I see you: A surprise, a chance, and an opportunity.

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The woman pulled her body this way, stretched it that way, and exposed every last inch of herself. Daniel’s penis, by this time, was pressing hard against his boxers as if it was desperately seeking a way out.


Standing by his modest 2nd floor apartment’s window, Daniel was attempting to pull the tight-fitting boxers over his annoyingly plump, and pert, posterior. Finally managing this extraordinarily difficult task, he looked sidelong out of his bedroom’s window. Staring into the distance, with his gaze fixed loosely on the crisp, blue sky that stretched out in front of him, he took in a deep breath and let out a long, content sigh. “It’s been a good morning so far.” he thought, with a faint smile.

He had leisurely climbed out of his double bed at an incredibly late 9AM. Having enjoyed a superb lie-in, a rare treat, he had strolled casually out of his bedroom door, down the corridor, and entered his astonishingly bog-standard bathroom. A striking break from the rather impressive décor of the rest of his apartment, the bathroom looked as if the landlord had either lost all sense and motivation, or had ran out of money. This simple fact was likely the only reason Daniel was able to haggle over the rent, bringing it down to a figure he was able to afford.

Climbing into the bath tub he set about turning on the shower, alternating between the hot and cold taps until the temperature was just right. Usually a daily battle, today he managed to set the temperature perfectly first attempt and set about washing down his almost slim body. He paid particular attention to his armpits, crotch, and backside. Making sure he left not stone unturned, he pulled his foreskin back and thoroughly washed the head and surrounding area. Then, after washing off the soap suds, he started absentmindedly playing with his penis which responded promptly as if it had been starved of attention lately.

Having indulged a little too much in the shower, and not having any further plans for the day, he decided he would indulge a little more when he returned to the bedroom to get dressed. First though, Daniel had more pressing matters. He was craving his morning coffee. For as long as he could remember, he had always started each day with a strong, sweet coffee. He walked into the kitchen, grabbed the coffee pot, and filled his “100 bugs in the code” mug. Adding a generous helping of sugar and cream, yet another rare treat. Smiling to himself, he sipped his coffee as he walked into the living room. As he sat down he gave himself a mental pat on the back for having found this little gem of a property. Far from any main roads, the area was quiet and the other tenants were quiet and kept to themselves.

Upon finishing his coffee, he looked down and saw what his next task of the day would be. He got up and walked to his bedroom. He entered the bedroom and walked over to his phone that he had placed on his bedside table the night before, and proceeded to take it off charge. He simultaneously unlocked his phone and loaded his favourite website, and had begun stroking his semi-erect, moderately sized penis. It didn’t take long for his erection to become so hard that anyone that saw it would assume it was painful.

He switched between pulling his foreskin all the way down and then pushing against the tightly stretched skin, and rubbing the bulging, raw head with his thumb. He searched for videos of women giving strangers blowjobs outdoors, a long-standing fantasy of his, and immediately found a potential candidate. He clicked on the video and started pulling his foreskin up and down, thankful that he was already secreting the lubricating pre-cum. He watched as the woman started to force the stranger’s penis so far into her mouth that she would gag and started quickening his pace. By the time the stranger was indicating that he was close to ejaculating, Daniel’s hand was a blur. The stranger ejaculated deep inside the woman’s mouth at the same time Daniel pulled the skin on his penis taut and exploded all over his laminate floor, grunting from the sheer force of his orgasm.

Daniel fetched some toilet paper, and cleaned up the mess he had made. Afterwards he deposited the paper in the toilet and flushed, so that he wasn’t leaving evidence lying around for any overly curious visitors that might come round. He went back to the bedroom, and decided he would finally start to get dressed. He proceeded to pick up his boxers and started to put them on. After finally getting them on, he had started looking out of his bedroom window. Lowering his gaze from the sky he saw something quite surprising. He looked away and shook his head. He blinked a couple of times, and then turned back to confirm that what he just saw was just his imagination. A glorious sight met his eyes. So glorious, in fact, that he started to question whether he had actually woken up.

The block of flats he called home formed a triangle shaped, inside of which was a communal garden which was tended to by the residents. At this time of the year the garden was rather bare, but upon closer inspection you would see the first new buds and shoots of the year. Daniel was staring out of his bedroom directly at another flat’s window. Their living room window to be exact. The curtains were already open and, as Daniel gulped in utter disbelief, they revealed a young, slender woman doing what appeared to be her morning yoga routine. She was completely naked. He decided that this was not a chance worth missing and quickly grabbed his phone from the bed, where he had dropped it earlier. He aimed the camera at the window, and started recording a video. He zoomed in and tried to hold the phone as still as possible, while he shook from the excitement of this happy coincident.

The woman pulled her body this way, stretched it that way, and exposed every last inch of herself. Daniel’s penis, by this time, was pressing hard against his boxers as if it was desperately seeking a way out. The woman stopped her stretching, and flopped down onto her mat. She had her knees raised, with her vagina facing the window. Daniel cursed his phone’s inability to zoom in even further, but stopped when the woman proceeded to slowly trace her fingertips down her body. Starting at her neck, she moved them down between her ample breasts, stopping only to pinch her nipples. As she pinched her nipples she pulled them up and away from her body, and then wiggled her hand around. She opened her mouth and appeared to let out a moan. Her fingers left her nipples and the fingertips continued their journey down her body.

As her fingertips reached her pubic mound, she visibly shuddered from the feeling she elicited from the sensitive, clean shaven skin around this area. It was clear to Daniel that she was thoroughly enjoying herself, and that he would need to do something himself soon or risk tearing his boxers open with his now painfully erect penis. As the woman continued moving her fingertips down, Daniel slowly reached down into his boxers and began to prise his fully erect penis out from it’s prison. His penis finally popped out of his boxers, in a manner that suggested it would have been hazardous if anyone’s face had been too close. Daniel felt a sudden wave of pleasure at the feeling of his penis being freed at last. He gripped it firmly and started to stroke up and down while he watched the scene in front of him unfold.

While Daniel had been adjusting himself, the woman had begun to passionately work her labia with the fingers on her right hand, and soon after her clitoris. At the same time, she was using her other fingers to pleasure the inside of her vagina. From this angle Daniel couldn’t quite make out how many fingers she was able to fit inside, but it looked like 2 or 3 fingers. Following this revelation, Daniel started to stroke harder and faster. Panting from the effort, and the pleasure, he was really struggling to keep the camera trained on the naked beauty before him. Seeing her writhe from the intense pleasure she was clearly feeling, watching her frantically ramming her fingers in and out, while her other fingers were grinding hard against her clitoris. Her orgasm was so intense that she arched her back, her eyes wide open, and let out a extremely loud moan. Her moan was so loud that Daniel had been able to hear it through his shut window. The noise marked the end of Daniel’s fun as well. He ejaculated so much that the wall beneath his window looked like he had thrown water at it.

The woman carefully extracted her fingers from her vagina, and then sucked on them as if to savour the taste. She then jumped up, and immediately shut the curtains. Daniel realised that this woman knew that she was masturbating in front of a window that anyone could have seen her through. This gave him an idea. A dark, twisted idea. He planned to use this opportunity to force someone to be an accomplice to his fantasies. He planned to use the video he had taken, to force the woman whom had been recorded, unbeknownst to her, to suck his penis like the horny exhibitionist he saw her as. He didn’t realise this would just be the start of the illegal activities he would force her into.

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