the Breaking of Belle

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She looked up at Me, her voice shaking and finally asked in a wavering voice “ M-M-May I please, please kiss your foot like Sammie is?” Her relief was palpable as she managed to put voice to her desires .


The Breaking of Belle 

Hi everybody, Elana back with a new story , this one is going to go in a bit of a different direction . Things have not worked out in the long run with GoddessBernadette (this may surprise everyone but I am really not a very good submissive. I have a tendency to obey when I feel like it and ignore orders the rest of the time… so that one it totally on Me)

This is a story about the other face to My coin, Mistress Elana. A story of seizing the moment and taking a risk , and ultimately a story of exploring one’s hidden desires, the story of how I brought a princess to her knees for Me. She is down there right now. Licking My foot, moaning with pleasure as I allow her the honor of placing her needy lips on My divine skin. This is the first step in her submission. The start to a long road which, quite frankly, I have no idea where it will lead. 

It all happened the first time My pet and I decided to take a vacation together. Now My pet Sammie and I have been in our relationship for about a year at this point. The last six months had been bliss for us both of us as we have moved in together and are enjoying discovering one another as Mistress and slave. Sammie is a five foot four inch tall athletic blonde beauty of twenty one years of age, with a lovely shapely figure and deep passionate brown eyes I simply cannot get enough of. For My part I am a shorter five foot one blonde(brunette naturally), My slender, almost frail looking shape hiding the hours of work I put in every week to maintain My physique.

My pet is originally from Florida and we had not been back since we had moved in together, she was anxious to show Me around and we also planned to make DisneyWorld a stop on our trip , as I had never been. Sammie had worked there for a few years before we met and she moved up to Canada so we could be together.

After visiting with some friends and relatives of hers for a few days, we decided to hit up Disney during most of the last week of our two weeks vacation. I was feeling like a kid again , taking in all the amazing sights of the Magic Kingdom, immersing Myself in the magical experience as we walked around the park, It was a little strange to be hand in hand with Sammie , rather than holding her on a leash as I usually do.

Sammie was wearing a dark blue crop top with a black skirt down to her knees and a pair of sneakers , while I had opted for a pair of short shorts and a tight black tank top , with a pair of knee high suede boots 

 It was a little after midday when we spotted Belle. She was dressed in her trademark yellow gown surrounded by what could almost be described as a small army of young girls. Sammie and I had just sat down on a bench to give our feet a brief rest after walking for almost four hours since the park’s opening.

As we watched Belle amuse and entertain the children, sending each one on her way with a few lovely words, memories to last a lifetime and in many cases a very expensive photograph, Sammie leaned in close to Me and whispered in My ear “Mistress, I think I know that girl, I can almost swear it’s Tanya, we used to be best friends at the beginning of high school.”

I took a closer look as she says this, even though she would of course mean nothing to Me. The girl was most striking , with pale perfect skin framed by beautiful dark brown hair. The girl was obviously chosen to play the role as she bears a strong resemblance to Belle. Her beautiful yellow gown simply serves to accentuate her natural beauty. 

On a sudden impulse I openwd My purse and pulled out a piece of paper, on which I scribbled down quickly… hey, it’s Sammie from high school, I just saw you at the park, I would love to get a drink sometime and catch up. If you are interested text me after work… I added Sammie’s cell number and stand, walking right up to Belle.

 I smiled sweetly and threw a wink at the young girl standing next to her and say “I have a message for Belle from the Beast , do you mind if I hand it to her?” the young girl smiled happily and I handed Belle the piece of paper. she curtsies and answers “Oh thank you so much, Miss, I’ll read it as soon as I have shared a moment with all these lovely princesses.” 

I walked back to Sammie with a smile and offered her My hand, indicating I am ready to leave. She stood with a smile and we walked off as the kids continued to swarm Belle, as the princess’ handler does her best to calm them down so everyone can have an orderly turn.

Sammie and I did not mention Belle again for the rest of the day as we finished off our visit to the Magic Kingdom, finishing off the day with a delightful supper at Gaston’s Tavern in the early evening. By the time we settled in to watch the Electrical Parade at the end of the evening, the whole episode with Belle is quite far from both our minds. We settled close to one another in the cool evening air as we watched the sights pass by with the excitement of girl’s half our age.

When it was all said and done , Sammie and I were waiting to get on the ferry to take us back across to the parking lot when she received a text message, She looked at the phone and her face lit up with a smile “it’s from Tanya … you know, Belle”  She added this last part seeing My confusion.

I gave her a smile and asked “well, what does she say?”

Sammie read over the message again and returned one of her own dazzling smiles “She asks if I am still at the park and if I would like to meet up for a drink or two?” I nodded as Sammie’s fingers were texting back, a naughty plan already beginning to form in My mind. 

After exchanging a few more texts back and forth Sammie announced “She says she will meet us in the parking lot in about half an hour, we’ll head into town and have a few drinks”

We crowded onto the ferry and were soon back across and walking out to the parking lot. The place was mostly empty by the time we reached our rental car and we only waited a few minutes before Belle… I mean, Tanya… pulled up next to us. She hopped out of the car and rushed to Sammie, gave her a tight hug and exclaimed “Oh, my god! I can’t believe it’s you Sammie! What has it been, six, seven years since we have seen one another?”


