Curvy Colleague at office

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Hey, I am back with a story about the hot encounter with my new colleague at the office. Whenever she is around, I just feel like heaven! She is short in height with a dusky complexion,…


Hey, I am back with a story about the hot encounter with my new colleague at the office.

Whenever she is around, I just feel like heaven! She is short in height with a dusky complexion, cute boobs, and a curvy figure. Once she joined, I was the only south Indian speaking her language and we quickly became close.

We started flirting and kind of had a good thing going on. We go out every day for lunch. We used to talk a lot during this free time.

Once I was using my phone while walking to the hotel and suddenly, she snatched my phone and kept it away. When I looked at her, she was looking straight into my eyes.

I tried grabbing it back, but my colleague kept hiding it away from me. We were walking at a deserted narrow road at that time. She quickly hid my phone inside her bra. I was so surprised and shocked by what she did. She suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled me to a deserted ally.

She leaned in, closed her eyes and kissed my lips. I was beyond happy at what was happening. I smiled and she smiled back. I placed my hands around her cute face. I moved closer and we had a slow deep kiss.

We were being horny the whole time during lunch. We knew we couldn’t do much at the office. So we decided to go back to my place as I stay alone. We quickly finished our work and left early as soon as possible. The moment we entered, I locked the door and hugged her from behind.

I kissed her neck and shoulders. I ran my hands throughout her curves. My colleague started breathing heavily. She felt my breath tickle her skin. I turned her around and kissed her, sending pleasure waves throughout her body. It was a treat to watch my curvy colleague twitch in pleasure.

We kissed for quite a while and we were so lost into each other. I was moving my hands all over her body. She was so sensitive and moaned every time I touched her. I could feel her temperature rising. She slowly felt the bulge in my pants while still kissing me.

Then I started unbuttoning her top and she undid mine. I kissed her deep and rough and bit her lips. She pushed me back and licked her lips.

I was in my jeans and she was in her bra and shirt. The sight was breath-taking.

We quickly shed all our clothing and back into a deep passionate kiss. I moved my hands throughout her body and caressed her butt. I admit I was just crazy for it.

I picked her up, she wrapped her legs around my waist and arms around my neck. I kissed her like that while moving to my bedroom.

I lay her down on the bed. I started slowly rubbing my palm around her pussy, feeling her clit swell up in pleasure. I then slid my finger in. My colleague was so wet that my finger slid in easily. She moaned while we were still kissing.

We then broke the kiss and I moved down. I started licking her pussy. She tasted so damn good and I was lost in it. I made her cum twice like that.

Her body convulsed every time she came. She pushed me aside and went on top of me. She took my dick in her hand and started stroking it. Her soft hands were amazing. She erotically looked at me while biting her lips.

My dick was getting harder every time she stroked and watching her do it just turned me on.

My colleague sensed that I was nearing orgasm and then she took it whole in her mouth and started sucking it vigorously. I instantly cummed a lot in her mouth. It was pure pleasure. I held her hairs and pushed my dick down her throat. She was coughing but she didn’t stop sucking.

I then pulled her up. Meanwhile, she had swallowed all my cum. I leaned in and kissed her like that while feeling her breasts. I pushed her down on the bed with her face shoved on the pillow. I slid my finger in again and leaned in to kiss her neck.

She slowly pulled my ear near her lips and whispered, “Fuck me”. I instantly positioned my cock near her pussy and rubbed it around the entrance. She was getting turned on and almost jerking a little from the pleasure. She begged me to put it in.

My colleague took a deep breath and I shoved my cock deep inside her. She clenched the sheets of the bed for a minute while she was desperately gasping for air and adjusting her pussy to my dick. I could feel her pussy walls squeezing my dick. The pleasure was intense.

I fucked her slowly until she asked me to go faster. I spanked her and increased my pace. I rammed her pussy hard and deep. After a while, she came. Then I started banging her deeper with my finger in her ass. She was moaning. I loved the way she grabbed my arm while I grabbed her ass and fucked her like a beast.

I leaned in and kissed her once more. I pushed my dick in and started ramming her again. And I guess she loved the way I rammed her.

My colleague was moaning loudly now. Soon, I was about to cum. I asked her where she wanted me to cum and she asked me to cum inside.

After a few more minutes, I cummed inside my colleague’s pussy. The feeling was beautiful. My cum oozed out of her pussy once I took my dick out of her pussy.

I feel on the bed next to her. She turned around and kissed me. We slept like that for a while.

The next morning, she was cooking breakfast for me, naked.

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