Poor Girl transforms to International Model

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A poor girl married to a middle class man meets a diamond merchant and recognizes as international model for ornaments, married the diamond merchant.


Hello readers

I am Reena, today. I am sitting at CDG airport, Paris waiting for my flight to Mumbai. While waiting for boarding call and during my flight to Mumbai my mind ran back to the past 6 years. Yes, I was not Reena always. The boarding card reminded me that I was born as ‘Rama’ born and brought up in a small place in Indore district of Dakshina Kanna district of Karnataka. I was the only daughter of a poor farmer family. But my father was very much determined to educate me. So, with all difficulties he sent me to school and after schooling in my village I was sent to secondary school in Moodabidre. The school was big and good. I stayed in one of my auntie’s house who was a widow and had no kids. She loved me and I was happy in school also. As I was a good student, I passed in distinction all through and completed my tenth standard. My mother was forcing dad to get me married but my dad wanted me to finish my college. So, I was admitted to a college in Mangaluru. I stayed in hostel.

It is in the hostel life and living in Indore that changed my outlook. Movies did have a great effect on me. I always dreamt of moving in big cars, living in luxurious bungalows, with servants, cook. Travelling abroad in business class. My dreams had no end. Dreams are dreams and normally all are illusion. Same thing happened in my life also. I completed my graduation in Commerce, and I was 20 at that time. I had ambition to study further or make my career in modeling in Mumbai and many other wishes. By the by let me tell you about myself. I was then 20 years, five and half feet tall, slim waist big or say very big boobs with matching hips, whitish complexion, knew swimming, dancing and little bit of acting too. To look at I had a beautiful face comparable to any film actresses. For a better comparison, I can be called a replica of Sunny Leone or some Hollywood heroines. So, my friends were always advising me to run away to Mumbai and make my future. But it didn’t work that way.

I stayed at my home for a year and when I completed my 21st year mom was forcing for my marriage and dad could not argue. I was married off to a person of our caste who was also a graduate in commerce. He was the ugliest person I could have imagined, but my parents noted that the family is a good one and had property. Good grace was that he worked in Mumbai. He told that he was a clerk in a private firm and stayed in a rented apartment. Within a month of my stay with my husband, (his name is Ravi), I got fed up with life. In face he was working in a Udupi hotel and stayed in a dilapidated chaal. There was no charm in day and night. Whole day Ravi would be at his hotel, return after ten at night, and leave morning at 6. The only time he ever touched me was on some Sundays and would finish just seeing my Top. I was contemplating about what next. What is my future? Should I live like this and bear his kids, if at all he can do it, and close my eyes one day?

All turned on that eventful day of our marriage anniversary. So called anniversary. I still was a virgin and was celebrating my anniversary. What a paradox! I was always asking him to take me to Nariman Point and that day he decided to take me. We reached in a local train and from church gate station he took me by walk all way up to Nariman Point. Luckily sunset was just at that time and it was good sight. I say a billboard advertising a diamond ornament show at nearby Oberoi Hotel. I pleaded with Ravi that at least I want to see the exhibition. So, we entered the hotel hesitantly. The dazzling diamond display was too good, but I had to be content with only seeing. We came out of the hotel and in the parking, I saw a Benz car. I got a funny idea to stand near the car and get a photo. I stood close to the car and asked Ravi to take a photo. I was bit scared also as a person was constantly seeing me. We hurriedly left the place, but the man came fast and reached us. I stammered ‘sorry’ to him. He smiled and said it is ok to take photo near his car, but he wanted to know about us rather me. We introduced ourselves and he shook ‘my’ hands and smiled and said he was Mr. Nayak of Nayak and Nayak jewelers. OMG! He was Nayak of the world famous Nayak Diamonds. I could not believe that I had met him. Then I observed that he had left his visiting card in my hand. “If you ever remember or else I will” was inscribed on the backside of the card. What did he mean by this? I was puzzled. I just muttered few words of thanks and told that it was our wedding anniversary and hence we were roaming few places. He congratulated both of us and smilingly told that the day needs to be celebrated. I also smiled sheepishly. He continued and asked how we liked the collection in the exhibition. My husband told that all were good but beyond our reach. Mr. Nayak then requested to go with him once again to the hall. We just followed him. He explained the making of jewels and showed us many new collections. Not to disappoint him I just nodded each time with smile. He then asked about our dinner to which I told that we will go home and cook. He laughed and told that the day being our wedding day he would treat us for dinner. All along I was wondering why this person is showing so much interest. But I was hungry and kept silent. He led us to the sky top restaurant where from whole city of Mumbai could be seen. I sat in front of him. I could sense his eyes were constantly on my bosom which was accidentally uncovered.

