Re union with ex husband

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A divorced lady meets her ex- husband very unexpectedly. The ice mealts between them and the unites again in a sexual intercourse


Re union with ex husband

In the hall of that rambling structure, she sat tensely. A door opened and a young lady called her in. She went inside the grand room of her MD. He said. “congrats Nimmi, finally you’ve been allocated the task.” She hopped up from her seat and warmly greeted him in absolute delight. As a journalist, she had done numerous great reporting. Be that as it may, this was all the more testing and exciting? That was the reason she demanded to land the position allocated to her. Obviously it was an intense one. Setting up a report about the lives of those innate possessing in the thick timberlands of Nilgiri was really challenging. She realizes that she should go through a threatening spot and work in an exceptionally unfriendly condition. In any case, she generally has been especially devoted to her profession. What’s more, that itself caused a tragedy in her life.

She didn’t have time to waste. In fact, she had actually done the required home works. Then she contacted her aide and requested that he do every one of the arrangements to the voyage on following day. Next day she began in a SUV with her assistant named ‘Joy.’ In transit she clarified progressively about their work to Joy. Those tribal are having an impossible to miss existence style, she said. Before dinner time they came practically close to the forest and took rest in the inspection bungalow of the adjacent Dam.

Their jeep started toward the woods around 4 ‘o clock in the first part of the day. At the end of the jeep road, a local guide received them and took by foot inside the forest. By early afternoon they arrived at the settlement. Sadly Joy becomes un-well by that time. He requested her to delay the work. But, she sent back him and kept on collaborating alone with the local people. Joy’s situation became bad after some moment and he went back. As she was alone, the activity was extremely hard. She was very athletic in her mid-forties. In any case, she was glad that local people were collaborating with her well.

She was very exhausted by 4′ O clock and chose to wind up the job of that day. She began back to the guest house together with the guide. When they have been halfway, heavy rain began. She held a few leaves over her head to get away rainwater. When they reached the guest house, she was completely soaked. Her nylon churidar was completely soaked and adhered to her body, exposing all her curves. As she entered the sit out of the house, a middle-aged guy came out of the next door. Surprisingly each stood marvel caught for minutes. They did no longer utter any sound. Amidst the noise of rain and the wind, a terrible silence prevailed. After a couple of minutes, the man went inside his room, and she entered another room.

Quite shockingly, it was her ex-husband,’ Sanal.’ The tale goes back to 22 years when she married him at the tender age of 22. He was a charming man, a professional engineer. She entered a renowned news media as a journalist shortly after marriage. She changed into a real professional to the core. So she dedicated most part of the time for her profession. But Sanal was a family-oriented guy, primarily considering the family. This created conflict in their family life. Ultimately, they got separated after their son had been born. Sanal then resigned from his job and moved to somewhere. Her parents brought up the kid. There was no Sanal’s whereabouts so far. The long two decades would have made rethinking or repentance of their minds. Who knows whether or not they still hate.

After a few minutes, he came out with a flask, walked to her door and knocked. The door opened a little after a few moments and she looked out. She just came out of the door. She was wearing a nighty, and her hair was covered and bundled with a towel. For a couple of moments, they scanned each other face. Then she took the flask and turned her face suddenly and slipped inside. The door again shut. He leaned on a pillar and stayed there, stooping his head. After some time when he was about to return to his room, she came out. She also stood there, bowing her head and leaning towards the neighbouring pillar. Tears ran out from her eyes, flowing through her white cheeks. With a hand towel, she often blotted out the drops of tears. Finally, he broke the stalemate. He, in low, sad voice asked about their son. “Where is Manu?” She couldn’t tell anything as she held her lips tight and tears ran and went unstoppable. After so much effort, she said in a broken voice that he was in Bombay. There were also tears flowing from his eyes. It was a scene that can crush anybody’s heart.

He went close to her after a lengthy silence and placed his hand on her shoulder. Instantly, she collapsed on his chest, still weeping. He stroked softly on her back. Both cried for some time. Then he took her hand and led her to his room. They sat nearby on a settee. She put her hand around his neck and sank her head on his chest. They talked for half of an hour. By then somebody brought food which they ate together.

