When Seduction is Done Right

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Her breasts moved to the rhythm of her hips. Even her long, dark hair danced to the same drumbeat. His younger self would have gawked, but experience tempered him.

There were other beautiful women. But she had sass. He liked sass. The game was afoot. This would be fun…


The rain came down in buckets, and it was near opening time at Fascination in Seoul. The other girls stood around the front in a small group. Laura felt they were a good group for the most part. Half were foreigners like her who just wanted a reason to stick around Korea. She finished her undergrad at a Korean University, but she couldn’t find a job in her field. Damn job market. The pay was pretty good here, and the management was clean and protective of the girls. They had switched outfits last week, and Laura liked the all black attire. The dark booty shorts showcased her ass and the huge scoop in the tank top showed a more than ample amount of cleavage. both contrasted her fair skin and accentuated all her curves. Physically, only Nina, the Russian girl, had any real curves to match hers. Korean girls tended to be slim, but that’s what got a lot of the guys going – a cute face, slender legs, and a small, tight ass that matched the KPop idols. But Laura was proud of her body. It took a multitude of squats and lunges to shape her legs and ass just the way she wanted. Her round, plush breasts were a gift from her mother’s family. So why shy away from what she was? Business started off as usual, until he entered the pub. Behind a gigantic, black, golf umbrella stood a bronze-skinned Asian gentleman. At first glance, he wasn’t particularly attractive. He was of an average height, larger than average frame, with a nice face sporting a thick mustache and goatee. However, when he walked it was with an alluring elegance that caught her attention. Jimin enthusiastically grabbed him at the door, led him by the hand, and seated him at one of Laura’s tables, which meant he probably didn’t speak Korean. She walked toward the table but switched over to her “runway walk” when she saw he was looking; the tiny bounce in her step added a seductive jiggle to her breasts.

“Hi, I’ll be your waitress tod-” she started before knocking the enormous umbrella to the floor. “¡ESTUPIDA!” she thought. “Wow, that’s huge!” she blurted as she picked it up.

He chuckled.

“Why the big umbrella, compensating?” Her hand shot up to cover her mouth. She got snippy when she was nervous. “I’m sor-”

“Maybe I got it to match,” he cut in.

“The bag?” she said, equally quick on the recovery and uptake.

“Sure, we’ll say it’s the bag,” he said with a half smile.

“Let’s try this again,” she started with a quiver in her voice, “can I get you anything to start off?”

“Sure, Sam Adams and wings, extra spicy.”

“OK, be right back.” Outside the kitchen, Jimin was waiting with a huge grin on her face. “Did you get a good look at table 3?” **** This bar looked like similar ones he’d been to in America. He always liked the tight, booty shorts. His waitress came across the room with his drink, and now she was working it as she walked. Her breasts moved to the rhythm of her hips. Even her long, dark hair danced to the same drumbeat. His younger self would have gawked, but experience tempered him. There were other beautiful women. But she had sass. He liked sass. The game was afoot. This would be fun… **** “One Sam Adams” she said, almost bouncing up to the table.

“Thank you, may I ask your name?” “Laura.”

“Lao-rah?” He asked with the correct pronunciation.

“How did you know?”

“Your accent. Spanish?”

“Catalonion, wow…I haven’t heard my name said correctly in months.”

“I’m a surprising guy, señorita bonita (beautiful lady)” From another man, it would have sounded cheesy, but the way he spoke, she believed every word.

“What’s your name?”


“Another Spanish name, but you’re Asian.”

“Yes, Filipino.”

Before she could speak, *DING* “ORDER UP!”

She went to the kitchen and came back with his food, intent on saying something, anything to get him to speak again. She started to say several things, but all she could muster was, “Enjoy!” ****Jose smiled, “Thank you.” And turned to the plate. He watched as she walked away, with a look showing she wanted more, and he would not disappoint her. But not yet, patience…timing and patience. **** What the hell was it about this man? More handsome men had tried hitting on her, but she never felt this confused and attracted before. And he wasn’t really even hitting on her! Laura waited on other customers and passed Jose’s table several times. She glanced back each time hoping to catch him looking at her, but he only ever met her eyes, smiled, and nodded as she walked toward him. She watched as other girls approached Jose, talked to him, and brought refills on his drinks. Bitches! That table was hers! Jimin gushed about how big he was; khakis are can be deceptive. Nina came back excited by his palm reading. Hannah, who had been sullen all afternoon due to boyfriend troubles was openly flirting with him! Laura saw her in; his glass was empty again. **** “…more sexual jokes than other sports. I mean, come on, blades, fine finger dexterity,” Jose explained while flicking his fingers, “AND all of that thrustingl?”

Hannah’s fuck-me eyes and the way she bit her lower lip spurred Laura into action. “Doesn’t your boyfriend do martial arts too?” Laura interjected.

The booty block knocked Hannah out of fantasy mode, “He tried Muay Thai, but it was too hard for him.”

“Kitchen needs you,” Laura nudged again, and she got the hint.

“Nice talking to you, Jose!” Hannah said as she stopped herself before walking into a patron.

“Likewise,” Jose said amused.

“You have the girls all talking.”

“It’s just playful banter.”


“You’re all rather friendly here.”

“One more drink?”