He ordered Champagne which we had never seen. My husband does take drinks now and then but not Champagne. With it arrived few starters. He extended the green bottle and said, ‘this is wishing a good day to the lady in green saree’ and popped the cork open. The lathered champagne oozed out. Pouring in the glasses he raised it with cheers. For the first time in my life I had a glass in my hand. Automatically I also raised the toast and slowly we started to enjoy. Yes, the drink was really very good. Once we finished, he filled second and then third. By then the 7-course dinner arrived. Ravi was spell bound to see the dinner items and Champagne. Nayak enquired about Ravi’s job and what I was doing, whereabout of our house etc. He continued to say that he had diamond outlets in Paris, London, Hongkong, Singapore etc. We finished dinner and the time was already ten at night. Nayakji asked as to how we would return. I smiled and told that I would take a cab, whereas we had nothing to pay for cab but would have walked to Church gate and taka a local. Objecting to me Nayak told ‘don’t worry, you are my guest and I will tell my driver to drop’.

Then he answered my doubt. He told that in the exhibition there were very few customers till I arrived which he was worried. Within few minutes of my entering the hall, it seems wherefrom huge crowd started to arrive. He therefore considered me as a ‘lucky mascot’ and decided to know us closer. He continued to say that I deserved a special gift for that and being my wedding day. He took out a box from his coat pocked and gave it to me with a big thanks. I didn’t know what to say. I also thanked him for the night. In the portico the same Benz car arrived to pick us up and drop at home. I waved at him and to my surprise he sent a flying kiss with a bye.  I was curious to open the box but resisted till we reached home. We changed by which time Ravi had opened the box. It contained a diamond set of necklaces, nose pin, and ear stud with jhumkas, a diamond ring. Ravi exclaimed and estimated the value as not less than 15 lakhs. His face became grim and told me to return it as we don’t deserve it. He was a bit angry too as to why he gave such costly gift to me. But I resisted saying that it will not be good to return a gift, that too he is being a very influential person. But inside the lure of diamond was pressing me to accept. It was such a gift which I could never have dreamt in my life with Ravi. I just took it and kept in the cupboard.

Few days went by and I often remembered the events of that night. I was even thinking of calling his number and thank him again, and under that pretext speak to him. Suddenly Ravi told me at night that he has been asked to go to their Indore for two days as they wanted to start a Udupi hotel at Indore. Normally they don’t send him outstation. Incidentally his sister stayed at Indore and he thought it an opportunity to meet her. He left the next morning. Unexpectedly in the afternoon I got a call from an unsaved number and to my surprise it was Mr Nayak himself. He just asked how I was doing and if I had lunch. I replied and suddenly he asked if I was free in the evening for dinner. This was a shock to me. I never expected it that too when Ravi is out of station. Could I have refused? Not with such a big person who gave me a lifetime gift of diamond. I said that Ravi has gone to Indore and I was alone. He said he will send car to my house and I can be ready by 7 PM. I could not say anything.

I slept for a while and got up at 4. Had coffee and took bath. I did a simple make up and what to dress was a big question. Such a personality and taking me for dinner! I did not have good sarees or dress. But I remembered the one net saree which I had purchased few months back but had not worn as there was no occasion. Also, the blouse was rather very deep, and I had avoided wearing it. I took it out and it looked very good now. I remembered how Nayak was staring at my bosoms and a smile passed on my lips. I was a woman who would not leave any opportunity to go away. Yes, the best way to influence him and get some benefit was to show off some skin. I wore the saree full 5 inches below my navel. Of course, as I said, the blouse neck was very plunging to 9 inches down. A princess cut backless, sleeveless the blouse was it displayed lot of my top and back. (no need to stress that, being backless I could not wear bra). Further the blouse had no padding as I had told him not to put it fearing that the boobs may look too big with padding. So, the cloth was rather thin which enhanced the stout nipples. Light lipstick, perfume and bit of glitter on the exposed portion of my bosoms. Yes, it was done. I looked at the mirror. The cleavage appeared too deep. But I thought there was no harm in just being myself and showing bit of my assets. Should I tell Ravi? I decided not to speak then but to see what happens in the evening. At quarter to six the driver called me. I told him to wait at a nearby mall as I didn’t want the Benz car to come near our chal and all people will question me.

The driver opened the door and solute me with respect. I sat in the rear seat, contemplating what may happen in the evening. Will get some more ornaments? Greedy, I cursed myself. The car reached Taj Land ends near Bandra.  Nayak was waiting for me and when I got down, he extended his hand. I looked at him for a second and then held his hand and got down. He still held my hand firmly and led me to the hotel. As we entered all the staff greeted us and the hotel manager welcomed me with bouquet. I was feeling embarrassed with the adulation received. We were guided to a reserved seat. I was feeling shy also to be with Nayak in presence of so many people. He left my hand only after I sat on the chair. He complimented my look and told that I looked very beautiful. He ordered some drink which I had not heard of. But I had to give him company.  The drink was too good, and I felt fresh and light and could talk freely after second round. The meals came after an hour during which we sipped through and spoke. All along I ensured that my pallu stayed put on my left arm leaving my bosom for his stare. His eyes didn’t fail to notice. He told that from the day of our anniversary my stars have changed and I am destined to be a big very big lady shortly. I laughed heartily at the joke. He held my hand and told that he is not joking. Then Nayak told that he called me to dinner with a proposal, whether I can model for his new chain of ornaments. I was astonished and felt elated. Am I so good and beautiful when there are thousands of reputed models in town? Nayak said that he was looking for a fresh face who can represent the common ladies in the country so that he can capture the market. I agreed but did not ask about money part.  I just told that I will discuss with my husband and inform next day. He nodded and told he would be waiting for my confirmation in person next day and gave me an address where I can go for a screen test and portfolio photograph. We finished and left the hotel with Nayak holding my hand in his hand. The driver brought the car and Nayak was rather reluctant to leave my hand and held for a long time. We left after bidding a good night.

