Dating to Sex with DHIVYA- 1 (Real Sex Story)

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Aadhi from Chennai, got a Chance to meet Dhivya , found her on a dating app, met her in person and the date turned into something more erotic.


Hi Guys.. This is Aadhi, 25 Genuine Decent Male from Chennai. I am going to share my personal sex experience to all of you. Enjoy reading.

So, I reside in Chennai, which is also my native. One fine day, i had to move to Bangalore for Work. It was a Saturday. I reached the place and booked a Oyo room for my stay. I had my BF and started working. I completed the day’s work by evening.  Then it started boring for me, as i was alone. So, i had several thoughts on my mind. I thought of roaming the city and have some good food around the city . But i also thought of using a dating app to try my luck. If i am lucky enough i’ll have a good company and good fun till i leave. So, i installed the app ******. I created my profile with some really good pics and bio. I started swiping. i kept swiping for some time. Then i got bored. So i left the room and went to a nearby Chat shop. I was having some really tasty food out there. Then i was having a milkshake while a received a notification that my Profile is matched.

I was really excited seeing that. It was Dhivya(name changed). She had uploaded a pic of her which was really good. She was kind of little chubby, which i loved about her. I started chatting with her immediately. We connected so quick. We got along well. She also complimented me. She was also from Tamilnadu. She works in a Popular IT firm here. So, she stays in a PG with her friends. As it was boring for her in the weekend she had installed the app and was looking for someone to talk with. I was very glad that we got connected. She was inquiring about me, my stay, everything…

After 2-3 hours of texting, i asked her if she could come out and spend the night with me. I said lets not decide on anything.. Lets just meet somewhere. If we like each other we can continue or else well bid bye and leave. She thought about it for a while and then she agreed. She asked me to come to a midpoint from both of our places so that it would be convenient. I reached the place around 930. I was waiting for her in the exact spot. We dint exchange numbers as we just got to know each other. I texted her in the app and waited for her reply. In about 10 minutes i saw her coming towards me from the opposite side.

In real, She was looking so good than i expected. She was in her Jeans and T shirt. We wished each other and shared a hug,  We shared a great bond, that we dint feel like it was the first time. I was very open to her. I started opening up and she too got into the flow. I took her for a Dinner. We had a very nice conversation. I was also noticing her seeing me quite few times when i was talking to her. I know she liked me. So after dinner, we decided to walk for sometime. She knew places there. So we just got each one a ice cream and started walking. We took a turn where there was not much vehicles at that time. We walked along the lonely road, in a cold night with mist, under the street lights, which was really romantic. 

As we walked along the road, we started holding each other hands. We started sharing our own things. Likes , dislikes, Past relationships, breakups.. etc.. We both were in a state where we were like, enough of relationships and breakups. We just loved to live the the present moment just as we like. So. out of a confidence i asked her for a kiss. She immediately smiled. She said she liked me and thats why she has come out on a date with me. But she was also not ready to do it in Public. So, immediately i asked her if she wanna come to my room, for which she nodded.

We booked a Cab and reached my place. We entered my room. I switched on the AC. I dint wanna rush it. I wanted to take it slow. So, i asked her if she needed a coffee or something. But since we had enough food and ice cream she said no. So, i asked her what shall we do now, for which she kept quite. i sat next to her, turned her towards me and looked into her eyes.  Then i started kissing her. I haven’t kissed for a really long time. So it was a lit. We were kissing so wildly, that there is no tomorrow. Our tongues rolled together. We exchanged our saliva. My hands started caressing her body. i rubbed her entire back. I made her stand while kissing and we were hugging and rubbing each others body like hungry animals. We were so much into the kiss that we don’t wanna stop it at all.

My hands slowly got down to her ass, and i started pressing it so hard. It was so cushy. Then our hands went into her each others T shirts.  I then removed both of our t Shirts and laid her on the bed. i went on top of her. She started kissing me wildly. She started kissing my entire body. We were hugging and rolling in the bed with our bare bodies rubbing each other. We could feel the hotness among us. Then i removed her jeans. 

As this was unexpected, i was not prepared for this. I dint have any safety measures(Condoms) with me.  I asked her to wait, so that ill get it from nearby medical shop. She insisted me to return fast. I immediately dressed up and rushed towards a medical shop. I was so glad that the shop was just one street away from my room. I bought a Chocolate flavored condom and returned to the room.

