Office Collegue turned wild sex partner

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How my office colleague gradually turned into a wild sex partner


Hi Readers,

I am a regular reader of this website and thought to share my story for all of you to enjoy. Do write to me with your comments on my email [email protected]

So let me jump into the story!!

I am Vivek (32 years, tall and semi built) working in an IT company at a mid-management level. This story takes us back to 2018 when I needed to hire an executive for excess work. In a week’s time, my company had a new face. The new joinee named Shweta was a young attractive lady with a firm figure and a pleasing smile. Her Dressing was perfect each time, clothes sticking to her 36B size breasts and curvy hips. 

Day1 and she were in complete control of the men in the office. All stared at her with hunger and lust like a pack of wolves. I was the lucky one as I was her reporting manager. We sat in the same bay as I have to guide and check the work. 

Sometimes during checking her work on the laptop, I used to try and peep through her top to get a glimpse of her cleavage. 

Almost a month had past and Shweta was good friends with me as we shared work, tiffins too. Many of the men at work started to envy this and I enjoyed it.

Months flew and I kept getting more than good view of her cleavage and when she bent her panty straps too. Sometimes I used to be a hard rod immediately and had to jack off in the office washroom.

We started getting very comfortable and shared personal stories and past boyfriends and girlfriend stories too. 

One day, when I was supposed to reach work, my phone rang and it was Shweta. She called me to help her as she wasn’t well at the nearest Railway station. I rushed and saw her sitting on the bench. 

She openly said she had stomach cramps due to period bleeding. I immediately took a cab and took her home. On the way when I was holding her, her soft breasts were getting crushed in my arms. I could somehow manage to control my erection. I dropped her home and realsied that we lived not far from each other, so it was cool to travel together. So I started to pick her and drop her during my travel to work. I was smart enough not to take everyone else who lived near me as I wanted privacy in car for any opportunity.

A few days later she resumed work and thanked me. That same day was her confirmation at work as well, so she offered me a treat. I was shy but sportingly said yes let’s go to Mcdonalds

We chatted about work and I kept asking if she was fine health-wise. That day she started to get closer to me. She shared her medical issue due to her ex-boyfriend. Her Boyfriend was a smoker and couldn’t satisfy her sexually as he finished early. She secretly purchased a dildo and used it to complete herself. They broke up sometime back due his smoking habit and she confessed that she didn’t want to use the dildo for her orgasms

I got hard after hearing this story and cheekily said time to move on to a human dick. She smiled naughtily. 

As days passed, we started to chat over the phone about personal lives after work. Sometimes about sex with the previous partner. I was very tempted to ask her but somehow controlled it. We often hugged each other when we met as good friends and i enjoyed the firm press of her breasts.

I was looking for an opportunity to seduce her in some or the other way & that day arrived soon. We had a major electrical issue at the office and all were asked to leave & work from home half day. I asked her if she can come for a movie, but she rejected and left for home. 

On the way back, I accidentally touched her hand while changing gears and she didn’t mind. she took my hand and was holding it firmly, she kept in on her leg, slowly my arm was trying to reach for her breasts and somehow she noticed it. 

Luckily she didn’t stop. I understood that my tool is going to get a workout soon.

After reaching home, she called me with some work-related doubt and I needed to video call from my laptop to share my screen. She agreed to it. I was astonished to see a fair girl in a tee shirt shaping her breasts. After completing the task of solving her query, I called her mobile and said I love your T-shirt. She laughed and asked, do you want it? I said yes instantly and don’t know how I had the courage to ask her to remove it now and give me. 

She called me and said, “Do you want the T-Shirt?”

GUYS, how is the story going? Do share your comments and views on my mail [email protected] I have the second Part coming up 

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