Begging Lucian

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I spent just an hour with Lucian. I remember that it was a quiet back alley at the dance club in Newcastle. We’d danced, kissed (of course) and he had felt my sex for me. Kristin was beside me, going with one of Lucian’s gang. When he got his prick out I should have resisted. Instead I held my sex open for him and he pushed roughly inside me. It was the most amazing animal sex, the most amazing orgasm! I wanted to see him again! He said, ‘you’re married bitch’, pleased to own you, but you gotta make your husband beg for it.’


You know what, I shouldn’t have done it.  I shouldn’t have made Richard so miserable that he would beg Lucien to fuck me regularly. But there had been influential factors involved. First off, Lucien had fucked me, casually, roughly, at the dance club down in Newcastle. I had clung to him, wishing that I coiuld die, wishing that I could scream. The fucking, well, it was exquisite. He pushed his imposing bare cock inside me, pumped until my breasts bounced and the blood flooded up through my neck like a surging red tide. I remember climaxing so hard that my legs seemed out of control, pushimng back down on him until  I was completely impailed. Kristin was takimng cock next door to me, one of Lucien’s burly men. She was screamimng too, begging the buck to service her, to give her a belly full. The men did. They did. 

Sex can be good, but it shouldn’t be THAT good! Yoiu shouldn’t ache for it again and again, day after day, night through yearning night. No black guy, no matter how physical, no matter how smooth or masculine should make you want him that much. Lucien wrote his mobile number down on my trembling hand once he had fucked seed up me and said that when I was ready, when my husband was ready to beg him to take over, I shoiuld give him a call. I remember trembling, accepting his kiss gratefully, watching him stroll off to maybe fuck another girl some place. I remember thinking dear God, I thought that I would die. He split me, gouged me out, made my heart race so fast that I was sure that I would expire. Richard had never fucked me like that. He had never made me feel like the utter bitch, the instinctive woman that Lucien had jiust done. I was stupidlly grateful. I’m a head teacher, I’m in my early thirties, I don’t do stupidly anything! Yet Lucien had fucked me and how!

The next day i felt moody. I wanted to see Lucien again. I wanted to smell him, taste him and touch him. I wanted to hold his  cock, rather than simply hold cunny open for it. I’d come home that night smelling of black guy conquest. I was convinced that I smelled ‘fucked’. Richard was asleep when. I got in. I didn’t want to shower, I didn’t want to forget what I had justy done. So I snuggled Richard and hoped that he wouldn’t challenge me. By the next day though, I was moody, and frustrated. It was like I had to have a fix of Lucien, again! I remember getting dressed for work, the headmistress in a tight leather pencil skirt. The teenage  boys would look slyly at me and wonder whether I was getting fucked. They wlould conclude that I was. I had a look about me. I looked content and yet catty too. It was like touching the world and then being dragged away into space again. Two nights later Richard said that I seemed irritable, dissatisfied. He tried to cheer me up, to pet me. I let him. touch me, felt my tits tingle, but when. he tried to fuck me I just pushed his face down between my legs. I didn’t want him to fuck me. I wanted him to lick me whilst i thought of Lucien over and over and over and over….

Kristin called on the Thursday and yes she wanted to see Viv again. I could see why. He fucked her in an insouciant a nonchalant, easy dude way. He fucked her beautifully as if sex had a style to it. She was gagging to see Viv again and was sure that I wanted to see Lucien too! So Kristin called the guys on ouir behalf. I listened to her. She begged for a date, talking about dancing, some drinks, a smoke or two, on the phone. I listened to her like a love crazed teenager. The guys though, so ice man, so cool, they said they’d love to party. Just had to have our husbands come along and beg them to lay us, when ever they wanted! it was dirty. It was sexy. It was frankly, arrogantly insane. Nothing would possess me to tell Richard that i had gone with a black guy let alone that I wished him to own me! I told Kristin that was plain silly ancd I went away sullen and I ached. I knew of a teacher (Alice) at school who was owned by a black guy. Steve her husband had been cuckolded for two or more years and then. burnt out with shame and drink he had dropped out into the street. Aching inside, hollow, bereft, I asked Alice a question or two. Yes she was still ‘owned’ and it meant being passed around. She fucked to order. I listened and shuddered. I asked why Alice hadn’t found a nice, kind replacement husband and she jiust smiled. She smiled like she knew everything about the world. 

Three weeks in and I had become something entirely nasty, something entirely obsessed. I had to go with Lucien. I didn’t care who else Lucien fucked, i just wanted to be his woman. To say that it was an obsession would be an understatement. My mind spiralled always in towards Lucien! I wasn’t allowing Richard any sex bar licking and one noght he said to me amazimngly calmly, ‘you’ve met someone….haven’t you.’ I could have lied, but I didn’t. I stared at him. blinking and feeling relieved and ashamed in equal measure for my infedility. So, I nodded. He nodded in turn. No erxplosion, no recrimination. The blood had drained from his face. He said, ‘and yoiu want to see him again, you won’t be complete until you do.’ I think Richard saw this as a straightforward affair. This though was a arrogant black man. He wanted Richard to beg him to own me. ‘He’s called Lucien’ I said and hoped that the name would signal things. It did. ‘A black guy’ he said, then, ‘he wants to own you like ~Alice is owned.’ I didn’t want to be a bitch. I said sorry. But I couldn’t deny how I felt. I couldn’t pretend that i didn’t want Lucien terribly. I remember that we slept in each others arms. I let Richard kiss my nipples, my neck, my arms and hands. He even ran his lips over my buttocks, but I wouldn’t let him kiss my sex or fuck me. It had become that bad. 