I was thinking of the days events while returning home. Was he impressed with my display? Sure, he must have as his eyes were just pinned on my exposed boobs. Time and again why was he holding my hand? Yes, I felt elated with his response. But what next? Should I agree to his proposal? It may get me good money at least for a year or so. That would be enough to buy a flat in Mumbai which was my dream. Somehow, I have to convince Ravi. I knew he would agree as he is bit greedy for money. To achieve my dreams, I would do anything and everything. But what may be the future in store for me? I had no answer.

Next morning, I called Ravi on phone and told that I got a phone from Nayak and he asked me to model his new ornaments and I would be paid for the assignment. I did not tell him that the previous day I met Nayak. As expected, Ravi was also happy to hear of money and asked me not to miss the chance. Having done that part of my job I was relieved of much problem.

I had light lunch, sleep for half an hour and then had hot coffee. It was a cold day I felt fresh after a hot bath. What to wear was a question. It won’t look nice if I wear the same saree every day. What else. I had no other new sarees or dress. Then I remembered I had my jeans which I used to wear before marriage. I though of trying it and took out from loft. Surprisingly it was perfect even now. Wah great. Then I tried the top, but it was bit tight because of which my boobs were appearing protruded through the thin cotton tops. Anyway, there they will give me new clothes to wear for photo session. Also, I looked much younger in jeans and tops. So, it was no problem.

The car was waiting at the same place as the other day and I reached in time. He brought me to another five-star hotel near Goregaon. Mr Nayak was waiting in the lobby and received me on arrival with a long shake hand. His team also wished me and greeted with a bouquet, which was an exciting occasion to me. We were seated in a lounge and served light refreshment with coffee. Then Nayak took my hand, or rather held my arm and lead me to the hall where phot session was arranged. Soon a group of girls took me to a makeup room. They were so efficient and fast. Started with facials, waxing whole body including privates, sandal paste massage, hair setting. I was shown dozens of dresses to wear which were to be selected by their designer and publicity team. The theme of new ornament was back chain, waist chain and hip chain. I had never heard of all these styles. So obviously all gowns, cholis were backless to show case back chain. The lehengas and sarees were to be worn much below navel to show case waist and hip chains. The make up artist was also very good and after makeup she complimented me for my looks and said I was looking stunning even without ornaments. There were few night gowns, lingerie also and I was wondering what ornament would go with night dresses and lingerie.

The lights and cameras were ready and there were three to four photographers standing at different angles. Before starting the shooting, Mr Nayak introduced me to the gathering as “Reena” our latest find as brand ambassador for Nayak and Nayak ornaments globally. I could not speak and stood muted in the loud noise of clapping. Then Nayak asked his PA to bring some papers and asked me to read and sign the agreement. Though I felt it may offend Nayak, I was asked to read each line. Their legal team was also present. The salient features of agreement were that the period of my contract will be one year subject to extension. I would de paid all transportation too & fro for all my ‘on calls’. Stay if required will be in 5 star and above. Any showcasing I India and abroad notice will be given a week in advance. I must be ready to work till late night as most shows take place after nine. While going abroad I will be lodged in the best hotels, and all transportation given. Monthly remuneration in India would be ten lakhs and in visits abroad in addition to Indian salary I would be paid thousand dollars per day.  If I terminate the contract before the contract period, I must give twenty-five lakhs as compensation.  I could not say anything and signed on the dotted lines.  Amidst huge clapping Nayakji handed over me a cheque for Rs. 10 Lakhs as signing amount. I could not believe my eyes. How he was true when he told the other day that my life is changing soon.

The photo shoot went on for a long time. Changing dress every time, wearing ornaments, each time touch up by make up team, standing, sitting, leaning in various position. I had no count but must have taken not less than hundred snaps and few videos. After the shoot, there was a group snap in which Nayakji stood by my side. His hand had circled and was resting on my bare portion of my waist. With all the happenings in the evening the touch of Nayaks hand on me excited me. There were goosebumps all over. Then Nayak announced a gala dinner and requested all to enjoy the evening. Champagne followed by dinner. When the dinner was finished, I realized that it was already night eleven O’clock. I looked at Nayak who came to me realizing I was worried about time. He assured me not to worry. He took me to a corner and gave me a box saying it was a small gift from his side. Yes, it was a Rado watch, which I knew would cost not less than 80K. We were in a shaded place and secluded. I told that I need to return as neighbors would question my delay during absence of my husband. He looked deeply in my eyes and in a gush of excitement he hugged me. My hands too went around him automatically. He said a very good night with gratitude. We separated and then saying bye I left the hotel. A porter brought a suitcase and kept in the car, saying they are my clothes etc.

