Private Jet Lesbian Affair – Night Scenic Flight To Cherish

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Gently she rubs my nipples with both index fingers as she softly pushes her tongue against my anus! I am so wet all over my firm cunt and arse now that her tongue just slides inside me. I feel like screaming the pleasure is so good. I whimper and moan instead. My boss Helena is tongue fucking my tight, yet slippery anus…


Casandra never knew what hit her when she was invited on a City Limits Joy Flight for a Christmas Work Bonus.

Oh My, I’ve never been on a private plane before, let alone even looked inside one!’

Casandra’s boss Helena Ritchies, a top flight lawyer in a top flight city law firm doesn’t let a good deed pass, or let a good paralegal be under-appreciated by any stretch.

Casandra spent that whole afternoon tying up loose ends in the office and of course messaging her folks of the wonderful night that lay ahead.

’The blue dress, the black dress or the white one? The Dilemmas, My My My.’

Minutes later….. ‘The limo is here…..Already!?’

A thirty-five minute drive to the airport by Maxine the Company Driver. The Limo comes to a stop and sure enough we are almost right at the Learjet Steps.

In a warm comforting voice Maxine turns to me,

“Have a splendid joy flight Casandra, the limo will be right here when you land.”

In awe, “Wow, Thanks Maxine!”

I make my way up the steps, I turn and look inside and Helena Ritchies is standing right there in between the seats holding a glass of French Champagne for me. The turbines start and the captain closes the door.

The Learjet Taxis it’s way left, left, right, stops….. we power up the runway….. we have liftoff! I brace myself – not at all being used to this. Helena puts her reassuring hand on my knee,

“Casandra?” “Uh huh?” I answer.

“Take a look out the window,”

I look, and this is the awakening view, the eye full, the serenity of this gorgeous city we live and work!

Right then and there I see something else too, I see Helena in a completely different light. Aside from the courtroom bulldog she is renowned for day after day in and around the office – I right now see someone different, someone soft yet strong and mature. I feel safe around her.

We drink more champagne and tease the finger food. I look out the window again and I see clearly the edge of the bay, bridges, ferries, and the pre-new years fireworks rehearsal over the harbour. I say over my shoulder,

“I’m so over the moon tonight – I appreciate this more than anything Miss Ritchies.”

“We appreciate you Casandra, I appreciate you, your keen eye, your work ethics, your quick learning on the fly – hey, sweetheart, take a look out the other side now, speaking of the moon?”

I turn and glare at something I’ve never seen before with so much splendour of the night.

The plane was slightly tilted up on the right as we gently pitch to the left. I keep gathering as much moon as possible and suddenly before I know it, as I lean and sway, I find myself up against Helena’s breast. Owing to so many of the nice tasting champagne, I didn’t instantly correct myself.

My side of my cheek is cradled in my boss Helena’s boobs and there seems to be no awkward moment at all.

“I’ve never seen the moon this big – oh my!”

She puts out her steadying hand and I take it.

“Thank You.”

I lean again the see more of this moon and just then the jet climbs a little. The tilting action of the jet gently forces me back into Helena’s boobs again – as we hold hands now!

I stay right here now, snuggled right against this beautiful woman’s boobs, looking out into the night sky. I embrace her hand – she embraces my hand back in return. So gentle, so soft, so female. “I just adore this white dress you are wearing Jacky.” I stay right where I am snuggled in her boobs looking at the moon.

Helena flicks a switch, the interior cabin lights come down to only a trickle allowing even more of the beautiful view and adding even more surrealism to the moment. She puts her hand on my back and caresses the back of my white dress. We with one hand hold hands and her other hand caresses around my back and a little lower now.

Please do not let this moment come to and end, I silently utter in my head. She takes her hand from my back momentarily and rearranges her bra – although this rearranging did something else. Her right boob now was completely free and an inch away from my mouth. Her hand went to her boob to lift it a touch and point it right toward my mouth.

As if in another part of this universe I put my mouth right over the nipple and instinctively I suck. I’m sucking this gorgeous boob as I stare out the cabin window at the glowing moon. This nipple is so ripe and red and I just keep sucking and licking all around.

Helena feels her way lower and lower now down the back of my dress and then right on my rear of my panties. Only minutes later she persists even further. Helena now pulls the back of my panties down and right then her hand is right between my bottom cheeks feeling to and fro.

I reposition a touch and now I’m on all fours sucking now on her other nipple – I go from one to the other and back again. I’m taking charge of this woman’s wonderful boobs on all fours as the plane cruises through a cloud or more.

My bottom now is completely exposed. My dress is pulled up around my waist. My panties halfway between my arse and my knees. Helena’s hand having free rein now of my ever obedient bottom. Her fingers linger for a while on my slit gently pushing as she did, then in her cunning way she starts to touch me right on my anus.

Both her hands now are finger-cradling my anus and my firm set cunt. I’m obediently staying in this position as I keep my arse up in the air as if to attention for my new mature best friend. She caresses me all over my forbidden area – I’m loving every minute of all attention. She helps me now completely out of my panties.

I am now fully facing away from Helena as now she completely has my arse right there in front of her face. I feel a lick right up my crack, then another, and another until I’m feeling a new wetness from her mouth. Helena’s mouth now is making me all wet and slippery and she devours my arse and positions my hips with her hands.

I’m feeding her my bottom. I’m feeding my boss Helena my young woman arse! She starts to fondle up higher now, into my higher part of my dress and cups my both medium sized boobs tightly. She plays with my nipples in her fingers and new pulses of feeling shoot through my shuddering frame.

Gently she rubs my nipples with both index fingers as she softly pushes her tongue against my anus! I am so wet all over my firm cunt and arse now that her tongue just slides inside me. I feel like screaming the pleasure is so good. I whimper and moan instead. My boss Helena is tongue fucking my tight, yet slippery anus.

My boss is loving my boobs. She is loving my arse. She is loving ME! This going on for another eternity as I almost blank out with so much joy. After a while this slows down and I turn around to sit on her lap facing her. We kiss for the first time. Our lips join. Our tongues meet and greet one another. Her hand between my legs and cupping my vagina.

My vagina is hers! A finger of hers ever so slowly ventures inside me. I am gushing so wet and my breathing so rocky. My boss Helena is having digital sexual intercourse with me and I’m surrendering all of me to her. I’m holding her boobs now as all this happens. Her boobs seem to become like a security blanket for me.

We keep kissing and licking tongue as I sense an orgasm of the intensity I have never ever felt before. Her other hand cradles my bottom tightly as she senses my rising approach. I am lost somewhere in the night sky as her hands look after me. She is frigging my cunt in and out. Her tight skilled rhythm right on my g-spot as I sob into her warm wet mouth.

Brand new experiences with such a wonderful and loving boss named Helena…

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