God is Great: One door closes then other opens

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A woman married to Guy finds life stressful with lack of male companion and all doors closed. Then other door opens. Read along



This is Sushi, or Sushela from Vadodara.  I am now 35 and this story happened three years ago. Hope readers would like and enjoy reading my factual story.

Let me brief you about me. I hail from Bengaluru, studied there at Jyotinivas college. As all may be knowing this college is famous for too much forward girls hailing from rich families. But my home was nearby and so I didn’t stay at Hostel. I completed my BSc and soon my parents arranged my marriage to an Engineer working in Gujarat State. Then I was only 24 years old full of dreams and ambitions. My husband had a company Quarters at Ankleshwar and his factory was at GIDC, Ankleshwar.

Within short time my dreamy world broke to pieces as my husband Srinath was always busy in tour and office works. Had very little time for me. Even on Saturday and Sundays he was either on tour or in office. He loved me a lot but had a craving to make money as he believed that money is everything. I used to spend all my time alone in front of TV or on phone talking to my parents and old friends. Ankleshwar is a very tiny town with hardly any shopping or entertainment. For any movie we were to go to Bharuch about 15 Kms from Ankleshwar by crossing Narmada River over golden bridge. So life was dull.

Three years down the line I was still craving for a child, but I remained childless. How can I expect when my husband hardly came near me except on some holiday once in a month or two? The desires in me were burning but there was no water to quench the fire in me.

Srinath had a peculiar type of habit or say disease? He was getting much satisfaction to display his wife in front of his friends, and when they ogle at me, he used to feel proud hat he has a beautiful wife. So often he used to invite his friends at nights, have drinks and dinner. For such occasions he was forcing me to wear revealing clothes. He had therefore brought me huge collections of sarees, backless blouses, dresses, miniskirts, Shorts and tops. He was forcing me to go braless and enjoy when his friends cannot take out their eyes from me. By the end of their party Srinath would have been drunk so much that he would just collapse on the bed and sleep. In one of such parties, I saw him red handed in the room with a friend. Then I understood that he was a guy and that is the reason he was not interested in me. Gradually I also started to enjoy many rowing eyes on my body. That was heating me bit and then I had to masturbate to relieve. I had a maid servant by name Sudharani, who was in her late twenties. She was good looking and had huge boobs. Often, she used to display her assets to me and unknowingly I was feeling hot. Sometimes in some pretest she used to rub her boobs on my back with some pretext. All these were really putting me on fire.

After few days Srinath brought a white shimmering net saree with a halter neck backless blouse. My birthday was during the weekend and it was his gift along with matching pearl necklace. They were lovely. One thing I agree. Srinath was very liberal in giving gifts. He always wanted to look me in make up fully dressed provocatively. He said that he had booked a separate table in a hotel at Surat, and we would drive there, stay, do shopping and return next day. I was excited with the idea. The birthday, a Sunday was the next day when Srinath got a call and was asked to go over to New Delhi for a week urgently. He came to me and played the recorded message. I was disappointed.

Srinath left the next morning after wishing me happy birthday and having breakfast. In the afternoon I got a call from one of his friends wishing me for birthday. I thanked him but didn’t recognize him. He told me that he was Mr Prabhakar, my husband’s colleague. I then remembered him as one who had come few days back to hand over some files to Srinath but could not recollect his face. He told that Srinath had requested him to take me to Surat as Srinath had already booked table for dinner. I hesitated for a few minutes and then asked him to pick me up at 3 PM. I did not know what was to expect but I felt good to go out on my birthday, have dinner with some company rather than sitting alone in front of TV.

I had a quick lunch and then had shower. Completed a light make up and wore the new white net saree. As I told the blouse was backless, halter neck with deep plunging neck. Putting on the best perfume I had finished my dressing. As an afterthought I picked up my undergarments, a two-piece satin nightie and a dress in case of some emergency need. By 2PM the call expected from Prabhakar came and I received. He said that he is waiting near the door. I asked him to come in and have some tea, but he told that he had just then taken tea and I may hurry so that we can return before it is dark. In fact it was rainy season and he didn’t want to get stuck.

I got down and saw him on his bike! Our car was in servicing and Prabhakar told that his car was off road. It was then I saw him properly. He was very well-built young lad and extremely handsome. Had small beard and mustache which suited him very well. We shook hands and asked me to sit. His appreciative eyes were fixed on my open back and plunging cleavage. ll. I hopped on to the back seat and we left to Surat. Surat is around an hour drive and even shorter if we go via Hansot. So, he too shorter route as it directly leads to the market in Surat. If we go on highway, we have to take turn at Kamrej and it was again half an hour drive in full traffic.  He drove via Hansot, Olpad and we reached Ghod dod road, Surat by half past three.