I reached home rather very late. Fortunately, all had slept. I was tiered and slept. Next morning, I woke up to a new life which was welcoming me. Yes, now there will be no looking back. I looked at the Cheque of ten lakhs. I decided to open a new account and deposit and not to tell Ravi about it. I opened the suitcase of dresses. It contained almost all the costumes which I wore for photo shoot and few more sarees, lehangas-cholis full set of make up articles and a gold waist chain. I ordered for breakfast and went to take bath.  When I was having breakfast, I got a call from Nayak. “Hi Love, how are you” were his first words. I thanked him for all he had done to me till then and particularly for yesterdays, events, the contract etc. He told that the photoshoot was excellent, and he wants to show to me. Without allowing me to speak he said that by 12 a car will pick me up.

That day I decided to ask him about his personal details. I did slight make up and wanted to dress. What to wear? I decided to wear a simple dress, go the mall where the car would be coming, and change to one of the dresses given by Nayak the previous night, as it was not advisable to wear such dress and leave my chaal. So, I selected a net lehenga, chole, the waist chain he had presented me.  I had tied my hair to a bun so that my back will be visible. I reached mall at half past eleven, went to a washroom in the mall and changed the dress. I looked at the mirror and appreciated myself. Yes, I looked good and now I had status of a model, and adulations are like that of an actress. I shall make best use of the time, make hay while it lasts.

I came out of mall after making few small purchases. Now in that costume, I first time realized that all eyes we on me. The car was waiting for me and I hopped in. I reached a big bungalow in Juhu Tara road. I realized that it may be the house of Nayak.  Today maybe I meet his wife, parents and see the house. I was eager to see my pics. A woman, may be their cook, took me inside and asked me to wait. In few minutes Nayak came from upstairs and shook my hands, saying ‘welcome Reena to my adobe”. Yes, now onwards you will be Reena. I just smiled. It looked as it there were no one else I the big house. He took me to a room which was in fact a home theater. He switched on the projector and all yesterdays pics started on the screen. Yes, I looked fabulous which I myself could not believe. It took about twenty minutes to see all. They had selected five or six of them for promotion. He asked me if I had told my husband and I answered in affirmative. See, Reena, from next Monday these photos will come in full size in newspapers, there will be huge billboards not only in Mumbai but all over the country and even in their promotions abroad. I was not knowing about it, but it did appear in the agreement and I could not say no.

After seeing the pics, I asked him about other persons in the house, and he replied that his parents are in Mangalore and he is still unmarried. I was surprised that he is also from Karnataka. All along I had thought that he is a Naik from Maharashtra. I suddenly spoke to him in Tulu and he was taken aback. We continued to speak in Tulu and our talks became more informal and closer. Both of us were Tulu people knew Kannada, Konkani, Marathi, Hindi and English, great. About his marriage he smiled at me and said that till date he had not got a girl like me so that he can marry, that is why he was still a bachelor. We had hearty laugh. Then he took me to Bandra.  He continued to add that after the publicity it may not be right to stay in a rented house where I was staying. He had fixed a flat near Bandra, on lease for one year of my contract period. He had already paid the lese amount. Nayak asked me to pack my personal belongings next day and move out. The leased accommodation was fully furnished with 3 bedrooms, modular kitchen, washing machines, geysers, a mini gym, a mini bar, air conditioners in all rooms and hall, fully carpeted. The ward robe was full of dresses, clothes, sarees, all undergarments, night gowns. The dressing table was full of imported cosmetics, perfumes etc. I was bit worried as to what I can tell my husband. What could I have told Nayak? I just appreciated the place. Then we left for lunch at Grand Hayat, Santacruz – Chembur road.  He ordered for a cocktail, whose name I didn’t know. In last few days I was used to take party drinks. We chatted and finished one, two and then third with Chicken lollypop, French fries for accomplishment. I was feeling like flying in air. It lasted for few minutes and as we finished lunch, I was OK. It was 3 PM and Nayak asked if I wanted to do some shopping.  I was one who never said no to shopping, but should I overload him with shopping, He held my hand and we walked to the Portico where his car arrived. He took me to Inrobit Mall, at Vashi.

