Chatting friend with benefit – Part 1

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After a long time had touch and kiss a sexy women. We are just friends with benefits so we had sex whenever we need.


Hi friends, I am Rahul from chennai, age 28. I am fair, tall and strong man. Also doing Massages, Hair trimming, Gigolo and donating sperms. So ladies and girls from Chennai can contact me at any time via my hangout rahulrole (dot) chennai at gmail. This is my first story writing kindly share your feedback so that I share my experiences to peoples clearly.

Coming to the story, the heroine is my chatting friend name Padmaja, age 30 married. She have good structure (32 – 30 – 34) and looks also will be good. She will be very fair where more color than me. I used chat with lot of strength women in online chatting room. Likewise, we both on the site where we used to connect most of the times so that we both got closed and started to chat with our private ids. Day by day, our friendship grows and chat at least 1 hour per day. When we entered into our private life secrets where she was with her marriage live. Because his husband doesn’t satisfied her. I said that don’t get worried you will get satisfied on some other. One day our conversation gets hot and horny.

Me: Hi pad.

Pad: Hi machi.

Me: Ena panura?

Pad: Movies pathutu iruken

Me: Ena movies pakkura

Pad: Blue films tha machi

Me: Ena machi romba mood uh irukiya

Pad: Ama da. Romba mood uh iruku

Me: Yen? Ena achu

Pad: En husband mrng uh mood agitu seriya seiyama poitaru da.

Me: Balance vena na vanthu seiyava

Pad: Epadi machi ena seiva

Me: Ena dress potu iruka

Pad: Nighty

Me: Inners?

Pad: Ila da

Me: Na ipo un veetu door calling bell adikuren

Pad: Ena machi sonna odaney vanta

Me: Ama. Ena anga iruka mudila

Pad: Seri ulla va da.

Me: [ulla vanthathum una hug pani kiss panuran] ummaa umaahhh

Pad: Hmm naanum unaku response panuran.

Me: Una thookitu poi bed la poduran

Pad: Methuva da maratu payale

Me: Un nighty uh rendu uh killichu poduren di.

Pad: Seriyana kattu paiyan da nee

Me: Ama di. Kattu paiyan than

Pad: Aparm

Me: [Un moolaya sappi adukuren di] nalla hmmm mmmm mmm…..

Pad: Uhhh uhhhhmmmm

Me: [Keela nakku poduren di]errrmmmm….

Pad: Ayyiioooo semaya iruku mama… Nalla panunga…

Me: Naku oru 20 mins poduren di…

Pad: Aparm

Me: En poola uh un vai ulla viduren di…

Pad: Na nalla sappu sappu nu sappuren mama…

Me: Enaku thani vanthuduchu….

Pad: Na atha kudikuren aparm lick panuran….

Me: Ipo en poola un kuthi la viduren di…

Pad: Hmm semaya iruku da.. Nalla ula vidu da deep uhhh

Me: Nalla kuran di…

Pad: Hmmm

Me: Enaku sperm varuthu di…

Pad: Ulaya vidu mama… Na un kulanthiya pethu eduren…

Me: I love you sooo much padmaja Pad:

Me too mama

Me: Seri na poi wash pana poren…

Pad: Nanum wash panitu varen

Me: Enaku un kuthi apadi oru photo aduthu share

Pad: No… Venum na nerula pathuko mama…

After conversation we used to do many role plays and had fun. One day I asked her whether we both can go to a movie. Ne saw my message but din’t replied quickly after so many thought she said Ok. I booked 2 corner seats for a movie on weekdays for other language movie so that they won’t be crowd too much. I asked her to wear a loose top and legging alone. She asked why and I replied surprise. We planned to meet on one common place and from there we can go to theater together. When she arrive to the meeting spot, I am totally stunned. Because she well groomed herself on the day. We started to theater in my bike, I was flirt on driving and applied my brakes, She loved the way and we both felt like lovers. We reached theater and parked my bike. She hit me on head careful and said naughty boy.

We directly went to our seats and immediately she asked why you want to wear the top loosely. I replied wait for a while. The movie started and lights are got off then I placed my first kiss on her cheek. She blushed and hugged me then I kissed on her lips gently. She response back for my kiss. We kissed for 10 – 15 mins by interchanging our tongues and she was on shy and turned her face to another side. I placed my hand on her shoulder and pulled her gently to my side. She placed her head on my shoulder. I insert my hand insert her top where she didn’t expected. I started to massage her boobs on my hand and she breadth fast and hot which went inside my ears. Which makes me horny and started to role her nipple [in my experience nipples is the exact spot where we can make women horny faster and kissing neck]. Then I knee and raised her top above her boobs and I unbutton my shirt then we hugged tightly. I can feel her breast completely then we smooched each other. I pulled her legging down and started to lick her pussy completely. Wow what a taste guys. I really like her pussy taste. She asked my dick. I unzipped and took my penis out she immediately rushed and place her mouth. She really sucked my dick well and I was on ejaculation time. She asked to cum inside her mouth so I cum inside. We make ourselves clean and she again place her head on shoulder and I lean on her head like lovers.

During intermission time I went and bought ice creams and puff with tomato ketchup. Again she sucked my dick with ice cream and I applied ketchup on her nipples and sucked badly. After the movie we go separate and I receive a message from her “Today I have enjoyed a lot and reached half way of my dream in sex. Waiting for full session. With love padmaja”. I replied “Me toooo”.

In the next part I will continue our part 2 story. Please share your comments and my door is always open for the ladies and girls for any time they can reach. Not only for sex or service even we can be friends and share our secretly closely like above.Hit me on hangout at [email protected] Only after your feedback I will continue the next part.

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