He offered tea at a near by restaurant. We walked in and many eyes turned towards me. I felt elated.  We talked around for a while and then went to a few saree and dress shop. I bought a saree and couple of dresses. Prabhakar showed me a backless gown which was displayed in the shop and asked me as to how it was. It was very good gown of green net material with lot of sequin work. When we left the shop I saw a packet in his hand but I didn’t ask. I thought it may be for his wife or sister.

By the time we finished shopping and strolling it was half past seven. Then Prabhakar took me to a big hotel, Courtyard by Marriot. He said that this was the hotel where Srinath had booked seats for dinner. It was a very posh hotel, and the restaurant was in first floor. As the table was reserved there was no waiting. The menu was also already selected as per my choice which Srinath knew well. I liked his gesture this time though he was not present on the occasion. The dinner was stupendous and very tasty. The dinner was over by half past eight and we left immediately as it was getting dark and cloudy. So, we started soon, and he hit the highway this time as the Hansot road would be lonely. As soon as we reached highway and turned left, it started drizzling. It was cold and the bike was in good speed. Bit scared I held his shoulder with my left hand and after some time round his waist with my right hand. As he sped the vehicle I moved forward and sat closely. My boobs were now pressing his back. I was excited. Further moving forward, I increased pressure of my boobs on his back, rubbing synchronously as per the undulation of road. My hand around his waist tightened and I was feeling hot even in that rain and clod breeze. Slowly my hand moved from waist to his chest, and I locked my left hand with right in a tight hug.

I didn’t even notice the time, but we reached home. He dropped me at home. I was shy to meet his eyes, but he broke the ice saying that the evening was very good, and the return ride was much more. We smiled and then he handed over the packed he bought at shop to me and asked me to receive it as a gift on my birthday. He added that in few days his birthday is there, and he has arranged at a hotel at Gandhinagar and asked me to attend with Srinath. He insisted that I wear the dress he had presented. I invited him for a cup of coffee, but he wanted to go home as it was late and raining. His stare was fully fixed in my boobs which was clearly visible through the wet saree. We bid good night. I took a hot water shower and changed to a nightie. The whole night I could not sleep and was just feeling the warmth of his body on my boobs. Is this the first and last of my meeting Prabhakar?

Next few days I spent just recollecting the good time spent at Surat and also appreciating the gesture of Srinath, though I was surprised a bit with his sudden change of heart towards me. Srinath returned next Saturday and told that he would be throwing a big party next day. He was being sent to London for three months for a new project by his office. I was glad and asked if I can also accompany him. He was to leave within two days. I was not even having passport and then VISA. So, he said that I may not be able to make it. I told that I will manage all in a month through a travel agent and join him after a month. He had to agree. I  was glad that I can see Europe and London.

So Srinath left after two days leaving me all alone once again. Evening Prabhakar called me on phone to tell that his birthday is on the coming Saturday at a resort “Boulevard 9”, near Anand. Anand was far off from our place, means first reach Vadodara and then Anand was between Vadodara and Ahmedabad. Two hours drive.

On the designated day Prabhakar told me that he would pick me up at half past five. I was bored at home and after telling Srinath, I decided to go. After lunch I slept while and then took shower. Had coffee and sat for a light makeup.  I had long hair and I left it open. I knew Prabhakar would like me to wear the gown but I decided to take it along and wear at the resort. So I wore a golden net saree with backless blouse. As my waist was very slim I always wore saree about five inches below my navel. The blouse had deep neck. As it was backless, there was no question of wearing bra. I put on perfume and I was ready. I was just waiting for the call and exactly at half past five he called me down and was waiting in the car. I thought for a second and decided to keep one more set of clothes in case we get stuck up at night. I packed my nightie, and a dress in a small bag and met him at downstairs.

He was wearing a Suit and was looking very handsome. I sat in the car and wished him happy birthday. I had bought a watch as present and thought I would give in the resort but gave a bouquet in the car. We started and soon hit the highway.

By the time we reached Baroda it started raining heavily. Prabhakar suggested to return but I didn’t want to spoil his birthday. So I asked him to go ahead. We reached the resort by eight. Still it was raining. We were welcomed by the staff and led to the restaurant. We sat for a while and Prabhakar was on his phone. After five minutes he came to me and told that all his friends whom he had invited are unable to come due to heavy rain. That left only two of us. So there was no other way out.