Daily i was dressing in a much more sexual way. Alice hugged me and inferred obliquely that she understood. I was training Richard to submit or else he could fuck off out of my life! Yes, it was like that. Submit or leave! Lucien rang my number to say hi. Apparently Kristin was seeing Viv now. He wondered whether I had decided what to do withn my husband. He was calm, arrogant, very, very smooth about it all. All Richard had to do was to ask nicely that Lucien took over the sex. He just had to surrender the bed to Lucien. Listening to Lucien’s base voice electrified me! My spine tingled!  I said that Richard would ‘come to heel.’ Cool! That was cool, we should go for a driink, just to chat things over some. I remember dressing nervously. I remember longing to look just right for Lucien. Richarfd didn’t fight that date, he just watched me dress, his face sullen. So Lucien saw me, he petted me, and yes, dear God, thank you….he fucked me. It was like another shot in the vein, a trip between my legs and up through my head so that i felt like I might explode. 

The next day i read Richard his future. He could either beg Lucian to be the man in my life or else I would leave him! I remember the loom of abject terror in his face. He didn’t want a divorce. He could handle the thought be beimng alone or dumped. He begged for terms, any terms! Dear God, that excited me. It shouldn’t have but it did. Kristin was getting her black cock and I needed mine. So I told Richard that he had to meet Lucian with me, to surrender sex, to beg Lucian to enjoy me. It was an utter capitulation, that was what it would take. Richard folded and said yes, OK. He looked as though he’d spent a night in interrogation! He looked haggard. 

I remember wearing an indecently short black leather skirt. It was the sort of skirt that we told our students never to wear, not unless they wanted a lot of trouble! I wore a black blouse and balcony bra, stockings and high heeled shoes. I looked vamped up, I looked like a posh slut. I wore the perfume that Lucien liked and wore a velvet choker with a tear drop pendant at the front of my throat. I looked, well, I looked how I felt, in need of a lot of sex. The bar that Lucien chose was near the river and near his flat as well. Richard wore slacks, a corduroy jacket with patches on the arms. He looked terrinbly outgunned beside me. Richard drove me down to the meeting place, morose introspective. He looked extremely nervous. ‘Do as you’re told and you won’t get hurt’ I told him. i knew thagt he feared knives. He feared gangs. 

Lucien turned up with Viv. There wasn’t a band of brothers. There was just two very big and imposing black men. Kristin showed up later and kissed Viv eagerly in front of Richard. They know each other slightly so seeing Kristin so content with her man shamed Richard. He knew what this meant. Lucien kissed me a casual hand on. my bottom. It wasn’t slow, it wasn’t fast, it was casual, rightful, ordained, something like that. Of course I opened my mouth to Lucend and he tongued me. Richard watched whilst Viv surveyed him. ‘People live life differently’ I heard Kristin say to my husband, ‘you will get used to it.’ Richard was despatcxhed to buy drinks and when. he returned I was seated in an alcove between Lucien and Viv, Kristin was on the end and Richarrd beyond. He was already shoved out and Lucien nestled his hand between. my thighs. 

‘You want this man, for Jenny to be my bitch?’ Lucien asked like it was a confirmation party. Who brings this person to enter into the….

Richard flushed bright red. Kristin watched him. He said, ‘yes.’

‘What was that?!’ demanded Lucien.

‘yes’ said Richard clearimng his throat. 

I felt arousal. I felt aroused. It was such a dirty an impolite, disloyal feeling. 

‘I drop by as I like, I date Jenny as I like. She comes to my cock not yours?’ Lucien checked. 

Viv was watching. His hand became a fist in case of needs be. 

‘yes’ stammered Richard. It seemed moments before such a short was finished. 

‘Why is that then man?’ Lucien tested and pulled a swallow of his drink. 

Richard lookled my way. He was obvkiously ashamed, obviously shrinking inside as he spoke.

‘Because jenny wants you….not me.’ Richard wiped a tear on his sleeve. Kristin didn’t flinch and neither dkid I. This had to happen. 

Lucien nodded. 

‘I’ll pass her around, owned bitches fuck as men like me say’ he burred. 

‘Yes sir’ said Richard. Terrible. I am so ashamed but that, dear God, it felt so so sexy. Listening to Richard call Lucien sir. I had broiught Richard to his knees because of what i needed with this man. 

We had only the ond drink and retired to Lucien’s lavishly furnished flat. It had views of the river again. 

Viv said to Richard, ‘going to be a long night man, a long night.’ Kristin nodded, she knew. This had to happen too. Richard would be made to watch Lucien fuck me,  anfd then lick me clean. Over and ov er the cycle would run, now Lucien fucking me then Viv, all the time Richard, sniffing, looking, licking, inhaling what sex really meant. 

Richard panicked. He tried to leave. Instead though Viv shoved him through to the bedroom. He ordered my husband to take down my skirt. He ordered Richard to take Lucien’s tumescent cock out of his chinos. 

God, Richard stared. 

Lucien and I started to neck his fingers teasing my bare sex. See that? Smell that? You could almost read Lucien’s thoughts. 

There, whilst Richard trembled beside Viv, before the bedroom door, Lucien has slid his prick inside me and I shudder. I shudder like a ship upon an iceberg. 

‘Smell it, that’s going. black man’ said Viv cruelly. It saidf it like that cruelly. 

I wasa delirilous….delirious, god….oh yes….Lucien…..pleaase Lucien, oh please, darling, yes, Christ, yes…..’

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