Nayak said that he had observed that my purse was not good and also my chappal. He straightaway took me to a shop which sold only imported goods. He asked the girl to give selected ten vanity bags of make Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Chanel, Gucci Jackie, Hermes, Balenciaga, Prada, Marc Jacobs. Burberry and Christian Dior. I had never heard of these purses.  I could just peep at the counter to know that the bill was in excess of a lakh rupee. Then Chappals, a dozen, more perfumes. I was all along thinking of something which was eating my mind. I remembered my father’s words, ‘Lady luck will knock at the door only once when our stars are good. If we don’t open the door, she will go to others who welcomes her’ How right it is! I had to now make best use of the opportunity. Yes, I had to seduce him. When Nayak was speaking on mobile with someone, I sneaked into a shop, picked up men’s, undergarments, and a night suit for him. I put them in purse and Nayak didn’t notice it.

 No, I was in no mood to go back to my old chaal and sit alone. I told we can go to the apartment which he had taken on lease for me. He said it is a good idea as some new interiors were done in last two days which we can see. We straightaway went to the apartment. New door and window curtains were put which looked very good. A new LG 55 inch TV was also installed along with set top box. Time was half past eight. Nayak suggested to go to dinner in  a hotel, but I was in no mood to go out again. I told I would order from Zomato or Swiggy. The meals came within fifteen minutes. Nayak went to the mini bar which was in the apartment and made two glasses of Vodka. We spoke very closely in our mother tongue and finished three pegs. The dinner was also good. After dinner at ten o’clock, Nayak told he would go home. I looked at him and told seductively, ‘why cant you stay here’? saying so, I put my hands around his neck and pulled his face for a kiss. He didn’t resist and our lips and mouth met and melted in each other.

Nayakji lifted me as I garlanded my hands around his neck and carried me to the bedroom. I had kept his night suit on the cot which he saw and smiled. So you had planned everything? He asked and I pulled his lips for long very long kisses. We lay on the cot, and I pulled his shirt open. My namesake gown was already on the carped and I was topless. Hurriedly I pulled his pant and undid his brief. Then sprang a surprise as I could not believe that a man can really have such big, long penis as of Nayak. The whole apparatus was clean with no hair on it and was throbbing with eagerness. I stroked lovingly on the beautiful weapon. He took my breasts and was squeezing them one after another. I pushed the nipples in his open mouth which he hungrily started licking and biting. His hands were caressing my thighs, my hips, my back and I was reciprocating with competition. We kissed a million times exchanging saliva when we were thirsty and inhaling our carbon di oxide when we felt suffocated. I pushed his one hand below and widened my legs, He explored the place. I was glad that just a day before those girls had waxed me fully. He touched the upper portion and I felt goosebumps all over. He proceeded to rub there in small circular motions, and I could hardly control and was shaking my thighs, raising my hips. It was difficult for him to put his thick finger inside and he looked at me surprisingly. Virgin? His look was questioning me. Yes, I nodded. He felt extremely happy that he got the opportunity to take my virginity and I also felt I was fortunate. Slowly he inserted one finger and rubbed till I started lubricating and then his second finger gave company to the first. Now it was easy for movement of his dual fingers in and out and rubbing the upper spot with his thumb. My first orgasm in life was achieved within few more minutes and I was pleading him to enter. He took his pant and out came a condom. Now it was my turn to laugh and I taunted that even he was ready!  We laughed and I pulled the condom and threw it saying it is not needed. That made him happier. Slowly very slowly inserted his huge phallus in me, knowing that I was still a virgin and not wanting to hurt me. I further widened my thighs and slowly pulled him in with my legs from his behind. There was bit resistance and I closed my eyes as he thrust in one forceful jerk. I shouted with a chilling pain and in a second all pain was gone. He had broken my hymen and we celebrated my entering womanhood with hundred long and wet kisses.

We lay in that position till I got adjusted to the feeling and the pain subsided and in fact vanished. He was now moving slowly minding my lost virginity just minutes ago. How thoughtful of him! I pulled him towards me and raised my leg allowing complete penetration. He hugged me and firmly pressed my big melons on to his chest. We kissed again and again. In a smooth movement he turned me aside and came on me. I widened my legs and locked them behind Nayak’s thighs arresting him completely. I pulled him further down till his testicles touched my pussy ensuring cent percent penetration. We rested feeling the pleasure of skin contact. His shaft was constantly pulsating inside me sending me vibrations. All along our mouths were exploring and his hands were playing with my tits. When my own love juices started to ooze out I relaxed my grip on him and Nayak started moving in and out in ultraslow motion. Gradually the pace picked up, low, high and higher and then again slow down in a cyclic rhythm. His every stroke I was raising my pelvis to synchronize with the motion. We didn’t know how long the heavenly experience took. Finally, he released his hot flood deep inside me. We lay attached for a long time, Nayak resting on my bosom and I was playing with his hair and caressing his back. Neither we remembered the time when we got sleep.