Sammie hugged her back warmly and held her close for a second before breaking the embrace “yeah at least that long, I can’t believe you’re working here as Belle now. That is so amazing” They both laugh and hug again.

Remembering Me suddenly Sammie blushed and smiled “Tanya this is my girlfriend Elana. Mi..Elana this is my friend Tanya, we used to be best friends back in high school” I smiled, shook her hand and exchanged a pleasant greeting, inwardly laughing as I noticed Sammie almost slipped up and called Me Mistress in front of her. Oh well , I thought to Myself, there would be plenty of time for that later.

We decided to head out to a local bar for a few drinks and drive over. As I followed Tanya’s car, I reached over and grabbed Sammie’s leg most excitedly “I want her pet, I want her crawling for Me, I want to see Belle on her knees.”  

Sammie’s smile was as devious as My own “I know Mistress, I have seen it in your eyes since I first mentioned that we had been friends in high school”

By the time we actually pulled into the bar’s parking lot, Sammie and I were starting to get pretty aroused at the prospects for the evening. Calming ourselves, we stepped out of the car and headed into the small neighborhood bar with Tanya. Once inside we chose a small unoccupied booth near the back and settled in. I soon found Myself studying Tanya as Sammie and her chat about the old times and what they have been up to these last few years.

Tanya seemed especially eager to hear about us and how we met. We told her we met through a mutual friend , although we neglected to tell her that it was a friend in the fetish community or that we met at a party for single Dommes and submissives.For her part, Tanya tells us a bit about how she landed the job at DisneyWorld and how being a princess was a lot more hard work and a lot more pressure than she had expected at first.

 By the time 2 am and closing time rolled around, we were all having a wonderful time, so Sammie and I decided to invite Tanya back to our place for another drink. We split a cab since we had all had a couple of drinks by this time, when it picked us up we all piled into the back of the vehicle, Sammie and I to either side of Tanya.

Sammie’s hand was soon on Tanya’s knee and I put an arm around her. We were all laughing when Sammie leaned in to kiss Tanya on the lips. The girl seemed a bit shocked but did not push her away. I reached over and grabbed her arm which was on the opposite side, and she did not struggle as I pulled it behind her back. I grabbed her other arm and forced them together, holding them tightly together, A soft gentle moan escaped her as Sammie continued to kiss her.

I tossed a twenty to the cab driver and we all slid out of the taxi. Sammie and Tanya had barely broken their passionate kiss for a second as we all walked towards our rented apartment. I still held Tanya’s wrist together and she was not even putting up a semblance of a struggle by this point. My free hand was groping her ass and she stumbled as we pushed her quickly along. Sammie pinned her to the wall, their kiss deeper and more wanton now as I unlocked the door.

Sammie broke the kiss and pulled Tanya inside, holding her hand and laughing as she led her directly to the small guest bedroom to the left of the entrance. I left them for the moment and headed to the master bedroom, where I hoped to lead things later on. Sammie had found the apartment on a BDSM website and it offered all the amenities a couple such as ourselves might be looking for.

I quickly got changed , sliding into My knee high black leather boots and form hugging latex top , some dark fine fishnet pantyhose and ankle boots with 3 inch stiletto heels . I picked up a short flogger and walked back to the guest bedroom , where Sammie is laying atop Tanya , kissing her deeply. 

I smiled and laughed as Sammie rolled off of Tanya, the girl looked up at Me with a shocked expression. Sammie has already removed the girl’s top and bra As I stood over them both. Sammie climbed out of bed and knelt at My feet and kissed  the right foot gently. “You look stunning Mistress Elana” Tanya’s face is a bizarre mixture of shock, arousal, and disbelief as she witnesses Sammie’s act of submission.

I pointed down to My left foot with the flogger and said to Tanya “ I have another foot girl, I think Belle should get down on her knees to kiss it like the beast she is”

Tanya’s eyes go through a radical change , passing from a look of disbelief , to relief , to finally turn into a deep look of desire. She swallows and stammers out “ M..m..may I please….” pausing as she seems to have suddenly lost her voice.

I know what she wants of course, I have seen this look in girls before. Nonetheless I decide to tease her “What is it you want sweetie? Don’t be shy now” 

She stood as if frozen before a surreal scene as Sammie continued to worship My toes, showering them with kisses and gentle licks, totally ignoring the women with whom she was making out only minutes earlier. Tanya’s eyes wandered from My foot, to Sammie’s mouth licking My other foot, to the flogger I am holding in My other hand. A soft whimper escaped her lips as she searched for her voice. 

She looked up at Me, her voice shaking and finally asked in a wavering voice “ M-M-May I please, please kiss your foot like Sammie is?” Her relief was palpable as she managed to put voice to her desires .

I smiled at her devilishly and answered “ I might be willing to allow that , if princess Belle would only ask in the appropriate manner “

She was practically moaning as she asked again , this time in a much more decided and eager voice “May I please kiss and worship your foot , Mistress Elana “ 

I have not even answered that already she was sinking to her knees. Her mouth passionately and eagerly seeks out My foot. I practically swoon Myself thinking back to earlier when she was wearing her gown, and being worshipped and adored by the children at the park, The irony that she is now the one worshipping and adoring My foot was not lost on Me. 

So here we are. A princess is on her knees, licking and sucking My left foot, as My own lovely pet worships the right one. I do not know where the night will end, but I have a feeling, it will be an amazing experience.

To be continued soon…



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