Me & My Lady Colleague

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Hi to all hot women out there in Bengaluru & Hyderabad. I am based out of Bangalore but frequently travel to Hyd to meet my fuck buddies.

This story is about having an erotic experience with my colleague at work place and it continues to her place where we had the most loving experience.


I am Praveen, working for a startup in Bengaluru and 26 years young guy. Athletic body with good stamina & right size dick that any woman deserves.

My colleague, a year elder to me and maintains her body very well with regular workouts. Her 36B boobs and a curvy waist can turn on any guy to stare at her assets. She has a good ass too which she shows off wearing tight outfits.

We know each other at work and speak often during our break times and i complement her every day about her dressing sense & her physic indirectly which she likes all the time and encourages me to speak more n more.

One such saturday, we were all done with our work by 2PM and thought we could go out for some good lunch and then we went to Nandini Palace hotel in Koramangala. After having good food, we decided to head home and while returning I just asked her If i could spend some more time with her at her place as i had no specific plans at home. She agreed and we thought we shall watch a movie together on netflix or amazon prime.

We reached her flat which was nor so far off from the hotel, she went in to change and came out after 15 minutes wearing a simple top & shorts which were quite short revealing her inner thighs. My eyes got glued to her fair legs and was trying to get a glimpse of her ass cheeks. I started complementing her again

Me: I wish you could come to work wearing these outfits and I will never bunk office.

She: I too wish 😉 but I don’t want to see guys staring at my legs all the time.

Me: True, that will be a little irritating.

Me: But don’t stop me from admiring your legs today please 🙂 they look really nice and you are super pretty in this shorts & top.

She: Alright Mr. Praveen its your day, have fun 😀 (laughing)

Me: Wow, you are a sweetheart.

She: Why don’t you get into a relationship and get a gal for yoself so that you don’t have to request someone like me for any and she paused _____________________

Me: Not interested in relationships. Im a fun loving guy and want to keep it simple for now.

She: Yes, i too hate those serious relationships which are all trash these days. I wish i knew this earlier and wouldn’t have dated my Ex.

Me: Why worry now about ex, there are many guys behind you in our office itself and why don’t u try them 😉 including me 😀

She: Hahaha — Nice I will think about it.

Me: I wish I really get to date a sexy gal like you.

She: What do you think of me? Am i soo hot?

Me: Seeing her legs, Trust me you are super sexy and your figure makes me go crazy at work. U maintain yourself very well.

She: yes, that i do to make you guys go crazy 😀

We were now more comfortable with each other and our conversation shifted to personal talks and then got a little naughty once a while.

We were sitting together on a sofa and were quite close to each other, while speaking I was holding her hand and was even kissing it once a while.

This got us a little close and our eyes met quite a few times. I was holding her hand more tight and we were more close with each other. She started resting her head on my shoulders and i was kissing her hair from top. This went on for a while and the heat was on in both of us.

We both looked into each other eyes and i started kissing her lips slowly giving her a deep smooch. My hands were holding her face and we were kissing continuously for a while.

I just made her lie down on the same sofa and was over her kissing her lips, nose, forehead..

Now my hands were all over her back feeling her body and was trying to get inside her top feeling her bare tummy , waist and we are madly kissing now.

My hands were fully inside her top on backside and this made her top shift upwards and i was feeling her belly on my chin while kissing her neck, ears..

she removed her top after a while and i get to see her lovely boobs which were of perfect size and shape. I couldn’t stop feeling them and started kissing them hard.

My hands were now on her boobs squeezing them hard and i was sucking one boob and biting her nipple. She started moaning and this made me suck even more hard and was shifting between each boob after a while. Her hands were on my back pulling off my t shirt. We were semi nude making out with each other. I was over her bare boobs feeling her body kissing her madly.

She was able to feel my cock getting hard over my jeans and was trying to unbutton my jeans. I helped her loosening the jeans and lowered my zip. She was able to insert her hand inside and feel my dick over my underwear. I was sucking her boobs and kissing them often all this while.

We got up from sofa and i asked her to take my cock out fully and play with it. She got out of sofa and i sat back removing my jeans and underwear showing my fully grown cock to her. She was holding with her hand and i slowly guided her face towards my cock to suck it. She took the cock slowly into her mouth and started sucking it slowly. This feeling was like heaven as it was my first blow job.

She sucked it slow in the beginning and went on to pick up the pace. She started sucking more deep and i was pushing her head towards me deep n deep. I released my load inside her mouth as i could nt hold it for more and she took my cock out. I could see the cum only cock and leaking from her mouth.

This entire scene reminded me of some porn scene and was imagining myself to next fuck her pussy hard .

I made her get up and again pushed her to sofa and was over her kissing her tasting my own cum from her mouth. I slowly went down kissing her neck, belly and ended up in between her legs fingering her went cunt.

Her wet cunt was so inviting I just placed my mouth closer to it and started sucking it. I could taste some juices and I continues sucking it more n more deep. Shestarted pushing my head deep towards her cunt and was holding my head tight while i was sucking her pussy.

I sucked her for good 20 minutes and she wanted me to fuck her hard.

Remaining story in the next part. You can share your feedback at [email protected]

Bye for now ladies.

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