The Girl Next Door Ep1

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I pulled her closer and cupped her boobs, I could smell her sweat and feel her…


I came back from Mumbai and my mom told me we have new neighbors. I took a shower and was getting ready to bed after the tiring journey, I noticed a kid running around in the room right opposite to my window. I sulked into my bed that night, next day morning, me being half sleepy came out of my room in my boxers to grab a coffee and to my surprise a very beautiful girl was sitting in our couch talking to mom. My mom introduced me to her (Nisha) and I was standing like a dumb idiot staring at her. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, soon I realized I was looking the worst I could ever, atleast while meeting such a girl for the first time. She gave a cute smile and I said hi and hurried back into my room. By the time I took a shower and came out she was gone….

I kept waiting to see her from my window but she was no where in the room…I was disappointed assuming she’s in a different room and when I was leaving out to catch up with some friends I noticed her in the room in a T-shirt and a short. I could see her titts perfectly shaped in that t-shirt they were cute C and her round little butt was curved so well coming down from from her 24 size waist. She had an exotic skin tone adding to her sexy figure. I couldn’t resist but masturbate watching her in the room drying her wet hair. I waited in my room to have a glimpse of her at the night but the light was off the whole time.

I heard from my mom that they were going out with neighbors for shopping,as they had to purchase some household stuff, further she continued the lunch will b cooked by Nisha in their house and I shall eat their for the day. I was bursting out of happiness, I would have teared if my parents weren’t there…

I finished my breakfast and after holding back my desperation for couple of hours I knocked on the door. She was wearing a jeans and a long salwar type top, I couldn’t say anything so just gave a smile and she invited me in…she had a very soft soothing voice, I sat on the couch and she asked me if I would like some water, I denied and continued saying  “sorry for yesterday, I’m Rahul, I was actually sleepy when I noticed u were in the house.” She introduced herself and then we both went silent. I was struggling to break the ice and talk something, I asked what was she cooking, she said she didn’t start yet and asked me to suggest…being stayed in rooms I knew how to cook non vegetarian and some special dishes in vegetarian. We decided on to cook some paneer. Her brother was also out with parents so we started the preparations. And now we were at the stove..I was lazy to put  on my pants so I was in my shorts and t-shirt, and u guys know what she’s wearing ( but not for long)… I’m 6 feet tall with an athletic physique and a tanned skin tone with short hair. While working on the stove she spilled water over her top and jeans…so she went to change and came out, I was surprised to see her in the same short and t-shirt as in the night, that made me go crazy horny, today is my lucky day I thought to myself.

She was in light blue short and a white top, she had a perfect figure with an exotic skin tone and long hair reaching up to waist. She had a figure of 34-24-36, I could see the shape of her ass clearly pumping out in those tight shorts and her sexy boobs…. I was in the peeks of my horniness as it had been some time since I got laid last time. I was getting desperate to hold her squeeze her boobs and caressing her butt and…much more… I composed myself to stay calm but my dick had its own mind and I wasn’t wearing and underwear so it was hard to hide it from her.

While working in the kitchen she stumbled on to me couple of times and twice she felt my dick on her hand in the commotion and I felt her tits touching my hand couple of times…I couldn’t resist so I went into the washroom to jerk off atleast to calm my dick down and her panty was hanging over there…it had the smell of her sweat and may be the smell of arousal fluid as well…. I masturbated holding it and smelling it… imagining the sensation of her on top of me…

I came out and we finished preparing the lunch and were sitting on the couch to catch our breaths, coming out from the heat of the kitchen….she was sitting in the couch beside me I could see the sweat droplets rolling down on her neck and her long hair was left loose passing through her cheeks and touching her nipples. In that sweat I could notice she wasn’t wearing anything inside, I guess she took her bra off while changing.

She got up to grab some water and she day to pass between the sofa on which I was sitting and centre table, it was a narrow space, she stumbled and fell over my lap…she felt my dick it was already damn hard and I was horny as fuck already watching her sitting beside me…I couldn’t resist but cup her boobs…it felt great as I squeezed her boobs…I could feel her nipples between the ends of my fingers…but she jumped off, but didn’t say anything and walked off…that got me worried if I had hurt her feelings or may be I went too far. I was more worried about what would I tell my parents if they came to know of it.

She came back with a jug of water and glass after being in room for 5mins, those were the longest 5mins for me ever in my life..offered me some I drank the whole glass in a gulp seeing her in the eye…she wasn’t angry…that got me even more hornier, I guess this time she fell into my lap willingly while passing me, her but was on my thy and I resisted to hold her out of fear but she didn’t get up for couple of secs and I realized today is my lucky day….

I cupped her boobs and they fit perfectly into my palms I started squeezing them hard, she was a bit uncomfortable in the beginning but she started to enjoy the moment the I pulled her into my lap from my thy I could feel her but cheeks on my dick…my dick had a mind of its own that day it was going harder and harder, I could feel her nipples in the corner of my index and ring fingers, I was pinching then hard while squeezing her boobs, I slowly slid my right hand to her waist held it tight and pulled her down closer, I could feel my dick in her butt crack..she was clutching my legs hard and trying to hold her moans I could feel she was into it when she started moving her but slowly, I was hard as hell now and couldn’t resist anymore.

I moved my left hand from her boobs and held her waist and pressed her harder against my dick moved my right hand into her t-shirt, going between her boobs I held her neck and pulled her down, pulled the strands of the hair away and started kissing her neck. I turned her face towards me and started teasing her lips and kissing her, I slid my tongue inside and we started smooching passionately I moved my left hand into her shorts I could feel her really wet now, both of us were totally feeling eachother, she started grinding my dick and I was playing with her clit…I asked her to take off her top and she took off without a reply and we continued smooching eachother, me squeezing her boobs hard and playing with her clit while teasing her pussy.

I could feel my dick rubbing in her butt crack, I slid my shorts a little, It was just her tight thin short between my hard dick and her round soft butt..I could sense her going crazy by the intensity of her moans going higher. I started licking her neck, she held my head by my hair wrapping around my face…I moved my head under her arm and started teasing her left nipple with my tongue and pinching the right one, while stroking my middle finger between her pussy lips and teasing her clit with with my thumb….

To be continued…. [email protected] is my id….I’m open for suggestions for new stories….

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