Again Fucked My Neighbor just before Covid Lockdown.

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She was horny and tempting me and showing her butts and boobs inviting me for a quick fuck. I took a chance and jumped the wall, made her nude and fucked her hard.


Hello All. Am Ravi from Hyderabad back again with another experience. Thank you all for giving your feedback for the story “My Neighbour’s Hot, Sexy Wife 1 & 2 parts”. To address few questions I received, this is real incident happened which I explained you without mentioning her name. Thank you all for your valuable feedback and look forward to stay connected with you.

In continuation to the previous stories the continuation as follows….

After shifting to Hyderabad, the chance of going to my village has come down and I couldn’t meet my neighbour lucky (name changed). We were desperate to see each other and have a very horny session. We used to talk on phone and share our feelings. Once she came to Hyderabad to surprise me, unfortunately I was out of Hyderabad and we couldn’t meet. My dick was desperate to penetrate into her pussy.

Recently, In the month of March 2020, I got a chance to go to my village for some personal work and I informed her that I shall stay there for at least 4 days. She was very happy on hearing this. Finally I reached home and my eyes were looking for her. She came out and her eyes were bright and I could see her eyes welcoming for a quick fuck. She was standing behind the main door curtain and was throwing kisses at me. I was surrounded with family members hence was not able to respond her. She understood my situation and was teasing me. My dick was hard enough and was ready to come out to have the fresh air of my village and the smell of my neighbour’s pussy.

It took 2 days for me to make myself free from family members. Their house and our house is separated by a common compound wall and during this time she used to walk in and out showing her round butts moving rhythmically, bending to pick up something on the floor and show her bare boobs from her nighty, show her boobs side view from her saree. She was teasing me and testing my patience. I felt like to jump the wall and lift her dress and fuck her then and there.

I made myself free from my activities and I asked her to keep the door open as I will be jumping into her house without anyone noticing me. I was about to go there, to my surprise she called me to hold on as her sister has come and will be staying for some time. I was depressed. All of a sudden she called me that her sister left. Without any further delay I slowly entered into her house and quickly closed the main door. Slowly walked into her house and saw her standing her near to TV stand and cleaning the things there. I went and stood behind her, she was wearing a pink saree. I placed my hands on her butts. She felt relaxed and leaned back on me. Since I was with her after a long time, I have started rubbing my palm on her round butts and lifter her saree. She was not wearing panty. I was rubbing my dick on her butts with my pants on and inserted my hands under her arms and grabbed her boobs and started pressing them over her blouse. There was no bra inside. I could feel her nipples.

It was 11am and there was high possibility of any neighbours coming there and we being in the hall just after the living room, so she asked me to proceed to kitchen. I did not want her to put back her saree down, holding her lifted saree in my hands I walked into the kitchen. She turned at me and placed a passionate kiss on my lips exchanging saliva and her tongue running on my lips and in my mouth.

At that moment, I have seen the frankness of an Indian woman in expressing the sexual desire. Generally these sexual feelings will not be expressed even though they want to, and once they open up then the actual mood can be felt and their true love and lust can be seen.

I started unbuttoning her blouse and took it off her body in no time. She pulled my T-shirt off and hugged me. Her bare boobs were pressed against my chest and I could feel the warmness. I wrapped my hands and was running my finger on her bare back. Took them down and pressed her butts. Inserted one hand into her petticoat and rub her butts.

She placed her hand on my bulge and held my dick, started rubbing it over the pants and unzipped my pants and inserted her hand into my pant and underwear and held my dick. It was very warm and hard. She started moving it and we exchanging our saliva.

I put my other hand down and pulled her saree and it felt on the floor within no time. She was standing in only petticoat deeply involved in kissing by closing her eyes and enjoying the moment. I pulled the thread of petticoat and it felt down. Now she was completely nude in front of me. She unbuttoned my pants and took it off and pulled my underwear and made me complete nude. We were looking into each other’s eyes and hugged each other. Both the bodies were warm and her boobs pressed against my chest and my dick was touching her pussy lips.

