her ankles apart to lower her knees, when they were about six inches apart George said that was great and all the lads started taking their pictures from all angles, Phil lay down in front of Jenny and asked her to look directly into the camera. Suddenly Phil let out a groan stating that Jenny had on stocking and suspender belt, all of them begged her to strip down to them, Jenny looked at me and I nodded consent, so she slowly stripped cameras clicking like mad, I heard John cuss as he ran out of film so Jenny waited until he had reloaded and was ready.

The bra Jenny was wearing was a lace set that barely covered her nipples while not see through it left very little to the imagination the knickers were similar only just covering her, every man in the room had to re-adjust his trousers. After several minutes Jenny started to remove the suspender belt and stockings, then surprising me walked over to me and turned her back and asked that I unclip her bra. 

Jenny then stepped away and slowly turned round with her right hand holding the bra in place slipped the straps down off of her shoulders while continuing to turn around, then suddenly she just let the bra go.

The effect was magical everyone just stood looking at her, nipples standing proud, suddenly George started to take pictures again and the others all joined in.

Jenny finally said enough for tonight and that she needed a drink, John poured her a very large Bacardi coke and we all sat round talking Jenny still only in her knickers. 

Phil said that she had one on the nicest bodies he had ever photographed and was amazed how even now her breasts jutted out, and would she mind if he touched them. Jenny looked at me as if to say what now, so I said that she could say stop any time she wanted, Phil leaned forward and cupped her left breast gently running his thumb over her nipple, he said to Joe this is amazing feel that one, Joe then did the same to her right breast Jenny closed he eyes with a hint of oh my god that feels nice. George knelt in front of Jenny and moved her knees open sliding his hands up the inside of her legs and I heard Jenny gasp as his fingers brushed against her knickers, they asked her to stand up then with Joe and Phil playing with her nipples George running his hands over her crutch I stood behind her and slipped her knickers down, George said Jesus H Christ she shave’s her fanny and buried his face into her lips, I slipped a finger in from behind building up a steady rhythm until George took over I then slipped a finger into her anal passage. Jenny shuddered and groaned as a huge orgasm hit her. Phil undid his trousers and guided Jenny’s hand to his prick which she gladly took. I stripped off followed by the others.

During the night we all fucked her several times at one point she was straddled over Phil, I was fucking her arse George was fucking her mouth while Jenny had Johns and Joes pricks and was wanking them using the rhythm of being fucked to do the movements.

As you can imagine the photo sessions after that were ‘ever so slightly more enjoyable’.

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