She stood up from the seat and told him that, as she needs to begin her work early morning she is going to take rest. As she was going to move he held one of her finger and said, “let us be here together Nimmu”. She turned to him with a smile as she was looking forward to this invitation. He got up from the sofa and grasped her. For a couple of minutes both hugged themselves. They two looked each other face for quite a while. Their eyes were quietly communicating. Now she’s in his arms altogether. He gently kissed her forehead. She did no longer have any objection. So he proceeded to her cheeks, neck lastly at the right spot. He kissed her lips. It seemed that they’ve cast away all their hatred and egos. She responded uncontrollably as though to compensate for her long sexual vacation and started moaning.

Lips fused for minutes and tongues sampled each mouth’s nook and corner. They dropped saliva through their lips. Their fingers curled back and grabbed each other’s clothes tightly. Before long she broke the lip lock and pulled his shirt’s buttons apart. On his wide chest, she showered kisses, sometimes biting his nipples as well. He turned her around and cupped the boobs over her nightly, kissed on the back of her neck and earlobes from behind. She stretched out her arms and put it on his buttocks. He dragged her nightly over her head in a quick move and tossed down. Now she was in a white bra and blue panties. Without wasting time, he unfastened her bra. Indeed, even in her mid-forties her 34 C boobs were very little drooped and fit as a fiddle. She was fair complexioned. The nipples have been hard and sticking out through now itself. In spite of the fact that she was a mother, her belly was quiet flat with a reasonably deep navel, without any stretch marks.

Once again, he turned her around, lifted to her toes by gripping her under her buttocks with his left hand and holding underneath her armpit with his other hand. He started eating her boobs and sucking the nipples. She was on her toes. Now she was moaning ahh.. haaa… like that. He sucked her boobs one after another and often dipped his face between them. Her love juice flowed over her thighs abundantly. He gently put her on ground and instantly pulled down the panties. It was heavily drenched with her pussy juice. Another excellent thing to watch was her pussy. A perfectly formed samosa, bumping slightly over the plane of her thighs and beautifully covered with neatly trimmed black hair.

He kissed her belly button, placed in it the tip of his tongue and licked it in circles. Over her belly he graced his head and reached her pubic. Now one of her legs had been lifted and placed on a chair, and he sat under her cunt and started to lick it. Her outer folds were carefully split, and his fingers went through it from front to back. She was talking a deep moan. He forced his extended tongue into the folds and ran up and down. On the other side, her plump buttocks are squeezed and massaged by him. He kissed her sensitive thighs in between and licked her. Her cunt was flowing over his lips and face like a river.

By now, keeping his dick inside his undies has been difficult. He got up and took off his bottom clothes in one row. His rod rattled and stood like an unsheathed dagger. She looked at it and put it in her mouth in a quick move. With both hands, she squeezed his balls so tightly that he jumped up and released a loud Haa. Like a machine, she sucked him. His moans are getting louder and louder. She put his balls in her mouth and with her hands massaged the shaft. Circled his hard length with her hands. She continued the sucking and chewing his manhood for minutes.

As of now both were so nervous and sweaty that before they got into the final act they couldn’t save indeed a moment. He pulled her up and pushed to the bed, before bouncing over her. But she rolled over and managed to straddle upon him. Blood was humming in her veins. She screamed, I want to taste you. She pushed him on his back to the bed and sat on his abdomen. She bowed over him with a perky grin, kissing his lips profoundly, whereas keeping both of his hands solidly over the pillow. She scratched his chest with all fingers like a cat does. Often pinched and bit his nipples and chest. He kicked his legs in bliss.

She pushed back herself and rightly put her pussy over his throbbing dick which was held level against his underbelly. She slid the entire length of her pussy crack, back and forward over it. Her trip on the hard dick for him, was both pain and pleasure and made him more rigid and engorged. He said that she felt so good on top of him. After a few minutes, she lifted her ass and guided his dagger into her love hole. She took the tip in her and relentlessly moved her hips against it. He moaned over and over again and talked something detached. She accelerated her movements making him go out of the world with pleasures. He quivered and tightly held his teeth to restrain his utterances while squeezing her breasts.

The speed of her hips up and down motion reached a fantastic level, and her buttocks regularly spun around his bar like a spinning top. He moved himself up and down in keeping with her tempo. His knees clamped her bare thighs, muscles in the legs were taught. With a loud scream, his upper body arched. Undoubtedly, with all his vigour, he burst into her. She also made a loud moan in no time and slumped over his chest. The wheezing was loud and rhythmic in their lungs. The bodies shuddered over and over again. Their embroidered nude bodies were become still after a few minutes. After a long time, they wandered in the paradise of pleasures. In that biting cold their bare fleshes lay one upon another till the morning crows welcomed them to the earthly world.

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