I got sound, satisfied, contended sleep, enjoying my first sex, my losing of virginity. When I opened my eyes Nayak was standing with a coffee tray. I kept it on the side table and bent forward to kiss a good morning. I held him close and we dissolved ourselves in long kisses. I sat on the bed and had hot coffee. I was of course no clothes on me and Nayak had wrapped bathing robe. He sat by my side and I slid my hand between his thighs. He already had huge erection. I stroked it all along for a long time, fondled the huge balls below. His tool was not throbbing and was trying to find its mate who was also wet. I continued to stroke the huge penis till a diamond drop of pre cum appeared at the opening. It was glittering and inviting me to taste. I bent down and licked the nectar and got high excitation. Opening my mouth full I pushed the big pink head which looked like strawberry into my mouth. My tongue was licking the head in circular motion while hand was stroking and fondling the shaft and testicles. Nayak pushed me on the bed and joined his mouth on mine. We kissed as if there is no tomorrow. Four hands, four legs, four lips and two bodies became one. When copulation took place, I was moaning loudly and my breasts were heaving which were taken control of my Nayak. I had completely surrendered to the fantastic heavenly experience of mating, to say rudely, to fucking. Minutes and minutes went on and on but our journey to the space seemed never ending. Finally, when we arrive on the moon, his river flooded deep in me and spread to the inner most lanes of the sacred tunnel.

We changed our position and I came on his top, but without detachment and rested without any movement for a long time. I had kept my head on his chest and my boobs were pressing just on his flat abdomen. He had locked me from top with his legs. His hands were caressing my back, my thighs. After long time we detached as his mobile was ringing. We got up and he attended the phone. I went to bathroom freshened up and came out. Nayak was doing some work on his laptop. Seeing his face I decided to take bath alone. Hot shower relaxed me very much. On seeing red, pink and purple teeth mark on my breasts, shoulder and thighs, I smiled. I had won, I had conquered.

After Nayak got ready we left for breakfast. Before leaving the home, Nayak hugged me with a bear hug. I hung to his neck and lifting my legs circled his waist. Our mouth locked in long very long, wet very wet, hot very hot kisses. I could see that he was getting a bulge already. But he controlled and lowered me. We had breakfast at a nearby McDonalds. That day both were free. We went to Malbar hills and sat in a corner. He has light lunch and went to his house. It was a palace in all means. I could see at least 4 cars parked in the portico. I had never seen such spacious, decorated house except in movies and TV Serials. He showed me the house. It had six rooms, two halls, a mii bar, spacious kitchen, a gym, a swimming pool, a sports and recreation room. A group of cooks were in kitchen. In every room there were big Tvs in addition to one home theater in the first floor. The house had even a lift! I was spell bound to see the palace.

He took me to the top floor to a bedroom which had a round revolving cot. No sooner we were in the room Nayak hugged me from behind, turned my head and started kissing profusely. I turned and put my arms around his neck. We hit the cot within seconds and our clothes were abandoned like orphans on the silken carpet. I was already excited with the ambience of the house and the prospects of sex with Nayak in his own home on a revolving cot with imported silken sheets. What a situation. Without losing time I straight away approached the already rock hard, erect, throbbing phallus of Nayakji. His long penis looked like a rocket ready to be launched in to space. Yes, my inner space was waiting for that huge spaceship. He lied down on the bed and I went on his balancing my legs on his either sides, centering on his erection, I slowly slid down taking fully into me. Nayak pulled my and pressed my breasts on to his chest and our mouths melted oozing and exchanging our sweet saliva. His legs arrested and pulled me further down and had stop when his huge balls touched my pussy. I was feeling the throbbing and swelling veins on his tool which completely took the inner space in a tight fit. Even when Nayak released his grip on me, it was difficult for me to move up. Had we knotted? I could not control my laugh. He asked me and I told him. He said he wished we knot like this for ever. That dialogue deserved another spate of kisses. Slowly I was exciting more and my vaginal walls were becoming wet. After sufficiently lubricated we was able to move up. I was reciprocating on him slowly and increased speed with time. I was profusely oozing and squirting my love juices on his phallus which was nicely embedded inside my holy hole.  I could feel wetness flowing down my thighs on either sides. We changed position and Nayak made love like that was the last edge of earth. But he was still going strong. In a swift move he detached and raising above placed his shining, penis right on my face. I held with all love and licked the smeared fluid which was a result of my own secretions. Slowly I took the entire length inside till reaching my throat. Within few minutes he released all his stock of thick semen deep inside my mouth.  My lips were held so tight on his fat erection that here was no option than to swallow the entire ejaculation. I gulped the sacred honey and felt good. As he withdrew, I licked the entire shaft and cleaned.  There was a clear indication on his face of gratitude. They say that a woman consuming semen of a man is ultimate for the man to be very grateful and convince him that this lady is for him. We lay cuddled and slept till evening.  After evening tea, I had to go back to my home. I returned reluctantly as Ravi was coming at night.

