Sex with my HR

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the story is about a girl in my office who joined recently. How we became good friends and how she opened up with me and what all we did is the story about.


Hi, sex cravers. This is Prav again with another story. For all those who don’t know me, I am 27 years old now, 5.9″ height and weighing 65 kg which is neither skinny nor fat. Coming to the story, the story is about a girl in my office who joined recently. How we became good friends and how she opened up with me and what all we did is the story about.

Her name was Anjali (name changed). She came to the interview in my office for an HR position. The first day when she came for the interview, she was sitting on the opposite side facing me and a glass door between us at 10 feet distance.

I was silently watching her while pretending to work. She was beautiful, I would rather say, cute. She was round-faced, nice and had medium sized boobs which I could assume from her dress. Her ass was big than her boobs which attracted me more.

After her interview was done, I heard the news that she got selected. I was excited hearing that she will be joining the next day. I thought I could dress up nice to impress her. But she didn’t come on the next day and my plans to impress her got wasted.

After a couple of usual days, while sitting at my desk, I saw someone coming into the office. It was her! I was awestruck looking at her. She came in a light pink shirt and tight black jeans which were revealing her panty line. While she was sitting on the chair, I could see how smooth her buns were as they got pressed so soft to the chair. I wished I was that chair, lol.

Every day she used to go to her hostel by cab. Since we had night shifts, sometimes the cabs wouldn’t be available while returning which would be around 4:00 am in the morning. A week passed and one day, the cab was not available. She was standing downstairs alone trying to book a cab. It was 4:20 am and everyone had left by then. I was smoking on the other side of the road. There was no one around except us.

She then saw me and gave a casual smile and looked back into her phone. I realized she wanted some help but I was waiting for her to approach me because I didn’t want to be the desperate guy in her perspective.

After my smoke, she crossed the road and came to me giving me a helpless look. I smiled and said “hi” while she was coming towards me.

Anjali: Hi Prav, I am actually trying to book a cab but I see no cabs around. Can you help me?

Me: (being a dumbass) tried booking from my phone.

Anjali: There are no cabs around so even your phone might also show zero results.

Me: Oh yeah! I see no one. Where do you stay?

Anjali: HSR Layout. I stay in a PG.

Me: Okay, if you want I can drop you there. I go home via that route.

Anjali: Thanks! Hope you don’t mind.

Me: No problem. Come, let’s go.

Anjali sat on the bike and then we moved.

We casually talked on the bike until we reached her PG.

After she got down, I asked her if she was comfortable coming every day with me since the cabs cost too much during the nights. She readily agreed because she was new to the city and also she knew it was not safe in the cabs as the drivers may be drunk sometimes.

That’s how I started becoming close to her, talking to each other every day. Sometimes we would have breakfast or tea somewhere around. Our relationship slowly progressed and we started talking and texting over the phone.

In a month, we became so good friends that we even started talking about our relationships and what all crazy naughty things we did with our partners. She told she had a boyfriend for 6 months before but for some reason, they broke up. She was single now and sometimes feel bad about being single.

I told her about my one and only love story and the sexual relationship that I have with girls. She was shocked listening to that and asked me why I had to do all such things. I told her that after my breakup I was so much missing my romantic and sexual life with my gf and so to cover it up, I started being physical and just physical with girls.

Being a matured girl, she understood how I was feeling. She also told me her boyfriend used to touch her only with clothes on. Never she was been touched on her bare body.

From what she said, I could see that she had zero interest in love because of her breakup which hit her hard. She didn’t want any serious relationship because she was way more focused on her career. I laughingly said, “If you ever need any physical help, just ring my number.”

She giggled and said, “No, thanks.”

After I left home, she texted me.

Anjali: What made you feel that I am in need of a ‘physical help’?

Me: I just said it casually.

Anjali: There is no one better than you who understood me so well.

Me: You’re my friend and I understand everything about you.

Anjali: Then why don’t you ask me?

Me: Ask what? I don’t understand what you’re talking about.

Anjali: Arey brainless, I am really in need of ‘physical help’.

Me: Woo! Are you serious?

Anjali: Yes, I miss hugs and kisses as much as you miss them.

Me: I can help you, Anjali. But keep it a secret.

Anjali: I was going to tell you the same. Please don’t tell anyone. I don’t know how it feels to be touched on a bare skin.

Me: Hold your excitement, you will experience it soon.

Anjali: But please don’t tell anyone. And also please confirm that this wouldn’t be love and only a friendship.

Me: If you call it love, I will cut our friendship right away.

Anjali: Okay. I don’t want my goals to fail while chasing for love.

Me: Okay, sleep now, we will talk later.

Cutting the story short, we decided the date on which we were gonna meet. I booked a room for both of us.

It was on Sunday. We decided to took a night stay there. So I picked her up in the afternoon, we went to the movie and from there to lunch. I bought condoms, some coke, cigarettes, and chocolates. And then we checked into the room.

We settled on the couch, turned on the TV with low volume so as to not create silence in the room. She was shy since it was the first time she was looking at me in a different way. She was pretending like watching TV.

Me: Did you come here to watch TV?

Anjali: No, but I feel a bit different being with you today.

Me: Are you shy?

Anjali: A lot! I have never faced this situation before and also I don’t know how to start.

Me: Let your shyness go off today and enjoy as much as you can.

Anjali: Why don’t you start first? You have experienced it so many times.

Then, I went near to her and sat next to her. I held her hand and kissed on her cheek, slowly pushing myself on to her. Then I gave her a hug and she hugged me back too.

