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LOUSIE have enjoyed lot of sex with her son GARRY , her sexual desires are mouunting & her obsession for sex with her son GARRY is now on rise.


Hello !                                                                                                                                  LOUSIE have enjoyed sex with me lot of times.I wake up & moved to kitchen to look.after my mom.looking at me , she smiled & put her hand on the bulge of penis.I kissed her face…………” Mom i need a coffee  (mom) sure my son you will get it , wait in dinning hall  .”                                                                                I am sitting on sofa waiting for my mom.she came with a cup of coffee & looking at LOUSIE ,  my eyes are in shock.she have removed her clothes and came near me in complete nudity.I took coffe & she is having it sitting near me.                                                                                                                                                              we are looking at each other.now she pulled my bermuda down & my long hard penis is in her palms.my mom is masturbating my dick & i put my hand on her breasts.while pressing it hard i ask her to suck my penis.she is now sitting on floor with her face leaning on my dick…..she put it in her mouth to suck and she is sucking it with her head moving at great speed.for 5 minutes , she sucked it like a whore and than started moving tongue on it.a nice good morning with nice breakfast is making my hunger more & more.                                                                                                                                                                        LOUSIE is sitting on sofa with her legs wide open.I am on my knees leaned my face in between her thighs to kiss her glory hole.lousie put her fingers on labias to open her glory hole.now i pushed my tongue inside her vagina , while licking it i put my hand on her breasts , she wears 34 C size brassiers and her browenish aerola have made me hot.                                                                                          I am fucking my mom’s cunt , like a dog my tongue is moving inside her cunt fastly.she have hold my hairs & screaming in joy……..” oh my son , suck it my vagina……. ”    & i took her cunt in my mouth to suck.my palms have hold her soft breasts and while pressing it i am feeling her heat.she started shouting……….” oh.garry , leave my vagina otherwise i will pee inside your mouth…….” but i am still sucking her cunt & after some time my mouth got the hot sprinkle from her vagina.I drink her urine & left to washroom.                                                                                                                                                                                         I brushed my teeth & now moving from washroom but my mom came inside.we are now inside bathtub.she is on my top & put her tongue in my mouth to suck.while sucking it i put my finger in her anus hole and she took out her tongue.now we have a nice bath inside tub.we are now in our bedroom.i am sleeping on bed & my mom took a nice position……..on my top in a 69 position……my face is in between her thighs…….she is sucking my long hard dick.my tongue is fucking her cunt but she have not cummed yet.after 5 minutes , she is rolling her tongue on my penis , her vagina have become wet and i licked her glory hole to taste the cum.                                                                                                                                                             we both are in kitchen.she will prepare meal for us.now she is cutting vegetable there while standing nude and i put her leg on kitchen slave.now she have bend herself to cut the vegetable and get my dick.now i put my penis in her vagina and slowely i am fucking her glory hole.i have put my hands on her waist….giving hard fuck and she is now moving her big buttocks to enjoy my dick.my morning breakfast is in process……i am fucking lousie and she is enjoying my penis.                                                                                                                                                                                    I fucked her for 10 minutes & than left her cunt , she asked……..” garry why you stopped fucking ?        (Garry) wait my darling and see what i will do .”                     I put some butter on her ass hole & pushed my finger inside…..i am kissing her bum and fingering her ass hole.now my tongue is moving on her big buttocks…….in her ass crack my tongue is loving her big buttocks.now i pushed my penis inside and started fucking her ass hole with great speed and power.she is moving her ass fastly.after 10 minutes of anal fuck , she started screaming………………..” oh garry pl.give me your sperms my ass is in fire                                                                                     (Garry) stop shouting you bitch , i will ejaculate .”                                              I am pounding her ass and my penis ejaculated after 5 minutes.Her ass is full of sperms.we left each other.

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