I returned reluctantly home. One of my neighbors asked me about my outing and I just told that I had been to my relative place. Ravi came home at ten. After dinner he himself raised the question as to how much money he is giving. I had taken precaution about this. I had xeroxed the agreement deleting one ‘Zero’ from the remuneration. He was pleased seeing one lakh. I had not told him about advance of ten lakhs. I explained that the job involves lot of travelling in India and abroad. I may have to stay with crew. Also, for advertisement my billboards may be displayed all over the country and even in print and visual media. He suddenly changed his mood, got angry and started abusing me. He called me all names and told that if that is the case I must go out of his house. I was always ready to do it. I didn’t say much, and we slept. Next morning, I called and told Nayak that Ravi is objecting. Nayak assured me that he will take care of Ravi and I must move out to the apartment same day. I wrote a letter to Ravi saying that I am moving out. I also blamed for not consummating marriage even after two years and asper law I am entitled for divorce for which I would be applying. All I did as advised by Nayak.

I packed few of my personal belongings and left in the car sent by Nayak. Nayak was waiting at the apartment and the small suitcase was taken inside. He welcomed me inside ‘my house’.  I sat on the sofa and soon a cook came out of kitchen and served cold drinks. Nayak had already arranged cook and servants. We went upstairs to change to a house coat. Nayak was observing me sitting on the cot. The moment I had undone my dresses, he came like a cheetah and picked and carried me to the bed. I never would have said No to such a romantic love making. Half an hour of intense sex relieved me of many tensions I was carrying since previous evening.

We came out to the dining hall by lunch time and very delicious lunch was ready. We had wine along with lunch. Nayak had some work and he left. He told that some lawyer will come and will discuss with me few things. I thought that may be about our contract. I rested for an hour and by 3’O clock, a lawyer came. He had drafted a letter and asked me to read and sign. It was a divorce petition. It said that Ravi had ill treated me frequently and I was not at all happy with the marriage and needed nullification. I looked at the lawyer and he just nodded and said ‘as per order’ mam. I though for a moment and decided to sign. I was thinking what if Nayak chooses another girl after my contract is over. Will Nayak really marry me as he had indicated when he was inside me? Men do say lot of things while making love but may not be serious. Then I thought that I must make good money in one year and who knows what will happen. He may marry or may not. With money and name many others will be ready to hold my hand. Even without anyone, if I have good money that would take care of me. Thinking these points, I signed without second thought.

After this paper the lawyer took out another agreement. What was that? I wondered. He gave it to me and asked to sign. Oh my God, what a surprise for me. It was a sale deed indicating that this apartment has been purchased in my name. Now no more doubt came in my mind. I was ready to do anything for sake of Nayak. I signed all papers and he left. In another half an hour another gentleman rang bell. The servant opened and asked him to be seated in the hall and informed me. I met him and another surprise was waiting for me. He asked me to sign few papers which I read fully. It was transferring the Benz car from Nayak to my name! Oh, great. I love you dear, I said to myself. I saw few TV programs and in one local TV channel they were showing about jewelry shows which interested me. To my pleasant surprise the show included the collections from Nayak and Nayak Diamonds and the organizer showed my photos and announced that Nayak is showcasing his collections with a stunning new model.

Sitting with a cup of coffee I was thinking what else I need now. Nothing more, God gave me beauty, good figure, a house, a car, cook, servants, diamonds and gold ornaments, money in bank a contract and above all a great lover. I thought of informing my parents before they see my photo in TV and newspapers. I called mom and told that I have got a new modelling contract. I didn’t tell about divorce. They felt happy for me and wished me all good luck.

Night Nayak returned at eight.  In the room we had small drink session and had dinner. I was very happy with the day’s developments. Inside the bedroom Nayak said that he was feeling like having shower and I understood his intentions. I removed my clothes and undid all clothes on Nayak. I held his hand and took him to the bathroom. It has a big bathtub to accommodate both of us, a jacuzzi type with several nozzles for warm and hot water all around. The tub filled with warm water and Nayak poured jet to make foam lather. He stepped in and held my hand to be with him. I kept my head on his shoulder and we kissed inside the warm tub. The lather slowly rose up till only our necks were exposed. I caressed his back, his thighs and guided his hand between my thighs. In the soapy water I was already excited. There was no count to the number of and time of our kisses. His one hand was on my back and I hugged him and took his hand onto my breasts. His one finger had already found its position and was busy exciting me. In water I started experiencing my orgasms after orgasm.

With both in the height of excitement we couldn’t wait for the copulation. Nayak lifted me and carried to the bed. We were both wet. I hung on his neck by arms and his waist by legs. I was literally like a baby monkey hanging on to mother. As our mouths met and my boobs pierced his chest, automatically he had entered me standing and holding my hips with his both hands. My body was soft and yielding with the hot water bath and I was drenching with my orgasmic fluids while his was solid steel hard and it was as easy to penetrate me as a hot knife dipping to butter. I was cradling on to him precariously. Nayak was supporting me with his one hand on hip and other caressing my back. Time went unnoticed and we didn’t know when we hit the bed and I was on his top doing my pole dance on his erection. We got very sound sleep that night. Fully contended, satisfied and yielding to each other to enjoy the best gift of God that is to have great sex. Early morning, I woke him up by fondling his testicles and sealing my mouth inside his mouth. I realized that he was getting hard again, but we resisted and got up for a hot morning coffee. We decided to leave other experiments to night. On getting up I had a hearty laugh to see the big puddles of our love juices on the satin sheets. What the servants may think? Let them think what has happened. I was least bothered.

