After long time

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It is a fiction story where I have shared my feeling about one of my readers and informing to others about my come back.


Hello friends, I am Rahul from chennai, age 29. I am fair, tall and strong man. Also doing Massage service, Pussy hair trimming, armpit shaving, Gigolo and donating sperms. So ladies and girls from Chennai and bangalore can contact me at any time via my hangout rahulrole (dot) chennai at gmail. Due to quaratine I am unable to reach my readers and share my experience. So I’m writing a story after a long time and It’s fiction about one of my readers. If you gone through my stories where all the heroines are enjoyed but expect one and I miss her badly. Whenever I shake my brother, V [let be her name] comes directly in my mind and it is very hard to forgot. I’m still waiting for her call.

Let us jump into the story. One fine day I received a message from V and we had a short conversation in chat and voice.

V: Hi Rahul! How r u? Do u remember me?

Me: Hi V!!! I am good, How about u? How can I forgot u dear?

V: Good. I though u have forgot me and moved with others.

Me: No. Even though I flirt with other ladies your always special for me and waiting to roast you 😀

V: Still waiting for me?

Me: Yes baby. I am always waiting for you.

V: What you will do if we meet?

Me: I will eat you will a beast.

V: Hahaha… Really?

Me: Yep.

V: Okay let us meet on weekend. Same place as we decide before.

Me: Are you sure? This time we will have fun and entertainment?

V: Yes dear.

Me: Okay Today night let us have phone sex.

V: Okay.

Then we had a phone sex at late night and 2 shots went for me. I was very excited for the meeting and play so I didn’t disturbed my brother for the whole week. The day arrives and I got ready very early and informed in my house strictly that I will come only late in the evening so don’t disturb me. I called her from hangout and informed that I reached the meeting spot. She has also came very near was replied so I was waiting near one tea shop. She came in a car and waved her hand. I got the signal from her and got inside the car. We shaked our hands and went for shopping to purchase liquior. I am occasional drinker and she is begineer so we bought limited liquiors. Then I purchased safety from medical shop.

After our shopping she drives driectly to her friend house where they went to native due to holiday. Once we entered into the house, I hugged her and kissed wildly on her lips. I pushed my tongue inside her, then pulled her tongue and drunk juicy lips. We enjoyed the moment and after sometime we came to our sense. We sat on sofa then started to watching TV some random channels and chatting about our experiences. Now we started to kiss romantic, I tasted her sweet lips and moved my hands over the boob to press gently. She moaned and grabbed my hair in high mood. I removed her top and she removed my t-shirt, she was wearing a black color bra and I didn’t wear my inner so it was bear upper body of mine. She kissed my upper body and bited my nipple softly. I got temped higly and started to kiss neck, cleavage, armpit, navel. She was jumping on my moves. Then I removed her bra with my two finger(Professionals will use only two finger :P). Released her boobs from bra and sucked badly. I lifted her, taken to bed room. Rolled her in the bed like a sexy queen then I jumped over her, hugged her tightly where her boobs got squeezed.

I moved my hang inside her panty and started to rub pussy. Within few minute she got wet and her juicy started to flow. So I removed her skirt with inner panty then open her legs wider and rolled my tongue over pussy. She moaned in high pitch which made me wild. I was sucking her pussy more then 30 mins and she released her cum twice. Then she waked and removed my pant and inner fastly. Started to suck my dick and rolled her tongue over it. She sucked my dick more than 15 mins then I started to insert my dick inside her beautiful pussy. Wow, after a long time I was inserting dick into a hardcore pussy. I ride her badly and boobs where dancing up and down. I grabbed one boobs, started to squeezed it.

She started to shout “Fuck me, Fuck me harder” so I increased my pace then started to fuck in doggy style. In this position the sound made noise over the room “Chub chubb chubbbbbb”. She enjoyed very much and moaning “Mmmmm Uhhhhh Mmmmm” like foreign ladies. After 20 mins for ride, I was about to cum and release it over ass with her acceptance. We lied triedly over the bed for sometime and started to drink. I took a shot by dropping few liquior over navel. She bited her lips in high temped then applied honey on my dick and sucked like my queen, in between I put few liquior too. After sometime we started our second round with different positions. She sat over me and started to ride like cow-girl. This time the session went for 40 mins because for me first will come quick but the second shot will take time. After the session, we order food and ate. We had many session on the day and then we got separated.

Eventhough it is fiction and short story, hope you will like it and share me your feedback. Special message to V if you read this story, “I really missed you. Please come back and lets have fun for one time”. Thanks for reading. if Ladies and girls from chennai and banglore are interested, Please ping me. Not only for sex or service even we can be friends and share our secrets. Hit me on hangout at [email protected] waiting for your comments.

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