“I would, but I have to go.”

“Awww, leaving?” She couldn’t hide her disappointment.

“My friend Charlie has a gig; do you like Jazz?”

“I LOVE jazz!”

“Hmmm, then come with me. Ring me up, ditch work, and meet me outside The Hive in 5 minutes.”

“5 minutes?…I want to…but I can’t.”

“Hahah, ok! 6 minutes, and you can. If you’re as clever as you are beautiful, it won’t be a problem.” Jose gave an impish look as he handed her the bill. “The change is yours. The Hive. 6 minutes,” and like that, he was gone. **** Laura now owed both Jimin and Nina favors, but she didn’t care. It had finally stopped raining, and she got more excited the closer she got to The Hive. She wasn’t supposed to wear her work clothes outside the gastro pub, but she told her boss, Jihoon, that it would be free marketing, and he laughingly accepted. **** “Excellent! You made it!” said a voice from the side.

“Do I win a prize?”

“You win the pleasure of my company.”

“Really? That’s lame.”

“I’m just kidding. Let’s go, it’s nearby. Drinks are on me.” Only after about a dozen or so meters did she realized she was holding his hand, and he was leading her; it excited her. They entered the pub, and a large section in the center was cleared for the band. The waiter brought them beers, and not long after, the band started playing. His friend Charlie’s band was really good. Laura could see why the girls liked him so much. He had a way of speaking that was engaging and entrancing. It was then that she realized she had taken his hand and was stroking it with her thumb while they talked. He asked something, and she agreed without thinking. Now they were walking towards the band.

“Wait, what?”

“I asked if you wanted to dance, and you said ‘sure.'”


“Come on, it’ll be easy.”


Jose gave a quick explanation of how to feel the lead while dancing so closely, and she nodded a lot, but her mind was racing with the fear of embarrassment. She took his left hand then felt his right arm curl around her body, bringing her in close. While Laura would have normally felt wary about a man getting this close, it all seemed so natural to her. She felt the warmth of his body and inhaled his scent, God he smelled good. It was so easy to feel where he wanted her to move. Slow steps at first, then faster and with all sorts of changes in direction and tempo. She imagined herself making love to him this same way; no man had made her feel so aroused before, and they hadn’t even kissed! “Close your eyes,” he said.


They were cheek to cheek, and he was whispering in her ear.

“Good, now imagine you are back in Spain, a vineyard perhaps. It’s evening and a slight wind is blowing. It’s just us dancing on the smooth, stone deck. The band is playing off to the side…” As he spoke, her mind was immediately transported halfway across the world. It felt as if he were already making love to her, and a shudder rippled down her back. She turned her head and kissed the corner of his mouth before she could constrain herself. To his credit, he never missed a beat and was still dancing when he suggested, “You wanna get out of here?”

“Oh God, yes.” She was so happy he couldn’t see the huge smile on her face.

“Come to my place.”

“OK.” Just outside the pub he pulled her slowly towards himself. Laura closed the distance, and they kissed. The touch of his lips enflamed her whole body, leaving her hot and wanting more. **** In the cab, Laura sat on his lap in the backseat. He only took his lips away from hers to kiss her neck. The ripples of pleasure running through her body were uncontrollable. It was like she had a G-spot on her neck she never knew about. She reached down and felt through his pants discovering he was as huge as Jimin said. Laura could feel the heat as it raged in its fabric prison, pushing against her bare thighs.Then his hand began to make its way between her legs. The increased passion of his kiss was complemented by the soft seduction of his fingers. They lightly glided over her the inside of her thighs and began rubbing slowly through the thin cloth of her shorts. She parted her legs slightly in invitation, and his fingers deftly moved her shorts and g-string aside. His finger slid slowly into her. She didn’t realize how tight she had become. As he moved inside her with his middle finger, his thumb welcomingly invaded her from the outside, massaging her clit and sending wave after wave of elation pumping throughout her body. These were amplified once his finger had found exactly the spot it was looking for on the inside. She began to quiver as the rising sensations built up inside of her. She tried suppressing it; they were in a cab for Christ’s sake! But Jose did not let up, and she could no longer contain herself. Laura’s lips broke free of his, and her body began to gyrate and twist as she reached her climax. Jose’s fingers were relentless, and his hand moved effortlessly with her squirming hips like the dance they shared. Laura gripped Jose tightly and let out moans of blissful ecstasy as she fought to breathe normally. **** He loved the way she felt and sounded as she came. Her nails dug into him with her right hand, and she pounded the front passenger seat with her left palm. Instead of stopping when Laura was in the throws of her orgasm, Jose intensified his assault on her senses. Faster and faster he moved, not giving her a fraction of a second of respite. Soon, her moans turned into screams of erotic bliss. As she shuddered and threw her arms around his neck again, he knew that she could go no further for now. He stopped and pulled his hand from between her legs. He ran his fingers lightly over her arms and thighs. Some women had hypersensitive skin at this time, and the way Laura seemed to purr made him think she might be one. Jose looked over to the driver, who had the biggest grin on his face and was looking at him through the rearview mirror. “That was an amazing round 1,” Laura said at last.

“That wasn’t even foreplay,” he teased.

She raised an eyebrow, “Oh?”

He answered with a kiss. End Part 1

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