That day he took me to Khandala where there was my first ramp walk. I was earlier given a few hours training on how to walk with grace, turn with style, hold on to the posture and walk back.  All costumes were good of course displaying lot of skin. Waist chain brands were tickling just an inch above my pubic area and back was completely open in most of costumes. The show was a great success. Then and there itself the company got orders for few crores from Bollywood celebrities. We had booked in two different rooms with an attached door. So, after dinner we checked in separately and in an hour’s time Nayak came in to my room. That night gave me a special experience. Somehow, I was still hungry for his cock despite long sessions in past few days.  It appeared insatiable. I was on cot with nothing on but had covered with the blanket. Nayak anticipated this and after disrobing his gown he entered the blanket and we were closeted in a great bear hug. He congratulated me for the success of the show and was very happy with the new orders. As we were indulging in fore play, kisses, caressing, fondling, sucking and all imaginable acts of love, he made me to kneel and in a swift move entered from back. I had not thought that entry would be easy and complete in this way. I was supporting with my hands on pillow. As Nayak was relentlessly moving in and out, I realized why nature has made this position as normal in all animals. This was one position which can give maximum pleasure to both as all body parts of both will be accessible easily. His hands could cup my breasts at will, his finger would also assist him in rubbing my G spot, my hand could fondle his huge balls and when needed I could turn my head for kiss. Our combined love champagne started to trickle down my thighs down to the sheet. Still he was going great. Then only I realized that what was flowing down was his pre cum with my vaginal secretions. In silence we made love for an unknown period and slept cuddling till early morning.

From Khandala we went to Indore to Agra to Delhi and back to Mumbai in next five days. My rehearsals of shows, evening show at selected places and night in lap of Nayak. Lucky that I was in safe period all these days. I decided to be on pill once I reach Mumbai. The next day in Mumbai, the lawyer came to meet and handed over the divorce approval from Family Court, Bandra. I don’t know how he managed all these in four days. Lawyer informed that Nayak had bought a house, got a job for Ravi in Mangaluru and sent him with condition that he will never speak about his marriage with me. Now I was free from that torturous marriage.

So, the days, weeks went on. Shows in Hongkong, KL, Singapore, Paris, London and few in India also. I always travelled business class with Nayak, stayed with him in same room. Industry was not abuzz with talks of our affair and it was giving additional advertisement to the campaign. Paparazzi was catching on us. The first news on visual and print media was of Nayak and me kissing at a corner of a hotel in Paris. This gave a wide publicity to our campaign. Thereafter both me and Nayak started posting our intimate, raunchy photos at exotic locations in our Instagram. Both got lakhs of followers and advertisement brands approached me for some online ads. Started getting more money. One-night Nayak told me that few producers had approached him to release me for their movie. He asked if I was interested. I am not for one who would leave the bird in hand for a bird in bush. I hid my head between his bare thighs and said a firm NO, I belong only here, and this belong to me, saying so I kissed that beautiful python, which was longing to spit its honey – not poison – inside me. He was pleased with me and that sealed our relation.

I was wondering what will happen in next four months when I will be completing one-year contract. Will he find a new bird, a new girl and move with her? Likely and unlikely. My mind worked fast. I decided to stop all precaution for next four months. If I become pregnant either he will marry me or give huge compensation. I really wanted to marry him and set up my family with kids. But who knows what will happen? After few days I stopped taking pills but didn’t tell Nayak. Almost every night we had sex once or twice and during daytime also few days in a week. So as planned and anticipated as a result of daily sex, my periods stopped from the very next month. Nayak never noticed that there was no gap owing my periods. When a week was left for completion of my one year, Nayak asked me if I am willing to extend the contract. I was ready too. Hiding my face in his chest I said, ‘yes dear but after delivery’. He was taken aback but was not unhappy. He was very happy and kissed me with gratitude. Wah, Junior Nayak is coming. I am so glad Reena. I was happy for his joy. He promised to marry me soon.

Next month we went to Kolluru in Karnataka and married in the Mookambika temple. His parents and my parents came to the temple and our marriage was solemnized as per our customs. As per wish of Nayak his junior came after six months. In the third year itself I delivered a beautiful daughter. My all wishes were now fulfilled. Nayak still takes me to all his shows and I am still his No 1 model and would never allow him to choose another one. What else Nayak needs other than a beautiful sexy woman like me who was ready 24×7 to fulfil his sexual fantasies? He never has strayed thereafter.  I sincerely thank God for all this good he has done to me.  And thanks readers. Please comment.

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