I wanted to freshen up. Prabhakar went to reception and spoke to them and brought a key of a room. We went inside the room. It was vary big room with a round cot and beautifully decorated. I went to the wash room and after freshening came out. I told Prabhakar that I would like to change dress and he went out. I wore the gown which he had presented.  The gown was excellent. Completely backless with a deep plunging neckline. The center portion was covered but both side boobs were fully visible. I saw myself in mirror and thought what to do? I decided to give it a try as I was excited. I also got an intuition that may be Prabhakar arranged this hotel and the party was fake? May be he wanted to stay with me for night? A smile passed on my face. I was not a fool to leave such a great opportunity. After make up I opened the door and Prabhakar came in. He also freshened up and then had no words to say on seeing me. I smiled and wished him a very happy birthday and presented the watch. He liked it and thanked me, held my hand and I lightly hugged him to wish. We went to the restaurant and finished dinner by half past nine. It was still raining.

Prabhakar asked my excuses as we were not able to return as it was late and raining. Now I was sure that all were planned. I was an equal sport. I asked him to book two rooms. He smiled at me and told that only one room is available. I knew the truth and so, I laughed heartily. We reached the room. I wanted to change to a nightie and went to washroom.  The nightie was a georgette, halter necked one. Had a deep V neck down up to the waist. It has an outer, but I decided not to wear. My legs were clearly visible through the thin black material of the nightie. I wanted to tempt him and so decided not to wear any inner wear. When I came out, he entered and did not notice me fully. After five minutes he came out and by that time I had ordered ice cream to the room.

Ice cream was served by the time he came out. We sat on the sofa and relished the dessert. Now he was looked, sorry staring at me fully. I could see his uneasiness. After finishing I went and sat by his side. My whole body was on show. When I crosse legs, my left thigh came out of the slit gown, boobs oozed out of the V cut. I continued to sit as if I was unaware but watching him with half closed eyes. I was speaking about all sundry subjects while closely observing his groin which was growing.

I dimmed the light. Prabhakar came near and sat by my side. His hand circled around my neck and pulled me. I yielded to him completely and our lips met. He lifted me and took to the cot. Prabhakar was wearing a night dress. We hugged tight and kissed as if there is no tomorrow. I removed his clothes one by one. He undid the knot of my nighty and the thin cloth fell exposing my huge breasts. He held them and our mouths melted once again. I slipped out of the nightie. He had not expected me without panties. He was surprised and in excitement hugged me and we drowned in deep kisses which seemed never ending. Raising my legs, I sat on his thighs and circled my legs around his waist. His tool was no huge and rock-hard throbbing to enter. But I was not ready. I wanted lot of lot of fore play. Hugging him tighter, I was playing on his back and pressed my breasts on to his chest. His huge penis was no rubbing against my cunt as we were coming closer and closer in our beat hug. He laid me on the bed, and we slept side by side. I fed my nipples into his mouth to suckle. In between we indulged again and again in kisses and he would resume his attach on my both breasts alternatively. My nipples were turning from pink to purple to black with excitement.

We rolled and I came on top. He pulled me and our mouth sealed to an inseparable joint. Our tongue waded deep in each other’s mouth. His tongue was hot and long. Our saliva got exchanged which sent me my first orgasmic vibrations in body. He was eager to enter but I stopped. I didn’t want it to happen so early. Because I knew the moment it enters will be the start of end. Let the beginning be delayed so that the end will also be delayed. I pressed my breasts on his chest and he circled his arms around me. I went towards his face and centered my Pussy on his face. Realizing my request, he pulled me toward his mouth and started to lick the big clitoris which was erect with excitement. I was wet and was heavily lubricating now.  His tongue was very long and was entering deep inside me. As I widened my thighs, his tongue went further deep. I was holding the edge of the backrest of cot and Prabhakar held my boobs for support. I was pulsating like a snake as Prabhakar was punishing me with his long and hot tongue. I orgasmed several times and even quirt on his face.

I turned towards his feet and keeping my pussy on his face I held his phallus. It was very huge, fat and the strawberry at the tip was pink. I stroked all along the length of his shaft and caressed his balls which were as big as tennis balls. I was stoking and he was growing and was steel hard. A small shining diamond drop appeared at the hole and was shining. I licked the shining nectar with the tip of my tongue and felt the taste for the first time. I pushed his tool inside my mouth, and he was licking my vulva. The 69 position went on and on for several minutes and during the process I had orgasmed and squirted all over his face. Now I was ready and eager for the final pleasure.