She was waiting for me nude in the bed sheet. I just entered, locked the room. Removed my t shirt and Pant. I threw it away and jumped into the bed. I just felt like i wanna eat her like anything. I started handling her so wildly than before. I was pressing and crunching her body with my full strength which she enjoyed. i started pressing and sucking her boobs hardly. I sucked them for long. Then i started biting them. We were so much into the heat of sex. I started kissing and licking her whole body. The lips, the neck, the chin, the boobs. I licked them all. Then i came to her navel and licked it like anything. I just rolled my tongue into her belly button. I bit her navel then and then. 

Then i turned her body and started kissing and licking her back. I slowly came to her butt and removed her soft panty. I just pressed it damn hard. I smelled it. I just loved it. I then planted a number of kisses on her butt and finally bit it hard. She shouted but she loved it. Then i kissed her thighs, bit them and went to the toes.

Then i turned her started licking her Pussy. I just dug my head into her pussy. God what a smell it was. Her Pussy was soooooo wet and i licked it like anything. She was moaning.  Slowly i started inserting a finger into it. It was so wet. Her juices were flowing like anything. I started inserting two more fingers and started playing with it. She was enjoying it like anything. She just moaned like anything and pulled me towards her and hugged me tightly. I said its her turn now. 

She immediately turned around and laid me on the bed. She removed my underwear and saw my cock.  It was rock hard. My cock is about 6 inches. She just loved it. She holded it and slowly started licking it. She started licking at the pink tip of my cock. She was so good at it. She was slowly trying to suck my whole cock. She took half of it into her mouth. She was trying to go more deep. It was a heaven. I loved it.

Then i just got up and pushed her on the bed. I took the condom and Wore it. I just lifted her two fleshy legs on my shoulder and started inserting my Hard Cock into it. I started slow. After two to three strokes i just inserted my whole cock into her wet pussy. She was moaning like hell and got a tight hold on me. I just took it out and started stroking in and out slowly.  We were moaning together and enjoying the sex in a rhythm. 

Then i increased my speed. I started stroking her pussy hard and she was moaning like anything. I had a great view of those jiggling fleshy melons(boobs) of her while fucking her hard. I just held them. I  pressed it hard while fucking her. Then i just laid on top of her and kept stroking. I smooched her. Her moans and facial expression kept turning me. I wanted to have more and more of her in different ways.

I told her lets try few more positions.  I carried her and made her stand before a wall. I pressed her on to the wall and lifted her leg. Inserted my Hard Rock Cock into her pussy. She was shaking for every push.  I just pressed her ass towards me like anything.

Then i made her bent down on the bed to try Doggy.  The view of her back and ass was mind blowing in that position. I slowly inserted my cock into her pussy. Mmmm it was soo good. I started stroking it in a medium pace. I then held her hair and kept stroking. I could sense that she was tired now. So i wanted to give one big hard damn shot before i end. So i just got hold of her hip tightly and started stroking hard and fast. She shivering moans were so good to hear. She shouted ah aha hah ahah aha  aha ahh… I just fucked her god damn brains out and i finally came.

i just took my cock out and we laid next to each other. She was so damn tired. We were sweating like anything inspite of the high AC temperature. Shs said it was the best fuck she ever had. And even i felt the same. Its all about the connect we have. We slept hugged for sometime. She gave me lots of kisses. I then carried her to the bathroom. We cleaned ourselves. We helped each other and then we jumped into the bed. As we were wet, it was so cold. We hugged each other tightly into the bedsheet and we started talking. It was highly romantic. 

Then we shared about how much we love sex and how much we craved for it. We discussed our fantasies.  We liked both Romantic Softcore sex and the Hard core ones. I also wanted to try BDSM which she was also ready to explore. Then in a short time,  we were in the mood again and we started kissing.

We had two more sessions that night , where we explored many more positions. The next day we explored our BDSM fantacies, all which i will write in my next parts. 

After that we gained confidence on each other, that we exchanged our numbers. But also promised that we  wont bother each other every day, We will call the other one, only when we really get a chance. So maybe if atll i go to bangalore again or she happened to visit Chennai. there is a possibility of meeting again.

Thanks for reading.

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