I started kissing her neck and her perfume drove me crazy. My dick started arousing inside slowly. I became horny as her boobs were pressing onto my chest. I put my hand inside her t-shirt and started rubbing her stomach. As I was feeling impatient, I picked her up in my arms and threw her on the bed. When I lay on her and started kissing her neck, she too was getting aroused. She hugged me tightly pulling my hair from behind.

I put my hand again inside trying to reach her boobs. I was rubbing her stomach and kissing her on her lips. Moving my hands further up, I caught her boob over the bra and started pressing it. She put her hand inside her t-shirt from behind and unhooked her bra. I slowly removed her t-shirt and started biting those nipples with her bra still on. She was moaning closing her eyes in ecstasy.

I then kissed her stomach, head, neck, and cleavage and then removed her bra completely to see her beautiful boobs. She had decent medium sized white boobs with brown nipples. As soon as I saw them, she dug my face between the boobs and started rubbing her nipples all over my face.

I understood how badly she wanted it. I took her nipple in my mouth and started sucking one while pressing the other. She was sound breathing heavily and moaning. I was kissing all over her body. Then Anjali slowly unbuttoned my shirts and tried to remove it. I helped her and removed it and slept on her bare upper body while sucking those melons.

After a few minutes, I removed her pant completely and started exploring her pussy with the panty. I lifted her both legs and put my head between her legs and started sniffing her pussy. Her white panty became wet and was revealing the outlines of her pussy now. I pushed it sideways and started licking her cunt.

As soon as my tongue hit her cunt, she shivered and was pressing her head to the pillow as hard as she can. She was moving her legs here and there and jumping on her waist, pushing my head on her pussy and pulling my hair.

While I was undressing completely, I asked her to remove her panty. With a bit shy, she did that. Now we both were naked completely. I jumped on her, started licking her wet pussy and circling her cunt with my tongue.

She grabbed my hair and pulled me up and started kissing me, mouth to mouth and tongue to tongue. She held my cock while I was on her and started stroking it up and down. I went into 69 position and starting licking her pussy while she was sucking my cock. We were doing this for almost half an hour. I oozed precum during this process.

She was so stressed out that I had to give her a break. I went near the window to smoke. She went to the washroom and came back naked. She came and hugged me from behind and started kissing my shoulders.

After I completed smoking, she held my hands and took me to the bed. We rested for a while and then I took her to the bathroom, turned on the shower and stood under it. I pulled her close to me and started licking and biting her lips.

We danced under the shower in the romantic music which was playing. Anjali then went down on me and started giving me a blow job, nice and slow. I was moaning and pulling her deeper and deeper. I was not able to control as I was so horny and made her sit on the washbasin slab and put my cock near her pussy and was rubbing it all over. She was pressing her boobs with one hand.

Anjali was a virgin and I knew that. I put my cock near the pussy hole and pushed it inside hard. She tried to push me away in pain but I held her hands tightly.

Anjali  closed her eyes tightly for a moment and then opened them. There were tears rolling out from eyes but she was not in much pain now. I pushed it slowly inside and out and she was moaning loudly. I asked her if she was okay. She told me she was not a virgin anymore and I was her first one to go inside. She said that she was happy about the way I was satisfying her.

There was a little blood on my penis. So we went under the shower again and cleaned ourselves. I put my fingers in her pussy and cleaned everything there. I bent her down and fucked her pussy from behind while grabbing her boobs. After a few minutes, I pulled out and cummed outside.

After that, we came out and went to the bed. We waited for some time until my penis came to life again. After a few minutes when my penis was erect, she was kissing all over and exploring it. For half an hour, we did and enjoyed foreplay. I kissed her pussy lips for giving me a nice fuck and when I was ready for round two, she gave me a condom, made me lay down and sat on my cock.

She started jumping up and down slowly and as time passed, she started moving faster and faster. She was kissing me while moving up and down and started saying in my ears, “I love what we are doing right now. Please do it every day. Yeahhh ahhh, make me happy every day like this. Ahhhh, I want you so badly inside me like this, I love you, Prav. I love you so much for giving me all that I wanted” (everything in my ears while breathing heavily).

After another round, we slept on each other for quite some time. After waking up, I started inserting my fingers one by one into her pussy – one finger inside her cunt and other three inside her pussy.

I was rubbing her pussy vigorously while she kept shouting. I rubbed and rubbed harder for ten minutes or more until she squirted. She was so tired now and so I let her sleep and went downstairs to eat something. I bought her some food too. After she ate, we slept naked inside the blanket.

After two hours, we woke up and did another round. This time, I made her lay upside down and from behind, I stretched her ass and put my cock in between and started fucking her. After a few minutes of fucking her in the doggy style, we rested again.

It was 5 am when the alarm rang and I directly went down on her without waking her up and spread her legs. I put my head between her legs and started licking her pussy which was red due to the whole night fuck.

Anjali soon woke up and was surprised seeing me resuming our action early morning itself. She wished me a good morning and was teasing me that I will never be satisfied with her even after doing it the whole day and night. We talked for some time, went to the bathroom together and took a hot shower and left the room.

She texted me after I went home, “Nice fuck, hubby. Don’t ever say goodbye to me.”

Me: Trust me, I will never say goodbye. And why are you calling me ‘hubby’?

She: You are and will be my husband until I am officially someone else’s.

Me: Haha. Okay. And thanks to you too for the nice co-operation.

She: Yw! See you in the office in the evening. Bye.

As usual, we went to the office and I used to drop her at her place after work. And whenever we got time, we tried some risky foreplay at our office terrace. We are planning for more sessions like this in future.

Guys, that’s the end of my story.

I appreciate your time for reading this. If you liked my story, or think I have any mistakes, please do write your thoughts or correct me in the comments or mail me at [email protected] You can also send me a message on hangouts. Single ladies and married ones can also message me.

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