But it was his turn to tease me and make me beg for union. Prabhakar raised and took my left nipple in mouth and right in his hand. His other hand entered my slit and mouths were sealed. I was gasping with excitement and could not shout loud as his tongue was inside my mouth. I could just moan. Tears started rolling down and I held his head for support. Who knows how much this sweet torture went on but finally I had to beg him to stop, but he just took a halt and proceed attitude? I was now flooding with my overflowing love juices which I felt was trickling down my thighs on to the sheets.  

Within a second and without my knowing the copulation was over and he was deeply inside mu burning cave. I tightened my thighs like a vice and held him with both arms. Prabhakar was very gentle. I loved the way he was making me feel as his own. His movements up and down in me was with grace, slow while withdrawing and fast while entering. I was now loudly moaning in synchronous with the heavy rain outside. I lost count of orgasms. We changed position with me on top, side by side, Finally the climax came in thunder sending me to convulsions. We lay entangled for a long time. We were tired by the time we detached and fell asleep for a while. By early morning we had mated three times. I got very deep satisfied sleep only at four in the morning.

When I awoke by seven, Prabhakar was still asleep. I was curious to know if his heavy phallus was now limp, sleeping. I put my hand on the weapon which loved me whole night. He was semi hard but still fat. I stroked with all my love and gratitude. Slightly opening eyes Prabhakar dragged me on to him and we kissed a very sweet good morning. I continued playing with his semi hard phallus. Going down I held his big balls with my left hand. They were too big for one hand. As I stimulated and caressed, he started go grow and within few minutes was fully grown and throbbing, ready to conquer me. I was too ready for his attack. Pulling me completely he locked my mouth. My breasts pressed on to his broad chest and I guided him to enter me. Lowering myself on to him we completed copulation within no time.

This time I was the leader. This time it lasted for more time and when he finally ejaculated deep in me, we separated. I didn’t want to wash immediately. We ordered for tea. Prabhakar got a wild idea and asked me if I can open the door for tea with only my night gown. I too found it exciting to tempt someone. Within few minutes the doorbell rang.  As thought, I just pulled my nightie (didn’t wear it fully) on to my bosom and opened the door. The server was shocked and kept the tray on the tea table. He could not stop his eyes on me till Prabhakar signed the bill. Intentionally I further slipped the gown displaying one boob fully. The moment he left; I came to Prabhakar who was again ready due to the high excitement. We finished our fifth copulation since previous night and then took bath together. It was only then I realized that no protection was used.  I told him. He hugged me and kissed under shower.

Had breakfast in the restaurant and returned to the room. By the time I returned from washroom, Prabhakar had started packing clothes in the suitcase. I hugged him from behind and then removed all clothes and kept the suitcase in the cupboard. He raised his eyebrows in a question mark. Lets us stay for two more days, I told him keeping my head on his chest. He hugged me lovingly and told that he cant say no. So that was settled. Did some urgent clothe shopping in Anand market.  We stayed for two more nights and returned.

Thereafter we were meeting two to three times in a week in afternoons and whole nights whenever my husband went out station.  The result was as expected and decided by God. I conceived. When I told Srinath he just congratulated me but didn’t question me.

I got a baby boy in due time. In the hospital Prabhakar had come to see me and baby. Only then Prabhakar told me that all were arranged by Srinath who had promised to promote him if he can befriend with me and help to get a child. At that time Srinath entered the room with a bouquet and congratulated me and surprisingly he congratulated Prabhakar also. He went on to tell that he felt sorry for me to have married him who has a different orientation. So always he tried to find a good match for me and came across Prabhakar. Srinath took out a few papers and asked me to sign. He told that these are papers of divorce by mutual consent. Tears were dropping from my eyes. He asked me to be happy always. Srinath went on to add that he is now migrating to UK where he had his boy friend.

Within a fortnight I received a big packet. One was the court acceptance of divorce. Second was details of alimony which he had agreed to give me. The house at Bengaluru which he had constructed few years back was given in my name. Around fifty lakh rupees was given as relocation charges. He had written a small note saying that I should marry Prabhakar and be happy always.

Me and Prabhakar saw them. In a month’s time we got civil marriage. Shifted to Bengaluru and with the money given by Srinath Prabhakar started a small business. Now after four years the business is running very good. And I am expecting my second child.

So believe in God who is great. When one door closes other door opens.


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