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Husband asked to give a massage service for his wife. How the massage session went hot and spicy.


Hello friends, I am Rahul from Chennai, age 28. I am fair, tall and strong man. Also doing massages, pussy hair trimming, gigolo and donating sperm directly into pussy. Ladies from Chennai can contact me at any time on rahulrole.chennai via Hangout or Gmail and Skype

Let me narrate an other story which happened recently. I used to chat with stranger on random chatting sites. One fine day I got an chat from user where he is male and I was bit confusion. When I inquired to him, he said that looking for genuine massage person who can massage his wife. I was quick surprised and collected more information about them.

He is ram (name changed), 40 years old and his wife name madhu (name changed), 33 years old. They are Brahmani and orthodox so they want to be secret. After I collected all information I accepted to do massage service for his wife and fix the time. After the completing the formalities, he shared his family photo. I saw his wife madhu in the photo where is looks good and beautiful.

Ram and his family is staying near to my area only. On the day, I called ram and informed that I am on the way to his house and asked to get few things for me (Oil, candle, etc). In few minutes I reached the meeting spot and called to inform him that I have reached the spot. He picked the call and asked me to wait for few mins where he is on the way. After sometime he came and picked me to his house. We reached the house in 2 – 3 minutes.

When I enter to into the house, he asked me to sit in the sofa and called his wife to bring coffee for us. When his wife came with coffee, I was totally surprised because she look more beautiful and gorgeous comparing with photo. When she serve coffee, we got eye contact and she was embarrassed went inside the room within a second. Ram asked me not to spread any word to others and I promised him that won’t leak but will write story. He was silent for few seconds and agree but asked me not to leak any personal information.

Ram asked me to take care of his wife because he is having few works outside. When he left I locked the door and went directly to madhu room. Still she is embarrassing and I asked her where can we do the massage. She din’t spoke any word and point to bed. I said we can’t do massage on bed because oil will spread over bed so we do the massage on the floor. I took the bed sheet and spread over the floor and asked her to be in bra and panty. I asked one lungi otherwise oil will get apply on my dress to. Then she gave me one lungi and she started to remove her dress. When madhu stand with only bra and panty, my mind change and started to think to enjoy her. So I wanted only removed my dress and wearied only lungi. When madhu came near to me my dick also started to raise and she look my boner and started to laugh.

I asked madhu to lie down and she did. I started to apply oil on his body where his skin is so soft and fair. I applied oil on his legs and hands where she was in the shy on the top of the world and she holds the bed sheet and close her eyes. I started to apply on his navel and purposely press his navel harder where she started to moan and my dick gets harder. So I kneel over her body by placing her legs in between my legs and this  gone for few minutes and I asked her to remove the bra. She was embarrassed and said I can’t do on my own. Then I asked Can I remove the bra?. She give the permission by shaking his head with smile. I can remove a bra on two finger in a second but I  planed to plan with her so I put my both hands from front to back like hugging so my chest and her boobs got touch that time. I took 2 –  3 minutes to remove the bra. Then I remove her bra finally where two golden mango are hanging. I controlled myself but inside my mind where I was eating her mangoes. She can see on my eye and give me a naughty smile. I applied oil on his boobs and press little hard. She moan heavily and breath are faster because my touching and pressing made her hot. I was keep on apply oil for mangoes where became reddish but she like the pain.

I want to see her whole body in nude so asked whether I can remove her panty?. She is unable to any word but give me singal to remove her panty then I remove her panty with her permission. When I applied oil to his pussy area where I feel very hot. I though she really need some good help from me but I din’t planned for today. I asked her to lie from front so she turned and I applied back. That time I remove my lungi like it got felt automatically when she rise the head my dick is standing at 90 degree near to her mouth. She din’t think and started to suck my dick. I was in cloud nine but applying oil for her back and ass. I felt horny so slapped hard on her ass, she feel the pain so bit my dick. Then I slapped her ass even more harder, this time instead of biting my dick started to suck faster. Then I raised her and hugged tightly where our body contacted more and role over floor for 20 minutes our bodies where rubbing. I asked her can I fuck you? She denied because his husband must give permission where others to fuck. I said ok and asked to give me blowjob, she accepted and gave me a nice blowjob. Then we both took bath together and had lunch I their house. 

While having lunch I was playing with her navel, boobs and ass. After completed the lunch and started to move from their house. I neared to door and she followed me. When I turn back to say ‘Good bye’ but she stand immediately next to me with pinkish lips. I started to kiss her lips and we both locked our lips for 15 mins. Late in the evening I got a call from his husband Ram. He thanked me for giving massage service for his wife and asked for another appointment at night where the gate is open for us. I jumped in the bed but I didn’t shown anything to him and accepted that appointment. So I do massage for my regular person now.

Thanks for reading the story and kindly share your feedback. My door is open for all genuine ladies and girls where you can touch on rahulrole.chennai via Hangout and Skype.

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