Hot blonde Indrani

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My elder sister’s friend Indrani is in love with me as we both have great association in the weekend.


Hello readers,

                             Garry is waiting for weekend as I have planned with Indrani a nice and hot evening .Indrani is my elder sister’s closest friend as we both have met lot of times in our home.she is a 24 years hot blonde with white complexion and height of 5’6 feet ,her physical appearance’s are attractive as her figure is 32-26-36.she have called me in her home as her parents are out of town for some work . I took a nice bath in the evening and put a black denim jeans with light blue shirt and shoes on my leg , I am a 21 years guy with fair complexion as well as slim figure and have a heavy tool to dig the soil ,it’s 08-09 inches long and 2 inches thick.

                                    I reached her home at 07:15 pm as she is waiting for me in her home ,knocked the door and she opened it,looking too hot in her knee-length gawn. I moved inside with a small bag as she closed the door and I am behind her ,hold her in my strong arms and started kissing her neck as she turned her face ,my lips are on her face and my hand is rubbing her soft waistline to flat tummy.looking to me……..”Garry you are in hurry darling

(Garry)oh Indrani I have waited for you for long times 

(Indrani) but never proposed me earlier .” As we both are on sofa .

                                       Looking at me ,she started unbuttoning my shirt as my hand is on her thigh,just rubbing it with my palm and her gawn have reached the upper thigh zone. Indrani is now sitting on my thigh as her arms have surrounded my neck and I have hold her tightly. I put my lips on her face as she is pressing her left breast on my chest,now our lips are locked as she is in pleasure but pushed her tongue in my mouth as I am sucking it while my hand is lifting her gawn. She took out her tongue as I removed her gawn ,she is wearing a pink coloured brassier and a G string to cover her sexual organs now Indrani came on my legs and she is removing my jeans ,I helped her to take it I am in my brief only as she pulled it down and my long cock is getting her lips touched .she is kissing the base to glans of my penis as she is slowly masturbating also.looking at me ,she smiled…..  “It’s too long and hard ,your sister have explained it 

(Garry) what are you talking ?

(Indrani) yes I know your illicit relation with your sister .” And she started rubbing the glans on her soft face to lips as she put my cock inside her mouth and started sucking it hard .my hand have grabbed her boobs as I am screaming ….. “Oohhhhh my hot bitch aahh suck it hard ” and after a while ,she is licking it with her long tongue .

                                               Indrani is sitting on sofa as her ass is in the corner and I removed her G string and she put her palms to cover her vaginal I started kissing her thighs as my hand is on her breast to press it hard,now my lips are on her back palms as she uncovered the vagina .a reddish fleshy vagina with little pubic hair on it ,I put my lips on labias and kissed it till she put her fingers on labias to open it’s vaginal my tongue is moving inside her vagina as I can smell its natural odour hand is massaging her breast hard as she removed the brassier ,now she is screaming…….”oohhhhh uummm Garry suck my cunt aahh ” so I took her both labias in my mouth to suck and she shouted after a while.  …”oohhhhh Garry I will cum aahh it’s in your mouth ” and I got the taste of it(cum).we both are nude as I walked towards washroom for refreshment.coming back ,I opened my bag and took out a bottle of chilled beer and Indrani moved towards kitchen for glasses .

                                               Indrani is back as I put beer in glasees and she came on my thigh as she put her arms on my shoulder ,she took a glass full of beer and started drinking it but she is also giving it to me,her way of giving me drink make her a paid prostitute but we love each other.we are in drunkun State and after drinking a bottle of beer,she hold my wrist…”come on Garry ,come to my bed .” And both walked towards her bedroom in a complete nudity and we both are on king-size bed.she slept on it and I put my face on her boobs ,now she put her breast in my mouth and while sucking it,my hand is pressing the others.she is rubbing her palm on my back as I sucked it for a while ,Indrani is too hot as well as she is sleeping on bed as I stretched her legs wide ,I put my long cock inside her vagina as I hold her waist tightly and pounded hard my penis in her cunt and she shouted……”oohhhhh Garry your cock is too hard aah my vagina is in pain.” But who listens the agony of a gal while fucking her tight vagina,I started fucking her fast with power and slept on her hot body,she is moving her hand on my back as she is now well comfortable after her vagina become little flexible. Indrani is kissing my face and lips and her boobs are brushing on my chest,she screamed…… “Oohhhhh Garry fuck me hard I will cum

(Garry)aahh Indrani I will also lose my cum aah.” And my penis ejaculated sperms in her cunt and we both are sleeping like a hot couple.

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