She was feeling tickling when my dick was touching her pussy. She was running her fingers on my back and she was licking my nipples and rubbing my butts. I kissed her neck and run my tongue on her earlobes and from there on to neck and further down to the boobs and run the tongue around her areola. I could feel the boobs getting stiff and nipples becoming hard. I placed my lips on the nipple and pulled it and gently bit the nipple. She made a sweet sound “ ouch”, it was so cute and I started sucking the nipple and with other hand pressing other boob.

With one hand she was playing with my dick and with other hand running fingers on my head in my hairs and enjoying the feeling. The fan air was running on our bodies and making us more excited as the climate was cool as it being an old traditional house constructed with stones.  I made her lean to the wall while I was sucking her soft boobs with hard nipples one after the other.  She was stroking my dick. I moved down and started running my tongue on her body reaching her naval, kissed there and inserted my tongue into it and started making circles around it.

Lucky was moaning with her half eyes closed. I went down to her pussy, It was freshly shaven that morning. I smelled the pussy, the juices were flowing out and the pussy was completely wet. I placed a kiss on it, I could feel the softness of the vagina as it was freshly shaven. I separated her labia and placed my tongue at her pussy entrance and started to lick her pussy. Lucky made a loud moan “aaaahhhhh” as I continued moving my tongue up and down liking all her pussy juices. I placed my hands under her butts spread her legs and my tongue started running on her clitoris and Lucky moaning loudly “ HHHMMMMM AAAAHHHH”, I entered my tongue into her vagina and moving my tongue in and out. My thumb finger was in her ass hole and she gave a jerk, I was fucking her with my tongue and she was holding my head and pressing it against her pussy. This continued for few minutes and she wrapped her legs around my neck and pressed my head against her pussy and cummed.

Her juices were on my nose and lips. I drank her juices and went on top of her and we both started kissing each other passionately, She held my dick and placed at her pussy entrance and I gave a gentle push. My dick entered into her pussy and she made a sound “ aaahhh”, my pubic hair was also shaved. When my dick entered her pussy completely, when the skin around my dick and her pussy touch, I could feel the softness of her shaven pussy and it gave a different vibration in my body. My dick has become more hard and I was pumping her pussy with passion and she was moaning “ Hhhmmm aaahhh HHHHMMMM….”, her boobs were jumping on every push and were moving rhythmically.

We were looking into each other’s eyes and kissing in between and I was licking her neck and sucking her boobs while fucking her. She has folded her spread legs making a butterfly shape in missionary position and I was on my knees and was pumping my dick. Now there was a different expression on her face as if she is enjoying it more. I asked her to tell her feeling, she told me that in this position my dick is directly rubbing her clitoris while moving dick in and out. Her pussy was already flooding with juices and with this pumping my balls were hitting her ass and there was a sound in that silent room “ Thap Thap Thap Thap…..”.

I paced my hands under her back and lifted her against my body and she wrapped her hands around my neck. In this position her lower back in on the floor and other body is in air, due to this her pussy lips has held my dick tight. I have increased my speed and she was moaning loud. I covered her lips with mine so as her sounds are absorbed by me. The speed increased and we both were reaching climax and I increased my speed, very soon we both had orgasms and released my load into her shaven pussy and lied on her breast. She wrapped her legs on my waste and her hands around my back. I licked her breasts and bit her nipples once again and she made a sound “ Aaaahhhh”.. With this we both laughed and she went into the washroom and cleaned herself and came out. By the time I went in and went out and opened the main door and checked if anyone were outside, confirming that no one was present outside as it was hot sunny day, I quickly put my clothes on and while going out I kissed her and pinched her pussy to tease her and went to my house.

She called me and we were talking about the feelings that day and hope to have one more round soon after this lock down is lifted off, as I have to go there to renew my driving licence.

Hope you liked this. Any women interested in getting connected can always ping me and no time pass. 100% secrecy will be maintained and trust me we can have good time. Any girls and women looking to get connected for secret fun feel free to contact by email or hangouts. Kindly share me your feedback and response at [email protected]

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