Amazing 3 day trip

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Hi everyone, I’m Nick. This is a real story of mine happened 2 years ago on my trip to Bangalore along with my brother and aunt.I’m a chocolate complexation guy with well built body.…


Hi everyone, I’m Nick. This is a real story of mine happened 2 years ago on my trip to Bangalore along with my brother and aunt.

I’m a chocolate complexation guy with well built body. Going on with the story, there would be a long trip atleast once an year. Last year everyone were busy and trip got cancelled. So my brother and I planned a short trip and invited them. To my surprise my aunt and here kids turned up and rest of them were unwilling to come. To describe my aunt(Reeta) is a homemaker and had 2 kids, but still appears as if she was 28. Moving on with the dimensions she’s 5’7 and has bulgy boobs, neither fat nor slim, but perfect shape and size. I always have a special kind of love towards her.

We boarded out bus and then begun the magical moment. It started with the seating arrangement. 2 kids were at one row, my brother alone was at another row. I was sitting next to my aunt. Reeta(aunt) usually prefers saree. I was night and lights in the bus were turned off, I was trying to sleep but couldn’t sleep, all of a sudden she droped her hand on my thighs, this turned me on. Then I ensured that all the adjacent seated passengers were sleeping and she was also sleeping. She goes into a deep sleep, I slowly touched her hand, she was moving slightly towards me and fell on my sholder. Her boobs are an inch away from a squeeze. I tried controlling a lot but lost my control, my dick started gaining its shape, body temperature was raising, I’m getting tensed and started sweating.

I opened the window, for the force of wind her saree at tits was moving away. Giving me a great insight of her tits. I tired my luck, again started touching her hand, this time she is not moving, a positive signal. Now I started touching her boobs. Man they are awesome an experience that I never felt before. I took the bóob completely into my hand, press by press I increased the preassure. I was in an urge to see what’s inside her blouse and give her a strong kiss on her light pink lips, but I’m in a bus. What is someone see me peeping into her blouse? They would smash me for sure. 

So lifted the arm rest between our seats, took a bed sheet and covered both of us so that no one could find what I was doing. Then I placed my hand on her belly and was searching for the navel spot, finally found the spot. Slowly pushed my hand towards her pussy but could reach it as she tightly notted her petticoat. I thought of enjoying with the upper part of her body. I started unhooking her blouse upto a half. She is not wearing a bra, things became much easier, I lifted half of her blouse completely and took the tit into my hand, it’s a handful of tit. My aunt is still asleep, I went inside the bed shéet and started sucking the boobs. This my first time sucking a boob, I stared biting them with little pressure, a moment that I will never forget.

I sucked every inch of her left upper body, the fragrance she used is making me crazy. I released a load in my pants. I again hooked her blouse, I slept for a while but I felt the urge to do the same thing again and fuck her hard. I need a right moment for that, so I made up my mind. Then began the intersting part of the story at Bangalore.

I’m always open for suggestions, let me know if you have any interesting ideas of how would you utilize this opportunity to the fullest.

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